Makayla Phillips: 15-Year-Old Receives Golden Buzzer For "Warrior" - America's Got Talent 2018

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Maki Junior
Maki Junior - 14 hours ago
The most beautiful thing is her confidence and on top of that she's complete beauty.
Her voice
Her face
Her confidence
God bless you miss world
THC Ikonik
THC Ikonik - 19 hours ago
Tess Morris!!
Tess Morris!! - Day ago
She is undoubtedly amazing. Like really talented and deserves so much recognition- it’s just that this show autotunes so much. She doesn’t need it. I don’t know if it’s the mic or the editing but still, why?
O K - Day ago
*Heidi presses golden buzzer*
The janitor : “am I a joke to you?”
Alicja Przybylska
Alicja Przybylska - 2 days ago
What music?
Random Account
Random Account - 2 days ago
Anyone else feel like she’s cocky
Adella Weizman
Adella Weizman - 3 days ago
Daneliya Tuleshova Warrior is the best💖💖💖
Owlcitylove2001 Booboo500
That was beautiful!!!...👏🏻❤️😎👌🏼👍🏼😍💯🥰🍀😄😱😘🙏🏻😆👩‍🎤🇺🇸🎬🎤🎧🎼🎹🎵🎶
believer boy
believer boy - 4 days ago
She looks like Catherine piaz
Leah Hamill
Leah Hamill - 5 days ago
AWESOME voice get that golden buzzer 👧 girl
Ashlee - 6 days ago
Her singing voice is so beautiful, I'm jealous of her, I wish I had a beautiful singing voice like her.🙁☹😢😭
Jonard Benavidez
Jonard Benavidez - 6 days ago
Shes beautiful 😍♥️
Evan Huerta
Evan Huerta - 8 days ago
Nobody gonna comment on how gorgeous she is ?
Bhushan Khadkikar
Bhushan Khadkikar - 8 days ago
Valery Córdoba
Valery Córdoba - 9 days ago
She is amazing 😵💞
Kelly Gousiem Mc-Kim Touthang
she was awsome
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor - 11 days ago
She’s the criminal, stealing my heart like a frickin pro
Mitchell Adlem
Mitchell Adlem - 12 days ago
She's incredible
Ezra Mutsahuni
Ezra Mutsahuni - 12 days ago
People who put thumbs down are girls of her age who are so Jealous. I'm sure coz one can't thumbs down such a beautiful song.
Yasin Agung
Yasin Agung - 12 days ago
Enak bgt suaranya. Indonesia mana nih suaranya. 👍👍🙏🙏🙏
oli ty
oli ty - 13 days ago
Love this perfomance❤
Love her voice😍
Fahad Cheikh
Fahad Cheikh - 13 days ago
Can someone please tell what song is started when she hit the buzzer?
Ronal Pillay
Ronal Pillay - 9 days ago
What about us - Pink
Ice Princess
Ice Princess - 13 days ago
"This is a story that I have a burrito"
Yes yes i like this performance HAHAHAHAHA
Shelby Lewry
Shelby Lewry - 14 days ago
Why isn’t anyone talking about how Heidi looks like she has a black eye in the thumbnail???
crystal jessenia
crystal jessenia - 15 days ago
it’s crazy to me how this girl went to high school with my sister and was friends with her, and now look where she is now, it’s crazy haha
Yuju Asakura
Yuju Asakura - 16 days ago
*I hate how the comments is all about why she didnt have a sad story.... that is super annoying....😡, and stop judging her she already won the audition because she has an amazing talent she aced those beautiful high notes so stop judgjng her...😡😠😬,your all just jealous about her😡*
Jinx116 - 16 days ago
Hafsa Abdullahi
Hafsa Abdullahi - 16 days ago
Someone please tell the name of the song of the cover in 3:36
jhope & taeyong please step on me
what about us - pink
Dance QUEEN - 17 days ago
“ you were never gonna take the blame anyway” SOUNDED AMAZING OMG I CANT😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sarah Alphonse
Sarah Alphonse - 18 days ago
She looks like riley clemmons and kinda sing like her
MagnifiedMakeup - 18 days ago
she looks so much like Catherine Piaz from the ACE family
Ananya Barman
Ananya Barman - 10 days ago
MagnifiedMakeup so true at last someone said it
Lorraine Wanjiru
Lorraine Wanjiru - 18 days ago
I agree with Heidi she's a whole package of goodies. I love her smile. her voice I'd love to listen to her anytime and I love that parts she sings and say....cause you were never gone to take the blame anyway.....I like. Her voice is magical and she control it well. wow! Coudn't find her really on IG I follow her.
Señora Styles
Señora Styles - 18 days ago
I know that one day she will be a superstar ❤️
ARMY V - 19 days ago
Her voice so beautiful 😍💜💜💜💜
fAz-videOs - 20 days ago
Simon Cowell and Gordan Ramsey look like same.
Hit the like if u agree.
fAz-videOs - 20 days ago
Simon Cowell and Gordan Ramsey look like same.
Hit the like if u agree.
Anugrah Prasad
Anugrah Prasad - 21 day ago
At 0:36, she licked her lips, all the judges did the same thing ... Psychology :D
Ashley Gutierrez
Ashley Gutierrez - 21 day ago
How can anyone be that good at singing and that’s pretty ;-;
Hruaia Hmar
Hruaia Hmar - 21 day ago
2019 April 29
Arsylia Allways
Arsylia Allways - 21 day ago
James Lau
James Lau - 22 days ago
all yes i do
Ellie Sarah
Ellie Sarah - 22 days ago
She is gorg
Than Earl
Than Earl - 23 days ago
Ronald Marollano
Ronald Marollano - 23 days ago
Sounds like demi lovato
Jaycee Claridge
Jaycee Claridge - 23 days ago
Her voice is so clear sounds like not auto tuned but sooooo clear no cracks no mess ups islets just amazing
hati hari
hati hari - 23 days ago
Singers got talent..
SMG2 SPAGHET - 23 days ago
She is the next Demi Lovato,her voice was so beautiful 😍
Ms. Bunbun
Ms. Bunbun - 24 days ago
I'm 15 and i don't have any idea what I'm doing in life
Aldo Gama
Aldo Gama - 24 days ago
It's almost unffair look like that and having this voice AHAHA
Wanie Kim
Wanie Kim - 24 days ago
beautiful voices
Azalea Hughes
Azalea Hughes - 24 days ago
Damn imagine being this cute
emilyy - 24 days ago
i got goosebumps 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.
Montgomery Grey Multi
Montgomery Grey Multi - 24 days ago
I hope Demi sees this she would be so proud ♥️
Selina Zhu
Selina Zhu - 24 days ago
I really don't know about her. She's pretty, has a great voice, and has great confidence. However, there's one thing lacking. A personality that's likable. She could be the next grace wanderwal but her personality is not sweet and bubbly like grace. She has a different presence and aora. But for real, why didn't she audition for the voice?!?like come on!
Ben Eachus
Ben Eachus - 24 days ago
I hate how easy that was for her!
Jannah Welbeck
Jannah Welbeck - 24 days ago
take the blaAaAme ON REPLAY
Nastya Podnebesnova
Nastya Podnebesnova - 25 days ago
Name song please
hi caroline
hi caroline - 26 days ago
this is a story I have burrito
Sofia Galizia
Sofia Galizia - 26 days ago
Singers always getting golden buzzer. So stupid
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice - 26 days ago
I danced to this song this year
Meleane Lesa
Meleane Lesa - 26 days ago
She is good
Jodie Kite
Jodie Kite - 26 days ago
It honestly must’ve sounded so much better irl, but it’s still so good
Holly Yeates
Holly Yeates - 27 days ago
This is amazing!! Omg a brand new star has just arose!! ❤️
Zahayra Flores
Zahayra Flores - 27 days ago
0:47 you'll thank me later trust me put subtitles on
HereAreTheAvocados - 6 days ago
Zahayra Flores u made my day lmao😂😂
XD - 13 days ago
reshelle88 - 24 days ago
lauren crompton
lauren crompton - 24 days ago
Zahayra Flores 😂😂😂
Jannah Welbeck
Jannah Welbeck - 24 days ago
you are an amazing human being.
Charlotte P.
Charlotte P. - 27 days ago
Whats the Name of the Song?
Grace Noelle
Grace Noelle - 27 days ago
Never had goosebumps ever when someone sings, but somehow I did when she sang. Dang, this audition is amazing. When she gave her own twists, then that really strong voice and how she can go back to that beautiful husk tone My gawd💞
Grace Noelle
Grace Noelle - 27 days ago
2:07- damn I felt that
wacky krishna
wacky krishna - 27 days ago
I think we just found a second Grace....
Fehreen Malik
Fehreen Malik - 28 days ago
1:56 wow just wow she's incredible
Aliye Coker
Aliye Coker - 28 days ago
So why is there dislikes on this video ?!
Linh Trieu
Linh Trieu - 29 days ago
can someone tell me the name of the song, please ?
Wendy Combe
Wendy Combe - 17 days ago
Linh Trieu are you stupid lol 😂
•Aesthetic As Shit•
•Aesthetic As Shit• - 28 days ago
Linh Trieu warrior - Demi Lovato
Chrisup Upshaw
Chrisup Upshaw - 29 days ago
Demi Lovato's good but this was a better cover that even hurts on her version what's better than Demi Lovato's
Jana Shaban
Jana Shaban - Month ago
Her voice is literally magical
Consuelo Castillo
Consuelo Castillo - Month ago
Someone in 2019?
Maria Thomas
Maria Thomas - Month ago
i got chills all throughout the video. like jesus she is super good
Tiffany Bruce
Tiffany Bruce - Month ago
She looks like Kendall k
Frieda Makerise
Frieda Makerise - Month ago
Wow.. i have no words
Yael Sharphy
Yael Sharphy - Month ago
I got goosebumps damn
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki - Month ago
Stop what you're doing and look at Simon's face. 1:56
raditya kusuma
raditya kusuma - Month ago
Mikaela Slaughter
Mikaela Slaughter - Month ago
Omg my name is Mikaela and I love to sing could this be me one day?
Anirudh J
Anirudh J - Month ago
Guys did you know, this girl has an imdb page. She's an actress
Angel You
Angel You - Month ago
1:57 simon: ..........
Just Ice
Just Ice - Month ago
Oh She didn't cry.... well that's a new one
minecraft builder
minecraft builder - Month ago
I'm in love with the first performance...warrior.
gabby rapar
gabby rapar - Month ago
Its like pixie lott voice
yesuf elmak
yesuf elmak - Month ago
verry verry verry nice talent amazing!!!
SpiritzHoly - Month ago
I’ve watched this I don’t know how many times and however many comments and she still gets a Golden Buzzer and it don’t matter what you say ! She is a very Blessed 15yr old with talent beyond the stars. Of course there’s no sob story only your SOB comments !
Filip Zaliśki
Filip Zaliśki - Month ago
What's the name of the song after golden buzzer - 3:24
Galih Crysna Afrizal
Galih Crysna Afrizal - Month ago
I'm obsessed with her runs omg
Manny DuranYT
Manny DuranYT - Month ago
Her voice give me chills she’s so amazing
Barbara L. Smith
Barbara L. Smith - Month ago
She’s so good, can’t stop watching, none of the contestants have anything on her
U Kia
U Kia - 27 days ago
Barbara L. Smith Yes they do. Zurcaroh, Shin, Glennis etc.
ana saromi
ana saromi - Month ago
Top 1 for me
xManSatan - Month ago
This is artist...
Lane Anderson
Lane Anderson - Month ago
2:07 she sounds like Ariana grande!
xd McJuicy
xd McJuicy - Month ago
I think that simon would also push the golden buzzer but he didn't had the opportunity 😁
Jason PD
Jason PD - Month ago
She's pretty and her voice is wonderful ! Love it
Eliana - Month ago
My chills hurtt
Jai Mendez
Jai Mendez - Month ago
Jade de Rijicke is better than her
Jade and xavier
Jade and xavier - Month ago
My namez jade XXDDDD
Hazellynn 91
Hazellynn 91 - Month ago
Omg,i think this better than original😍,after i hear this song,sing by this girl,i fall in love with this song..😍😍
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