Refugees want out

Azanian Bantu
Azanian Bantu - 12 days ago
😒 Chasing Jesus out of the Church
🤣 Tjo The Delusions of Grandeur
Bakandja Tv
Bakandja Tv - 17 days ago
Growing together
Mary Motsamai
Mary Motsamai - 23 days ago
Fokof hambani Zinja
BNG MLN - 27 days ago
S.Africans are lazy in their own country, go home and use your energy to build your backward country.
S.Africans will never ever come to your country. It doesn't meet their standard.
utnab champ
utnab champ - 27 days ago
The leader should stop talking nonsense. They should walk to another country.
D MAN - 27 days ago
my question is why are they having kids you can't afford.just saw 60 minutes and a family had 8 kids,wtf,5 were birth in th CAMP.
SKYwalker 777
SKYwalker 777 - 27 days ago
Finally & good riddance!
Free Stuff you came for in SA, is depleted...
Lenny Khomotso
Lenny Khomotso - 28 days ago
Let them go out the way they came in. Is that difficult?
Yonela Ndibongo
Yonela Ndibongo - 28 days ago
Tot Siens!
Sipho - 28 days ago
They wanna go spend Christmas at home, so they don't have money to go home
Tunguska - 28 days ago
They're fucking full of shit
Beyond Enfinity
Beyond Enfinity - 28 days ago
Are they leaving because they thought everything is free here?
Katlego Mokwena
Katlego Mokwena - 28 days ago
Just Saying
Just Saying - 28 days ago
They aren't the only ones who want to leave South Africa. So do the rest of us.
Sihle Thomas
Sihle Thomas - 26 days ago
the leaving the same way u came in ,,,whats difficult in that
Beyond Enfinity
Beyond Enfinity - 28 days ago
Maybe you wena..Hey hey hey...Goodbye...
N O M F U N D O - 28 days ago
They can start walk to Namibia, Zim, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Angola, Malawi and those countries are not far. Since they are not lazy like South Africans they can can start stepping to those countries
Nkululeko Ngwenya
Nkululeko Ngwenya - 26 days ago
Lmao Its going to be a long walk
marvin emprendedor
marvin emprendedor - 28 days ago
I'm a South African, I also want that free ticket to dubai, it's festive.. the return ticket I will pay myself
Beyond Enfinity
Beyond Enfinity - 28 days ago
Don't let the door hit you in the way out.
Matt O
Matt O - 28 days ago
NOBODY IS HOLDING YOU HOSTAGE!! You paid to get here, now pay to go home. Tsek!
mohlomphehi - 28 days ago
If you SA is that bad then go to Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, -Zimbabwe- or Eswatini. No one is holding you here at gun point.
Sikhumbule Mandilakhe
Sikhumbule Mandilakhe - 28 days ago
Those one are just joking they won't go out of SA since the beginning of xenophobia in 2008 but they are still here
SIYINCABA DUBE - 28 days ago
They just want out but those near SA countries wont take them because they don't have camps and their economy relies heavy on SA. What the refugee team and judge has to do now is make that decision for this folks to be taken to an African country that will be willing to take them. I don't see them going back home to Congo, Burundi, Rwanda or kenya neither Uganda because they don't want to go back there in their home lands. I do see the refugee board making that decision for them now because their demands are difficulty to be made..its no longer in the hands of the host but the UNHR will make those decisions for them. All i needed SA government to do was to get an empty community center both in Cape town and Pretoria place small emergency beds with bathrooms and feed them as the UNHRC find a solution not exceeding a three weeks to avoid creating camps or improper housing for refugees. Its time SA build apartment buildings units that can host refugees looked after as they deal with their status and governments, a controlled and monitored unit sections where they will be allowed to move in and about but when their decisions are provided deport those that are not granted and find ways to assimilate those that are real refugees...
kosa kata
kosa kata - 8 days ago
Don't forget make lot of jobs, hospital, school, etc It will attract million refugees, easy to say difficult in practical.
Sibusiso Mlangeni
Sibusiso Mlangeni - 28 days ago
Everybody back home to hold their own government accountable. We as the African people need to stand up to the old men in power that are holding the continent back. We can’t run from reality forever. These old men that make up the AU are the real problem and it’s up to the people to deal with them.
Auttie B
Auttie B - 28 days ago
They want to go to a white run country no doubt for handouts
Paki Gaushe
Paki Gaushe - 28 days ago
Just go you are wasting your time talking we did not invite you here
Esther Cousine
Esther Cousine - 28 days ago
Go to your countries
mabhodlela JJ
mabhodlela JJ - 28 days ago
the day they match to a country that have boaders with SA is the day the world will know that it's not SA alone that doesn't like foreigners crowding their country,coz naibhouring countries like Namibia ,Botswana and others will not let them in,and they won't be soft at them like SA is...
Nkabi D.o.b.e
Nkabi D.o.b.e - 28 days ago
Zimbabwe needs you guys hambani skhathele
Maria Elizabeth
Maria Elizabeth - 26 days ago
@Nkabi D.o.b.e they need that ki
Nkabi D.o.b.e
Nkabi D.o.b.e - 28 days ago
Athenkosi Officers will kick them Rugby
Siyabonga Seti
Siyabonga Seti - 28 days ago
Athenkosi Bangela
Athenkosi Bangela - 28 days ago
Lol.....Zimbabwe police will no be kind like South African police....
AmsFox - 28 days ago
📣3 weeks ago they had to start 🚶 walking, how can he say they don't need papers?😲🕚
Bull Sigh
Bull Sigh - 28 days ago
Nearest country for them is Lesotho. Time to start walking
mabhodlela JJ
mabhodlela JJ - 28 days ago
nearest country from cape town is namibia broe...Their attempt to go to countries wuth better economies seems like it has failed desmally
Nkoana Phoshoko
Nkoana Phoshoko - 28 days ago
Right??? How did they get here ?
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