I Made Earth Bigger Than the Sun and This Happened - Universe Sandbox 2

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GrayStillPlays - Month ago
I gave you guys more space to put your stuff.
ScottOyster Destroyovich
ScottOyster Destroyovich - 8 hours ago
What happened to Chairface?
Mackenzie McIntyre
Mackenzie McIntyre - Day ago
GrayStillPlays more legos mother fuckers
The Chromium Kid
The Chromium Kid - 2 days ago
Ok but what if we make it progressively smaller?
German Lord
German Lord - 4 days ago
Ultra Gray019
Ultra Gray019 - 9 days ago
I have things
Shogunbirds - 3 hours ago
Earth: *Gets big*
Moon: "slow down"
Earth: *Continues to get bigger*
Moon: "I don't feel so good"
Shogunbirds - 4 hours ago
If only we could watch what the organisms did on the earth as this happened. I would love to see the way they evolve and try to survive the new pressures that are being presse on them
Edit: If there is a game like universe sandbox 2 crossed with species or something like that PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what it is.
OrangePlayz 208
OrangePlayz 208 - 5 hours ago
This video = end of sun
Yui Funami
Yui Funami - 9 hours ago
turning earth into a neutron star
Brandon H
Brandon H - 11 hours ago
this is why we have conservation of mass
ryan olson
ryan olson - 11 hours ago
I'm pretty sure that rectum pipe cleaning is NOT science...
ASH gamer
ASH gamer - 15 hours ago
3:28 poof
theslashmetal - 17 hours ago
11:50 a pulsar!!!!!
KylerLiam - 23 hours ago
Wait why there's white on PHILIPPINES?? I know there is no snow on PHILIPPINES
Craig Usselman
Craig Usselman - Day ago
Fat-ass Earth just ejaculated the moon into instellar space OOOOOHHHHHNOOHHHHHHHH!
Wade Watts
Wade Watts - Day ago
It’s not cloud cover it’s the earth freezing
KC Beans
KC Beans - Day ago
the "sun Earth" copyrighted the Sun!
ᑎOᗷOᗪY Iᔕ ᕼEᖇE
Come to find out Grays actually god and this isn’t a simulation this is just the future he has planned...
something goes through my head
earth has become a planet killer
Shadowkilla 47
Shadowkilla 47 - Day ago
Only Gray would say "Rectum Pipe Cleaning"
Soviet Ch33f
Soviet Ch33f - Day ago
Kills most people eh?
What about plague inc????
Unconventional Gaming
soooooooo, the sun used to be a planet
S M K - Day ago
Moon:Fu*k this sh*t I'm out
Logan Wheeler
Logan Wheeler - Day ago
the earth nova is the start of a black hole forming
Joshua Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez - Day ago
Its a rave
rbspider - Day ago
Can you do that again at 4pm I'll be having a BBQ and I could use the extra heat to cook the burgers.
Eugene Hipolito
Eugene Hipolito - Day ago
This is so fun hahahhaa...this make sense to me why things are just made right or else just imagine these😄😅
Humble Tom
Humble Tom - Day ago
Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer - Day ago
Nobody :
Absolutely not a single person :
Gray: *turns the earth into a pulsar*
Becky Musick
Becky Musick - 2 days ago
You made it a black hole that blue stuff is mater shooting away from it so yeah
Zane Frohn
Zane Frohn - 2 days ago
And Idiots say the Earths flat
jonjon1114 - 2 days ago
what the blain david leganary hell is this??? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS
PatientPilot - 2 days ago
That already happens to my spine
glichtalesans 5
glichtalesans 5 - 2 days ago
Rest in peporonis:sun...we loved you
error error
error error - 2 days ago
F to pay respects to earth
awsomness_1020 - 2 days ago
All 3.6k dislikes are flat earthers
Topaz - 2 days ago
I've heard of global warming but this is ridiculous *Cue the laugh track*
Iqnoor&Joban Mokha
Iqnoor&Joban Mokha - 2 days ago
The earth made friking carp
Lucid Vision
Lucid Vision - 2 days ago
Grey: I'm going to make the earth bigger than the sun.
Moon: Nope, I'm out.
Derpy Bread
Derpy Bread - 2 days ago
7:12,”Every time I feel like eating a frisbee I play this game.” Wtf??😂😂
24Isabella Cox
24Isabella Cox - 2 days ago
Make the moon bigger than the sun.
Tucker Koogler
Tucker Koogler - 2 days ago
0:02 what about plague Inc
ascending deity
ascending deity - 2 days ago
Where do i find friends that do things like this
Z3ro - 2 days ago
9 words: SCP:001 SDL
Adam Hawn
Adam Hawn - 2 days ago
Thanks for the killer space rave grey!
Tex - 2 days ago
I’m guessing universe sandbox 2 isn’t based on facts
Georgina Totaro
Georgina Totaro - 2 days ago
when you said the moon flew away you were wrong it was Kopff.
YNW _RiflemanE_
YNW _RiflemanE_ - 2 days ago
That line was Haley's comet not the moon being ejected
Ilikethisusername - 2 days ago
11:31 I think Earth turned into a Pulsar
Sans the skeleton
Sans the skeleton - 2 days ago
The thing at 12:07 is a gamma ray burst
Core Master
Core Master - 3 days ago
Moon: Exists
Earth: im about to wreck this planets career
MrMii - 3 days ago
"It is taking the sun out for a walk! It's like walking the dog, only the dog is... really really hot- you know, like, temperature wise..."
-Gray is secretly a furry lol jk

Lmao nice save bud
SubduedRadical - 3 days ago
So you made the Earth into a red giant...then it went supernova, causing the sun to have a supernova from all the extra mass that it ate up.
Then you made the Earth into a red dwarf...and then made it go supernova.
Then you made the Earth into a pulsar.
So much for not destroying everyone's stuff... :p
...although, I am curious what happened when it got several Jupiter masses, what's going on with the atmosphere both times that it basically gains either a Jovian or a Venusian atmosphere. Because it happened both the first time (radius increasing) and the second time (mass increasing). Though I feel like the mass increased the first time as well somehow, as the surface gravity should have been decreasing with increasing radius if the mass was held constant, right? If you were holding the density constant, then the mass would have been increasing the whole time.
Joel Williams
Joel Williams - 3 days ago
This video just gave me explosive diarrhea, for some reason. Coincidence? I think NOT!
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 - 3 days ago
Lol!! You people honestly believe you live on a spinning ball flying through space😂🤣... Brainwashing at its finest
R.I.P Kitty0706
R.I.P Kitty0706 - 3 days ago
12:34 is it just me or does Mars look like a face?
Liam Leggitt
Liam Leggitt - 3 days ago
He turned the earth... into a pulsar... if a God exists, he is worried right about now
Warren Kazakiewich
Warren Kazakiewich - 3 days ago
The phrase you were searching for is 'Neutron Star'
LB_Gaming - 3 days ago
Venus is always like that.
badaltiar's Gaming Legion
This man needs to play elite dangerous
Adventureguy - 3 days ago
hi is this a simulator game
Mourning Willows Weeping Glory.
I got an ad for the sun is also a star halfway through this and I laughed so much--
DEMONI - 3 days ago
What is God was one of us...
Lukine Gluposti
Lukine Gluposti - 3 days ago
1:10 That is 100% Monto
Mari Sid
Mari Sid - 3 days ago
*something was ejaculated*
ESC Jardim
ESC Jardim - 3 days ago
Can someone please tell me the song at 2:42
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 3 days ago
Does Mega Earth have Mega B*tches?
Alexander - 3 days ago
NASA wants to know your location.
crude headlines
crude headlines - 3 days ago
Flat earthers be pissed at the facts of the world being round
Star Pixel
Star Pixel - 4 days ago
SIBEEEHACK - 4 days ago
The earth bacame a giant disko ball
Todd76 - 4 days ago
"Tempature isn't bad just everyone is gonna feel like Florida"
: Whitfield
: Whitfield - 4 days ago
earth was tire of the sahnanas and turn into big boy timmy and is now kicking the suns butt
Alegend13 - 4 days ago
2:28 "I think that's the moon" Literally in the same frame you can see it's not, it's Kopff which is an asteroid.
joe Recto
joe Recto - 4 days ago
Now... Run a Simulation where you shrink the sun to the size that "Flat Earthers" claim it is. Either you will shut them up once and for all, or cause them to create their own science to explain it!
Sweetchilliheat18 - 4 days ago
Make the earth that big but move it out so just the edges where in the goldylock zone
German Lord
German Lord - 4 days ago
Lol a pulsar
Tech Archives
Tech Archives - 4 days ago
Which software are you using ?
Please tell me .
It's so cool
DrWahnsin - 2 days ago
Universe Sandbox² store.steampowered.com/app/230290/Universe_Sandbox/
My Things
My Things - 4 days ago
It’s not UY Scuti, It’s EARTH
The Nuro
The Nuro - 4 days ago
Uranus is 24000 degree Celsius
Razvan RIC TV
Razvan RIC TV - 4 days ago
I have a idea for a new vid! Raise the temperature of the earth
Sir Chugs alot
Sir Chugs alot - 5 days ago
The earth got so big it collapsed in on itself, turning into a star
Ethan 64
Ethan 64 - 5 days ago
He turned earth into a pulsar... wow
Randall Johnson
Randall Johnson - 5 days ago
Slow the rotation while increasing size
Sonic - 5 days ago
The earth is a star
Ash - 5 days ago
Dreidel Earth : best quote of 2019
The Creeper King
The Creeper King - 5 days ago
He should’ve got rid of the earth when things went to heck to see what happened
Science Geek
Science Geek - 5 days ago
This dude's choice of words...
Kanga Roo
Kanga Roo - 5 days ago
Turning the Earth into a neutron star :D
Olli Laitila
Olli Laitila - 5 days ago
it's a pulsar, small massive sun which makes a lot of energy so it spins fast and pulsates radiation 2 opposite direction because of it's magnetosphere
jaredloveless - 5 days ago
Luke Oberrieder
Luke Oberrieder - 5 days ago
Quasar @ 11:55
187 Mr.Green13
187 Mr.Green13 - 6 days ago
Rectum pipe cleaning, here we go.
FuzzyThoughts - 6 days ago
You should reset things to the same starting conditions like time and solar system orientation before changing size, FOR SCIENCE
Zer0Mem0ries - 6 days ago
Earth has achieved its Ultra Instinct form
Bill Gotti
Bill Gotti - 6 days ago
This keeps me up at night lol
AnyDangThing - 6 days ago
Welcome back to the only game that ends more lives than all games combined🤯😂
Random Neko gamer
Random Neko gamer - 6 days ago
I'm so like the moon just like... Umm... Bye fake earth!
MadFake9939 - 6 days ago
"The earth is looking cool"
No it doesn't it looks actually pretty hot
jeff - 6 days ago
From the same people behind Discovery Channel, you say? So it has naked people lost in the woods and explores the science of sasquatch? i am sold!
LUCAS MARGA - 6 days ago
Kenneth Kuy
Kenneth Kuy - 6 days ago
if you wasted all the craeniuon the earth will be so big as 76436755674523567236372767453784532667584363475276567834267854368725678 times as
the universe
DonnierDarko223 - 7 days ago
So.....Like...What you are telling me ...is that....Increasing the size of a planet will eventually lead to it becoming a sun? How so? I would be interested in the scientific explanation?

Does that imply that our sun at some point in the past (billions of years) was an earth? Was Venus then once an earth? Did maybe our species start "on the sun" when it was habitable and continued to move outward? (super Crazy theory but theoretically plausible?)

But then how would Jupiter make sense? Would then Mars be the next logical conclusion? Is Neptun (in theory) a prehistoric version of earth and eventually will transform into one?

You cannot just drop such a bomb on my mind and then leave me alone with my thoughts D:
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores - 5 days ago
I doubt it. As in, I am guessing that a planet to get that big needs bigger mass. To get bigger mass, you must absorb stuff into you, and the moon is not enough to make earth become a sun...
soyest boi
soyest boi - 7 days ago
Venus: unblock me
Earth: okay
Venus: bitch
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