Cheap Couple Share A Toothbrush And Dental Floss | Extreme Cheapskates

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Jennifer Gallardo
Jennifer Gallardo - 3 hours ago
Did anyone see his name is mcdonald
Dennis Perez
Dennis Perez - 5 hours ago
Yuck mouths just nasty breathe don’t never smell right I’m sure
Tea Sesh
Tea Sesh - Day ago
Do they realize that there not paying for the funeral there family is😭
Tame Tranvex
Tame Tranvex - Day ago
What are they gonna share next toilet paper
Omora-Adele Wicker
Omora-Adele Wicker - 2 days ago
I don't know if this couple heard of this before or heard of this store before but there's a thing call the Dollar Store they really need to go there like that's disgusting
It's Kota! Yep Its Kota!
Mariam Khalil
Mariam Khalil - 3 days ago
They are crazy
Mariam Khalil
Mariam Khalil - 3 days ago
This is discusting🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮euuu
Amber Lance
Amber Lance - 3 days ago
I hope this changes by the time they have a child bruh they’d be getting discounts just to vaccinate it 😂😂
doomlist darkness
doomlist darkness - 3 days ago
when she finds a nnormal man she will definitly leave that cheapskate
c e
c e - 3 days ago
Frog of the apple
Frog of the apple - 4 days ago
Poor camera man 😢 🙏
Monica H
Monica H - 4 days ago
They are either the nastiest couple ever or 2 paid TLC actors, because WHO THE HELL SHARES DENTAL FLOSS OR TOOTHBRUSHES?!?!
Kaylei Pierce
Kaylei Pierce - 5 days ago
1 bottle of shampoo usually lasts 8 months in general 😂
WOLFGANG !!!!!!!!!
WOLFGANG !!!!!!!!! - 6 days ago
At 4:58 they said they were parents
Demoy Mowatt
Demoy Mowatt - 8 days ago
God knows why he haven't given them kids, they would die!
Byleth Eisner
Byleth Eisner - 8 days ago
I buy stuff at the 99 cents store that is cheap
NK Allday
NK Allday - 8 days ago
They look dirty and nasty. Fuck this bitch is ugly as fuck as well.
Grace Lee
Grace Lee - 9 days ago
Cremations are cheaper than a burial 🤷🏼‍♀️
Grace Lee
Grace Lee - 9 days ago
If you wanna save more money, just don’t shave!!!! 😂 than you can make free Christmas sweaters at the end of the year!
Toby Luigi
Toby Luigi - 9 days ago
WTF this couple needs Jesus
ShayJay - 10 days ago
They probably reuse each others toilet paper too 🤢
Darren O'Hara
Darren O'Hara - 11 days ago
Why did he keep calling them parents? Do they have children?

I just realized she is pregnant. Look at her stomach
Shemeji Alich
Shemeji Alich - 11 days ago
TOOTH BRUSH...🙄🙄🙄 get a life
Renee Duncombe
Renee Duncombe - 11 days ago
her: you know men die before women
also her: *dies in some other way before him*
wow! does she not pay attention to the world around her other than men dying before the woman (age wise)
Yassa Morad
Yassa Morad - 11 days ago
How do they pay their bills ??
Mia Benitez
Mia Benitez - 12 days ago
How can she just assume he dies first
《Joaquin Jr 》
《Joaquin Jr 》 - 12 days ago
You can literally get free a toothbrush
Sasun _
Sasun _ - 12 days ago
ToXic Krafty YT
ToXic Krafty YT - 12 days ago
This is jack on BBC news now here with shelly and early this morning a man kills his wife after she refused him a chip
Journeys with jenee
Journeys with jenee - 12 days ago
When you floss it supposed to get stuff out of your teeth not put stuff in your teeth
ConsensualNonConsensual - 13 days ago
I was waiting for them to say “Why use the toilet to pee, when bushes are free!”
brittany dummett
brittany dummett - 14 days ago
Omg you owe me 15 cents for that one chip hahahaha what the actual fuck
brittany dummett
brittany dummett - 14 days ago
25 dollars for a pack of razors bitch what razors are you buying lol
Michael DeSanta
Michael DeSanta - 15 days ago
They literally planned their own funeral
Abby Dreher
Abby Dreher - 15 days ago
There is a difference between cheap and dirty, and these people are just plain dirty.
Divinity Seymour
Divinity Seymour - 17 days ago
Dang, this couple really are cheap. I feel pretty happy for them tbh, guys stop bullying them and just let them be.
Get Noob
Get Noob - 18 days ago
Bruh this women’s face is red asf
Scream Bloody Gore #DeathMetal
They share a toothbrush & dental floss

Germs- am I a fucking joke to you
Era Playz
Era Playz - 19 days ago
Walmart. 4 TOOTHBRUSHES FOR A DOLLAR y’all need JESUS 🤮🤮🤮
25 dollar razors... where the fuck are you buying your razors from???
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