Andrew Yang's Plan To Give Everyone $1K Per Month

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stupidmonkeywing - 3 hours ago
that sonic song at the end....i must have
J luke
J luke - 5 hours ago
Yang is awesome 🙌
J-Sharpie - 10 hours ago
Was that really Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog as the outro?
dfbvfgb - 12 hours ago
Giving everyone one 1k is the single most dumbest idea. millionaires and billionaires are not excluded from this. You cant help the oppressed while helping the oppressors. Give it it to those in need of it.
Son - 19 hours ago
every time he finishes a sentence he does this weird thing with his mouth its a little cringey to watch once you notice it
FRNZ 400
FRNZ 400 - Day ago
Jim Brauer
Jim Brauer - Day ago
YANG 2020 / FREEDOM DIVIDEND / M4A / Humanity First / Abundance Mindset / $1,000 per mo per adult / Solution to POVERTY = CASH in the hands of Parents and Teachers !!! YANG = YES !!!
Touchofgrey53 - Day ago
I am going to vote for him. Even though he doesn't have a chance. ADL won't allow him to win!
Haw Dong Ho
Haw Dong Ho - Day ago
Will America be part of China?
Hot Wings
Hot Wings - Day ago
Andrew Yang: P ✔
Tulsi Gabbard: VP ✔
👍🌞👍 🍺🥂🍺
Mani - 18 hours ago
Hot Wings communist!
heatherwhitley gibson
! Let's put this man into the White House in 2020
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman - Day ago
I wanted to donate but I can not as I am not allowed since I am not a US citizen. 2020 is important for the whole world, not only the USA. YANG for president!!!
sam - Day ago
so....can I just live with a few of my friends and never work again?
ali babar
ali babar - 9 hours ago
it will cause inflation. so rent and groceries and everything will most likely be more expensive
Cody Becker
Cody Becker - Day ago
3 trillion dollars a year would be given out. His explanation of where the money comes from still doesn’t cover that...
Joy Lee
Joy Lee - Day ago
Cody Becker he said above age 18
Crash BanditLoot
Crash BanditLoot - Day ago
If you actually support this clown, you’re extremely stupid.
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 18 hours ago
Brett A. Smith
Brett A. Smith - Day ago
Yang is blowing up man he's still got a chance to win we just need more support behind him for the good things he's trying to bring get behind this man America
This is the most views I've seen on any of his videos this fast
Tejas Nair
Tejas Nair - Day ago
Love Yang, but maybe ‘trickle-up economy’ isn’t the most convincing name he could’ve given it. Things don’t normally trickle up.
JOEL KAHIGA - 2 days ago
*The only way to beat China* 😂
He's too detailed and smart for the ordinary illiterate American. I mean the president right now is Trump. I doubt he will be elected.
Blythe Swayze
Blythe Swayze - 2 days ago
He’s absolutely wonderful.
Terry Seekins
Terry Seekins - 2 days ago
Nice idea, but would never, ever, ever happen. How about just eliminate income tax? Yup, that would never ever happen either.
rodrigo hernandez
rodrigo hernandez - 3 days ago
the white house psychologist should be jordan peterson!!
swimingbird88 - 3 days ago
he knows he has zero chance of winning right??
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 2 days ago
If we all believed that about every candidate, no candidate would ever win. Get on board now, the Yang Train is leaving the station
Christina B
Christina B - 3 days ago
never had Asian as president in American history。
Kantri Valli
Kantri Valli - Day ago
Christina B wow what a fun fact
PMP 12
PMP 12 - 3 days ago
just donated for the first time #yanggang2020
Dylan Gray
Dylan Gray - 3 days ago
Amazon paid 1.2B in taxes in 2018. Saying they paid $0 in taxes is silly.
K T - 3 days ago
I am going crazy or were they playing Green Hill zone at the close of the show
Odd Stories for Odd Children
If he doesn't make it because the DNC screws him over like they did Bernie, despite votes and popularity, I'm voting for Trump. I dont care. I hope it's one big Fuck You to the DNC. I'm NOT voting for Biden or any of these corporate pawns. YANG 2020!!!
Jag Wulf
Jag Wulf - 3 days ago
Yes, because giving every adult 1k a month has no reprocautions what so ever...what an idiot
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 3 days ago
How so?
ABC2018 - 4 days ago
Vote me and I give everone 20 000 dollars
Red Paris
Red Paris - 4 days ago
They don't pay 0 in taxes my guy.
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 2 days ago
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez - 4 days ago
Lol Stephen is funny
Melissa Noelle
Melissa Noelle - 4 days ago
Honestly, I am so excited for when these half serious interviews of our future president will be looked back on. All of the interviewers will have to say “well, I had no idea he would actually win!” It’s exciting to be on the right side of history.
JOE BLACK - 4 days ago
Dauren Asrymbetov
Dauren Asrymbetov - 4 days ago
wayne wang
wayne wang - 4 days ago
His signature UBI idea not only protects people from the threat of automation but also protects American jobs from overseas competition due to VAT (value added tax)
yothere1209 - 5 days ago
His outtro is Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone
AB Capone
AB Capone - 5 days ago
Yang gang 💯💯🎯 Yang for president 2020 💪🏾
Kevin Breedlove
Kevin Breedlove - 5 days ago
Was the outro music f zero?!
Riley Pasha
Riley Pasha - 5 days ago
What happens when drug addicts just take the 1k a month to use and do nothing whatsoever and that becomes 100x easier to do.
jdrfox games
jdrfox games - 5 days ago
they won't commit crime to do what they already do.
abalone04 - 5 days ago
This guy wants to give everyone $1000/month and that's still not the dumbest plan coming from the democrats lmao
JoeDan54 - 5 days ago
Was that the Green Hill Zone theme at the end? lmfao
Paul Derham
Paul Derham - 5 days ago
So the automation is just for news, not commentary... so Colbert is safe, right? Right?!
Stan R
Stan R - 6 days ago
I love this guy.
Alex Willis
Alex Willis - 6 days ago
Lol that interview was cool, but I'm all for that Sonic green hill zone jazz cover at the end
Braeden Tiemann
Braeden Tiemann - 6 days ago
This guy actually has a good idea. Too bad those big businesses wont let him win
Black / Purple
Black / Purple - 6 days ago
So Yang wishes to give everyone a trophy. That sounds like a great idea...I remember when we started giving trophies away to all participants...everyone would get a trophy...the child who won would get a trophy, of course, second and third place participants got trophies, and then there was a table set off to the side, and it was covered from end-to-end in sparkingly trophies, smaller versions, but a trophy nonetheless. Giving everyone a trophy was a brilliant idea, so how could giving everyone a $1,000 per month go wrong? I believe all those kids turned out okay, right?
Dominic Vega
Dominic Vega - 6 days ago
Imma vote for him
Byron C
Byron C - 6 days ago
It's just amazing how I look at the comments for every candidate, Sanders, Biden, Harris, etc, and it's all over the place. If you look at any of comments for Andrew Yang, it's almost all positive from all parties, left or right. He's uniting left and right. Trump lovers and Trump haters. Doesnt matter what you believe in.
Julie O
Julie O - 5 days ago
Check out his Ben Shapiro interview. It’s really good.
lordcrunk - 6 days ago
“Mr. Yang has the most detailed and comprehensive set of policy proposals we have ever seen at this stage in the campaign.” – Democratic Party Leadership in Iowa
12-Year Congressional Term Limits
End Bidding Wars for Corporate Relocation
Preservation of Public Lands and Water
Timing of Payments for Small Businesses
Data as a Property Right
Reduce Wildfires
Control the Cost of Prescription Drugs
Restoration of Voting Rights
Crypto/Digital Asset Regulation and Consumer Protection
Proportional Selection of Electors
Expand Selective Schools
Automatic Voter Registration
Grid Modernization Race to the Top
Head of Culture and Ceremony
Make Washington, DC, a State
End Partisan Gerrymandering
Reduce Packaging Waste
Public Council of Advisors
Quantum Computing and Encryption Standards
The Penny Makes No Cents
Make Election Day a Holiday
Empowering MMA Fighters
18 Year Term Limit for Supreme Court Justices
Revive the Office of Technology Assessment
Lower the Voting Age to 16
Decrease Pre-Trial Cash Bail
Extend Daylight Saving Time All Year
Relocate Federal Agencies
Democracy Dollars
Ranked Choice Voting
Decriminalize Opioids
The Freedom Dividend
Combat Climate Change
Reduce Mass Incarceration
Opioid Crisis
LGBTQ Rights
Foreign Policy First Principles
Gun Safety
Paid Family Leave
Support for the Arts
Control the Cost of Higher Education
Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants
Southern Border Security
Support the DREAM Act
Right to Privacy/Abortion and Contraception
Campaign Finance Reform
Fight for Equal Pay
Promote Vocational Education
Carbon Fee and Dividend
Increase Teacher Salaries
Early Childhood Education for All
Legalize Marijuana
Make Puerto Rico a State
Value-Added Tax
Hold Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable
Human-Centered Capitalism
Invest in America’s Mental Health
American Journalism Fellows
Reduce Harm to Children Caused by Smartphones
Every Cop Gets a Camera
NCAA Should Pay Athletes
Nuclear Launch Decisions
Limit Bureaucracy in the Federal Workforce
Local Journalism Fund
Provide Basic Banking Services through the Post Office
American Exchange Program
Prevent Corruption in the Federal Government
Closely Monitor Mental Health of White House Staff
Free Marriage Counseling for All
Automatically Sunset Old Laws
Prosperity Grants
Prevent Airlines from Removing Customers
Improve the American Scorecard
Increase Assistance for Single Parents
Fund Medical Technology Innovation
Fund Autism Intervention
Rebuild American Infrastructure
Reduce Student Loan Burden
Expand Access to Medical Experts
Support the Revival of Earmarks
Medicare for All
Make it Easier to Save for Retirement
Free Financial Counseling for All
Make Community College Affordable for All
Life-Skills Education in All High Schools
Modernize Military Spending
Make it Easy for Americans to Move for Work
Implement Mandatory Paid Leave Policy
Ease the Transition to Self-Driving Vehicles
Capital Gain/Carried Interest Tax
File Income Taxes
Financial Transaction Tax
Tort Reform/Reasonableness Dismissals
American Mall Act
Entice High-Skill Individuals
Algorithmic Trading/Fraud
Nuclear Energy
Modernize Voting
Modern Time Banking
Economic Crime
Media Fragmentation
Making Taxes Fun
Net Neutrality
Regulate AI and other Emerging Technologies
Robo-Calling Text Line
Noh Bu
Noh Bu - 6 days ago
Oh snap, that's the Asian guy that was standing next to Joe Biden
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