Mo'Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

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Angie Wall
Angie Wall - 3 hours ago
Nothing but respect and love for Monique & her husband. It's wonderful to see him supporting her in what's right. And as for that uncle tom boy, he's a sorry excuse of a so called man.
Cynthia Robinson
Cynthia Robinson - 4 hours ago
I'm here for mo'nique.she know her worth and is a not weak ,But a strong black woman.not about to dummy down and get tossed around for some crumbs.shit she deserves the cake with her Oscar . that's the way it's been rolling in that order.That strong black woman got two legs and stands for what we all know is right, just like Lee and Tyler them admitted.l love me some mo'nique she's not going to pretend with them like she got four legs so they tried to make her like a lot of others they got away with doing like that.look how they pulled the rug from under Lee and Steve to name a few so let's just be real sell out for go strong black woman . don't step and fetch and they eating at the table and take you the crumbs.Stay woke it will pay off.Wake up everybody no more sleeping time for thinking ahead,or get Left behind.peace Black Power
Reggie Carter
Reggie Carter - 8 hours ago
The way checked charla at the end lol!
Mixed Sundae
Mixed Sundae - 10 hours ago
my problem with charlamagne is he’ll say he understands the struggles & is aware of sexism & racism, but then when the issue is brought to light, he pulls the “but how does that apply here?” 🙄
Jesse Perez
Jesse Perez - 10 hours ago
He never has respected a black woman on this show. I've seen so many interviews and it's ridiculous.
Latonya Perrie
Latonya Perrie - 11 hours ago
Get HIM Mo'
KungFi - 12 hours ago
its so funny to watch her be professional then go look at her in movies like soul plane
Val Barnes
Val Barnes - 13 hours ago
To be honest the shows Monique are naming I don't think she was the lead draw. Precious was a great movie and i think anyone could have played that. All the other ones are full of stars and black folks was gonna watch them anyway like This Xmas
Val Barnes
Val Barnes - 13 hours ago
Charlemagne is speaking facts. just cuz you are a legend doesn't mean you can sell out a show. We all know Migos / Lil Uzi can't hold a candle to Jay Z or whoever but they sell out every show.
Masters of House
Masters of House - 14 hours ago
This never gets old😂
Lory Done
Lory Done - 15 hours ago
Family please respect Monique she is the truest person, to stand up for truth, please show here the respect she deserves &support her!
Fresh Design
Fresh Design - 16 hours ago
Charlemagne is a cooooooonn!
Fresh Design
Fresh Design - 16 hours ago
Charlemagne got his ass FRIEEEED up DRYYY by monique!!!
Lady Aries Serrano
Lady Aries Serrano - 16 hours ago
I know deep deep down in all her humility and soft spoken demeanor, Monique had to have at some point wanted to SMACK the sugar smacks out of cocky ass Donkey of his own day Charlemagne certainly NOT a God.
I wanted to for sure. 🤦😖😤😐👎👊👊👊
VineNinja - 17 hours ago
Monique speaks
Charlagmane :"yes mum"
Shams Shams
Shams Shams - 19 hours ago
People are not paying you based on your resume. Your ability to draw a club is nothing. Rakim and KRS are legends and have great resumes but they are doing small venues compared to lesser talents
Eric Mwango
Eric Mwango - 20 hours ago
The IDIOT got took to school
Inspire Strength
Inspire Strength - 23 hours ago
Yes black people need to stand up more for each other. The uncle Tomming days are over. Fast forward one year later Lee Daniels and Steve Harvey shows are cancelled by the same (Man) that they tried to please. xoxo
Oh Val Comedian Valerie Thrower
You are NOT listening to the CONTRACT!!!
MOST productions will not PRODUCE ANYTHING that is said all over the road ALREADY. He has to be ALL NEW and YOUR ASKED TO NOT WORK FOR 2 YEARS. PLEASE ADD IT UP! Monique makes MORE THAN $250,000 A YEAR!!!!
Sibusisiwe Joan Vera Mhlongo
I am seriously not a fan of Mo'Nique, i have blocked her on all social media, but the truth is she is a legend, everyone knows her all over the world. I know cos i aint American. Outside of America she is bigger than all the Comedians you have talked about on this episode.
Mjb Mjb
Mjb Mjb - Day ago
The hippo didn't get her way so she's pulling the race card
BrotherElijah - Day ago
if Charlemane keep saying Amy aint funny, yet he keep emphasizing her high numbers, then why dont he ask "HOW IS A NOT SO FUNNY WHITE WOMAN OUTSELLING A FUNNY BLACK WOMAN?" I smell funny business! Man, this is nothing new, whites have always promoted each other and undermined blacks, just to find out that blacks were far more talented inn that field.
BrotherElijah - Day ago
if a black person comes out and make a claim of gender bias and racism i would never speak against that persons claim. Why, because blacks have been and still are the victims of bias and racism and it happens so frequently and so many experience it and it goes unreported. As blacks we need to stand together or be quiet and dont take a stand. because then we will find ourselves taking the position that whites take against blacks.
Iam12bf - Day ago
LeNard is a sell-out and netflex are racists, and I'm hurt that he is ashamed to defend Black Woman, or apologize to this Queen.
BrotherElijah - Day ago
The only difference between how they treated blacks then and now is now they have far more blacks helping them to destroy blacks. Monique did not deserve to be called Donkey of the day by a black man who has a large audience.
Mychaeltodd Robinson
MoNiqué educated us, she answered the question and Chalamange didn’t want to hear it: “MY RESUME”.
We Are Warriors Eagles & Jaguars TM.
Lol! You Stans crack me up. The way you guys excuse people’s delusion simply because of their skin color or energy is not okay. Charlemagne is the only sane one in this interview lol. And that alone is scary. The meat of the matter is Netflix is going off of ticket sales and Monique wants to be credited for the movies she was in. When Charlemagne asks her how many arenas have she sold out recently to back her argument, she changes the subject with passionate rants about this and that lol. She does that the whole interview. One thing that really pisses me off about Monique is how she’s using the Black card really hard. SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A PRESENCE IN THE BLACK-COMMUNITY EXCEPT FOR ON TV!!! She makes her money and hides in her mansion. Then when she doesn’t get what she wants, she uses the Black card. THAT SHITS CORNY! And y’all all fall for that fake ass shit cause she says “my sister” or “my brother” lol. Y’all love that fake shit. Then she sitting there calling her man “daddy” WTF! 😂 I happen to think Monique is a victim of MK Ultra 😂 I’m all about being against racial oppression but this is not it y’all! We have to be able to back our play when discussing issues man because if we don’t every argument we discuss will seem sensationalized. That’s why I salute Charlemagne man because he’s like naw Monique.. you wrong! And y’all wanna sit there and say Monique is right and C is wrong. Bruh the world is crazy. Really look at this whole thing simplified.... NETFLIX IS A BUSINESS THAT WANTS TO MAKE MONEY... IF SHE MADE ENOUGH MONEY WHY WOULDN’T THEY WANT HER? Y’all y’all caught up in the passion of this bullshit! lol. I think Monique’s husband put the battery in her back for this one Bruh 👎🏾 Mo you wrong!
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas - Day ago
Thank you! I was losing hope in the critical thinking ability of humanity.
Tamera Bonner
Tamera Bonner - Day ago
“Get’em Girl...
He spoke for clout. Before knowing about! He is bleaching idiot looking for butter biscuits.
Tamera Bonner
Tamera Bonner - Day ago
Charlaman is the real donkey! He is ignorant and most irrelevant ...soon!
Eugene Mathews
Eugene Mathews - Day ago
moniker wins this one...
Javier Molina
Javier Molina - Day ago
This interview was weird on both sides. Charlemagne could have apologized but shit monique didnt exactly come at him with any respect from the start. Her quietness isnt politeness it's a superiority complex. She passive aggressively attack him the entire time and at the end basically calls him a monster. That holier than thou mentality that she has clashed with charlamanes pride. Both of them were disgusting in this
Owlelephant 129
Owlelephant 129 - Day ago
I find it interesting that she calls her husband “Daddy” in public.
D B - 2 days ago
Charlemagne wanted to right so bad he didn't wanna listen. She wasn't saying give me the exact same amount as the other comedians. She's saying," look, these ninjas offered me chump change and then told me I wasn't even worthy enough to be negotiated with. Is that how you treat a "legend", because the others weren't treated that way." Charlemagne to busy over there dancing to Jump Jim Crow Jump, that cant hear her.
Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!
Sidney’s rebuttal to CTG’s analogy about Kobe Bryant was #EXTREMELY powerful. I was absolutely blown away that he could make such a calculated comeback instantaneously. The human biological clock actually does progressively work toward greater success in almost every profession except sports. They’re clocks (age) are working against them.
lucky05 - 2 days ago
Damn this was fire 🔥🔥🔥
Michael Burris
Michael Burris - 2 days ago
I have whole new great respect for Monique and her husband Sydney.
Oldmaster Alexmcclellan
You got a legend and a God standing before you are sitting right next to this young black man she was looking for you to set the apologize for what you said black woman has been up under a lot of pressure for a long time and that was in my mind out of order you should have given that Queen more respect than that because a lot of things that come on the radio they do turn into law as far as the black community be careful what comes out of your mouth my brother
Pam Singleton
Pam Singleton - 2 days ago
Monique, you are so right. These young men are living under a white washed mentality. They “assume “ all is well, and they can love white or mixed girls, and disrespect black women. Study young Kings to find out how you are. You are from royal blood. They masses want Mrs Monique, and many others of our race. But just like in days of old, they will not give you what you deserve. The least for you, more riches for them. We are blessed and highly favored, it’s time for you to know who you are. However these white users, that most of you bow down to call you, and have you calling your own people nigger, donkey, boy or whore. Breakfast club stop fight with your own, and find out who is stepping on you. Better yet, talk about white people and what your prospectives are. Then you will see more realistically..
karl trafton
karl trafton - 2 days ago
Sister wasting your time talking to this cat he dont know nothing...he s dont have any or no old School.integrity this why when raceisam they cant comprehend it they the one say why they doing this because they love massive and got.their nose up.his ass crack and cant see the forest from the trees until.the wolf come huff and puff kick in the door and blow his house down then he might understand we need to stop.calling these race traitor s brother and sister just because They are the same compextion of you .that dont make them apart of you if they dont have intergerity then they not you brother or sister period Shalome out
karl trafton
karl trafton - 2 days ago
Steve Harvey is not her brother she need to learn that
karl trafton
karl trafton - 2 days ago
This cat dont understand whats going or he dont give dam or care i see why sis went off look at the cat on the left all opersive behavior is mis treatment
karl trafton
karl trafton - 2 days ago
This is a bully country on all of us on all different Levels but these People. Are opersive and bullys she have told you what part he dont understand.
janae tinnon
janae tinnon - 2 days ago
Angela Yee was kinda funny acting in this interview
I Jah
I Jah - 2 days ago
IAM do piss off with these gate keeper this the problem we had no one don't to talk the ttuth
O The Simplicities of EL
I didn't know about the two year no work clause. $500,000 total for two years is like living off $1000 total for a year. $13mil I don't know, but $500,000 with her resume is ridiculous. $6mil is a definite. Blackmail, I mean blackball is real even at a warehouse job. Yeah, bullies try to make you pay for putting them in their place. That's why you do not put all your eggs in one basket with people who want to be bully bad asses. Have your own some where. Talent has many facets. Monique, attorney at law.
Big Boy
Big Boy - 2 days ago
*These blacks who oppose Monique are Hollywood sellouts. And why would blacks fight each other?*
MegaSturrup - 3 days ago
Donkey of the Day isn’t a perfect concept.. but it’s fair! It does not discriminate
magloire israel
magloire israel - 3 days ago
Mo'nique let me tell you something, he think if he says he was wrong that will make him feel small, that all respect 2 u Mo, whatever that cost you lots of money, but my kids going to study you in history book.
Karen Morales Gauna
Karen Morales Gauna - 3 days ago
I love Monique 💗💗💗
Adrian B
Adrian B - 3 days ago
Leonard who is Donkey of the day again? Crab in a barrel mentality build up yours not break down yours 🐎
ICE WALL - 3 days ago
lyles music
lyles music - 3 days ago
Lenard is disrespectful
nicole george
nicole george - 3 days ago
Oooooohh Weeee. Chile! Mrs. Monique aka Precious mama Out Here Handing LAN-DARD HIS SCRONEY STANK AZZ! #MONIQUEFORPRESIDENT 2020 😘😘🌺
Ricky Ross
Ricky Ross - 4 days ago

Fox Nights
Fox Nights - 4 days ago
I used to love this guy now I know he’s the real donkey
Fox Nights
Fox Nights - 4 days ago
You see how she showed love to her brothers and sister u African American learn from her drop that ghetto loud shit
Lorraine Mayberry
Lorraine Mayberry - 4 days ago
Charlemagne the dog is the joke of the day. He wants to trash Monique but broke his nose sniffing that white trash Tomi's behind. That boy was bought when they gave him the gig
Cousin Johnny/ Actor/Character
Lenard just got punk by that strong black woman. He's stuttering and nervous. 😂 😂 😂 😀
Sean McMillian
Sean McMillian - 4 days ago
Monique makes a lot of sense.
Alex Stone
Alex Stone - 4 days ago
Mando tango
Mando tango - 4 days ago
Its funny that when a black women is irrelevant it has to be cuz shes a black women .....its cuz u suck .......a white girl who was passed over cant even use that excuse ......stop using the race card......people just dont like u monique
M Skiproduction
M Skiproduction - 4 days ago
Monique went in to where you see how deep it really is
BlackAssassin19 - 4 days ago
Monique spoke with elegance and grace, something missing among your black female comedians, possibly black women period. Monique is a legend, a queen of comedy. Why are black people treating her like she wasn’t black america’s momma in The Parkers. She got black balled by that faggot Lee Daniels. Her resume is like Floyd Mayweather’s record. We don’t celebrate black excellence. Some of us do, but majority of this generation only praise disfunction. Damn if a black person achieve greatness. Y’all let hollywood tell the stories on and off the screen. But when a black celebrity speaks out about anything the industry does wrong, we as black folks side with the industry. Thats exactly what hollywood wants us to do. Shun the whistle blower.
Ms. Carmen  LOVE
Ms. Carmen LOVE - 4 days ago
LOVE, luv, 💙💛❤💚💜 Monique & Sidney Hicks!
nicole george
nicole george - 3 days ago
They seem to have a very healthy and passionate relationship. God Bless them both. And you as well🌺🌺🌺
Kallu Black
Kallu Black - 4 days ago
She shut Angela down 27:00
Annita Lovinglife Jefferson
This interview was everything...
Monique and Sydney tried to educate Leonard and Angela...
Pride and Arrogance was so thick from Leonard that it really has me shaking my head.
This for him is protocol being that he's made IT!
Andres Santana
Andres Santana - 4 days ago
Mmm baby come here .... :) (whispers in ear) "Go outside and get a switch for me baby"
Lenard is stressed 😩 not sure why he isn’t connecting the information presented 🧐 something off
Forrest R Oney
Forrest R Oney - 4 days ago
Gender equality ?! This is a deceptive transgendered person . Its not yet an ICON .. I con you . Go look at Patti LaBelle, Wendy Williams, Dione Warwick these are MEN . Brook shields , Sandra Bullock, Pink,Madonna, GaGa, Spears, MEN . These are baphomets that con you daily . Seriously you cant go look at Glen close, Hillary Swank, Sandra Bullock and see they are MEN in 2019 you are blind
Casey Brown
Casey Brown - 4 days ago
Black ppl just can't give black ppl credit, sad!
L Forte
L Forte - 4 days ago
LOL Hard
damage 92
damage 92 - 4 days ago
She kinda sounds like beanie Segal
William Mitchell
William Mitchell - 5 days ago
Good F--kin Check. You go Girl.
(The Real Will Deal)!!!
William Mitchell
William Mitchell - 5 days ago
He's a JERK.A bunch of glitter in the eye kids.
(The Real Will Deal)!!!
JayPharmD - 5 days ago
This interview proved along with her resume why Netflix won't pay her top dollar for a comedy special. Her BEST work has been dramatic roles including this interview.
Swahiliangift70x7 - 5 days ago
I agree with Monique! Leonard you are wrong and you need to humble yourself and apologize to Monique openly. Leonard, you have lost my respect. Apologize to her!!!! YOU ARE WRONG! It is so sad how you guys at the Breakfast Club cannot understand where our sister is coming from. I will never watch the Breakfast Club again. I have unsubscribed.
bacon eggs
bacon eggs - 5 days ago
Y'all give wemen to much credit simps
abdullas100 - 5 days ago
The Breakfast Club's worst performance that I have seen. Stand Monique....EVEN if you have to stand by yourself...STAND!
Lorraine Mayberry
Lorraine Mayberry - 4 days ago
She cut boy up serve & him to the other two
pearlgenuine - 5 days ago
I understand Monique is hurt, and in all fairness, she did deserve more money, but she needs to handle her business decisions solo. I would be in defense of her if she did not enslave herself with this Busta. He is half the reason she got blackballed. She always stood on her own before he came into her life, and hearing her call him daddy in public is most disturbing to me. I can't believe people don't feel that she has any responsibility to what has gone on in her life.
She can call him daddy in private, or in the bedroom, but when dealing with interviews and business, Hell no, i am not calling my man daddy in public, and expect people to respect me, and look at me as a black woman with my own mind. By the way, the only persons known for saying daddy in public are hookers with regards to their pimp. Having a strong man as a leader is great, but at the expense of lowering yourself to make him feel like a King is bullshii. Monique needs to take some responsibility too. If you want your husband to be your manager, thus ok with him making all your decisions, and making demands as your negotiater, knowing that some of his decisions will cost you, then at least own it. She knew the game before she entered it, which is why she was able to last as long as she did in the industry.
pearlgenuine - 3 days ago
+Onewa1 ToGo you are ridiculous! 😂 lol. making assumptions that i am not married is your first mistake. Monique's relationship is not anything i would want to emulate. It says a lot about your weak belief system. She is in an open marriage, and somehow you find her to be the best type of woman or mate, because she calls her man King or Daddy in public. Your comment is of a weak mentality for low self-esteem women, or young girls who do not know who they are. It's a joke for you to try to suggest this is their sole reason for being together all those years. You must be a manipulating cheat, to say this is a relationship that any black women should be proud of. Where is the respect for being married at all? I stand by what i said, your explanation of King, or daddy is unecessary. There is a time and a place for everything. She is a woman, especially a black woman in the business world, and she wants to be taken seriously in interviews. Monique should leave the King daddy term for home, the bed, or amongst friends. Yes, she is a comic, but she is also an actress, not everyone is going to understand her relationship. I will never subscribe to this being the example of black love. Stroking the ego is fine, but a strong man will never want his woman to make herself seem of less worth in order to maintain her relationship with him. Like i said, i never hear women refer to calling their men Daddy, or King daddy in interviews, or business venues. The only ones who speak this way in public, are hoes with their Pimps. If Monique is trying to be heard, this is not the way to conduct herself.
Onewa1 ToGo
Onewa1 ToGo - 5 days ago
Calling a King Daddy is like a Man Calling his Wife Mama which is done in the same matter you see Queen that's why they stayed together all these years she got a Man that she give the up most respect to more Queens needs to follow suite and put the Trust and Love and Public Affection that they show it's True Blacc Love Queen I hope you Find it and if you Do take note From the Queen Mon'qiue Blessings🙏✊💯
markus p.
markus p. - 5 days ago
I love the way Monique speaks, intelligent woman but RANDOM I don't like when a woman calls her man/husband daddy. It's enough for my daughter to call me daddy, I don't need my woman/wife to "stroke" my ego
Keepthefireburning - 5 days ago
Mo Nique and husband presented facts and logics combined with the fact that they know their worth. I bear witness to the fact that some people will take the liberty to disrespect you in the cooperate world and business and when you defend yourself they label you as a rebel. Now why is Charlmagne trying to resist someone's wages. What is his objective her, what is he inciting, why is he trying to oppose the grains of a black person like himself? Why is he doing that?
Rod Hill
Rod Hill - 5 days ago
I believe Monique to be difficult. I would not do business with her. This video proves the fact that she’s difficult.
Donna Brown
Donna Brown - 5 days ago
i know this posted a year ago but it felt like black on black crime. glad i watched to get a better understanding of the issue/topic. brand new found respect for Mo'Nique and her husband. her soul can't be bought, unsaid those deals come with money and souls
4everbrina - 5 days ago
she was soo triggered by 'donkey of the day'🤦🏾‍♀️
April - 5 days ago
Wow! Why yall coming for Monique like this omg!! I'm done
April - 5 days ago
Why people are acting like Monique does not draw an audience, as if we don't love her work?? Stop!!!! She the shigity!! I have watched her Shaquille Oneal "All Star Weekend" at least 20 times it's a go-to for me. Leonard STOP and apologize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She deserves her asking price!!
She can fill up an outhouse right quick
April - 5 days ago
>>>Plus sis looking good and healthy!!
April - 5 days ago
I love Monique.......I may go to Vegas just to see her show. My sister makes me laugh until I cry, healing cells in the body!! Yes!!
6153calme - 5 days ago
Amen, Monique today, you the show and the tour, I guarantee you black folks will show up and prove her worth. Redd Foxx said the same thing when NBC cancelled Sanford and Son, he said he knew black people were waiting for the hour it came on...h was right, and so was Monique.
*what she is saying is that Netflix based their offer on ones résumé, just as any job offer would, so if Netflix had said the offer was based on Amy's current sales, that's different.* The difference between Amy and Monique is one is funny and he is not, there are other differences, but figure that out.
Lilie T
Lilie T - 5 days ago
I said this before, and will say it again; is Blacks are our worst enemy, not the White man
Twerking And Vines
Twerking And Vines - 5 days ago
She in her feelings
AngelLuvsvids2015 - 5 days ago
Charlemagne is the biggest Donkey period
Warren NBA
Warren NBA - 5 days ago
I swear some of yall black people are fucked up single moms everywhere blaming the black man fucking joke
Rodwell Mark
Rodwell Mark - 5 days ago
Comments talking about Morals, Intelligence, Business Acumen Please, the guy allows his wife to sleep with other men, Morals my Ass.
She mad coz they offered her less than what she wanted, Netflix is a business, A shallow business at that.
They have a "what have you done for me lately "" mentality, they don't care what you think your legacy is, its a free market, if they don't want you, then prove them wrong, go fill a stadium and make money.
Fair Minded
Fair Minded - 6 days ago
Ms. Mo'Nique got black balled cuz she simply ran her opinionated mouth too much. She is obnoxious & lacks humility. The sistah has a lot of talent but that isn't enough. We don't run shit in Hollywood so we have to conduct ourselves with that in mind. She can complain all she wants the power brokers in Hollywood don't care. She needs to STFU already. Other Sistahs have won awards, had meaningful roles and produced quality work on Movies & TV since she been black listed. So don't act like a fucking sacrificial lamb. She is doing it to herself.
Charles Hill
Charles Hill - 6 days ago
I'm with Monique. She got the breakfast club 4mill views
People love drama my loves, lol.
VIRGINIA MEADOR - 6 days ago
im with charla
VIRGINIA MEADOR - 6 days ago
and i believe she is hard to work with I believe it cause when she came to Dallas a few years back i was so excited to meet her just to be in her presence but this lady was so freaking rude and disrespectful to me and others who stood in a long ass line for over 6 hours waiting to see her she was rude as hell
VIRGINIA MEADOR - 6 days ago
so Monique is always right and everyone is wrong ......everyone is entitled to their opinion damn this interview is draining get over it you was donkey of the day get over it whether you feel like you should or not be you dont get no pass cause you are monique smh
Rich Head
Rich Head - 6 days ago
Have u had any other offers? Asked 199 times and Monique's husband an her will not armitt they don't not did they pull the number 13mill out there ass
Kaitlyn Brooks
Kaitlyn Brooks - 6 days ago
She keeps forcing her opinion down Charlemagne’s throat to get him to take back what he said, he ain’t going to he don’t have to, if you aren’t currently making yourself known and not selling box office tickets and not having an audience grow with you of all ages like Chappell then you ain’t gonna make as much as him, you haven’t been in the comedy game for years but had 1 movie but you expect same pay🤨 you gotta put in the work to get the benefits, this ain’t got nothing to do with black or white shit that sounds like an excuse of not putting in the work, she may got a kick as “resume” but Chappell Amy Schumer all them comedians she named got a longer one for selling out so many shows so she shouldn’t try an intimate her opinion down no ones throat, (first names towards all them is her intimidation tactic) everyone else on the show call them the way they want and you can see he uncomfortable as hell, chill out mo’ she just wanna be heard
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