I Made Earth Bigger Than the Sun and This Happened - Universe Sandbox 2

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GrayStillPlays - 3 months ago
I gave you guys more space to put your stuff.
Logan Bruemmer
Logan Bruemmer - Day ago
GrayStillPlays Not in my watch que The Super Doppler Sploder Galaxy Sized Destructicator White Hole Damnit
Annajulia Ferreira
Annajulia Ferreira - 4 days ago
Now all our stuff is flying away :/
Tanya Sider
Tanya Sider - 4 days ago
Jonathan Patton
Jonathan Patton - 5 days ago
That's a quasar
Crash Ladd
Crash Ladd - 11 days ago
GrayStillPlays you just made the earth radius so big that it made another Big Bang at the end of the video, I give you props for that no one have done that wow
moovacktor - 5 hours ago
Sweet baby jesus
Sal AveNU
Sal AveNU - 9 hours ago
Hey ? What Arthur C Clark 2010 ? Make Jupiter a sun ?
Christopher Boyle
Christopher Boyle - 11 hours ago
That's a magnaget field not a supernova you can tell by the shape
space potatoes
space potatoes - 11 hours ago
Is this game free because I need it
[WAB] amazing
[WAB] amazing - 22 hours ago
Oh i see Philippines😍
Shane Larrisson
Shane Larrisson - 22 hours ago
2:44 what is the name of the song? Like the piano
Rison Maruli
Rison Maruli - 23 hours ago
Wait, you play mk
Doogan Rabeau-Louis
Btw, the thing earth does at 11:30 is called a pulsar. It is so heavy and concentrated in energy that it just bursts out at the poles.
I believe gravity is so heavy on a pulsar that a spoon would fall on the surface at 4,800,000hm/h if it was dropped at a few meters away or something like that
MrGreenthumb1000 - Day ago
Dude you caused the earth to go supernova!
MrGreenthumb1000 - Day ago
the earth started looking like that because the oceans have started to evaporate
GamerDeck Ryke
GamerDeck Ryke - Day ago
Proton star
Thisis Amar
Thisis Amar - Day ago
You can't make flames in the universe because there's no air
Dirk - Day ago
"On the plus side, florida is much bigger now"
Cesy Rodriguez
Cesy Rodriguez - Day ago
I feel like eating a frisbee
Michael sanderhoff asp kristensen
9:28 well. atleast we still have MyAnus
jojolafrite90 - Day ago
The living tribunal wants to know your location.
pr0sp0t3r FrangoDaSadia
Raisin Starr The Octoling
At the end the Earth becomes a Pulsar
ritoru batafurai
ritoru batafurai - Day ago
If you’re my science teacher, I would be so gladly to enter your class 😂
GenralDmoney - Day ago
Wow. The size of One city is now how big the earth used to be
Rafiqul Alam
Rafiqul Alam - Day ago
6:41 kinda hurt my eyes
FishBoi - 2 days ago
Let's turn the earth into a pulsar.
Carmelo Justin Allauigan
You cooked us down here!
keller blair
keller blair - 2 days ago
No one notice all the ice caps spreading
mesSgamer - 2 days ago
You made a pulsar blyat 😱
Curtis Warren
Curtis Warren - 2 days ago
at 11:20 i got a south pp
park phone destroyer ad...
Just Jay
Just Jay - 2 days ago
7:47 to 7:57 in the top right corner is the earth having a firery secure
Curtis Warren
Curtis Warren - 2 days ago
what ciuntry/state do u live in? I never knew... or I forgot... PS I'M A FLORIDA MAN
Prime Prime
Prime Prime - 2 days ago
When you sized the earth he became a star because he has larger so the earth has not on fire.
Ingmar Lleshi
Ingmar Lleshi - 2 days ago
What is this app simulator you used.
Kaia *
Kaia * - 2 days ago
This time expand the moon
Keven Nielsen
Keven Nielsen - 2 days ago
im dying over your metafors. :D :D :D
MarvelTeen 15
MarvelTeen 15 - 2 days ago
OMG I KNOW WHY THE EARTH TURNED INTO A GAS GIANT!!!!! When the Earth started pulling on Venus and knocking it out of orbit it sucked up Venus’ thick atmosphere. This made the Earth’s atmosphere (probably) almost 2.5x thicket than it originally was. Also Venus has A LOT of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere so that’s why Earth’s temperature went up so quickly.
Keigan Art
Keigan Art - 2 days ago
1:58 What’s wrong with being Goku?
I mean we can still function as a society
Xervz - 2 days ago
*this is how it will be when god makes a youtube channel*
UltraGreninja - 2 days ago
Next up: Earth becomes a black hole
Jonny Riley
Jonny Riley - 2 days ago
Welcome to epileptic seizure simulator

I can't stop laffing
Al Waizeright
Al Waizeright - 2 days ago
what would happen if you made the EARTH or the SUN the size of the GALAXY - assuming you can keep it from blowing up. - I wonder what the effect on the LOCAL GROUP would be.
Conrad Moser
Conrad Moser - 2 days ago
"Unfortunately, I killed everyone again."
Boot licker back
Boot licker back - 2 days ago
You made a neutron Star from the earth
fregly102 2
fregly102 2 - 3 days ago
wouldn't this make us way taller or am i stupid
nghtcor3 _84
nghtcor3 _84 - 3 days ago
4:12 looks like itachis sharingan that I me later
dmprax - 3 days ago
Here, HOLD MY BEER!!!!
Lonely One The
Lonely One The - 3 days ago
Why am I laughing so much
AngryTechGuy - 3 days ago
11:40 "Quasar Earth". The earth simply needs to be 3 million times larger. Got it.
Subscribe 2 Me
Subscribe 2 Me - 3 days ago
Now that’s climate change
Gerson Dombrowski
Gerson Dombrowski - 3 days ago
This video got me paranoic about the real Earth crashing into something at any moment, maybe now? or 2 secs later... f*ck
PandaWamen - 3 days ago
dude. d you mind not exploding the sun? I live there.
PandaWamen - 3 days ago
there will be no lunar eclipses. there will be eclipses for certain countrys tho.
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