Everything Wrong With Megamind In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Dylan's Transformers
Dylan's Transformers - 4 hours ago
Wtf do you mean? Theres nothing wrong with papi megamind
richard cutts
richard cutts - 21 hour ago
Actually there is debris on the invisible car at 13:42. They also show the car shining, but there is actual debris on the car.
Icy Pawz
Icy Pawz - 23 hours ago
Imagine having a headache, or even worse a migraine, with a head as big as Megamind's.... Ouch.
I dunno why I said this but I just wanted to because I have had problems with headaches in my life.
BluFoxia Gamea
BluFoxia Gamea - Day ago
6:35 tell me why he look and sound like jimmy from gta V
Just Playing
Just Playing - Day ago
It's more than 15 min, why not keep your Intro relivent?
My Name Is Billy
My Name Is Billy - 2 days ago
Is it megamind or micromind because he's says both micromind at 6:04
Hell Fire
Hell Fire - 2 days ago
Minus 105 sins for this film being great. Would be 106 but fuck incredibly long logos
SasparillaGreg -
SasparillaGreg - - 3 days ago
Also, if metro man was moving so fast that everything completely stops then if he touched anything then the force of him touching it would blow it apart, but some how the doors stay intact, the book isn’t shredded or on fire, and the French fries (oh god the FRIES)
Moss monster
Moss monster - 3 days ago
Megamind is a god
Meh X
Meh X - 4 days ago
omg the number of scenes I had to skip over just for the commentary shortened this video by 10 minutes.
Trok kune
Trok kune - 4 days ago
9:23 lol lol lol, I died XD
Moonstar79 - 4 days ago
154 wins, though.
Take THAT, Despicable Me!
The Graymaker
The Graymaker - 4 days ago
14:30 thanos much?
Wormica757 Smith
Wormica757 Smith - 4 days ago
Yeah Michigan
GL3AMED - 4 days ago
14:31 tell that to Thanos...
MimmikRF F.
MimmikRF F. - 5 days ago
This is actually a good movie
thereal SuperEthan5 :-D
4:55 hehehe it's cold here
Sablinket - 5 days ago
11:42 Hello everyone! My name is Markiplier.
Coolhand 118
Coolhand 118 - 6 days ago
11:23 I think its just the tap the shoulder and punch "trick"
meter marker
meter marker - 6 days ago
Kadijah Kamara
Kadijah Kamara - 6 days ago
This movie was so funny, and all the characters looked floppy as fuck😂😂😂
Stop Polluting
Stop Polluting - 6 days ago
Have you guys ever actually seen the music man??
Dillan Barry
Dillan Barry - 7 days ago
That AC/DC segment was funny, though.
Savage tech talk
Savage tech talk - 7 days ago
Dreamworks ripped off DBz with ripped off DC with gave us this shit
Nate DawGg
Nate DawGg - 7 days ago
LOL when Megamind yells "TIMEOUT" so great
Brandon Jonas
Brandon Jonas - 8 days ago
Whip out your churro
Lucifer 69
Lucifer 69 - 9 days ago
The Megamind Defense Force to the rescue. Seriously though guys get over it. You're missing the point of these videos.
Melissa Hood
Melissa Hood - 9 days ago
I LOVE Megamind! It is far better than Despicable Me...
Linh Dang Hoang
Linh Dang Hoang - 10 days ago
The copper claim being ridiculous was the whole point. It made perfect sense because Metroman made up that goofy claim because he was goofy himself.
The sin about Megamind considering himself the bad guy was actually one of the big point of the story as well.
Loubear Bear
Loubear Bear - 10 days ago
Bro Michigan is fucking cold for like 5 months trust me I live near cadillac
MÖRSSÄRI 09 - 10 days ago
The start id from super man
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson - 11 days ago
This has the same sin amount as Happy Death Day.
Jesús Malverde
Jesús Malverde - 12 days ago
I wish they’d make a second megamind movie. And no I’m not a kid, I’m 21, and I quite enjoyed this movie
Jesús Malverde
Jesús Malverde - 12 days ago
Idk what you’re talking about discount despicable me, this movie came out before that movie, despicable me is a discount mega mind, and megamind Is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than that piece of junk
Jesús Malverde
Jesús Malverde - 12 days ago
Nah, u say this and Despicable Me are basically the same movie, and I’ve just gotta say no. This movie is 300x better than Despicable Me
Vault 111
Vault 111 - 12 days ago
But I enjoy u our channel
Vault 111
Vault 111 - 12 days ago
Dude I live in Michigan. It's not that big of a deal
Matthew Beaver
Matthew Beaver - 12 days ago
Micromind lol
Mars - 12 days ago
Keanu reeves copied his speech
GerbilCakePants - 12 days ago
I'm 9 minutes and 12 seconds into this video and I'm pausing it, putting on the movie. I know every movie is without sin, but this movie is awesome. So take your discount despicable me comments elsewhere!
Brianna Dozark
Brianna Dozark - 13 days ago
addie lyon
addie lyon - 13 days ago
but in 2019 hell is ok to say in a kids movie
kurozaki thesniper
kurozaki thesniper - 13 days ago
hey uhhhhhh cinema..can you send me "the tape"
fox b5
fox b5 - 14 days ago
You guys should get Will Ferrell to do the next everything wrong vedio
Atlas - 14 days ago
If megamind actually got away as hiding a bernard would it be until the point she becomes pregnant and just pops out a blue baby?
dinozaur gabi
dinozaur gabi - 4 days ago
no thanks
no thanks - 14 days ago
why in hell did this make me laugh so much
Big penis Parker
Big penis Parker - 14 days ago
Megamind says the n word everyone should watch it
Turtle T785
Turtle T785 - 14 days ago
I liked and didn’t like the ending, I am happy megamind is good, but sad that metroman retired
petermarsh - 15 days ago
Megamind>despicable me
Decode Lifehacker
Decode Lifehacker - 15 days ago
This movie wasn’t to bad. the moments where metro man had that looked into himself moment should have been remove 2 or 4 sins
MTF_Unit76053 - 15 days ago
Cinemasins this was THE LAST STRAW! I thought that your criticism of Spider-Man: into the spiderverse was bad, but THIS!?
MacrossSD - 15 days ago
About the call sign -- while still sinnable, there are a couple of stations east of the Mississippi that, due to reasons, or perhaps the Grandfather Clause, that do start with a K, for instance, KYW in Philadelphia and KDKA in Pittsburgh (that one changed in '54 with the express permission of the FCC to go in line with Pittsburgh's AM 1020, whose call predated the K/W split.) . But no, no TV stations in Michigan have call letters that start with a K.
JOJORIDRID - 15 days ago
this movie is a masterpiece you uncultured swine despicable me was a sin!
Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost
Is Metro Man a Daxamite from DC Comics ??
Stacey Rivera
Stacey Rivera - 15 days ago
Hey leave my favorite villain hero alone...😐
DinoTheRuler - 15 days ago
Fun fact: Tesseract is just some dude being shot by the dehydration gun.
Wyatt Lion6
Wyatt Lion6 - 15 days ago
Still more wins than sins, so, ultimate win overall, question mark?
Linh Hoang Dinh
Linh Hoang Dinh - 15 days ago
Will farrel is always a lose
Darth Vader Light Saber Handheld Immersion Blender
That’s a really long way to say “absolutely nothing”
Qeen imvu
Qeen imvu - 16 days ago
Um shut the fuck up i love that move
crystal tube 85
crystal tube 85 - 17 days ago
You say magamind, then micromind, then megamind make up your mind cinemasins!!!!!
Maya WisVids
Maya WisVids - 17 days ago
Potato_Yeet - 17 days ago
Isn’t this just your opinion?
yea - 18 days ago
this happens the whole danm time with every dream works movie. 5 sins please.
yea - 18 days ago
ComicConnor - 18 days ago
Screw you this movie is freaking awesome!!!
Kazuki TheCommander
Kazuki TheCommander - 18 days ago
Every super hero Vs villain there no one call the *military* even the mayor, why??? "HERO"( what if they dead? )
Rforgames - 18 days ago
Your just jealous of mega minds forhead
whatever. - 19 days ago
*when you agree to everything he says about you're favorite movie...*
Side Account
Side Account - 19 days ago
I love this movie as much as everyone else, but you're complaining about him sinning shit...
Yeah some sins make less sense than others, but wtf do you expect... 😂🤣
Adrian Ramsey
Adrian Ramsey - 20 days ago
Megamind is so freaking me, he's so ridiculous and I appreciate it
Jay Babyi
Jay Babyi - 20 days ago
You should sin the kissing booth
Ted Nipples
Ted Nipples - 20 days ago
Okay, the "Coming Soon" line was brilliant. Brava Cinema Sins.
Cormac Connolly
Cormac Connolly - 20 days ago
This has got to be the greatest DreamWorks movie apart from Shrek of course
Madara Uzichiha
Madara Uzichiha - 20 days ago
For god sake it’s just an movie people make mistakes
Tokisa-Sampai - 21 day ago
i like this movie
niIIer1 - 21 day ago
Who upvotes this shit?
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 12 days ago
Vaya Williams
Vaya Williams - 21 day ago
7:23 I am highly offended by this statement 🙏😔
Ryan DiCristina
Ryan DiCristina - 21 day ago
Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool
Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool - 22 days ago
I don’t know why but it kind of reminded me of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Might be the baldness.
Cool_Adrian7 Gaming
Cool_Adrian7 Gaming - 22 days ago
Me: does a mistake in class
That one kid who has superpowers: *PUTS ME IN TIMEOUT*
Izabela - 22 days ago
Zedon and Shift
Zedon and Shift - 22 days ago
Megamind wasn't supposed to be evil. His dad said "you are destined for greatness"
Everest - 22 days ago
Haha Keyser Soze
RobinOrSomthing - 22 days ago
12:50 Have you heard of beauty and the beast?
Aslad - 23 days ago
Why is narration a sin when it works well for the story?
YouTube C.I.A
YouTube C.I.A - 23 days ago
15:54 if that was hair gel then why is he putting it on his dick?😏
M D - 23 days ago
I can't agree with adding sins for "Tighten". The point is that it's supposed to be Titan (a great a powerful being from Greek Mythology), but Hal's an uncultured idiot who doesn't know that.
Damon Richter
Damon Richter - 7 days ago
U know nothing abiut Greek mythology
Kaileb Tyak
Kaileb Tyak - 23 days ago
If you get cancer mixed with ebola and get it to fuck ligma X by the worst facking thing of =this god dawn Movie
lucyhaley _
lucyhaley _ - 23 days ago
spoiler alert there's nothing wrong with Megamind
Bloody Angel
Bloody Angel - 24 days ago
That "bad by Michael Jackson" pun physically pained me
Patrick Fossum
Patrick Fossum - 24 days ago
Could be F.M. radio
Angel Aguirre
Angel Aguirre - 25 days ago
You should have added a sin for the “Villain becoming a hero” cliché
jamboypeapoop - 25 days ago
CadyKat Games
CadyKat Games - 25 days ago
Not even gonna lie, when I was younger thought this movie was good.
angie - 26 days ago
Hal is stupid as fuck. His name is supposed to be Titan, but Hal thinks it's Tighten. The subtitles change to avoid confusion. I guess it didn't work.
Elaborate - 26 days ago
now you can hate on despicable me (obviously), but as soon as you start hating on mah boi megamind, ya better put up some hands boy!
the undead player
the undead player - 26 days ago
Me waiting for him to find out the short movie sequel of megamind and also for him to do the spongebob movie
Jeetaruey - 26 days ago
Despicable Me is discount Megamind.
pinche ruso
pinche ruso - 26 days ago
this video shouldn’t exist
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan - 27 days ago
One of the outtakes should have been Eiffel 65's "I'm Blue" playing over the dancing scene. Yes there is supposed to be "I'm" in there.
Chewingice5 - 27 days ago
Additional sin: if the superhero of the movie has a weakness of copper how is he of any use in a large city?
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