Andrew Yang's Plan To Give Everyone $1K Per Month

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Slinger - 11 hours ago
Did anyone else notice that the band was playing the Green Hill Zone music at the end?
Ceyhun ay
Ceyhun ay - 16 hours ago
He may have a good policy but he cannot sell it properly to the voters. You cannot just say I will give 1000 to people over Uber miles, Amazon sales etc.
Firehorse - Day ago
What he said about marriage data is very true
Michael de leon
Michael de leon - Day ago
good evening Mr Wang.
how long are you planning on giving 1000 a month?
1 month or 1month after you are elected?
Cha Lee
Cha Lee - Day ago
yall, that ending theme is green hill zone from sonic. shit tripped me out
James Rushing
James Rushing - Day ago
The Yang Gang is PANDERING to the voters with a promise of 1,000 tax money every month! Pandering (politics) - the expression of one's views in a manner that appeals to voters
- "you vote for me, and if elected, I'll give you 1,000 a month forever(?), no strings attached.. Pandering corrupts Democracy progressively...
Decory Williams
Decory Williams - 2 days ago
Yay let's get yang gang in the white House he dies makes sense he nis his stuff he will make America great again and let's pray he never get impeached out the chair we need presidents like him yay Andrew yang
Decory Williams
Decory Williams - 2 days ago
He does makes sense I meant in my statement
te - 2 days ago
YANG 2020
Gd Wst
Gd Wst - 2 days ago
Thank you steven colbert, Andrew Yang needed this publicity badly, thank you.
Hef - 2 days ago
Andrew Yang: NOT right, NOT Left, but forward!
James Gorman
James Gorman - 2 days ago
I want hunters deal¡ 50k a month for nothing!
B Ma
B Ma - 3 days ago
Alfredo - 3 days ago
That circumcision topic was the only time ive seen andrew yang stop and think
Green Bean
Green Bean - 3 days ago
Before the freedom dividend , 40 % of US adults are obese .
After the freedom dividend ,
Green Bean
Green Bean - Day ago
Boris Bornakiss These are the poorest countries in the world and their respective obesity rates. Liberia 🇱🇷 10% Central African Republic 🇨🇫 8% Burundi 🇧🇮 6% the democratic republic of the congo 🇨🇩 7% Niger 🇳🇪 6% Malawi 🇲🇼 6% Mozambique 🇲🇿 8% Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 9% Madagascar 🇲🇬 6% Comoros 🇰🇲 8%
Boris Bornakiss
Boris Bornakiss - Day ago
@Green Bean agree and I think the freedom dividend will help immensely. stress and worry levels go down as study shows therefore lowering anxiety and depression
Green Bean
Green Bean - Day ago
Exercise is free. Mental issue is the underlying issue that needs to be addressed. People with addictions actually have mental issues unaddressed. people try to eat their problems away.
Boris Bornakiss
Boris Bornakiss - 2 days ago
it will go down coz pips can afford gyms and healthier food to cook😊
애국시민 - 3 days ago
♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
LessSugarCandy - 4 days ago
if i became president, i will give you 1000$ a month. sounds very simple and not complicated at all. but seriously, where's the money come from. we gonna make amazon pay taxes? that's very vague answer imo. even if they are not paying tax before and pay it now, i doubt that would be enough to give 1000$ a month to every adult in american.

well, if that can happen that's great. but i don't know. it just sounds to be good to be true.
Fliyo MB
Fliyo MB - 2 days ago We can pay for it
Jim E
Jim E - 2 days ago
Trust me it's not a gimmick. The UBI would be funded through a Value Added Tax on corporate data transactions- it would fund the majority of the dividend. Also, the money would keep flowing amongst communities as the data shows that the vast majority of people wouldn't horde it- but spend it (hospital bills, unexpected car fixes, teen prom etc.). The rest of the funds would come from defence spending reforms and the gradual shrinking of welfare bureaucracy.
East Bringseed
East Bringseed - 4 days ago
That fresh "Green Hill Zone" Cover at the end!
Sean Ramsey
Sean Ramsey - 5 days ago
I'm a fan of Yang, but how is nobody talking about how they played him off to Sonic's Green Hill Zone theme? These are the real questions that need answering.
Potato Man
Potato Man - 6 days ago
Uncut gang where yall at
Anthony Sule
Anthony Sule - 6 days ago
Trying to evolve this country to the next level!!!! Yanggang!!!!
Ariaditya Pramestu
Ariaditya Pramestu - 6 days ago
Something is off about this guy
Boris Bornakiss
Boris Bornakiss - 2 days ago
Ant Hill
Ant Hill - 6 days ago
Im so excited for this election in a way I have never been before, I'm returning to the USA , I have to see history be made with my own eyes not through YouTube and I welcome our new president Yang to the presidential seat and good bye to all these bad policies that haven't had no impact in people's lives at all until now, we finally get acknowledged by a president, we finally get what I've been needing in my life, I had to comment twice just express my gratitude for this futuristic future president coming into office soon cause people are tired , people are beyond tired of hearing how presidents have bailed out banks and companies but what about the people that have been suffering and needed a bail out decades ago, finally I feel a president will make an impact in my life a feeling that I have never felt before from no president ever that's why I believed the system is a joke and these presidents only care about war and big companies and banks, it's obvious but I'm #yangang 100% cause so sick of these worthless policies that hasn't helped a single citizen in decades , policies that don't make impacts on the citizens areto me worthless policies, I mean why have them? Seriously why have policies that leans twords companies and banks that obviously don't need the acknowledgement, it's us that are suffering as citizens of this country and it's up to us to put this guy Andrew Yang in office so that he can make the changes that are long over due #yanggang2020
Ant Hill
Ant Hill - 6 days ago
So who else got up and danced at the end of this clip when the music came on after hearing this guy's ideas and plans?🤣 This will be the biggest and most best ideas I have ever heard in my intire life, I'm so tired of hearing about how these companies got bailed out with millions but us as people are still suffering and fighting to survive day by day,
Shelly Mathews
Shelly Mathews - 7 days ago
There is no left or right only forward.....
Shelly Mathews
Shelly Mathews - 7 days ago
Bit surprised and disappointed that Colbert took time to recognise this gentleman. The world needs to consider humanity first some times especially if that package has wit on this level.
Cindy Yan
Cindy Yan - 7 days ago
Thanks for having Andrew Yang on your show. And letting him articulate his ideas and policy. He’s got my vote!
Tracy Nguyen
Tracy Nguyen - 7 days ago
Andrew yang for president! Go yang gang
Deb Roberts
Deb Roberts - 7 days ago
Of course Colbert is just going for laughs.  
#Yang's contenders have serious trouble holding a candle to #AndrewYang's 131 brilliant policies:  
Search #Yang's policies at  
Search videos on #Yang's policies at #YouTubeAndrewYang Visit
Roshan Tiwari
Roshan Tiwari - 8 days ago
i dont like him
not like trump level of unliking
but more of justin beiber level.
Cody Choules
Cody Choules - 8 days ago
Yang gang!
ejijojo - 8 days ago
MATH=Make Americans Think Harder
GetPaid BlackMan
GetPaid BlackMan - 8 days ago
Yang I support you
rejoician - 8 days ago
Make America smarter again.
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall - 8 days ago
Work like you talk..
Conner Pittman
Conner Pittman - 9 days ago
Former Libertarian Johnson supporter joining the Yang Gang
Judah Martin
Judah Martin - 9 days ago
Omg. Was that SHADE at 5:09?????
shakey balls
shakey balls - 9 days ago
He's everything we need he's not a politician his ideas make alot of sense an he's absolutely right about autonomous vehicles trucks there doing it in surface mines now with those big dump trump are running autonomously the future isnt looking so bright if we don't have a smart intelligent person in the white house that's not a place for dummies as everyone should be able to see by now
Rev Conyers
Rev Conyers - 9 days ago
Circumcision has many benefits for the the penis, one of the ways to persecute Jews in nazi Germany was to see if one had a circumcision
Aishaa G
Aishaa G - 9 days ago
John Dickinson
John Dickinson - 10 days ago
2:37 booom!
sharpie11112 - 10 days ago
Amazing person!
Tannery Kg
Tannery Kg - 10 days ago
Hey when Obama ran for president you guys went all aver the place saying that he’s a Muslim. can’t i find at least one racist person to suggest that yang is Chinese and China is taking over, specially with that one thousand dollar promise 😼your move racist people
iDroneFilmz - 10 days ago
good stuff. My two favorite Americans at this time.
Tony Chen
Tony Chen - 10 days ago
LOL in addition the 1000 dollars a month, he also has the white house psychologist for americans LOL.

He also believes athletes and other types of "workers" don't get enough of the revenue.

YANG 2020
Starship Driver
Starship Driver - 10 days ago
We need this guy for President to help US adapt to the new automated world.
Dylan Gearhart
Dylan Gearhart - 10 days ago
Sonic Green Hill Zone theme at the end lol
have fun
have fun - 10 days ago
this is one who can lead USA to the 21st century.
Vincent - 10 days ago
good job!
granny sweet
granny sweet - 11 days ago
Have him on again please!!!
David Stavis
David Stavis - 12 days ago
This guy is pretty legit!
Yuhan Lin
Yuhan Lin - 12 days ago
But what's difference between bribery and UNI
koukimonzta - 12 days ago
No matter how you like him, his fate lies in the hand of the DNC.
active life Blog
active life Blog - 12 days ago
Vote for Bernie ❤️ this guy seems not presidential Bernie has the heart the wisdom and the policies.. this guy does not seem serious enough to me and he’s all over the place
he jialong
he jialong - 15 days ago
“For a friend" hahaha
MissyLillie - 17 days ago
Hahahah wow the intro song
Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen - 17 days ago
Outro song was the Greenhill Zone song from Sonic The Hedgehog. lol.
newway/oldway - 17 days ago
Andrew Yang proposes "meaningful solutions" not solutions that career politicians and corporatists promise to never see through once elected. Meaningful meaning a dividend that will go to you directly and not controlled by some functionary that works behind an agency.
Dayzdantconfuzed - 17 days ago
How about having companies come up with new jobs for there employees they get a tax credit for training employees and if you dont provide new jobs you cant get the new tech? think thats way better than paying people nothing to lose there job!
11pinkie11 - 17 days ago
Delbert Baron Lee
Delbert Baron Lee - 18 days ago
So you plan to make America a Welfare state... Hope Americans will not become lazy after that
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