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Shepard Gaming
Shepard Gaming - Month ago
Edit: Yes still a little sick, have a sinus cyst so I stay sick for awhile :/
Don't Worry I'm still making more gears videos such as issues with gears 5 horde, the good of gears 5 (the story) and the loss of its identity, as well as videos on why gears 1-3 were great! But In terms of playing gears 5 multiplayer or even horde right now, I just have zero incentive to do so, and the amount of mistakes the coalition is making honestly does baffle me! I don't like being constantly negative, but sometimes is warranted and needed.

It's Ok To Criticize: 2:41
All The Mistakes: 6:17
Gears 5 Is Factually Dying: 12:04

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Abelino Rodriguez
Abelino Rodriguez - 26 days ago
I can't say nothing until i get the game i played all the gears game and ive seen people play and there are some broken stuff and bugs but until i play i will tell u my opinión
Gojira King Gabriel
Gojira King Gabriel - Month ago
@If u disagree with me u are stupid I did
If u disagree with me u are stupid
Gojira King Gabriel speak English
Gojira King Gabriel
Gojira King Gabriel - Month ago
@If u disagree with me u are stupid the maker of the video isnt wrong it's your opinion that's your belief
Shepard Gaming
Shepard Gaming - Month ago
@Anomaly Inc Yeah mate of course hit me up on twitter!
Anthony - 2 days ago
You are right 2,3,4,use were better
John Richards
John Richards - 2 days ago
I think the characters need to be a bit more serious and the story needs to take on a more serious tone. Some of the comedic moments were cheesy.
VALIANT House Music
VALIANT House Music - 3 days ago
great vid and all, but it took you way too long to get into the actual video, first the intro, and then explaining for 6 minutes why its okay to criticise. i aggree with what you said, but you dragged that way too long out man. you could have done that a bit quicker.
Shepard Gaming
Shepard Gaming - 2 days ago
Always have time stamps
Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz - 3 days ago
Thank you for making this video. Even if Coalition doesn’t give a damn, at least you are trying to put these things to light.
Shepard Gaming
Shepard Gaming - 3 days ago
No problem mate!
Kevin Matthews
Kevin Matthews - 4 days ago
Really glad I didn’t buy this game got it for free with game pass total waste of a gears game
Everyday UkHOOD
Everyday UkHOOD - 4 days ago
No way! I’ve been waiting for a video like this after Gears of war judgment came out. Thanks bro, for really caring about the community and putting our thoughts and words up there. Much respect! I subscribed!
Machiavelli 606
Machiavelli 606 - 4 days ago
Lead the way Shepard you’ve got my support.
These developers are so lazy they’re putting halo shit in here and that’s a disgrace to gears to have to blatantly take bs from other games instead of using the game that they should be filling with there own content there so lazy they couldn’t even call it Gears OF WAR 5 😡
FearKV - 6 days ago
Gears 5 shits on Gears 3, 4 & Judgement
splatter sploosh
splatter sploosh - 6 days ago
oh wow they actually added terminator woke fate characters hahah automatic trash bin. i knew coaltion were a bunch of fags when they added that fat guy in a speedo on gears 4.
TheRPGentleman - 7 days ago
Epic Games made Gears of War 1-3. They were amazing. Bungie made Halo 1-Reach. They were amazing. Then Microsoft took the rights to its two flagship franchises and had them bastardized by sub-par developers. Oh Microsoft, you dumb c*nts.
That Umar I'm the best sniff
What you think are flaws others may think are fine. I have never played the game and have no interesting it. But your stance is strange as you don't seem to understand that differing opinions are a thing.
TRXSH - 9 days ago
I gotta say . I’m a giant fan of gears I played gears of war since the first one came out . I remember playing vs bots Becuase I couldn’t afford Xbox live . I played every gears of war and I am broken. Gears of war is literally my childhood, this game is dying and I never have been soo disappointed in my life . From the mechanics to the aim assist all the way to the hit box . This is ridiculous. Wtf were they thinking of only putting 19 characters? In TOTAL and the rest you buy or grind your ASS off! I mean rn ? Terminator is pay to win . This is stupid .
JaySamurai79 - 9 days ago
Just like the original star wars trilogy, I lost interest after gears 1 to 3. Gears 3 had the best horde mode of any game.
Milkdaerb - 9 days ago
I bought this game, I’ve played gears 1 since birth, true story.. rn I am 13 and at first I loved the game but the SECOND I PLAYED MULTIPLAYER AND HORDE, my feelings of becoming a ea player which I very well can be later on was over.. for now, I mean.. also my love was just depleted, I still love the game but just to see how different it was and how bad it was, idk.. don’t get me wrong the gameplay was amazing but the lag just made me that much worse.

Edit: the eu optic is also true, I play the new pc steam version of gears 5 and not a single game yet played in the total of 30 hrs in two days had a lobby with no bots, if it didn’t which it did, I’d still have lag or randomly get disconnected.
Milkdaerb - 5 days ago
oooh... you can deposit energy... looks like black ops 2 zombies lol, bout to get about 1mil energy saved
Milkdaerb - 5 days ago
@Trojan playing some horde rn, i mean what is this, the whole fabricator thing confuses the fuck out of me xD anyone wanna play?
Trojan - 5 days ago
@Milkdaerb koth seems to be the only playable ranked gamemode though, i try to play the others but im sitting in que's for 30mins and still get no luck so i just cancel then go back to koth haha
Milkdaerb - 5 days ago
@Trojan yeah i just recently realized that! thanks!
Trojan - 6 days ago
i have no problem finding full lobbies on pc king of the hill. Takes 50 secs to about 2 min to find a game and im currently silver 2. But yes arcade you will get bots but thats why you play ranked my friend :)
TheKhanCept - 10 days ago
Oh God. More haters lol Im a Gears Fan since Gears 1 and still here loving and enjoying the game.
DivinityJ _
DivinityJ _ - 10 days ago
But other than that, I believe that you made many valid (and well thought out, constructive) criticisms
DivinityJ _
DivinityJ _ - 10 days ago
And i do not intend to sound like an asshole in my previous comment, i just believe strongly that certain points made are a bit immature, as they seem to be products of strong emotions, which (in my opinion), should not be a part of a seemingly professional review, in which the views need to be unbiased
DivinityJ _
DivinityJ _ - 10 days ago
The only reason they have a job is because of the fans eeeyyy....That is just how game making studios work, they need fans to keep there jobs alive, because the fans need to buy the games to provide the developers with a source of income, therefore all game developers need fans to keep there jobs...
Jorgeä Baezp
Jorgeä Baezp - 10 days ago
Amazing. You re kinda the only one speaking this truth out loud here in YT. If you search GoW5 reviews, they're for the msot part favorable. Yet, reviews inside the xbox e store destroy gears 4 n 5. You really need more exposure cause it s a real problem that's being overlooked. I kinda don't feel that bad since i got the xones bundle with all 5 gears. .. But damn! Spending prime only to get shit?!?!. That's some serious messed up crap. Again! Thankfully i made the purchase more for the console as i didn't previously own an xone and games were kinda for free also am havinga blast with RE2.. But damn yet again
devin williams
devin williams - 10 days ago
Welp I’m glad I only play for story
Ozz - 11 days ago
Thats why i stopped playing gears 5 and went back to gears 4. Still very active by the way poeple
Aple Juice
Aple Juice - 12 days ago
The store is ridiculously overpriced
Ruben Torrens
Ruben Torrens - 12 days ago
So manu videos about the negatives about gears, you're also encouraging more people to hate or think the way you do. Yes the game need improvements, but bashing it to the ground also wont help it.
Indego Stalker
Indego Stalker - 12 days ago
Well spoken.
Adam morgan
Adam morgan - 12 days ago
If been playing gears since the beginning and have stuck with the game for over 10 years and I agree with most of this
The game went downhill since cliff bleszinski left epic and his project !!
And the obvious problem is that epic games and the micro transactions the money they make from fortnight that game is the worst thing that ever happened to the game industry !
They try this with gears now to milk every penny they can out of people
Gears was meant to be a dark ,fun ,gory with a deep storyline remember watching the trailer for gears 2 people couldn’t wait.
Remember starting a multiplayer match in gears 1/2 running towards the other team excited and nervous with your team best multiplayer experience ever
But Now its a boring rushed spawning machine with only frustration afterwards !

The franchise is rushing through the games with a boring storyline and not what the original dark game was meant to be about.
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson - 13 days ago
I never understand why we get a game fixed ish over a long time and then go and make a new one and start from scratch again, why o why is the previous game not the starting point,
brutalsavage. 1
brutalsavage. 1 - 14 days ago
You should just make your own game then
brutalsavage. 1
brutalsavage. 1 - 11 days ago
@Crimson Onyx Neither will making youtube videos complaining wont change anything either. People can simply just not play it if they dont like it ....or...make their own game that they will like. But seeing how this dirtbag youtuber responds to others suggestions tells me hes a woman. Hes one of those people where, if you dont agree with him, he grows keyboard muscles and talks shit. Ide like to see him run his mouth to my face.
Crimson Onyx
Crimson Onyx - 11 days ago
@brutalsavage. 1 He wants gears 5 to get better making his own game won't accomplish anything
brutalsavage. 1
brutalsavage. 1 - 13 days ago
Got you triggered...didnt it. Wait wait..."You got upset" LMAO. Instead of complaining...go get educated, get off youtube with your pathetic amount of subscribers, and learn to make your own game so you dont cry like a woman online.
Shepard Gaming
Shepard Gaming - 14 days ago
Lol what a stupid comment 😂
Zoggy Flame
Zoggy Flame - 15 days ago
I’m New to this game and franchise so I’m still learning Lmao
zezi mark
zezi mark - 15 days ago
How has Microsoft managed to fuck up both halo and gears in the same way... you'd think they would learn to not radically change the game to appeal to the current trend and casualise it. Halo and gears both have an identity crisis and sadly I don't see it ever returning to their previous status and character.
brandon neary
brandon neary - 16 days ago
Everyone has preference. I always appreciated the simple games where everything was relatively ok to get and available to the players through playing the game, not purchasing... as if games arnt already expensive enough. The list goes on but Gears was always better when it was darker and simpler. Not sure why they try making games so complex and than they always have issues during release. Thing i hate the most as towards the story is the enemies. what happened to wretches, reavers, berserkers(the matriarch doesn't count as swarm because it was never exposed to immulsion), and other enemies. swarm is evolution for locust but conveniently exterminated certain enemies? List goes on. There is lots that they don't explain in the dialogue. Like a bad movie. Also hate that they try making this game class based for coop modes. You should be able to pick the character you want and make the character play as feel fit.
Timothy Stickney
Timothy Stickney - 16 days ago
No I don't agree this is the best in the franchise don't like vs then play horde, insane price don't buy any then, 2 reasons this is not a disgrace
Timothy Stickney
Timothy Stickney - 15 days ago
Listen the only reason I say this is because I was 6 when I first played gow so this is a big improvement from when I played
Shepard Gaming
Shepard Gaming - 16 days ago
Far from the best lol
God Xavi
God Xavi - 16 days ago
If your a true gears fan you know that's it's the same problem from every game and the coalition doesn't give a shit
Alfred The Great King Of Wessex
Imagine defending something that is designed to suck up your money
RJ - 17 days ago
Every negative gears video u made is correct and very accurate bro💯
Mark D.
Mark D. - 18 days ago
Story- wise at least, Gears really should have ended at 3. It was a perfect trilogy and the obvious story arch ended all wrapped up with a bow on top. Now they're just beating a dead horse.
Desmond Brooks
Desmond Brooks - 18 days ago
Dam I love the game gonna do a second run after I play through 1 to 4 again
Kangaroo - 18 days ago
What they shouldve done is make a seperate storyline with the locust and lambent before the explosion. Instead of being delta we couldve been survivors/strandeds.
Ali Shafiei
Ali Shafiei - 18 days ago
Great video man!
Agree 100% with your views.
Luke - 19 days ago
Some foolish decisions in gears 5.
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