SML Movie: Black Yoshi's House Arrest!

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eguardian500 - 3 hours ago
Leave the ankle bracelet in the house and go outside the perimeter for a nice slurpee
Lilian Gonzalez
Lilian Gonzalez - 3 hours ago
Did you Actually stoled the money
Lisa Hencsik
Lisa Hencsik - 7 hours ago
When you fart you pee and then you back flip then you poop
Krazykatz 4life
Krazykatz 4life - 9 hours ago
I would stick my foot out the door. (Chaos ensues)
Sara Marroquin-Barrera
Sara Marroquin-Barrera - 9 hours ago
I would lay down for years
Logan Wright
Logan Wright - 12 hours ago
Black Yoshi is greedy and a total liar. Does anyone agree with me on that?
Viral Views
Viral Views - 16 hours ago
Can morieo shut up saying how did he get thet money
Jacobe Vieito
Jacobe Vieito - 17 hours ago
I got a ad
Demon Playzz
Demon Playzz - 18 hours ago
id say wat jaffy was doin with the giraffe
Striker Man
Striker Man - Day ago
*G U I L T Y A S F U C K*
Ai Ai
Ai Ai - Day ago
8:25 😂
Austin Brown
Austin Brown - Day ago
How many times has black yoshi said Mario please
Bruddas Playz
Bruddas Playz - Day ago
When the cop got that notification, IT WAS A TIK TOK NOTIFICATION
BLAZE .3 - Day ago
Mario and Brooklyn t guy walk into the room and jeffy was humping a giraffe
B0T B01
B0T B01 - Day ago
Holy shit it’s been 2 yrs and I’m just coming back 2 dis
Storm n
Storm n - Day ago
This is how much brokleny t guy job has
Artan Lazri
Artan Lazri - Day ago
This is how much the guy at the gas station had

Daniel The Slytherin! :D
Sml question: Do what I always do.. sit alone in a dark room with my phone. 👍 yeh it wouldn't exactly effect me..
Hemikura Matehaere
Hemikura Matehaere - 2 days ago
i wold find a skrew driver and braek it
Jerry Ayala
Jerry Ayala - 2 days ago
I would think that the teacher would miss.... Hell nah head shot
The Humanzombie
The Humanzombie - 2 days ago
0:51 i have no ones. I see ones in the register
Luke Skywalker 678
Luke Skywalker 678 - 2 days ago
This is how many times brooklynn guy gets beat up.
Me The odd pre-teen
Me The odd pre-teen - 2 days ago
Daddy uhhhh
JustinAndJayJay - 2 days ago
1:00 those 100 dollar bills are real. I thought they were fake
DESTINYISKEY - 2 days ago
Sml idea: jeffys birthday
Eori Heung
Eori Heung - 2 days ago
Black yoshi is actually wearing a black watch
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez - 2 days ago
I’ll put the watch on the couch lol
Ashley Hawley
Ashley Hawley - 2 days ago
ZLaZeR_SZN - 2 days ago
Maximo Lopez
Maximo Lopez - 2 days ago
jazzie Cleopatra
jazzie Cleopatra - 2 days ago
I love your videos 😀
Justice - 2 days ago
i saw 1 dollar bills
SRW StopMotion
SRW StopMotion - 2 days ago
Tomorrow is jeffys birthday
Mr. ninja God
Mr. ninja God - 2 days ago
Susan Mullen
Susan Mullen - 2 days ago
SML Question: What would you do if you were put on house arrest?
Me: What I do everyday
Davin - 2 days ago
Your gay 👆🏻
XxGucciMen 5987
XxGucciMen 5987 - 3 days ago
This is how much times black yoshi asked for call of duty
Alex FortniteKing
Alex FortniteKing - 3 days ago
Anime Derek03
Anime Derek03 - 3 days ago
When the prank gone wrong
BDK 600
BDK 600 - 3 days ago
Dorothy Cleveland
Dorothy Cleveland - 3 days ago
Stealing a copy of call of duty advance warfare
Abdu El-Whidi
Abdu El-Whidi - 3 days ago
Biatch - 3 days ago
I got adds
Kermit and elmo The frog
HoS Hansel
HoS Hansel - 3 days ago
You should do a video of black yoshi turn good
Keeley Mcdonough
Keeley Mcdonough - 3 days ago
Eat food
FaZe_Gaming - 3 days ago
You guys are the coolest people ever I am going to buy her Jeffy puppet you guys are the coolest million coolest people ever I does the does are you guys are so cool like so so so lone million coldest I’ll like you guys so much I am thankful for all your videos I love them all I don’t I don’t care which ones they are I just love your videos I love Jeffy I love all the characters are all Mario who is this the coolest people ever
Foxy Henderson
Foxy Henderson - 3 days ago
Becky Adams
Becky Adams - 3 days ago
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Gina Adams
Gina Adams - 3 days ago
Put the band on my dog
NHL Stars
NHL Stars - 3 days ago
4:20 why is Brooklyn guy brushing his teeth when he doesn't have any teeth?
Muriel Guyton
Muriel Guyton - 3 days ago
SML add Momo to Jeffy
Muriel Guyton
Muriel Guyton - 3 days ago
Black Yoshi good should go to jail Black Yoshi is so dumb like he needs to suck a f****** dick
pencil583worried - 3 days ago
Ventedimp - 4 days ago
This is how many times Jeffy is funny to everyone

tea for you and me
tea for you and me - 4 days ago
I got a ad it shows yellow line if there is ads
Miles Kaplan
Miles Kaplan - 4 days ago
I’ve been under house arrest
EPIC !!!
EPIC !!! - 4 days ago
Sml idea bring shark puppet back!!! To get another tattoo with jeffy
Parker The Awesome Drawer
This pineapple is very talented!!!!!!
Parker The Awesome Drawer
Nathan Ashmore
Nathan Ashmore - 4 days ago
Sml is a liar if you Look hard there is 1’s
Tiffany Emmer
Tiffany Emmer - 4 days ago
You mean, "Prison for five years." 2:55
Dennis the man
Dennis the man - 4 days ago
this is how many timesthat gnjk5tbhuyjmnkjigdefhgbtrhgf
DavidMartinez Martinez Marinez
Fuckig god its ben 4 yers sens you sed you wood make a part 7 of chefpepe cwis 7
Abdallah Ibrahim
Abdallah Ibrahim - 4 days ago
Call my friends and call them to my house and play FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Braximus C
Braximus C - 4 days ago
Prisoner should be timed: 1 day but with food
Cedric Young
Cedric Young - 4 days ago
i don't know the guys who make this shit. i won't pretend to. you muthafuckas need to be ashamed of yourselves. this bullshit is real life garbage and i dont care how many followers or subscribers you have. pointless garbage that young kids watch. if i were a lesser parent, i'd pay less attention to what my son was watching. end this channel entirely and give back any money you made from it. also apologize to your watchers.
Armando Ramirez-Paz
Armando Ramirez-Paz - 3 days ago
Nigga stfu and respect the hustle, they just tryna run that bag up. Quit complaining and get yourself some money
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia - 4 days ago
They guy has one"s on the register
Enrique Juarez #2
Enrique Juarez #2 - 4 days ago
lolo3232 - 4 days ago
Joshua vlogs gameing
Joshua vlogs gameing - 4 days ago
Play GTA
Gavin Russell
Gavin Russell - 4 days ago
There was 1s in the cash register
Lord Jadus
Lord Jadus - 4 days ago
"You thinks I stoles it!"
Paulo Ortiz
Paulo Ortiz - 4 days ago
You should make a video where black yoshi eats so much ckicken and gets fat
Ignitedbonnie .
Ignitedbonnie . - 4 days ago
I think these are the best YouTube channel
Zaire Greene
Zaire Greene - 4 days ago
I hope this is not the real cold and it causes ugly he speaksEric and I was like do you are you want to eat his butt is always what you do you’re
Zaire Greene
Zaire Greene - 4 days ago
Black Yoshi your races are you keep Stella is the stop Ekalaka stop Ekalaka bitch yes you get a job because your bill is it your parents don’t worry I love you can you just shut up I hate to black Yoshi and Mario why do I see Shakira liked it he
Zaire Greene
Zaire Greene - 4 days ago
Give me your butt cheeks a double look cheap I got the new look I kick your
Zaire Greene
Zaire Greene - 4 days ago
Oh wait I’m sorry you’re rude you’re rude you Austin got was like I’m so sorry please forgive me awesome though I was watching your
Zaire Greene
Zaire Greene - 4 days ago
IWhat’s up Junior you probably not the real world but I need you ugly you’re a brat so I will do you what is FU
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