15 024
Wallywonder Mills
Wallywonder Mills - 2 days ago
Do more indoor obstacle challenge those be on point👌
Marcus Valentin
Marcus Valentin - 5 days ago
Mopi 1.7 seconds. Los what the hell
Josiah Rosenbloom
Josiah Rosenbloom - 6 days ago
I notice that all of you are growing facial hair
Woah There Bucko
Woah There Bucko - 9 days ago
LSK looks like blueface
Elite_Ghost - 9 days ago
Karriem Sultan
Karriem Sultan - 12 days ago
You are the best
SiiK Rococo
SiiK Rococo - 14 days ago
Yoo Mitch had the cleanest slide damn
envy_defracts - 15 days ago
Los more like a loss like if u agree
Krush490 - 16 days ago
10:31 deadass looks like he tore everything in his leg
Emo Peter Parker
Emo Peter Parker - 17 days ago
You need to sabotage someone and put oil spray on the floor
Spotless Videos
Spotless Videos - 18 days ago
Is it just me or does the bounce shot feel like it’s in slow motion
hugh janus
hugh janus - 19 days ago
when los hit the wall at 1:43 i was dying
Cade Seabourn
Cade Seabourn - 19 days ago
I want 17 dallers worth of money on the shop the 2hype tee and th bracelet white outside and black in bucketsqsud
hWasabi - 19 days ago
Some weird reason I always think zack is cashnasty
Tonya Fleming
Tonya Fleming - 20 days ago
Tonya Fleming
Tonya Fleming - 20 days ago
And mopi ia faster than los
Ben Martin
Ben Martin - 20 days ago
Los- WhAaAaAt
Miguel Santino Delgado
Miguel Santino Delgado - 21 day ago
everybody:makes it

Los:i ran out of balls
Miguel Santino Delgado
Miguel Santino Delgado - 21 day ago
get another basketball hoop?? where they gonna get another basketball hoop
Austin Gutting
Austin Gutting - 21 day ago
Moochie runs faster than Los when his pizza rolls are ready
Dante Morey
Dante Morey - 21 day ago
Why isn’t Tristin in any of your vids
OSU - 22 days ago
Los said “what after everybody’s turn” # soreLozr
Kozy - 22 days ago
Zack's leg @10:32
Team Brofo
Team Brofo - 22 days ago
Zac or tjass can beat jesser
MilanGo Brazzy
MilanGo Brazzy - 22 days ago
I get emotional!
djstyle gaming
djstyle gaming - 22 days ago
Jesus Christ, I’m just tryna find the names to some of the songs but can’t because all I see is a bunch of ppl riding los dick
jacob83035 - 23 days ago
Blueface is in the House babyyyyy
Cp Johnson
Cp Johnson - 23 days ago
Big bodies win
Cam Walker
Cam Walker - 23 days ago
why jiedel look so skinny jessers intro pic for him tho😂
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans - 23 days ago
I have never seen a giraffe crawl before
Jay Tatis08
Jay Tatis08 - 23 days ago
He was surprised that people had a better score then him in a speed optical course. Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️
Jayden Prather
Jayden Prather - 23 days ago
Los after everyone's run he is words are what lol
Jamal D
Jamal D - 23 days ago
You all almost lost to a guy who looks like a 45 year 👴 sorry zack
Luke Adams96
Luke Adams96 - 23 days ago
Over wearing the hell out of these apostrophe jerseys bro
Michael Marano
Michael Marano - 23 days ago
Los -“whaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt”
jamir the beast jtb
jamir the beast jtb - 23 days ago
Zack has the Benjamin button disease
Raquel Teasley
Raquel Teasley - 23 days ago
Like if jesser is da goat
Nathan Klein
Nathan Klein - 24 days ago
You can hear Los’s fat ass every time “What” ☠️☠️☠️chicken eating finger licking fuck 😭😭
Mohamed Lahlah
Mohamed Lahlah - 24 days ago
Los introduction music ??? anyone know
Travis Needham
Travis Needham - 24 days ago
Bruh I was starting to think that Los saying "WHAT" at the end of every run was a sound effect tbh
LBP Mixtape
LBP Mixtape - 24 days ago
Does anyone know the music when LOS goes ?
Desolate KaCe
Desolate KaCe - 24 days ago
Jiedel looked like a mad principal LMFAO
Henri Gravel
Henri Gravel - 24 days ago
Bombardians - 24 days ago
Zach is the true try hard
Agent00 - 24 days ago
1:32 how tf did los bounce!?😂
CrimsonDeathMoo TTVBTW
CrimsonDeathMoo TTVBTW - 24 days ago
Los when he only gets 2 pizza slices

Unknown User
Unknown User - 22 days ago
Blake Mlnarik
Blake Mlnarik - 24 days ago
There should have been a penalty for missing all the shots like if agree
Chasity Fields
Chasity Fields - 24 days ago
Why did jesser stop that outro that he had
Bruno Mandac
Bruno Mandac - 24 days ago
4:35 when someone ask me how am i sliding to girls dm
Ben Kullman
Ben Kullman - 24 days ago
why does jesser put leggings on for everything it’s just a thing inside he doesn’t need leggings
ReallyNotMateo - 24 days ago
Why that house so dirty
Tommy Snyder
Tommy Snyder - 24 days ago
More 2k19 plzzzzz
Mason McRay
Mason McRay - 24 days ago
To make obstacle courses even better i think that if you don’t make your shot on your 3 attempts you should add 5 seconds
Hazman Saini
Hazman Saini - 25 days ago
I’m still watching this atm and I’m guessing that jesse won
Trash Bag
Trash Bag - 25 days ago
Every video you post brightens my day. Its so enjoyable to watch, keep up the amazing work jesse
Lance Andrei Gahaton
Lance Andrei Gahaton - 25 days ago
Bruh look at jidel’s post
Lance Andrei Gahaton
Lance Andrei Gahaton - 25 days ago
Jacob Mehler
Jacob Mehler - 25 days ago
Someone: *Gets a time*
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy - 25 days ago
When someone runs out of balls, add 10 seconds to their time to make it more interesting
Ben Schroeder
Ben Schroeder - 25 days ago
when will agent J make another appearance?
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez - 25 days ago
Can someone explain why los bounced when going under the tables ? 💀
Tate - 25 days ago
Los after every round, “Whaaaat?!”
CallenMallen - 25 days ago
Jesser: Yo what’s up everybody
Me: The sky
Also Me: Y tf am I so corny
masg 963
masg 963 - 25 days ago
The best thing was to hear los say “WHAT!!!” every 2 mins 😂😂😂
fabian garcia
fabian garcia - 25 days ago
You should make if you don’t get to make the shot cuz u ran out of balls that u get a certain amount of seconds added cuz then u can jus spam the balls and not even try to make it
#ball is Life
#ball is Life - 25 days ago
Promps to all of u guys but los is in the back ground every time he gets beat he’s like whattt
Elvis 300
Elvis 300 - 25 days ago
los kept saying “ whaat “ after everyone 😂😂😂
Ankle Bully
Ankle Bully - 25 days ago
Any challenge video wit los in it is a banger 🚫🧢
Elliott games
Elliott games - 25 days ago
Steven Mcilwain
Steven Mcilwain - 25 days ago
Can we get a los dubstep remix of him saying whaaat?!
Steven Mcilwain
Steven Mcilwain - 25 days ago
Whaaat?!- los 2019
Tyne Buchanan
Tyne Buchanan - 25 days ago
That was a crazy video keep it up
Zamboy11 - 25 days ago
You should do a thing with like everytime you manage to get the basket and not run out of balls you get -5sec out of your time. Then people would not just yeet the balls away like Mopi did...
Thanh - 25 days ago
u should do it where they have to make the shot, some of them just toss them without aiming xd.
Owen Hagan
Owen Hagan - 25 days ago
Does anyone actually like Los?
Nebyou G
Nebyou G - 26 days ago
Are you guys still bucket sqaud
elliot bolour
elliot bolour - 26 days ago
bring back 2k
Solez Snipe
Solez Snipe - 26 days ago
Darren Zheng
Darren Zheng - 26 days ago
Los “What?” “WHAT!” “How the what”
Mya Jhendoe
Mya Jhendoe - 26 days ago
Zacks ankle faded away on them stairs
Ryan Ventura
Ryan Ventura - 26 days ago
no one:
los: WHUUT!?
Remiel Escolano
Remiel Escolano - 26 days ago
Are you have a embid jersey now
Remiel Escolano
Remiel Escolano - 26 days ago
Yeah bro
KingFameJon - 26 days ago
Los complained after every person😂
Gucci CLAN
Gucci CLAN - 26 days ago
Lsk look like blue face
Joey Buzzella
Joey Buzzella - 26 days ago
Los every time someone beats his time — “whaaaaaat!?!?”
Ryan Lawson
Ryan Lawson - 26 days ago
make it so where they have to make a shot and not run out of balls bc then you actually need some sort of skill to win
Bradley Wall
Bradley Wall - 26 days ago
Man utd for life
Bradley Wall
Bradley Wall - 26 days ago
Nobody should be allowed to wear a man city jersey cause I’m a man it’d fan
Briauna and Natalie
Briauna and Natalie - 26 days ago
Can y'all. Subscribe to my channel
Cade Pate
Cade Pate - 26 days ago
Why does it feel like he does these before he does them with other people so he can guarantee a win 🤣
Courtney Fogle
Courtney Fogle - 26 days ago
take that 76ers jersey off jesser ur a bandwagon get outta here with that bruh imma true 76ers fan
TRN Jamaal
TRN Jamaal - 26 days ago
It feels like all these jesser vids are rigged
Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz - 26 days ago
Jedel looks skinnier
KALEB GILLAM - 26 days ago
Hey Jess try the game NBA live mobile
Jeffrey Young
Jeffrey Young - 26 days ago
just a suggestion... a time penalty for missing all the shots.
King JDL
King JDL - 26 days ago
1:33 earthquake......
Liam Davis
Liam Davis - 26 days ago
Your my favorite youtuber because you let me see good basketball shoes and your a great youtuber
marco Pinto
marco Pinto - 26 days ago
FlickzyFn on Twitchtv
FlickzyFn on Twitchtv - 26 days ago
Los after every turn: what!? That is literally his sig 🤣🤣🤣
Sam Lebron
Sam Lebron - 26 days ago
2hype beating los:
Los: wHaT
Aaron Miranda
Aaron Miranda - 26 days ago
No one:
Los: WHAT!!!
Nolan Cunningham
Nolan Cunningham - 26 days ago
Hearing los’s fat ass saying what after everyone beat his score of what felt like a year
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