Chris Broussard says Russell Westbrook deserves credit for his triple-double feat | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED - Месяц назад
Russell Westbrook or Paul George — Who's more valuable for the Thunder this season?
Matt Crawford
Matt Crawford - Месяц назад
Westbrook, but it's close
Serigne Sarr
Serigne Sarr - Месяц назад
Westbrook is more valuable. PG is a better scorer
TheKingGadiid - Месяц назад
khurrram mawani
khurrram mawani - Месяц назад
PG duhhh
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir - Месяц назад
+MOBROOKS OKC is obviously playing at a completely different level than last year, you still didn't answer the question tho
Chrysostomos Papademetriou
Chrysostomos Papademetriou - 18 дней назад
Russ is the most underrated player of this season
Jdub The Truth will be made Known
Jdub The Truth will be made Known - 22 дня назад
Westbrook has improved his mentality.. His basketball i.q is on the upside.. And still averaging a triple double.. Im impressed..
m k
m k - 25 дней назад
Russ played with/without kevin durant.he wanted to be a solo star he got it he got MVP.he did what he wanted and then first rounds happened .now he knows how to win.
Austin b loading
Austin b loading - 27 дней назад
Lmao this Indian guy probably can’t even dribble a basketball between his legs and he’s over here saying Westbrook is a terrible shooter and basically saying he’s getting carried by Paul George how is he even on this show
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge - 29 дней назад
Theres stat-stuffing and then theres stat-chasing
Terrell Conn
Terrell Conn - 29 дней назад
If he’s team didn’t give him rebounds I’d be more impressed
SlickJikk109 - Месяц назад
Y’all needa go to my mans RbThebreakthrough he has much better commentary
Astronaut Ninja
Astronaut Ninja - Месяц назад
Since when did an Indian knew about basketball? What in the world? And he's talking like he knows more than Chris Brousard? C'mon dude. Get back to analyzing cricket. Your personality don't belong to Basketball.
Keenan Ahmad
Keenan Ahmad - Месяц назад
He’s the most selfish player in basketball. He runs the play looking for assists instead of just looking for any basket sometimes. He steals rebounds from his teammates, not from the opposing team. So that means his most of his rebounds are meaningless. He doesn’t care about winning. He wants his triple doubles. That’s why Russ will NEVER EVER win a championship.
Marcell Bennett
Marcell Bennett - Месяц назад
does anyone not remember the finals with Westbrook and Paul when pg was choking
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom - Месяц назад
If my C and PF is allowing me to get all those rebounds: I would also get a triple double.
kono-Luxly Remeliik
kono-Luxly Remeliik - Месяц назад
this indian guy is so inconsistent with his opinions it hurts.
Nicholas Singer
Nicholas Singer - Месяц назад
Can we get analyst that’s actually have played in the NBA, it greatly changes how they view the sport and the players
Nicholas Singer
Nicholas Singer - Месяц назад
In the last 10 games when Westbrook has a triple double they’re 9-1, that shows that when he does get them it is good for the team
Keith Upton
Keith Upton - Месяц назад
Indian Guy SUCKS At His Job 💀
Slayy Wealthy
Slayy Wealthy - Месяц назад
Who is this Indian guy go make some halal food 🤦🏾‍♂️
MicDubTV - Месяц назад
I don’t like any of the Jason’s on Fox Sports. They’re all goons.
blackmanwithcomputer - Месяц назад
When Brady isn't the topic Rob Parker can make sense.
Bryan - Месяц назад
How is McIntyre even employed?
Huxble 'infinity
Huxble 'infinity - Месяц назад
Really need okc to come out the west this season
Smoky Eyee
Smoky Eyee - Месяц назад
How is it a backseat if He’s averaging a triple double, he Is the quarterback of his team
Curtis Williams
Curtis Williams - Месяц назад
How I that guy in the middle in the pink shirt on TV??? He don't know basketball at all!
Barbara Tiengco Otot
Barbara Tiengco Otot - Месяц назад
Russ is by far OKC's leader. He didn't take a set back, he is just doing the things that will Win them Games. BTW at the end part I didn't hear it clearly but was that dude saying who are you fooling or something???
Bobby - Месяц назад
You guys are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
Brian L
Brian L - Месяц назад
This man actually concluded the whole thing saying all the credit is to Westbrook for winning????😂😂😂 I like Jason because I'm not a fan of Westbrick either
montel0220 - Месяц назад
This curry eatin mf sound like a programmed robot designed to hate on Westbrook
Darius Johnson
Darius Johnson - Месяц назад
What is wrong with this guy?
Theedd9991 - Месяц назад
lebron could do it in his sleep, lebron could average a triple double if he wanted to, he doesn’t because he wants his team to win and plays for the team not the stats
Hawaii 808
Hawaii 808 - Месяц назад
People are doing the same thing to Russ that they did to Kobe. Not giving him the credit he deserves while it's deserved & always having something to criticize about him throughout his career. When Russ retires though, then everyone will finally appreciate & realize just how amazing all of these performances & accomplishments were & give him his credit - just like Kobe
quant turtle
quant turtle - Месяц назад
Well. I must argue...that as a point guard, getting 10 assists is ur job...due to his athleticism, he’s getting 10 RBs+, and he just keeps shooting even though he sucks at it. So that’s 10+ pts.
Wazir Wazir
Wazir Wazir - Месяц назад
Okay, we'll only one PG in the league has over 10 assists. Only one PG in the league is a top 11 rebounder....and his name is JOHN CENAAA
SteveTKO - Месяц назад
I would say Westbrook is also an MVP candidate as well as Paul George. But with Harden and the Greek Freak, I would say this may be the hardest decision of who deserves it more.
Kendall Stiles
Kendall Stiles - Месяц назад
This Indian guy ever watched a thunder game! I mean seriously bro come on!
Daniel Dickinson
Daniel Dickinson - Месяц назад
3:33 dat face says it all.
Daniel Dickinson
Daniel Dickinson - Месяц назад
Stat Stuffer
Retro Tha God
Retro Tha God - Месяц назад
Indian is like skip to lebron
Man a Westbrook hater
Retro Tha God
Retro Tha God - Месяц назад
Indian dude*
MrAaaaaaaaa9 - Месяц назад
What about when they were winning without pg and he was getting trip dubs
Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller - Месяц назад
Russ is the best player on the team he has proved what he wanted to prove now he has become a much better floor general because the way he was playing before was not translating to winning he has a higher game IQ now
Unknown G
Unknown G - Месяц назад
Chris face at 3:15
MrAaaaaaaaa9 - Месяц назад
He’s still the only one doing it so all you... oh trip dubs are easy people can suck on that!
Serigne Sarr
Serigne Sarr - Месяц назад
That guy is a Hater.
Blasian 19
Blasian 19 - Месяц назад
Lol Chris was on that Indian guys head
Vishnu Lachansin
Vishnu Lachansin - Месяц назад
Can someone take the midget off this show please.
TheKingGadiid - Месяц назад
i have never seen someone try to hate so bad till this ghandi lookin muvf opened his mouth
Barnard Kemp
Barnard Kemp - Месяц назад
I'm wondering what to have this guy ever contribute to the game of basketball but have the nerve to criticize Westbrook you need to go back and play when your computer screen shouldn't be allowed to speak on basketball
Iwish Inew
Iwish Inew - Месяц назад
“He’s Mr triple double I have no problem with that ... but I hate him for it”
The Blue Marvel
The Blue Marvel - Месяц назад
If you guys ever give Jason a show I'm gonna spam his comment page every episode
The Blue Marvel
The Blue Marvel - Месяц назад
Man I HATE hearing Jason talk and his opinions. Please don't bring him on anymore
Love St.
Love St. - Месяц назад
Russ came from the struggle he works and worth his every dollar
Hamamelis Intermedia
Hamamelis Intermedia - Месяц назад
Stat padder taking aways reb from adams
SuntanSuperman8 - Месяц назад
Jason McIntyre is a scrub, but overall Undisputed's "B-Team" is excellent.
QPNumber3 - Месяц назад
Why anyone even paying McIntyre for depthless opinion?
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson - Месяц назад
No one respects Westbrook because K.D left him.
Dream chaserr
Dream chaserr - Месяц назад
I jus can not stand any Russell Westbrook slander at all 🙅‍♂️
TheKman1014 - Месяц назад
Yes Russ deserves credit. They are WINNING. It's not garbage time stats. If it WAS that's another story BUT it's still incredible to even do it ONCE.
Michael white
Michael white - Месяц назад
Even when they give Russ praise they throw jabs.MHP (most hated player)
TheDonutlover3000 - Месяц назад
Ice cweam
King Atkins
King Atkins - Месяц назад
Bruh you a hater dude. Lol you B.I.G M.A.D Russ blocked you
Timothy Perez
Timothy Perez - Месяц назад
Bro this Indian dude must hate the thunder he brings up last year playoffs when russ had 44 and took 40 shots but pg had 2 points idk what he was trynna say there
Marcel Hall
Marcel Hall - Месяц назад
I see why Russell Westbrook blocked him on social media😂😂😂😂
McLoving425 - Месяц назад
I honestly just dont think the triple double stat is as valuable as it use to be anymore. The game changed so you see alot of guys getting it now and it seems easier
315 Sports
315 Sports - Месяц назад
315 Sports
315 Sports - Месяц назад
Rob Parker has a whole pool of spit in his mouth when he talks.
T Car
T Car - Месяц назад
Rocky Parks
Rocky Parks - Месяц назад
Jason McIntyre needs to drink bleach
Kwadwo Obeng Kyei-Baffour
Kwadwo Obeng Kyei-Baffour - Месяц назад
When Broussard brought up that Iverson stat it shut them all up. I still think Russ should improve on his efficiency and shot selection but I don't know if he can at this stage. Then again he has changed significantly this year so maybe.
Frank Forster
Frank Forster - Месяц назад
Very good points the first five minutes, all of them. But McIntyre is an idiot for thinking they are winning because of Paul George alone. Ferguson would still be a timid shooter with zero confidence without Russ, Adams would score much less and much less efficient, Adams is making everybody's game easier as well, Schröder has been big in most comeback wins, Noel had some crucial contributions... PG13 is the hero but he's not the only reason the Thunder are winning. The number one reason is they are together as a team and Russ' facilitating and leadership, the chemistry between PG and Russ and the unselfishness of guys like Adams, Felton and Roberson got a lot to do with it. This team has grown together over the years and maybe it's time to finally reap
Zeke D.
Zeke D. - Месяц назад
Jason McIntyre said Westbrook put up 40 shots in one of the closing games against the Jazz. Was that the game PG scored 4 points in? That isn't battling your teammate, that's picking up slack.
Ralph David
Ralph David - Месяц назад
Why is he being so negative going all off topic give Westbrook his props man you are a Hater !!!! I know everyone on the panel but the little guy being negative and throwing shade for No reason!!
Nate Motivation
Nate Motivation - Месяц назад
Damn man give the dude credit for adjusting for the betterment of the team. Someone cant do well without being hated on. You commentators didnt even play ball to judge lol
Cheef18 - Месяц назад
Russell Westbrook is a rebound stealing statpadder. Chris Broussard is an idiot. Greg Jennings should shut up and stick to football.
Lunga Simelane
Lunga Simelane - Месяц назад
Get this brown Skip Bayless outta here (the hate is sickening)
theStepBack - Месяц назад
Is it selfish to steal your teammate's rebounds?
Joey Belmondo
Joey Belmondo - Месяц назад
the guy is 6.3 playing in a sport where height is a natural advantage and breaking wilts record who stood at over 7 feet.
SunnyD - Месяц назад
KD isn’t Steph’s robin or vise versa. They’ve never said that about them. Why do they always try to belittle Russ? I agree that he’s not taking a back seat rather just tweaking his role
King Dolo
King Dolo - Месяц назад
Great job chris 👏
emmit grayson
emmit grayson - Месяц назад
The "putting up less shots" is by far the worst point I've ever heard... since KD left the thunder he has had to put up more points get more rebounds cause no one else on the squad the has that drive to hustle like he does... he is a true baller and winner at heart.
Smoove - Месяц назад
Is it just me or do these dudes and their arguments sound ridiculous. One dude is literally on here to hate on Westbrook by trying to say he only gets triple doubles because he can’t shoot. We need to make a league for analysis so we can be able to criticize their game. I can’t watch unless Shannon and Skip are on here these other guys are horrible
jack Robin
jack Robin - Месяц назад
This Indian guy has such a punchable face man. Guy never played the game of basketball and here is talking trash about one of the best player in the league Russ.
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas - Месяц назад
If you say "I disagree with most of it" to Chris, you have no credibility with me.
Adriel Chapa
Adriel Chapa - Месяц назад
I wanna slap this dude... you know who I’m talking about
Protecttheyouth Standup
Protecttheyouth Standup - Месяц назад
These dudes are silly. Anybody that average a tripple double from the point guard position that's the most valuable player in the league. Only fools who never played on a high level would think other wise ..
Gene Gu
Gene Gu - Месяц назад
Chris goatsaurd speaking truth, Rob and Aziz ansari needs to be smacked
Ollie Voso
Ollie Voso - Месяц назад
Jason sounds foolish, how is the guy averaging a triple double a second best player? Westbrook is averaging a triple double with over 20 points average.
Get Jason out of here.
Super Fresh
Super Fresh - Месяц назад
Get Jason TFOH
Jonathan Hamilton Ragins
Jonathan Hamilton Ragins - Месяц назад
Little guy! You Are a hater!!!! All together now! Let's 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 at this clown!
The Question
The Question - Месяц назад
Basically Westbrook would be avg 27-29ppg if his jump shot was back to normal this year. Its a scary thought if he corrects it before playoff time......
Don't Be A Sheep
Don't Be A Sheep - Месяц назад
Im so tired of this "Stat pad"bs notion...The man has a winning record when he records a triple-double so in my eyes he doing what he needs to do for his team to win.....If Lebron avg a triple-double for almost 3seasons,we would never hear the end of that
Dez - Месяц назад
This Indian dude....all he knows is “Russ can’t shoot”, “Russ is shooting 24% from 3” blah blah blah.....NO WONDER ATHLETES DON’T LIKE TALKING TO THE MEDIA!!!
Dione Garrett
Dione Garrett - Месяц назад
Dag my man hating something hard. This is why the players get so upset. Some of these media people that have never played the sport going to sit up here and hate on Russ for playing his heart out and averaging trip doubles for 3 seasons in a row. So disrespectful man and unnecessary. Russ trying to play better gets criticized when he doesn’t play well in some eyes he gets criticized. How people going to hate on a player that plays the hardest in the league every night 200%. Brother can’t win for losing. They’ll miss you when you’re gone Russ watch what I say 😊.
Jaz-James Inia-McGarvey
Jaz-James Inia-McGarvey - Месяц назад
Tell Harold to come pick Kumar up and head to White Castle cause this Indian is high
Ali - Месяц назад
k pou
k pou - Месяц назад
pg13 couldn't hit the ocean falling out of the boat last year ... please don't ever put this man back on your show
Hakeem Smith
Hakeem Smith - Месяц назад
Glad to hear my brother Chris stand up for Russ. I’m not surprised with what the Indian guy said, they are not for us. We see you Russ keep being great and inspiring us that anything is possible.
k pou
k pou - Месяц назад
who is this clown that said a triple double isnt impressive? take his press badge
Saint Aubyn
Saint Aubyn - Месяц назад
Russ’s job isn’t to be a shooter or be efficient. He’s WINNING with his play style.
zeroqll - Месяц назад
They gave him MVP the first time he did it, now they say it's nothing special.
Anthony - Месяц назад
Westbrook is playing great don’t hate btw PG is my mvp
Tory Princess
Tory Princess - Месяц назад
Man who bring this idiot to the show.
Trey Ivey
Trey Ivey - Месяц назад
Skipppppppppppppppppp come back!
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