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Lina Joksimovic
Lina Joksimovic - 2 months ago
It looks amazing.
Keresha Rock
Keresha Rock - 2 months ago
She looks like a movie star
shazia thanvi
shazia thanvi - 4 months ago
U r not that dark toned i think 280 was perfect for u
shazia thanvi
shazia thanvi - 4 months ago
The sponge gives better coverage if its wet I don't know why it's written that dry sponge gives fuller coverage
intrpolfan1 - 5 months ago
I’m an NC40 my perfect one was 290. Looked light at first but give it a minute and it’s the perfect shade.
Cheyana Xo
Cheyana Xo - 5 months ago
does this foundation oxidies when ir dryies down gets darker
Amiruddin Adzhar
Amiruddin Adzhar - 7 months ago
your color for fenty should start at 300 to 330 max. above than that, it's too dark for you, girl.
Charles Chhor
Charles Chhor - 7 months ago
So did you end up using 340 or 360? You mentioned earlier wanting to use 340 but later said you are using 360.
kuna209 - 8 months ago
Lilliz91 - 9 months ago
I’m a cool tone and I have hard time finding cool toned foundations. Like everything is yellow or pink toned or warm. Like can you not?
Hibah Raza
Hibah Raza - 10 months ago
I think that shade was a good match for you :)
dunkaccino - 11 months ago
Oh no sweetheart you’re probably shade 240
Julissa Xajil
Julissa Xajil - Year ago
Desi you would be in the higher 200’s and early 300’s there’s no way that was your right shade
Joshua Hall
Joshua Hall - Year ago
I feel like she should of went for a lighter tone for foundation cause this one a little to dark for her
Jamie Nolastname
Jamie Nolastname - Year ago
Whenever I get matched at make up
Store they always match me to an orange shade and when I wanna build I just look so orange...:/ James Charles was saying that it’s a good idea to do swatches and then walk about to different lighting outside the make up store. That way you
Can see it under different lighting before choosing
Andrea Polyvosky
Andrea Polyvosky - Year ago
Can someone please tell the brush she used to apply the highlighter at 14:26?
hashtagmate - Year ago
Is it just me or is she super orange?? Like why she say she's olive? I consider myself olive you know why? Because I am suuuper greenish and everything is too orange for me- every foundation I have to mix with green color correct 😅 olives are green soooo i dunno never seen an orange olive 🤷🏻‍♀️
Jasmine - Year ago
Thank you for actually applying trophy wife properly unlike every other youtuber
parapa 1235
parapa 1235 - Year ago
I love desi but this review wasnt complete bcs she didnt use the fenty matchsticks as a concealer at first
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole - Year ago
zainasalma - Year ago
my favorite look youve done on yourserlf!! ABSOLUTLEY STUNNINGGGGG!!! love youuuu
Raul Barrera
Raul Barrera - Year ago
The foundation looks great on you! I am AMAZED at what a WONDERFUL job you do. ✨
chady kanaan
chady kanaan - Year ago
waw love it
reyna6myers - Year ago
i think it does look a tad too dark on you because i’m mixed black and i’m shade 290
Asia Bach
Asia Bach - Year ago
Wow you look amazing in this video
Nati Lu
Nati Lu - Year ago
she looks more like J-Lo than J-Lo , i love herrrr
underthestarzz143 - Year ago
Desi please do a HUDA BEAUTY REVIEW for the foundation
Aeryn Koon
Aeryn Koon - Year ago
I love how people are saying you picked a shade that’s in the darker range and how that shouldn’t match because your not black or have enough melanin but in the video your face matches your body perfect love ya girl
Belen ZG
Belen ZG - Year ago
Gurl same! I am pale olive, and i have no idea what that means but the makeup world doesnt either.
rabya imaan
rabya imaan - Year ago
I don't get it. I'm darker than Desi, and yet I'm shade 310. I got shade matched in Harvey Nichols, and it suits me perfectly. Maybe it's the lighting?
Bloggers and Vloggers
The color choice is not what I would’ve thought but it looks really, really good on you.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee - Year ago
That's why I didn't let you put it on your forehead 😂😂😂😂😂 Beautiful makeup look as always 😘
sophiaa - Year ago
I’m the same skin tone as you and I have super olive skin. I use 290 but it might be a little light for you. ♥️
Maria Laskaroudia
Maria Laskaroudia - Year ago
This make up colors looks good on you!
Maharlika Torres
Maharlika Torres - Year ago
Rihanna's FENTY and all of her products are of "enfantile" - no quality!
raeann Howard
raeann Howard - Year ago
I love this hole look on you ....
Vee_dubbz - Year ago
I wear Barcelona in Nars Radiant foundation and I’m 290 in fenty
Soraya Anchondo
Soraya Anchondo - Year ago
I’m your color LITERALLY
Laurens fairytales
Laurens fairytales - Year ago
Where did u get ur eyelashes
Calford Zahne
Calford Zahne - Year ago
The Sephora in my hometown matched me to 360 too. It looked good in stores even after it dried but when I wore it before I went out one night my mom told me it doesn’t match my skin 😩 but I’m currently in Washington for work and I went and got re matched and the girl gave me shade 300 then I applied it and wore it one night out and it did look a little too light at first but matched perfectly to my exact skin color once it dried. It’s definitely a weird color range to figure out but I loveeee it now
pegah ghasemi
pegah ghasemi - Year ago
Aastha Giria
Aastha Giria - Year ago
Love love love the look...trophy wife looks amazing on you😍😍😍
Rachel Comeau
Rachel Comeau - Year ago
Great video, the foundation still looks a little dark but not too bad. Love what I’ve tried from Fenti so far but haven’t tried and of the face stuff cause I usually don’t do well with matte foundations.
sheetal puri
sheetal puri - Year ago
340 is not warm olive, it's cool pink undertone according to the website. you should try 290, 300 or 310.
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu - Year ago
I love 💕 Fenty, I think I need to get #430, I’m currently using #440 😊
BRI - Year ago
That color match is extremely off... You can see that in the bottle lol
Jenelle Marin
Jenelle Marin - Year ago
her skin perfectly matched the rest of her body it looked so even and pleasing
Izabela Martínez
Izabela Martínez - Year ago
Latinas are better! I'm ur big fan from Brazil. You're such amazing, I really love learn with u! Xoxo
Melanie Vang
Melanie Vang - Year ago
Honestly, your makeup tutorials is the reason why I know the color Sienna from ABH. If I see anyone else hold it up, I can call it out before they tell me what shade it is 😂
Awhina Kapa
Awhina Kapa - Year ago
I looove the foundation. No shine, seems to make my pores appear smaller, is actually long wearing AND for me the best feature is it doesn't crease!!!
Ange1ca11ing - Year ago
I think you have a chocolate mind.
Ange1ca11ing - Year ago
Too dark for you. Lol
Kristyana - Year ago
You can do no wrong honestly
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams - Year ago
I have the foundation but you have to pat it in. If you rub, DONT! It will leave your skin with streaks and take the foundation off
katherine56631 - Year ago
You have to try 320, 310 and 300. These shades match many youtubers with skin tone close to yours look.
anna P
anna P - Year ago
Don’t get the foundation! It’s really not good it gives you like weird purple spots and bunches up, save your money or get a better foundation!
Stephanie Horn
Stephanie Horn - Year ago
Is desi transgendered?
yazmin - Year ago
Stephanie Horn no
Follow my instagram makeup @makeup_tati17
Agnieszka N.
Agnieszka N. - Year ago
Love this look!!!
SweetFA - Year ago
I never thought I'd say this but your eyebrows are amazing
Love Child
Love Child - Year ago
Is it just me. How does your skin breath?
korayma delgadillo
korayma delgadillo - Year ago
Girl that foundation was orangeee . But somehow u made it work ! 😟 wish I could do that
Tiffany Mealy
Tiffany Mealy - Year ago
Fenty Make Up looks Incredible!!! love it 😗😗
Tiffany Mealy
Tiffany Mealy - Year ago
Fenty Make Up looks Incredible!!! love it 😗😗
Tiffany Mealy
Tiffany Mealy - Year ago
I want to Airbush finish Make OverT 13 😗😗
Tiffany Mealy
Tiffany Mealy - Year ago
I love Warm Under Tone, its iceditable!!! 😗😗
Tiffany Mealy
Tiffany Mealy - Year ago
love this Tutorial, Desi knows what she's doing, look at the perfect blend. An those colors are gorgeous!!! it look so clean an finish... an Warm..😘😘
Mervat Rose
Mervat Rose - Year ago
Good morning it’s good to find some one close to my colour
Shaakirah Toffey
Shaakirah Toffey - Year ago
You always look so amazing 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️
Joanna Pardo
Joanna Pardo - Year ago
I think you just think you’re tanner than you are cause I thought from the get go it was too dark but no se 🤷🏻‍♀️
Minahil Shaukat
Minahil Shaukat - Year ago
SERVINGGGGG!! As Always Desi ❤️
Felicity Urselmann
Felicity Urselmann - Year ago
absolutely stunning
Jenifer Daniels
Jenifer Daniels - Year ago
Yes girl I know you didn’t want to use the word.. oxidizes.. we know what you mean.. love you 😘
NOWis theTIME - Year ago
Yes! I just tried Fenty and was color matched to 360 as well. In a few hours I noticed it dried darker too. I figured I did it wrong.
Jess Cao
Jess Cao - Year ago
The foundation is amazing! The best I've used
ItsCheffy - Year ago
Im just here cause I love watching you lol, Ive already watched this video and others so many times, but you're just my absolute FAVEEEEEE!!!
Hetal Gandhi
Hetal Gandhi - Year ago
Try shade 310 for you. The ones you got are too dark for your skin tone
Queen Pri
Queen Pri - Year ago
You and my sister are the exact same shade but she uses 310 n it matches her perfectly
CORA.H - Year ago
I just noticed the background matches the Fenty packaging
Dagmar Jensen
Dagmar Jensen - Year ago
i just got a fenty ad lol xD
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