SML Movie: Black Yoshi's House Arrest!

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Gacha Taco_cat
Gacha Taco_cat - Hour ago
0:53 I don’t have any ones I see ones in the cash register on the left
R3n3gad3 - 2 hours ago
SML ANSWER: Play video games all day.
Nintendo Switch player
Nintendo Switch player - 3 hours ago
You can see 1 dollar bills(Bruh)
mQtthew. sans Of Everyone
Jose Pineda
Jose Pineda - 5 hours ago
🤑🕳️ this is cash lover
👕🕳️he loves money
👖🕳️every like =`s 2 dollars
Tuyet Hoang
Tuyet Hoang - 5 hours ago
Person at gas station:I need to get more 1s
*looking at the 1s*
Me:wtf I see some 1s
Me:but still I would use the same excuse that black yoshi used
Josh Eldredge
Josh Eldredge - 6 hours ago
Break the tracker
Genesis Zavala
Genesis Zavala - 6 hours ago
ehhh....stay chill at home
quantre morgan
quantre morgan - 6 hours ago
Go to sleep
Levi Merritt
Levi Merritt - 8 hours ago
Sophia Avila
Sophia Avila - 8 hours ago
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson - 8 hours ago
I mean house
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson - 8 hours ago
If I was on hose arrest I would go around naked watching Jeff and listening to rap music
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson - 8 hours ago
I mean house
Frosty - 10 hours ago
I’d play video games all day and watch jeffy
jeanette samarripa
jeanette samarripa - 10 hours ago
Ther good
jeanette samarripa
jeanette samarripa - 10 hours ago
Yore video sucks
Tony Richmond
Tony Richmond - 10 hours ago
0:53. *sigh* oops there is a one tho
good rt
good rt - 11 hours ago
You are the coolest YouTube ever
XxMeowxX ._.
XxMeowxX ._. - 13 hours ago
Do “Mario gets glasses”
Kaleb Rose
Kaleb Rose - 14 hours ago
If I was on house arrest I would probably do what I do every day sit in a chair and watch videos and play games
Otoor Safi
Otoor Safi - 14 hours ago
I would just do my normal routine
Kaleb Mclaughlin
Kaleb Mclaughlin - 16 hours ago
Ant-man’s house arrest
LEE YING JIE BRIAN - 18 hours ago
Lol the teacher is so funny
ViperLegend - 21 hour ago
there is something called ubereats
Magister - 23 hours ago
If i was on a house arrest, i’ll mastu- nvm, i’ll just play games
shawn whitney
shawn whitney - Day ago
5:47 yeet gets beaten the shit out of
micheal Drover
micheal Drover - Day ago
Play fortnite
Dark Shot
Dark Shot - Day ago
When black yoshi went to the gas station the guy said we don’t have any ones and guess what I saw a $1🤦‍♂️
Presser74 presston74
I did bc I smashed a window at. The school I got arrested for a day
wwe figures review and toy matches
If I was put on house arrest I would just sleep
Isac Swift
Isac Swift - Day ago
5:42 Jumanji?!
Wes Hunter
Wes Hunter - Day ago
Play fortnite all day
MeGan JEnSen
MeGan JEnSen - Day ago
Id say well eat my ass officer and ill make you do it when I pass gas
aiden flemming
aiden flemming - Day ago
i would play fortnite all night on house arrest
Alejandro Silva Oseguera
Kook is bad for blackYoshi
Jeffy had the ankle bracelet
Brenden Wilson
Brenden Wilson - Day ago
Um when black yoshi said would you have rather me ask you for money or leave the house why would he need money it’s free bucket of chicken day
XxWolfieXx :3
XxWolfieXx :3 - Day ago
Be happy because I don't need to go to school
omar Perez
omar Perez - Day ago
And fuck some bitches
omar Perez
omar Perez - Day ago
Play fortnite evry day
Erika Palmer
Erika Palmer - Day ago
Why didn’t black Yoshi just take off the the watch and walk out the house to get chicken from KFC
Shadow of the is master Gamershadow
Why black yoshi dind't leave he apple watch
Brittany F
Brittany F - Day ago
I do not know I love school
sky Bao
sky Bao - Day ago
sky Bao
sky Bao - Day ago
HeatherNicoleCombs - Day ago
This is black yoshi.
He stole 100 dollars
0 likes= 1 year in jail 😂
Edit: so what I mean by 0 likes is that u don’t need to like the comment. I’m not begging :/
max 29 bro
max 29 bro - Day ago
jeffy was in the house
Zach Morgan
Zach Morgan - Day ago
Apryl John
Apryl John - Day ago
Anyone notice Joseph chilling while t guy was getting the shit beat out of ay 5:48
Mikayla C
Mikayla C - Day ago
This is Cody’s mom
1 like = 1,000 pounds
Dylan Riley
Dylan Riley - Day ago
I laughed so hard when they started beating up Brooklyn guy !
Clinton Parks
Clinton Parks - Day ago
Clinton Parks
Clinton Parks - Day ago
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Kendy Kendy Chicken Tendie
I would just get my family to go get my food 🥘 and stuff because I’m lazy as f
asac5050 asac5050
asac5050 asac5050 - Day ago
Low key just play on my PS3 for the duration of the house arrest
ryan resendes
ryan resendes - Day ago
Hello oh yo yo I am Z nothing feels like nothing feels like nothing feels like not cool
survival master
survival master - Day ago
Id be asome
yamileth umana
yamileth umana - Day ago
BLAZIIKE Snipes - 2 days ago
5:24 LMAO
A M A - 2 days ago
I got i next idea a video about chef pee pee gets legs
Jalan Rai
Jalan Rai - 2 days ago
House arrest? Only two words

Ismael De Luna
Ismael De Luna - 2 days ago
When Jeff threw that table got me dead😂😂😂 and oh no poor giraffe
Codykinns Cool Paul's Awsome Account
Play Roblox
poop more
poop more - 2 days ago
Lumo Parker
Lumo Parker - 2 days ago
no ones really 0:53
Jaedevon Simmons
Jaedevon Simmons - 2 days ago
i would try to get back with my minecraft gf
chickengirl 4545
chickengirl 4545 - 2 days ago
My birthday is August too
Stephanie Akins
Stephanie Akins - 2 days ago
Duh id watch your vids!!!
Maeve Rennard
Maeve Rennard - 2 days ago
Watch jeffy
Graci Green
Graci Green - 2 days ago
I would play fortnight
logan washburn
logan washburn - 2 days ago
Cody beat the guy with the gun insted of shooting him
thegreat dragon
thegreat dragon - 2 days ago
5:43 always go down fighting
The Adventures Of Sky And Popí
Beat there ass
sonicfanjr1 - 2 days ago
5:22 did anybody get the joke
YoungMeezy Gaming
YoungMeezy Gaming - 2 days ago
I'd play video games all day every day if I was on house arrest
Vera Vicente
Vera Vicente - 2 days ago
connor vlogs and uh games
Well then I be eating chicken in jail
Wynter Fleming
Wynter Fleming - 2 days ago
What I would do is stay and have a party and yup
RetroKid - 2 days ago
Ben Mellors
Ben Mellors - 2 days ago
Would be if he was sentenced to 6 years house arrest
javie 19
javie 19 - 2 days ago
Or class
javie 19
javie 19 - 2 days ago
5:20 RIP officer
Greg Reyes
Greg Reyes - 2 days ago
Jackie Chu, Bowser Junior, Cody and Jeffy should all know Brooklyn T. Guy's a cop because the've all seen him in his cop uniform before.
DGL L9000
DGL L9000 - 2 days ago
At 53 seconds in the video there was 1 dollar Bill's in the cash register
Epic Joshua10
Epic Joshua10 - 2 days ago
5:59 bully bull punch the police
Nutella0208 - 2 days ago
Does anyone notice that Guys sling is toilet paper
McLaughin - 2 days ago
if i was put in house arrrest i would just stay at my house and tell my mom to get me what i want
Medi Frst
Medi Frst - 2 days ago
If i Was house arrest And I was have the apple watch iwas let watch home go enywhere
Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez - 2 days ago
Put it on my sister wen she is slipping
Mason Kendrick
Mason Kendrick - 2 days ago
Watch your videos
bloodryn wolf
bloodryn wolf - 2 days ago
house arrest? no i think its called playing video games without everyone complaining
Damien Evans
Damien Evans - 2 days ago
I would play mInEcRaFt
Purple Bird productions
This video needs to be deleted
Mack Mead
Mack Mead - 2 days ago
I would LITERALLY step 1 toe out of the house, and see what happens.
xxxgotyourbackbrotherxxx fg
i saw one dollar bills at the cashier
Krystina Mckay
Krystina Mckay - 2 days ago
pout and moan
Jacob ZeroX
Jacob ZeroX - 2 days ago
I would feel like ant man if I was put on house arrest
Mr Poplio
Mr Poplio - 2 days ago
I realized every single time when the doorbell rings in the house MARIO always looks around lol
Mr Poplio
Mr Poplio - 2 days ago
Hey Luigi Logan what is the dramatic music at 5:20 called? Thanks
supwhat stan
supwhat stan - 2 days ago
Bowser Junior and Cody deserve it because Jeffy throw his desk
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