Mo'Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

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Boy Stop
Boy Stop - 7 hours ago
She really didn’t say shit
Bouboune - 13 hours ago
I love Monique . She's so genuine! Lenard is 50% fake. All of those 3 clones are wrong. Monique should have gotten paid. Chris Rock shit is fading and old
Art Ramski
Art Ramski - 14 hours ago
"Something you're dealing with individually." Straight B.S.
Deron Reed
Deron Reed - Day ago
she walked In there on some bullshit....with that hello my babies hello my loves - gurl bye. her husband done fucked up her career she went from making movies to making you tube videos. her damn husband didn't even have a career so he fucked hers up. I hope they don't ever divorce cause she gon really be pissed - she in denial right now
Dave  Craven
Dave Craven - Day ago
She still ain’t answering the question foh
safindah karl
safindah karl - Day ago
Monique got you on this Charle
SLW622 - 2 days ago
The way she gathered her purse after insulting Charlamagne lmao
mj19580 - 2 days ago
Monique and Sidney's communication skills are fuckin A+
Mrs. Scouting Pro
Mrs. Scouting Pro - 2 days ago
I wonder what ever happened as a follow up. Monique made the mistake of trying to make this a racial and gender issue, but emotionally I feel where she is coming from. As a women of color in sports media and an owner of a sports agency I understand what it's like to "compete" with men. I just feel she went about it the wrong way. She kept referring to her recent resume; however it's not a comedic resume. That's like applying to be a surgeon with a law degree 🤷🏽‍♀️. She was more focused on the fact that "Lenard" called her a name.
Chicano Enforcer Gaming
Bro she’s not that funny
lenny bates
lenny bates - 3 days ago
Black people have to start saying when other black people are wrong. Monique is wrong and hasn't done anything recently even close to being deserving of a deal close to her peers. Just because she's trying to play the race card doesn't make her right.
LyleDeYounges - 3 days ago
I cannot get over how strong she is... and what a disappointment Charlamagne is.
Quincy Lockett
Quincy Lockett - 3 days ago
What we the public have to remember is we dont know the biz so sometime we dont have ALL THE FACTS... WE LOVE U MO
Jet-set sam
Jet-set sam - 3 days ago
Brevard Smith
Brevard Smith - 3 days ago
I am highly qualified and I submitted my application and resume to Lenard in HR. I haven't heard anything back yet.
Carolyn Randolph
Carolyn Randolph - 3 days ago
How can he judge her when he accused of the things he done boy bye and take several seats . For that he the donkey of the century.
Ultron.Ver.1 - 3 days ago
Almost Xmas couldn't have been a hit. A 17m budget minus marketing and back end deals; the studio only gets half of the 45m it makes (other half goes to the cinema houses). They only see profit when it hits the ancillary market (TV, home video, etc).
Ultron.Ver.1 - 3 days ago
Even though Monique deserved that title I am scared for Charlemagne.
Ultron.Ver.1 - 3 days ago
This is why she doesn't get the big bucks. Responding in person to "donkey of the day"? Should be focusing on making that money.
rs1179 - 4 days ago
She would have made an excellent lawyer!
tatt3ds0biteme - 4 days ago
We love you miss Monique ❤️
Stay strong queen
Jamil - 5 days ago
This was stressful to watch lol. But, shoutout to Mo'Nique!
Einstein Peta
Einstein Peta - 5 days ago
CTG hugging tryna cover up after giving her donkey of the day lol.
Cal Moon
Cal Moon - 5 days ago
This is like Blue Oyster Cult complaining about not selling out MSG.
Judge Judith Sheindlin
Judge Judith Sheindlin - 5 days ago
she’s bald headed
Domino - 5 days ago
Godshizz T.V.
Godshizz T.V. - 5 days ago
Umm I dont need to watch blacks on t.v. You can just look out your window😴 And Wanda Sykes is corny Whoopi Goldberg is more funnier
terzenda wilson
terzenda wilson - 6 days ago
Respect Monique on a WHOLE notha level.
skinnzthedon - 6 days ago
she dont have the pulling power simple
The Green Being
The Green Being - 6 days ago
I don’t understand how they aren’t getting what Monique is saying. Her resume alone was enough like it was for all the other comedians. We can not continue to dismiss black women by comparing them to others.
Sergius Ayuningam
Sergius Ayuningam - 6 days ago
It’s people like Lenard that’s giving queens like Monique a bad rep and she will keep getting ludicrous deals from organisations like Netflix. Cha needs to support strong black women who don’t take 💩.
Kidanlij - 6 days ago
Charrrrrlamaaaaggnnne!!! Liiisssteen!
Joseph B
Joseph B - 7 days ago
Out of ALL the black female comedians this ignorant nigga basically put Tiffany Haddish over all of them
Well Ofcoursesir
Well Ofcoursesir - 7 days ago
Stop. Saying. DADDY!!!!!!
DAndre Hood
DAndre Hood - 5 days ago
Well Ofcoursesir exactly. especially since she was conducting business at the moment ..
Well Ofcoursesir
Well Ofcoursesir - 7 days ago
Lol it's so cringy
Raquel C. Gary
Raquel C. Gary - 7 days ago
Tiffany Haddish didn't get offered the multi million dollar deal, she was close, but she didn't get can MoNique get the apology she deserves. She was clearly right in everything she was saying...It's really disturbing hearing DJ Envy say being Legend doesn't matter, it's about who the people want to see. The sad part is he is right, and what is even sadder is this only happens in our community. I promise it is like we are the only ones who do not honor the greats who came before us, we put no respect on their names and call our legends, "has beens." We make them work for our respect even though they are the ones who laid the ground work in the first place and created the doors that we proudly walk through today with ease. I don't know of any other "culture" that does this. Very sad..I'm sorry.... lol, I know this is a year old but watching it back got me hot all over again Lol.
martinishot - 7 days ago
Monique for 2019... June 22-23: Stand Up Live, Phoenix AZ, June 29-30: Improv, Pittsburgh PA, July 20-21: Tommy T's, Pleasanton CA, July 27-28: Improv, Brea CA, August 03-04: Improv, Arlington TX, August 10-11: Improv, Houston TX, Aug 31-Sept 2: Chuckles, Memphis TN, September 01-02: Chuckles, Memphis TN, Sept 14-15: Tommy T's, Rancho Cordova CA, Sept 28-29: Improv, Ontario CA, October 19-20: Funny Bone, Virginia Beach VA, November 02-03: Improv, Cleveland OH, November 16-17: Improv, Chicago IL. ANY comedian out working the national club circuit does these with at most 200 people a show. I saw Chris Rock once in one of these venues and he even said when he walked up that he needs a small crowd to get his material worked out with whats getting best laughs because he was starting a major arena tour soon with dates like madison square garden, staples center, etc.guess what, no arena tour for Monique after this its just more of the same. ctg was talking sense. One of the people I saw on the schedule of a club I listed was Arsenio Hall, and guess what, nobody at Netflix is throwing millions at him either.
Sinead45 gizmo
Sinead45 gizmo - 7 days ago
She's sòo disrespectful!! To him !! Hope they made her donkey of the day again!! She don't respect shit!!she's disgusting comparing him to someone who would force women into a house to be raped during the times a slavery!!
smokedog number1
smokedog number1 - 7 days ago
She call ctg a house negro in the nicest way possible lol
Xavirea Smith
Xavirea Smith - 7 days ago
Monique, read Leonard for filth henny!!!!!
Jamaal Jean
Jamaal Jean - 8 days ago
what doesn't she get . she is not popular at moment so you don't get as much money as other popular comedians
Dontae Nelson
Dontae Nelson - 8 days ago
Everyone they naming that targeted Monique are all Boule and they are going to cover one another. She is right when she said that black people take each other down. How is her white counterpart gets 13 million and she is offered 500,000. They could have offered her half at the least and the conversation wouldn't be. To me 500,000 is a lot because I am broke lol, but for her offer her what she eat period!!!
Dontae Nelson
Dontae Nelson - 8 days ago
I love Monique because she came on his show and served him. I think that Monique kept it a 1000 with him and what I love is she stood in her truth and didn't allow them to change her narrative!
Big Tee
Big Tee - 8 days ago
Monique is full of story's and old story's no numbers , she is just booty hurt about Netflix offer , she was banking on Netflix big ticket to her retirement , she assumed she was gunna get alot because of everyone else but was met with reality
David Johnson
David Johnson - 8 days ago
Boo hoo hoo now let me get back to the real world, and not one of where $500 000 is not enough money LOL
Thabo R
Thabo R - 8 days ago
Charlamagne reminds me of the role of the black guy in Django movie (Stephen/Samuel L Jackson), nigga be selling his brothers out ,. Its almost as if Charla got paid by the big guys to crush his own blood sister
La Nuit
La Nuit - 8 days ago
Welspoken, yes. Talented, yes. However, the arrogance, condescending and entitlement shines through..
anthony quaglieri
anthony quaglieri - 8 days ago
“Wait a minute baby he just axed... go head daddy”..this is why she fell off.
anthony quaglieri
anthony quaglieri - 8 days ago
Mo ain’t been funny in 20 years.
Jamie Durham
Jamie Durham - 9 days ago
give it up
Jamie Durham
Jamie Durham - 9 days ago
Destiny Todd
Destiny Todd - 9 days ago
This King & Queen came with all receipts and spoke with love and understanding. ❤️
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