Everything Wrong With Megamind In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Nayomika Shashidhar
Nayomika Shashidhar - 6 hours ago
I just watched everything great about this and now I’m sad
Bonnie Graham
Bonnie Graham - 10 hours ago
Ok i usually agree with your movies but MegaMind is a genius movie
Meh The cat queen
Meh The cat queen - 10 hours ago
I love the show so back off lol
Austin the DORP
Austin the DORP - 12 hours ago
I found this after searching up bad video
LilChicken 456
LilChicken 456 - 15 hours ago
Listen bubby, I think that this movie is amazing. It is no way a copy of dispicible me (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and is a cinematic masterpiece. So f*ck you.
D&G Gavin
D&G Gavin - 17 hours ago
I now hate this channel,
This movie is the second best movie ever
Of course, after the sexy Shrek.
Madzie 2000
Madzie 2000 - Day ago
Megamind's lucky - kids argued to not have me on their team instead of pelting me with dodgeballs. Hell, I think the balls would have competed to not have to hit me
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - Day ago
13:02 but his eyes are green for the fake mega mind, unlike the rest of the movie?
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - Day ago
CinemaWins is more saturated.
Beccy_G - Day ago
Excuse me Despicable Me is a discount Megamind!
DGK - Day ago
Everyone dislike that
Sans is cool Lol
Sans is cool Lol - Day ago
It's blank
William Campbell
William Campbell - Day ago
its blank
Jula Moon
Jula Moon - Day ago
Jeremy: Is he though?! Hal has shown nothing to prove he is a good guy!
Yeah, Hal is a good guy..
As good as R/Niceguys :P
angelique ramkissoon
your aligators no there fuckig crockodiles
jozef vitani
jozef vitani - Day ago
This should be three second video and you just saying its blank
boom boom
boom boom - 2 days ago
Wow you did not look at him he did have a gun.
Dominic Murillo
Dominic Murillo - 2 days ago
StoryCorns - 2 days ago
This has more dislikes than Everything Wrong With Shrek. Everyone go storm it with dislikes!
HarryPotterlover1o1o - 2 days ago
The video is a sin.
John Doe
John Doe - 3 days ago
Sin 87 12:38, doesn't it look like the scene from despicable me? You know, stealing the moon, then landing in the middle of the road? I'm js, very simular
Im An Asshole
Im An Asshole - 3 days ago
My most glaring critiques:
1. When the warden says "Open up," the guard opens the window, and yet when another guard says "Open up" later when they think they caught Megamind, the guard opens the DOOR. And you might be thinking that Megamind being outside the cell would warrant the door being open and him being an unpredictable psychopath would warrant the window being the only thing that would open if Megamind is not outside, but then why would the warden not say something like "Open just the window?"
2. Why would a teacher store dangerous chemicals near children of Kindergarten age, in the open? Much less where a child would be very close, when being punished by being in the corner where said chemicals are?
3: Minion is contained in a ball filled with water, and, barring the fact there are no holes for air, which fish do require, when Megamind "dehydrated" Minion at the school, he rehydrated Minion with a single drop of water, which somehow expands into approximately 1 litre of water, combined with the fluids like blood and mucus inside Minion.
TJ Charest
TJ Charest - 3 days ago
this is a rhetorical video.
Royalrosewolf - 3 days ago
Also can you do the Lion King sequels? Everybody always does the main movie but never the sequels
Royalrosewolf - 3 days ago
This movie looks good, how come I've never seen it on before?
Sans - 3 days ago
i love megamind :(
Drip Drop
Drip Drop - 3 days ago
4: 27
This would be a very inconvenient weakness to have has copper is one of the most commonly used metals on Earth.
Jaiden Melendez
Jaiden Melendez - 3 days ago
DANNY777 SAVAGE - 3 days ago
Dude this is one of the best movies on the world
Ruairi Hubberstey
Ruairi Hubberstey - 4 days ago
I hate this channel it is so rude
deadcat's emporium
deadcat's emporium - 4 days ago
*its blank*
Holden cross The lawbringer
This movie was great.
The Study Of Jacobology
You realize this is one of the greatest movie ver
Chase Gamer
Chase Gamer - 4 days ago
Cimema Sins: **makes this vid**
Lucas Sacdalan
Lucas Sacdalan - 4 days ago
That window part though😂😂😂😂😂
Mr Bleach
Mr Bleach - 4 days ago
It's blank.
Ohthisguy Ugh
Ohthisguy Ugh - 5 days ago
Fake Movies Real Trailers
But... you’re wrong, everything you’ve said is wrong.
So uh Now I’m RapidLiquid Of cats
i wish this was real in america so i can be splashed by some cool water
Slav - 6 days ago
Whats the movie sin timer for ?
Seaal Mid
Seaal Mid - 6 days ago
So many of these sins (but not all) seem so forced :( Megamind is such a funny movie.
ImmaBanana - 6 days ago
It’s Blank
Channel That I have
Channel That I have - 6 days ago
*its blank*
450 pound Tv
450 pound Tv - 6 days ago
How dare you say such things
Ethan Scott
Ethan Scott - 6 days ago
6:13 Why did you call MegaMind, Micromind?
Samantha Frere
Samantha Frere - 7 days ago
fuck whoever made this
Dillon Berg
Dillon Berg - 7 days ago
Impossible perhaps the archives are incomplete
Lily Kapustin
Lily Kapustin - 7 days ago
I'm probably the only one cringing at megamind
Only because its just.. weird
Andrew Spaulding
Andrew Spaulding - 7 days ago
It’s blank in my brain
not Hot Dog
not Hot Dog - 7 days ago
This video should be -5 minutes long
Royale Golem
Royale Golem - 7 days ago
It's funny how dumb you are
Manuel Ruiz
Manuel Ruiz - 7 days ago
There is nothing wrong with mega mind you stupid fat dense brain
All Hail Yeezus
All Hail Yeezus - 8 days ago
Why isn’t this just a hour long video of him just repeating “Nothing”. 260000000 times
tolivenottoexist - 8 days ago
This is a perfect movie there is no sining to be done.
Greg Skakun
Greg Skakun - 8 days ago
That music man reference... 👌
David Juedes
David Juedes - 8 days ago
5:42 look on the left its dat dood
Jim News
Jim News - 8 days ago
You bitch
Its me Yoda
Its me Yoda - 8 days ago
Nothing wrong
John Helbet
John Helbet - 8 days ago
I mean they know mega boy is not from earth. People would riot or go crazy that aliens exist. Instead of putting him in prison. take him to area 51
Chrisk - 8 days ago
the problem with you is that your completly delusional
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