Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - All Bosses [No Damage]

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Paul Jap
Paul Jap - Day ago
sneaking behind those monkeys
*surprise mothafucka!!!
NerdyHippy - Day ago
I have a pretty strong feeling of this game being one of the first candidates for Game of the Year.
Yasser Saadi
Yasser Saadi - 2 days ago
I wouldn't want to be this good cuz I'll not enjoy the game. It's nice to win after you get your ass handed to you by the same guy 40 times 😂😂
Holtzapple Dalton
Holtzapple Dalton - 3 days ago
I can't even think of how long this video took to make. You sir are a god.
Emanoel Solano
Emanoel Solano - 4 days ago
the fight with the old lady is so bad ass
WorldQuaker1 - 4 days ago
It gives me the chills how before he dies he just positions himself and prepares for it, even shouting "DO IT!". What a fucking badass man...
Teodor The Entertainer
Teodor The Entertainer - 5 days ago
Whos shuriken is that at 3:32?
Teodor The Entertainer
Teodor The Entertainer - 5 days ago
Gellot, congratulations, you have earned your way to the millionaires club only from this video. Just wait a year and collect your cash in the bank.
Ashnub Khan
Ashnub Khan - 5 days ago
at 54:00 the slash a very powerful loved it
Purpl Blaze
Purpl Blaze - 6 days ago
The headless Guardian Ape is absolutely terrifying
braden monson
braden monson - 6 days ago
Imagine if From Software partnered with Lucas Arts to create a souls-like Star Wars game
22 Tails - Chan
22 Tails - Chan - 6 days ago
Roger Lee
Roger Lee - 8 days ago
such an easy game.
Scott Coy
Scott Coy - 10 days ago
You're an animal.
Machi Raising
Machi Raising - 10 days ago
I refuse to believe it!!
Raising a dead man without a head and heart will be easier than to finish sekiro:shadows die twice without taking any damage.
This challenge is as hard as breaking a brick with your penis.
Knee Gur
Knee Gur - 10 days ago
Gellot's friend explaining the game to him: So the red bar is called vitality means your-
Gellot- Useless pixels covering my screen
Knee Gur
Knee Gur - 10 days ago
Gellot has the power of anime on his side
modernmarvel - 11 days ago
I see no burning bull! Can I just avoid it altogether or do I still have to make ground beef out it?
SAEED MOHAMMADI - 11 days ago
sekiro: shadows never die
Jalen Robinson
Jalen Robinson - 11 days ago
Lol I really need to use block and then I’m good
BvsMAcosh - 12 days ago
Yet another mop handle brawler, where "swords" ain't cut a damn thing.
Brian Ian Day
Brian Ian Day - 12 days ago
Is this encoded to be significantly faster than normal? Coz I certainly do not see that in my gameplay.
Gagan Preet
Gagan Preet - 12 days ago
Boris Chan
Boris Chan - 12 days ago
I'm wondering if you could air execute Lady butterfly and Genichiro (way of Tomoe)
Rivers Editor
Rivers Editor - 14 days ago
Completly destroy the first boss, lost his arm anyway.
Вадим Дегтярёв
Why would he collect all the beads if he doesn't take damage?
Skareut Brraaah
Skareut Brraaah - 14 days ago
Kratos is a Guardian Ape now?
Alice Mcentyre
Alice Mcentyre - 15 days ago
It's funny how he just runs up to bosses a just start hitting them for no reason 😂😅
João Alberto Gottim
João Alberto Gottim - 15 days ago
Glad to see Manus made a cameo
gldn sn
gldn sn - 16 days ago
Those mikiri counter's tho...
Andrew C
Andrew C - 16 days ago
No damage? But you lost your arm!
Faris Alswailem
Faris Alswailem - 16 days ago
I’m so fucking butthurt because I can’t fight like gellot 😂
Константин Ронинов
Парирование каждого удара на финальном боссе, жесть.
Quang Tân Trần
Quang Tân Trần - 19 days ago
How is his posture return too fast???
Valerio Turturici
Valerio Turturici - 19 days ago
That's great! I'm loving Sekiro and this is the first game with whom i'm trying to do my first Youtube videos for no damage boss fight :) I have one question for you tho, if i may: what kind of process do you follow when you want to do a no damage fight? For instance, do you try to increase the difficulty step by step (using gourd, than not using it etc) or something else? Thanks in advance!
Nicola Cortese
Nicola Cortese - 21 day ago
Non sai giocare idiota
Top Snek
Top Snek - 21 day ago
36:06 Wolf: oh no you don’t! Miss me with that resurrection shit!
Moz Reizhu
Moz Reizhu - 21 day ago
owhh my, after ded for few times 'cough' cough' always come back here to see ur gameplay, thanks man
A wam cup of your mom's ass liquid
"Demon of Hatred". *What a fucking badass name.*
Hernan Echeverria
Hernan Echeverria - 22 days ago
Who ever did this is not human
kajibinga - 22 days ago
Fat cow
No damage fuck it
Freshdachs - 22 days ago
4:34 what did you parry / was supposed to hit you there?
Minh Võ
Minh Võ - 22 days ago
i wonder why that sword is still not broken.
Mister Smirk
Mister Smirk - 22 days ago
Meh do it without kuro charm no dmg.
Not cancerous enough
Black Sheep
Black Sheep - 23 days ago
it took me 5 - 7 times to kill a boss

call me noob
Elpizo Gaming
Elpizo Gaming - 23 days ago
First Boss: Seto Kaiba
RicardoMr TheDr
RicardoMr TheDr - 24 days ago
Real_ entless16
Real_ entless16 - 24 days ago
Twitch or it didn't happen
Real_ entless16
Real_ entless16 - 24 days ago
I wish the game play was that clean for me I get hit through the gard and sekiro sometimes just stands there like a dear in headlights it's annoying. This must be on pc
Brett van Niekerk
Brett van Niekerk - 24 days ago
Fromsoftware devs watch this and think, hmm, let's turn it up a notch with the next game/dlc. Well done! I actually thought I was getting good but after watching this I realize how far I still have to go. Respect
WorldQuaker1 - 25 days ago
The final boss battle was epic as fuck.
Beware an old man in a profession where men die young.
Elisavet Birba
Elisavet Birba - 25 days ago
Wait, the bar at the top of your screen how can I increase it by deflecting?
Luiz Henrique Brauner Moraes
parrying at the right time damages the enemies' stance, if I'm not mistaken
Fikri Abi
Fikri Abi - 26 days ago
OWO! 11!11
happyduke99 - 26 days ago
Thanks for uploading the first boss cutscene after beating him... Always wants to know what happened if you do
Ismail Bostan
Ismail Bostan - 26 days ago
I am sorry to say this but it can become even more insane just lose you charm in new game plus and you take damage when blocking so you must perry, also the enermy post indicater goes down quickly so hopefully you do not see this comment as this mode is bad for you mental health. thanks for reading this long
PumpKing - 26 days ago
3:33 he take damage wtf
Ismail Bostan
Ismail Bostan - 26 days ago
👆 this is a joke responding to a joke comment (I think) so ha ha ha
Ismail Bostan
Ismail Bostan - 26 days ago
no his arm just got detached from the body and he was so shocked he fated. Do you see the health bar it did not even go down
Rito Sho
Rito Sho - 26 days ago
We should have had DLC where we play as the boss facing Gellot as the villain
MarcoDraco1 - 26 days ago
Etaaa pro player da porra kkokkkkk
#00 - 26 days ago
Hey gellot, which boss was the hardest to beat without getting? We need to know
AE 7147
AE 7147 - 27 days ago
What you don't see is the 100 times he dies to learn the bosses moves! The first fight was good
Mr Gent
Mr Gent - 14 days ago
Still, it took him only 9 days to post this video after the game released
strawberry smiggles
strawberry smiggles - 27 days ago
So like, does he live by the word yolo?
Ricardo Marques
Ricardo Marques - 27 days ago
lol noob, you dont know how to parry lol
XD player H.U.
XD player H.U. - 12 days ago
You are joking, right?
dirkmasticator - 27 days ago
And here I am playing this game with Trainer. I have no dignity I should die.
SLG Diversity
SLG Diversity - 26 days ago
well at least you have honesty... i applaud you for having the boldness to admit to this. there were some bosses where i decided to use a trainer for too so youre not really alone
Messias Junior
Messias Junior - 27 days ago
Parry, parry, parry...several times and nothing happens to your stability. How??
Messias Junior
Messias Junior - 27 days ago
+droberts009 Ok, but he has something red always active below de life bar. What is that?
droberts009 - 27 days ago
He's hitting perfect deflects. Those real bright flashes. Perfect deflecting a whole combo from an enemy will increase the posture damage they take from the deflects
Thiago Souza
Thiago Souza - 28 days ago
The Monsters!!!
zac taylor
zac taylor - 28 days ago
Gellot? No jesus H christ
Dr Who
Dr Who - 28 days ago
How is this even possible?
Michele Pioli
Michele Pioli - 28 days ago
tfw you try to find a sekiro guide and you realize the boss you're stuck on is so dumb it isn't even on the guides
sergio prieto
sergio prieto - 28 days ago
not as good as Pewdipie, sorry.
Johnny Walnut
Johnny Walnut - 28 days ago
Thank you for uploading this! This game mildly reminds me the Tenchu games on the Playstation 1 console x
nick13459 - 28 days ago
Am i missing something or did he take a hit in the very first fight?
droberts009 - 27 days ago
He started with less than full health
ALI ALSAHLI - 28 days ago
Wow 😳
Eric V
Eric V - 29 days ago
Now do No damage New Game+ and insist that Kuro take his charm in the beginning, to remove it from your inventory. So even blocking causes chip damage. But you still take no damage with a successful parry.
droberts009 - 27 days ago
Thats the run im trying right now. Bell demon without the charm. Talk about fucking nerve racking
Robert Pike
Robert Pike - 29 days ago
Gellot, are you god?
daniel ivanov
daniel ivanov - 29 days ago
114 rage quitted.
daniel lima
daniel lima - 29 days ago
LVCRFT - 29 days ago
Man, how u pary when u stay in block?(((
Pls tell me(
Messias Junior
Messias Junior - 27 days ago
that's exactly what I'm asking myself throughout the video. Because the difficulty is precisely in having the guard broken quickly into strong blows, which doesn't happen to him.
edik2008 edik2018
edik2008 edik2018 - 29 days ago
это круто
Leksamlier - 29 days ago
its pure skill dude
Kushina Uzumaki
Kushina Uzumaki - 29 days ago
Damn son, absolutely inspiring!
Thyce - Month ago
why not make playthroughs?
Denny Ramirez
Denny Ramirez - Month ago
Full defense, the game
Serkan Mardinli
Serkan Mardinli - Month ago
make a sekiro anime rn
SxdSqua Gaming
SxdSqua Gaming - Month ago
I can't spell xd
SxdSqua Gaming
SxdSqua Gaming - Month ago
I. Bet he don't even know what ressurection is
Daniel Campos
Daniel Campos - Month ago
This man is my fucking hero
Faris Rashid
Faris Rashid - Month ago
Nert - Month ago
What just i saw :D this is impossible :D
Barricade - Month ago
I love the Corrupted Monk fight, but I have to say, the way Distortion2 utterly cheeses him (while also taking no damage) via snap seeds & fistfuls of ash, is hilarious. And, somehow, only takes 12 seconds.
Allysa sarah
Allysa sarah - Month ago
Pewdiepie : Zero Death!
Gellot : Say No More
mario d'aquino
mario d'aquino - Month ago
sei pazzesco!!!!
Fuck Off
Fuck Off - Month ago
Eight your technique and the epic music score, I feel like this should just be made into a badass movie
batman Lord
batman Lord - Month ago
when i fight the owl,i was like what against my own father?ok, then is time to die 100 times to remember all his move
Agi Hirahta
Agi Hirahta - Month ago
I'm even more amazed that Sekiro's blade doesn't break from all those smacks
NAZARCHUK - Month ago
Смотрю такие видео и все боссы кажутся такими изичными) блок, блок, микири, удар и по новой)
Emerl Gizoid
Emerl Gizoid - Month ago
*Genshiro gets defeated in first battle*
Game; WTF....
Jorge Ortega
Jorge Ortega - Month ago
This is how the devs think we all play
leoon 0511
leoon 0511 - Month ago
it's so satisfakting watch you .... could you do an explaining video , whow better to block and so on, i just noticed in you videos its better to hold block and just reetap it if the atack is comming.
uhavemooface - Month ago
I would have died about 100 times to these bosses. Way to go.
ALFREDÃO BRUXO666 - Month ago
Man.... are you a NINJA?
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