8 Potato Gadgets put to the Test Part 2

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Erx Nika
Erx Nika - 7 days ago
*pateta gudxet
manilyn lagunday
manilyn lagunday - 8 days ago
'ooh it's hot!' lol
need for new
need for new - 9 days ago
To much Wast of Water 😕
Chris 5401
Chris 5401 - 9 days ago
Taras how many potatoes you want
Alternative Equinox
Alternative Equinox - 9 days ago
Best Russian YouTubed ever
Nyrisith - 9 days ago
imagine being a guest of his. This guy has a gadget for literally everything.
iGamerindia - 10 days ago
Young potata❤️
Islam Hamad
Islam Hamad - 10 days ago
ADIB TAZWAR - 10 days ago
Watching a man washing, cutting slicing potatoes at 5:50 am. What is life?
Serenity Kanyer
Serenity Kanyer - 10 days ago
WOAH POWER omfg so funny
Arup Chanda
Arup Chanda - 10 days ago
Make a video on how to cut my bear without use any gadgets
Iм Blacĸ
Iм Blacĸ - 10 days ago
Such an amazing potata peeler 💀
Fivecore - 10 days ago
FvFB DuBzZ - 10 days ago
Using a potato peeler is way more satisfying
All Laa
All Laa - 10 days ago
Pa-tay-to 🤤
Om Subin
Om Subin - 11 days ago
MINI ONS - 11 days ago
Hello im from indonesian
MrHappyCup GT Official
MrHappyCup GT Official - 11 days ago
The question is What are you going to do with all those potatoe slices
1000 subscribers with No videos
Caden Hoffman
Caden Hoffman - 11 days ago
I thought the gloves were taki powder😂🤣😅
slithery snake Wonders
slithery snake Wonders - 11 days ago
Who else widhed that the potato fell into the drain
Fely Muncal
Fely Muncal - 11 days ago
Why are youre hands always shaking?
AADAMAXX - 11 days ago
NoobPlayer MLBB
NoobPlayer MLBB - 11 days ago
Amalika Baramuli
Amalika Baramuli - 12 days ago
mariko saito
mariko saito - 12 days ago
poteta? lol

love your vids
Pingulol 12321
Pingulol 12321 - 12 days ago
Master Jiraiya
Master Jiraiya - 12 days ago
honestly, dis is power
Lord Piggie
Lord Piggie - 12 days ago
I love putt data gadjicks!
rahul kumar
rahul kumar - 12 days ago
One Question for your..What do you do with the food which you used for demonstration???🙂
Like watching your videos..👍👍
Dontae jr Huff
Dontae jr Huff - 12 days ago
Puppetmania Thistle
Puppetmania Thistle - 12 days ago
Do you ever use the items that you buy on a daily basis of Camera
Elias Mailosson
Elias Mailosson - 12 days ago
Haha potata
Lane Cartwright
Lane Cartwright - 12 days ago
What's with the bow in the ceiling?
Estevo Thomasio
Estevo Thomasio - 12 days ago
Potatoes = vodka
Bay E
Bay E - 12 days ago
Soviet food.
Skybeats Skylar bennett
Skybeats Skylar bennett - 12 days ago
This guy is going to be eating a lot of French fries today
Seihak Sea
Seihak Sea - 13 days ago
Waspup everbuby
worthy beast 9000
worthy beast 9000 - 13 days ago
Brentjon YT
Brentjon YT - 13 days ago
Poteto gajicks
MrZombieKillerxX - 13 days ago
How do you say maybe in french?

Makenzie White
Makenzie White - 13 days ago
Who else wonders if he has a extra storage unit to put all his gadgets

If he did it Is full
STONEJOKER 52 - 13 days ago
1year later he still has more potato
Mwreckit Up
Mwreckit Up - 13 days ago
He better make some fries with those potatoes!!
Jhun Cruz
Jhun Cruz - 13 days ago
Sorry but i have trypophobia... Ew
LM_ LUKKIEE - 13 days ago
Or u could just use a peeler 🤨
Deany Yo
Deany Yo - 13 days ago
“You can use finger for precision”
Thanks for that CRH
Tia - 13 days ago
3:45 apple bottom jeans
Ayl Tan
Ayl Tan - 14 days ago
But ur wasting a lot of water. So just peel that with a peeler.
Clark Mendoza
Clark Mendoza - 14 days ago
Im always thinking where he puts all the food he uses for his vids
mariano pakianathan
mariano pakianathan - 14 days ago
This guy has more gadgets than batman
oppressed kekistani
oppressed kekistani - 9 days ago
you mean gadjicks
Signgraphix - 15 days ago
How is this so satisfying
Pure Blood
Pure Blood - 16 days ago
let's look at another gadgit
Pure Blood
Pure Blood - 16 days ago
look at this poteter
5,000 subscribers with no videos? ?
For the next POTATA GAGIK
5,000 subscribers with no videos? ?
Yo ur head LOKES like a potato
Vasanth Kumar
Vasanth Kumar - 18 days ago
The first gadget wastes lot of water
Nic Anonn
Nic Anonn - 18 days ago
I love hot potata
sup rcpu
sup rcpu - 18 days ago
I eat them with the peal cause its healthier
Warrior 64
Warrior 64 - 19 days ago
3:19 yeah but you also wasting water
Mayur Dorge
Mayur Dorge - 20 days ago
You are wasting water more... So save water istead potato ok
Kamlesh Dwivedi
Kamlesh Dwivedi - 20 days ago
Has gadget for every thing I like that nice
CookingChow - 21 day ago
Wastage of water!
shantavia jean
shantavia jean - 21 day ago
I love how he says “there it go”
NOOB l ALOK - 21 day ago
Why ur hand shakes so much
Refreshing Music
Refreshing Music - 21 day ago
The piller is even faster than the gloves lol
Mohammad shakib
Mohammad shakib - 21 day ago
Hey malaba toy😜😜😜
SnOw - 22 days ago
someshwar chakraborti
someshwar chakraborti - 22 days ago
Aise machine banaunga,yaha se aaloo daalunga,vaha se Sona niklega
Byomkesh Bakshi
Byomkesh Bakshi - 20 days ago
RAGA wants to know your location
Draco The DemiGod
Draco The DemiGod - 23 days ago
PTSD? ShellShock?
Xhoel Daci
Xhoel Daci - 23 days ago
Rearry reavvy good potatoes😂😂😂
Clowny - 23 days ago
The writing on his shirt is what my brain is thinking when trying to understand what he's saying
David _
David _ - 23 days ago
ft. Jacksepticeye
Bishal Kalowar
Bishal Kalowar - 25 days ago
Wasting water in 1st gadget
Avelin Dsouza
Avelin Dsouza - 25 days ago
the what now....0:29
Annie Campbell
Annie Campbell - 26 days ago
Are u making fries for an army? xD
Frankie sucks at multitasking
4:49 Bakea potata
Frankie sucks at multitasking
0:12 patata
Senpopai - 29 days ago
Bro you shoved that sharp piece in that potato so fast I thought you were gonna stab your hand.
joshualucas - Month ago
lots of great patatah gadjiks
Blijon Kçiku Hajdini
Blijon Kçiku Hajdini - Month ago
1:16 ye mans got fiji water as his tap water
Husna Farooqui
Husna Farooqui - Month ago
Hello Russian Hacker! Thank you for great video
Danest Earl Mondonedo
Danest Earl Mondonedo - Month ago
Russian #1
Akshay Sardar
Akshay Sardar - Month ago
amazing nice really
Jeremy Manongdo
Jeremy Manongdo - Month ago
Serioulsy guys ”just skrab it”
Abel Zelaya
Abel Zelaya - Month ago
Me'kai Morris
Me'kai Morris - Month ago
2:03 “miminimal”
Earl Elizalde
Earl Elizalde - Month ago
Why's the glove lookin gross tho 😂
Ridiculed Victor
Ridiculed Victor - Month ago

April Vandenberg
April Vandenberg - Month ago
Gloves use to much water
the7thwreck - 2 months ago
Yay! Poetayta gajiks!
Where do we get the information about the gadgets? I love the potato cutter that made fries, but where's the info?
Joey Komlanc
Joey Komlanc - 2 months ago
The concession stand at my football stadium has a really sharp one just like the one in the video (the one with the lever)
SuPreMe cLaN
SuPreMe cLaN - 2 months ago
Y are you so shaky
Sub for no reason
Sub for no reason - 2 months ago
That’s insane
That’s cool
That sandpaper gloves
Sophie Anderson
Sophie Anderson - 2 months ago
“ oh it feels good “ that what she said
Shane Malone
Shane Malone - 2 months ago
Us Irish people are offended 🥔
Bonee Agarwal
Bonee Agarwal - 2 months ago
For the 1st gadgik you can put the potatoes in a pot of water.
James_ Trumpeter09
James_ Trumpeter09 - 2 months ago
I wonder where he keeps his gadjicks. 🤔🤔
500 subscribers without videos challenge
Patata gajacks 😂😂😂😂
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