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JonTronShow - 10 hours ago
Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!
okayalabama - 8 minutes ago
The game is fun but you will never win because the Chinese dominate every server
Xhypeinferno Ttv
Xhypeinferno Ttv - 8 minutes ago
Congrats on #1 trending
Brayden Horvers
Brayden Horvers - 28 minutes ago
#1 trending
hevenz - 38 minutes ago
when you promote a game you never actually play because its crap, but you got a generic sponsorship.
Just Some Guy Ok
Just Some Guy Ok - 38 minutes ago
I don't play mobile games but I liked comment this just so they see the interaction.
Egg - 4 minutes ago
I thought the intro was a ad but then realized it still sort of an ad
Anime Games Aidan
Anime Games Aidan - 4 minutes ago
Jon got #1 on trending! Way to go man!
An Di
An Di - 4 minutes ago
A JonTron Halloween episode.... I missed you, baby.
'Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction' up next? Them puns....
Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord
#1 on Trending!
Idc - 4 minutes ago
Omfg I love vids like these reminds me of the old days
XNavyman503 - 4 minutes ago
Holy hell, congrats on #1 trending
A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man
A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man - 4 minutes ago
She heard a door open and a faucet running in the restroom, now what scientific explanation do you have for that?
ragmufin - 4 minutes ago
13:19 this is why toys r us got shut down
GayForLenin - 4 minutes ago
you have the same wallpapers as contrapoints lol.
SkittlezAre Addicting
SkittlezAre Addicting - 4 minutes ago
I know that toy's r us because I use to go their my brother told me about how it's haunted
Slaydesilver - 5 minutes ago
2 uploads? in the same month???
GenoJason A
GenoJason A - 5 minutes ago
Hey y’all Scott here oh wait wrong channel
Brappy-Hour - 5 minutes ago
Congrats on Trending #1, good sir.
300ZX lab
300ZX lab - 5 minutes ago
lmao I fucking love this guy
Major Mystery
Major Mystery - 5 minutes ago
11:52 F u Jon it's not below the waist. You ain't got nothing
T - 5 minutes ago
Number one on trending, congratulations
Karstens Creations
Karstens Creations - 5 minutes ago
...TOBE HOOPER of Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Poltergeist fan, and you didn't even make a joke?? For shame for shame...
That will haunt you for the rest of your life...
Orson Zedd
Orson Zedd - 6 minutes ago
A technique called look it up
warystatue33 - 6 minutes ago
What ever happen to his bird?
TheKillerWolfie666 - 6 minutes ago
Awww, I was expecting a Galvatron reference xD
Lukas Banevicius
Lukas Banevicius - 6 minutes ago
For a second there I thought Jon was gona bring out the actor...i MEAN ghost of Yanny
Turtle Vlogs
Turtle Vlogs - 6 minutes ago
Now this is some spooky shit right here
Andrew Roy
Andrew Roy - 7 minutes ago
Like her, I am also a medium. Mid-sized clothing just fits me so well.
Con - 7 minutes ago
i cannot begin to explain how much i love jon's halloween videos
Pheonixtail Dragonlore
Pheonixtail Dragonlore - 7 minutes ago
**sees that Tobe Hooper directed this**
**cheers with chainsaw noises and poltergeist chair-stacking**
TimTomTimothy the 2nd
TimTomTimothy the 2nd - 7 minutes ago
HOLY SHIT! #! ON TRENDING! Good job Jontron!
The Rookie cop
The Rookie cop - 7 minutes ago
They should've just called ghostbusters, a bit more expcisve but they do it in a timely fashion and they get the ghost GONE!
Alex Key
Alex Key - 7 minutes ago
Of course management would hire a psychic to solve their problems before ever admitting their own mistakes.
That Little Gamer
That Little Gamer - 7 minutes ago
It's the magic ghoul bus!
Danner - 8 minutes ago
So they just sent old Yani to pester Elizabeth in the after life?
Samson5erb Rocks
Samson5erb Rocks - 8 minutes ago
Wow he is sooo bad at chipping firewood
Cheddar undercover
Cheddar undercover - 8 minutes ago
Sylvia Browne once said that the common cold would be cured by 2008. I get pissed off anytime I get a cold since 2009 to present.
Paulie DG
Paulie DG - 8 minutes ago
#1 on trending!!! Way to go Jon!!!
Jaek - 8 minutes ago
should have said “ooOhhhh SHHINNN”
Lord Kuriza
Lord Kuriza - 8 minutes ago
Phil Swift: *GRUNTS*
Seudónimo SSS
Seudónimo SSS - 8 minutes ago
Damn. The budget of these is ridiculously over the top now.
Xhypeinferno Ttv
Xhypeinferno Ttv - 8 minutes ago
#1 trending
Doppel Gamma
Doppel Gamma - 9 minutes ago
Damn it!! I got got!!
MrKris286 - 9 minutes ago
Is Sylvia talking to Mrs Doubtfire?!
silverserpent100 - 9 minutes ago
Did Jon just design Danny devito?
Adony - 9 minutes ago
You didn't get me if I was already looking
Samson5erb Rocks
Samson5erb Rocks - 9 minutes ago
I don't. Mean. To. Upset. You.
Ghost Wheelchair
Ghost Wheelchair - 9 minutes ago
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders - 9 minutes ago
Jesus #1 trending
ARTEMIS HAYDEN - 9 minutes ago
Lorrol vs. yonny
Which do you hear?
Lawn Chair
Lawn Chair - 9 minutes ago
The production quality never ceases to amaze me.
Epic Sax Guy
Epic Sax Guy - 9 minutes ago
7:41 lol look at the guy in the back on the right
Trey GC
Trey GC - 10 minutes ago
Sunnyvale Trailer Park, the best most haunted place in Nova Scotia, Canada.
GameFuel Cooper
GameFuel Cooper - 10 minutes ago
Has anyone actually download rise of kingdoms, I’m just curious
Joseph Song
Joseph Song - 11 minutes ago
This video is higher on trending than Fortnite.
I still have hope in humanity
Quantum Cuber
Quantum Cuber - 11 minutes ago
Part 2 please!
Alex Clark
Alex Clark - 11 minutes ago
Don’t make me say a no no word
Master Acheles
Master Acheles - 11 minutes ago
#1 on Trending as of writing this. Nice!
Zy Bub456
Zy Bub456 - 11 minutes ago
You big beautiful son of a bitch, 1st on trending
Nick Snowden
Nick Snowden - 11 minutes ago
2:47 that’s a lot of ketchup
Merchantic - 11 minutes ago
#1 on Trending? Congratz Jon!
G_Boy - 11 minutes ago
It’s not really Spooktober until Jontron do the spook
Mitsuraga - 11 minutes ago
"I am putting the store room off-limits, for the next couple of days."
So... are the stockers just... not working for a couple of days?
DeadMan Talking
DeadMan Talking - 11 minutes ago
I used to be a farmer too. That is until I got shot by an arrow to the shin.
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