Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - All Bosses [No Damage]

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GodsBiggest Mistake
Finally, someone who takes no damage by actually being good at the game instead of running around the boss for 30 minutes per stage
Riski Rills
Riski Rills - Day ago
come on, we know emma is not boss, she is just a bit*h.
Riski Rills
Riski Rills - 2 days ago
it's all about blocking and parrying.
Riski Rills
Riski Rills - 2 days ago
but can you do dark souls with no damage taken?
Kzzies - 2 days ago
Sekiro: Shadows dont die twice
Lyons Valley
Lyons Valley - 2 days ago
man whenever i look at this game, all i can hear is the onimusha soundtrack playing in my head
i need to play this game
Sans #3899
Sans #3899 - 3 days ago
I like how genichiro turned into sasuke
Elias I.
Elias I. - 4 days ago
DabOnEm' - 5 days ago
Hey uhm, just wondering if Gellot knows what a HP bar is.
Everbound Venvel
Everbound Venvel - 5 days ago
Sooooo...Would this thematically be considered a spiritual sucessor to Dororo or to be more specific, Blood Will Tell? It certainly is an example of the "Ill/broken samurai/warrior and kid sidekick" archetype. Also, yokai, prosthetic-mounted gizmos, and a lepidopteran lady.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - 8 days ago
the guardian ape is fucking terrifying, jesus christ
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson - 9 days ago
Playthrough number uno tutorial Genichiro? N-Nani!
Akatsuki Tanaka
Akatsuki Tanaka - 9 days ago
Anyway, what is the sword that guy is holding throughout the game? That cannot be a katana, right?
Strength is absolute Strength forgives all
Strength is absolute strength forgives all.
hiepth Thuthuat
hiepth Thuthuat - 10 days ago
Game miễn phí full crack tại
Saliou Niang
Saliou Niang - 14 days ago
In four months I still fight lady butterfly.
blixnd bunny
blixnd bunny - 17 days ago
Me, in Thanos’s voice: *impossible*
mossi redknapp
mossi redknapp - 18 days ago
can't believe a human being has made this video. i just managed to kill a miniboss (josou the drankard) after one month of playing!
unknown - 21 day ago
That sound when the sword hits another one is the only asmr i need
popukuuu - 21 day ago
geniciro sound likes tiziano from jojo i think
Synthwave - 22 days ago
Don’t get me wrong this is one of the best games I’ve ever played but sometimes the real enemy is the camera
Sandi Yudha
Sandi Yudha - 23 days ago
SmvR better than this guy.
Metal & Meditation
Metal & Meditation - 24 days ago
You sick bastard.
Reinaldy Galuh
Reinaldy Galuh - 24 days ago
oww dude you're so good playing this game :)
Tee hit
Tee hit - 24 days ago
ramon leal
ramon leal - 24 days ago
Mito do karai!
Nhật Tân Trương
Nhật Tân Trương - 25 days ago
Skill over 9000..!!!!!
Quinn Garcia
Quinn Garcia - 27 days ago
He took damage at 3:30
Andromeda - 19 days ago
smh its ruined
YUFIX345 - 28 days ago
at the beginning of the video you were already damaged , (the bar)
Yashu Goyal
Yashu Goyal - 26 days ago
You start the game with that much health.
Josephine Dorion
Josephine Dorion - 28 days ago
oiiii..........the eng sub...please enlarge. too small to read
Strepto Coco
Strepto Coco - 28 days ago
3:30 Gellot:Git gud
Miyazaki:'throws shuriken'
Gellot:'NO DAMAGE'
Genichiro:'makes a damageless arm cut' EZ
Miyazaki: you're welcome
J - 29 days ago
I watched the entire video. Didn’t notice it was an hour
GOLDY GUY - Month ago
>Says beating the bosses with no damage
> lose his arm to the first boss
Clickbait these days am I right
Jahvon Miller
Jahvon Miller - Month ago
Still gets his arm cut off
Dipy Z618
Dipy Z618 - Month ago
The Lord lights
The Lord lights - Month ago
Sekiro:gellot kills twice
Patrick Ryan Agapito
Patrick Ryan Agapito - Month ago
What about Bloodborne, Gell?
Ghosty Guy
Ghosty Guy - Month ago
the hell is the shinobi is pulling? it looks like a catterpillar
Daémon - Month ago
Seriously? This quick? Listen man, the game was released literally two months ago, I think you're doing this a bit _too quickly._
Jason Gu
Jason Gu - Month ago
I like your fighting better than the one who does the walkthrough
pistolwhipcream One
pistolwhipcream One - Month ago
Didn’t think you could beat that first Boss who sliced your arm off.
I stand corrected.
Tanner Edwards
Tanner Edwards - 28 days ago
You can, but he further displays his disrespect if you do.
The Moon
The Moon - Month ago
Genichiro :“screw the honor! I had random shuriken! ”
Zyrtec - Month ago
insanity one
If future warfare is done via remote controlled drones, every government in the world will want to recruit you. Or assassinate you.
Lal Lalovich
Lal Lalovich - Month ago
Still fucking cut offs his arm
Titan 123
Titan 123 - Month ago
Zero Death
Brock Winget
Brock Winget - Month ago
What did it cost you?

abdulrahim2540 - Month ago
Mean while I struggle to beat this dam game lol nice.
Y fusion
Y fusion - Month ago
this game fucking ass hole, when you die you lose a lot of coins and experience. I don' mind fight hard boss, but to obtain skill points is frustrated. better hack those skill points?
abraham herzl
abraham herzl - Month ago
You probably just have a good gaming headset
Roberto Ilo Horst da Silva
How can you say that it was "no damge" if you lost your left arm already in the first boss?
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