BLACKPINK - Kill This Love (Easy Lyrics)

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Hearts black flower coyote Aj Blackoutful
It's look like Tagalog but it's not
Babyganda Encarnacion
Babyganda Encarnacion - 5 hours ago
Idol si lisa and jenie
Aizen Charvir
Aizen Charvir - 22 hours ago
i like blackpink we love you blackpink
Aizen Charvir
Aizen Charvir - 22 hours ago
really love blackpink
Aizen Charvir
Aizen Charvir - 22 hours ago
like when choose lisa and the blackpink when you choose exo,twice,bts comment plsss
Reni Herlina
Reni Herlina - Day ago
Lisa dan rose dan dll😙😙
Erik Saputra
Erik Saputra - Day ago
Aku suka sama jenni 😍😘😘
Queen Shiki
Queen Shiki - Day ago
Me *thinking* : I can sing !
Hjklhis dfhjskakriu nsjyd.....let's kill this love yeah ay..yeah...rum pampaaa...jgsisisgidiss
Shafiq Jabir
Shafiq Jabir - Day ago
rose ❤️
Masitah Othman
Masitah Othman - 2 days ago
Chususiyah Mustika
Chususiyah Mustika - 2 days ago
ILove you jisso ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😍
Steven Claudius
Steven Claudius - 3 days ago
Apikpa 8837461178
Apikpa 8837461178 - 3 days ago
I love you blackpink💝💝💝💛💖
Anand Akela
Anand Akela - 4 days ago
my friëd is maddest fan of you Lisa🙂
Hairul Hafiz
Hairul Hafiz - 4 days ago
Siapa minat rose like sebanyaknya
Tri Atmojo
Tri Atmojo - 5 days ago
i love jennie
Jm Mendoza
Jm Mendoza - 5 days ago
I love BlackPink
Hanum Salsabila
Hanum Salsabila - 5 days ago
BTS taeminkook
BTS taeminkook - 5 days ago
Ik it takes lot of hard work to get one song completed but, I am an army blink so I think bts songs r way better than black pinks but I support them too.. I really think they need to put in a lil bit of that good concept in their songs n practice all of their stuff, which is singing, but, pls don't come to say mean to me in the comments, ik I'll get a lot of mean replies, but, only armlinks will know the truth. Well some armlinks can like blackpink better n some may act like me, saying bts is better than bp. Pls don't attack meh I am just saying the truth btw

I am a real army
N also a real blink
I am a real exol
Plus a real NCT Zen
Ok so I think bp reads this once n love u bts, bp, exo n Nct
Hannah Damia
Hannah Damia - 5 days ago
I love Lisa and black pink😊💞
Hannah Damia
Hannah Damia - 5 days ago
I like Lisa but is so funny and pretty
Inuki Chiranya
Inuki Chiranya - 5 days ago
Before this I hate k.pop but u changed it LOVE u black pink l dont kill this love😂😂🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗B🥰🥰🥰🥰L😝😝😝😝😝A🤣🤣🤣C😔😔😄😄K😚😅🥮🙄😚😚😝PiNk😎😎😎😎😎😎🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Anje 7986
Anje 7986 - 6 days ago
I love you jisoo

Siapa suka jisoo like yea
Sophia Theresea Nass
Sophia Theresea Nass - 7 days ago
you too good
putri __ febry __ leana 123
Pooja Swathi
Pooja Swathi - 7 days ago
Lisa = LIKE
Rose = LIKE
Jenny = LIKE
Jisoo = LIKE
Blackpink = LIKE
GachaAnime Love
GachaAnime Love - 7 days ago
Jak Ya
Jak Ya - 7 days ago
I love lesa
Restu Rere
Restu Rere - 8 days ago
Blackpink lisa
ranen ___bts
ranen ___bts - 8 days ago
got me all messed up His love is my favorite
Kharisma Zahra
Kharisma Zahra - 9 days ago
Average singer
Average singer - 10 days ago
😔☹️😭 my love broke up with me and I am here listening 💔💔💔
laimive velasco
laimive velasco - 10 days ago
SB19 go up lyrics can you make po??
kim loo young babygirl
kim loo young babygirl - 10 days ago
Lisa follow like ariana grande hair
Zoe Nazarene Tumines
Zoe Nazarene Tumines - 10 days ago
I love this song ❤💖😘💋😍
noobie in da fnaf QwQ
noobie in da fnaf QwQ - 10 days ago
fact all of the people who are waching re K-POP fans
park chiminie
park chiminie - 10 days ago
Komang Suharta
Komang Suharta - 11 days ago
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I love so much 😁♥️
Nefisa Imamovic
Nefisa Imamovic - 11 days ago
Kartina Kartina
Kartina Kartina - 11 days ago
Kartina Kartina
Kartina Kartina - 11 days ago
Blackpink ,=stay
Kartina Kartina
Kartina Kartina - 11 days ago
Blackpink =stay bts =n.o twice=what is love ikon =love scenario exo = love shot
BLACKPINK LOVERS - 11 days ago
if you like backpink like if it ,s no unlike
ضعنعح عزعح
ضعنعح عزعح - 12 days ago
I Love lisa 😘😍💑💝💖💟🌈 yg suka Lisa blank pink like ya Gays.
Mem Mem
Mem Mem - 12 days ago
I like blackpink jennie very much love you kim jennie
Ninh Nam
Ninh Nam - 12 days ago
Trong đây ai là người Việt Nam like phát chưa bao h được 100 like
Miss Sukanya
Miss Sukanya - 13 days ago
Who else love BLACKPINK?

Erwin嘎么日子wInKiE Baliar
Go lisa
Nel Lewier
Nel Lewier - 13 days ago
Jisoo=Queen of visual
Jennie=Queen of rapper
Rose=Queen of vocal
Lisa=Quen of dancer
Marta Chikviladze
Marta Chikviladze - 13 days ago
its my favorite musics:jennie is my favorite girl and i am she's fan.and i like jennie's music:solo,pleas like to this commentar
sitiarmeah binangon
sitiarmeah binangon - 13 days ago
Lex Hha Ree Daniel
Lex Hha Ree Daniel - 13 days ago
I love Lisa 💓💓💓
Emilya Andra
Emilya Andra - 13 days ago
Vidio ini aku jadikan status biar gak bosan
Albert Kuin
Albert Kuin - 13 days ago
I love the voice of Rose
Albert Kuin
Albert Kuin - 13 days ago
I love Lisa too!!
Roslin Nuri
Roslin Nuri - 13 days ago
henry abad henry abad
henry abad henry abad - 14 days ago
Kill this love
henry abad henry abad
henry abad henry abad - 14 days ago
Arian dacumos
Aura Salsabila
Aura Salsabila - 14 days ago
I like blackpink
Black pink Soo beautiful 😍😍😍
Ketou Kire
Ketou Kire - 9 days ago
I♡😇😘😙I Jennie
Azkiah Nur
Azkiah Nur - 14 days ago
Aku suka banget yg fens lisa like ya
Johnlior Labuguen
Johnlior Labuguen - 14 days ago
Ilove Blackpink love lisa Jennie Jisoo Rose
Scarlett Claire
Scarlett Claire - 14 days ago
Anyone for jisoo😍🎶💕
Hit a like👇🏻
honeyleth joyce panganiban
i labyuuuu jennie my queen👑
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