Lauv & Troye Sivan - i'm so tired... (Stripped - Live in LA)

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Dorottya Kovács
Dorottya Kovács - 28 minutes ago
Beautiful harmony
vera ch
vera ch - 54 minutes ago
чудо чудное, а не песня
Hazirah Li
Hazirah Li - 8 hours ago
When Troye and Lauv finally made some mini eye contact from 2:00 to 2:30. 😫
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore - 12 hours ago
Fucking magical.
Pretinho Saliente
Pretinho Saliente - 15 hours ago
Dios santo gritando muito
Aline Santos
Aline Santos - 17 hours ago
BR 🇧🇷?
sarah zulfa saila
sarah zulfa saila - Day ago
So cooool!!
Indian jb Fan
Indian jb Fan - Day ago
I did a cover of this song
Please check it out and let me know about it with your comments guys
German Correa
German Correa - Day ago
feels like heaven . . .
Haley Shay
Haley Shay - Day ago
They could be brothers
hairunisa erje
hairunisa erje - Day ago
Im here because of taehyung recomended this song. And thank you taehyung this song is really good.
Mike C
Mike C - 2 days ago
I’ve cried a million times to this song
TaeTae Love
TaeTae Love - 2 days ago
Chani lioo
Chani lioo - 2 days ago
Lauv's music & Troy's voice is totally my style. The song is so awesome that I can never get never tired of this song 😂
Makayla - 2 days ago
izzah zee
izzah zee - 2 days ago
Lauv soooo lauvvv youuu
Nurul Furqon
Nurul Furqon - 2 days ago
No, IM not tired
Lorie Rosario
Lorie Rosario - 3 days ago
love you bothhhh 💕
Fay Za
Fay Za - 3 days ago
I've been coming back to this vid everytime i see it in the recommendation 😅
I rlly love this stripped ver ♡
lanna dennise
lanna dennise - 3 days ago
2:25 really got me. that shit was good good
Nu Bawihi
Nu Bawihi - 3 days ago
Their harmony is perfect
Amae Joy Timuat
Amae Joy Timuat - 3 days ago
lauv this song
adri - 3 days ago
Sachin Pal
Sachin Pal - 3 days ago
2:38, am i the only one who loves the "Or i am ready to lose you" part from Troye ?
Ali CR
Ali CR - 3 days ago
Deandra Amelia
Deandra Amelia - 4 days ago
im crying
lucy pattanayak
lucy pattanayak - 4 days ago
one word:BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍🤟
Catro Castre
Catro Castre - 4 days ago
What a sound so pristine!
Katherine Calzo
Katherine Calzo - 4 days ago
black glitter
black glitter - 4 days ago
autotune is jealous
Jebastia Akiva
Jebastia Akiva - 4 days ago
its funny how Lauv is the higher vocal
P e r s o n a l I n f o r m a t i o n
Why did I love this more than the some everyone listens too lol
Marijo Gonzalez
Marijo Gonzalez - 4 days ago
Beautiful song AHHHHHH I LOVE IT!
Leelou D
Leelou D - 4 days ago
Damn that was mesmerisingly beautiful.💖
Silvia Ever
Silvia Ever - 4 days ago
T Kabs
T Kabs - 4 days ago
김hello - 4 days ago
panpan kyu
panpan kyu - 4 days ago
That was good, awesome 😘😘😘
Zoe Rajher
Zoe Rajher - 4 days ago
Better of the real version
hazel loves hazelnut
hazel loves hazelnut - 5 days ago
better than asmr ;)
Linh Thảo
Linh Thảo - 5 days ago
dont know why but Troye's white nails just made my day!
yoss - 5 days ago
tiko khachirashvili
tiko khachirashvili - 5 days ago
I'm so in lauv with this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
chimmy - 5 days ago
lauv perfect?????????????

I'm crying
Ana Flávia Miranda
Ana Flávia Miranda - 5 days ago
Pensa num grito que eu dei quando essa música começou a tocar no Lollapalooza!? 😂✨😍🥰
viktoria hdm
viktoria hdm - 5 days ago
This is my 10097744 times when I`m watching this video. Fuck
Fauzee Hj Moksin
Fauzee Hj Moksin - 6 days ago
Hailee Steinfeld can u make cover for this song pllzz
Haziq Haiqal
Haziq Haiqal - 6 days ago
Dxniela. - 6 days ago
it's so good! why I didn't listen to this before?!??
Taehyung's Bag
Taehyung's Bag - 3 days ago
susu setoberi
susu setoberi - 6 days ago
Why my auto-generated subtitle said "Monica Monica Monica Oh" 🤦‍♀
nour exo-l
nour exo-l - 4 days ago
Sehun 😂 heyy❤😂
Hrvoje Goospeed
Hrvoje Goospeed - 6 days ago
Is Lauv gey or Troye? Or both?
Rikuri Sakurakouji
Rikuri Sakurakouji - 6 days ago
Anggun Gtc
Anggun Gtc - 6 days ago
Their voice blessed my ears 🖤
Bernaise Baguio
Bernaise Baguio - 6 days ago
So sick to this song💙
aiza teston
aiza teston - 7 days ago
I'm so tired
BTS Persona
BTS Persona - 7 days ago
Snow Vang
Snow Vang - 7 days ago
Aiesha Hamid
Aiesha Hamid - 7 days ago
chocoKookie - 7 days ago
lauv: ...just wanna go home, wanna go home wanna go home ohhh

subtitles: Monica Monica Monica Ohhh
Ewelina Szewczak
Ewelina Szewczak - 7 days ago
omg Troye I can’t 😩😩😩
High Night
High Night - 7 days ago
Why my first thought was “they fit together “ 🤭
and I oop-
and I oop- - 3 days ago
troye has a boyfriend but maybe you’re right because troye was high key checking him out while he had his eyes closed 💀
tya pratiwi
tya pratiwi - 8 days ago
Should i cover this song ? Its soooooo goood 😭😍
H o n e y
H o n e y - 8 days ago
Amo este duo 😍
뿡빵뿡뽕뽀옹 - 8 days ago
와 진짜 미쳤다ㅜㅠ;;
Aleejandra P.A
Aleejandra P.A - 8 days ago
All abt Troye 😍😍😍😍🖤🔥
michael mike
michael mike - 8 days ago
Which is better? Original version or this?
Chris Kirkendale
Chris Kirkendale - 8 days ago
This is so good, and a good video
shaawnn - 8 days ago
I love you guys
AV_ AmirMachmud
AV_ AmirMachmud - 8 days ago
The best part is 2:04 and the rest
Aleksandra Kuś
Aleksandra Kuś - 8 days ago
태국s e n i
태국s e n i - 8 days ago
Ismaiane Rodrigues
Ismaiane Rodrigues - 8 days ago
Eu shippoooo
Asheesh Kapur
Asheesh Kapur - 9 days ago
Daniyal Ahmed
Daniyal Ahmed - 9 days ago
Love this song af and love you lauv😊😍
blue pearl10
blue pearl10 - 9 days ago
Caleb Stephen
Caleb Stephen - 9 days ago
WHEW that bridge. hello, tears.
Fuadi Munzir
Fuadi Munzir - 9 days ago
we are all tired here
Arsh Heera
Arsh Heera - 9 days ago
Who want more collab Lauv with Troye❤
Amani Ali
Amani Ali - 9 days ago
Troye really shows his admiration for Lauv
Alex Kent
Alex Kent - 9 days ago
Wasn't that same but I like it
Alex Kent
Alex Kent - 9 days ago
djoanna samantha
djoanna samantha - 9 days ago
lauv need come to Indonesia
Zeke Misal
Zeke Misal - 9 days ago
Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez - 9 days ago
Helen Willis-Waltrup
Helen Willis-Waltrup - 9 days ago
Voices so beautiful together!!
Ayşe Zeynep
Ayşe Zeynep - 9 days ago
My heart is so soft 😂💜❤️
Nikita Chauhan
Nikita Chauhan - 10 days ago
Athziry - 10 days ago
the harmonies!
Sivalta Dante
Sivalta Dante - 10 days ago
I don't usually like a guy with beautiful face but troye is exceptional
Ender Castillo
Ender Castillo - 10 days ago
Yaass boysss!! I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG, love Lauv's vocals is soo relaxing 😍✨👏.
a blank space
a blank space - 10 days ago
한국인 없나요. 진짜 언제 봐도 환상의 조합입니다 ㅠㅠㅠ
Maisie Jane
Maisie Jane - 10 days ago
Love this ❤️❤️
Summyia Niazi
Summyia Niazi - 10 days ago
Even stripped it's still so beautiful because the beauty of this song comes from the lyrics and their voices
Riley M
Riley M - 10 days ago
I found this on Instagram and wow this is beautiful
mia f
mia f - 10 days ago
lauv: im so tired
me: bitch me too
dezzle ;;
dezzle ;; - 10 days ago
Des C.
Des C. - 10 days ago
unnati upadhyay
unnati upadhyay - 10 days ago
That just..damnnn😍
warm reloaded
warm reloaded - 10 days ago
Lyrics vudeo
Agnestarlia Putri
Agnestarlia Putri - 10 days ago
Troye is so beautifull
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