International Pizza Hut Taste Test

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Daniel Soliz
Daniel Soliz - Day ago
That guy near the map looks like Seth McFarlane with a beard
Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell - Day ago
Do BEST GAS STATION PIZZAS! 711, QT, RACETRAC and a few others make some tasty pizzas.
pizzatrapbot 141
pizzatrapbot 141 - Day ago
One thing me and link have in common is that we are not allowed to have sharp things
Philip Kwon
Philip Kwon - Day ago
Okayyy link dope kappa jacket
Hi Hey
Hi Hey - Day ago
Link in the Kappa Jacket 👀
Thor Christensen
Thor Christensen - Day ago
Link: *vastly overshoots his target and manages to get closer to the answer than he would have otherwise*
Link 30 seconds later: *Calls Rhett lucky*
His logic astounds me.
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
Burgers or pizza? Just take a burger pizza
Jack Craddock
Jack Craddock - Day ago
Nigeria should have been an empty box
LN Knight
LN Knight - 3 days ago
We all need a josh in our lives so we can have this kind of food
Aaron Alvidrez
Aaron Alvidrez - 3 days ago
I love links kappa hoodie
Hacker Jpt
Hacker Jpt - 3 days ago
Joshua Solis
Joshua Solis - 4 days ago
When is chase going to get a new shirt
Archie Wise
Archie Wise - 4 days ago
Why can’t these pizzas be universal ;-;
Willem DaFuckedUp
Willem DaFuckedUp - 5 days ago
Damn gmm is bad now
Mat John
Mat John - 5 days ago
💪💪💪💪flexnon em rhett
Péter Licskay
Péter Licskay - 5 days ago
I didn't know Pizza Hut was also in Hungary 🇭🇺 but I wouldn't order that specialty anyway, there are much better pizzas here.
Stefan Hsueh
Stefan Hsueh - 6 days ago
Link is so malicious with his answers
polariginal - 6 days ago
3:30 great going captions, you censored Cheese
spill the tae sis
spill the tae sis - 6 days ago
look at the lettuce on the left side of the pizza at 4:10
nico nic
nico nic - 6 days ago
chido video
ITzFusionYT - 6 days ago
13:11 double sensation 2: electric boogaloo
Fariha Shaheen
Fariha Shaheen - 6 days ago
The doritos pizza was also in Pakistan!
Alistair Rigby
Alistair Rigby - 7 days ago
As an Australian, I have never seen a Dorito crusted pizza.
totsga smokes
totsga smokes - 7 days ago
I love how everything I eat tastes like Hong kong
totsga smokes
totsga smokes - 7 days ago
*sushi pizza*
Them: MuSt BE cANadA
Skyler Wright
Skyler Wright - 8 days ago
will you guys get Chace a shirt that fits him hahah
Sharklops - 8 days ago
Link's jacket is dooope
Biscuit Boyz
Biscuit Boyz - 8 days ago
First of all I live in Australia and I lived there for 34 yrs and I have never seen that pizza
Roy F-W
Roy F-W - 8 days ago
Damn it, now I'm going to have to make some pizza
vPurpp Don't Miss
vPurpp Don't Miss - 8 days ago
How did they not know that was a BLT pizza
shnizzle drizzle
shnizzle drizzle - 8 days ago
How tf does Nigeria have a Pizza Hut
Destiny livingstone
Destiny livingstone - 7 days ago
Era Of Dissolution
Era Of Dissolution - 7 days ago
why tf wouldn't they have pizza hut?
Salwa akhtar
Salwa akhtar - 9 days ago
Ooh ive had the burger pizza👌👌👌
I see you link wearing that Kappa 👀
Abduh Ariks
Abduh Ariks - 10 days ago
Which branchs provide these international food? Im curious if normal people can order as well, or does it fly ?
Bethany Evangelista
Bethany Evangelista - 10 days ago
The song today reminds me of The Mighty Boosh hahaha
Pizza Night
Pizza Night - 11 days ago
We do love a good pizza hut... 🍕
COLOUR CLOUD - 12 days ago
I love British people's very much love from Lahore Pakistan 😘😘😍😘😍😘😍 friends mere vdo BHI Dekho share bhi kro friend Ke Saath
; ;í
; ;í - 12 days ago
Apricot chicken mmmmmmmmmmm. cranberry chicken is alright but Apricot chicken mmmmmmm
Joshua Park
Joshua Park - 12 days ago
Link with the KAPPA!!!🔥🔥🔥
Déja Vu
Déja Vu - 12 days ago
Hungary isn't known for most but this is alright...never mind
Nikki - 12 days ago
I wish they could do one involving Poland. I didn't see any yet. Unless im just blind😂
Andrey David
Andrey David - 13 days ago
It is a coincident that Rhett and Link ate the pizza from Australia *Crust First* instead of the tip? o.0
Breast Emperor
Breast Emperor - 13 days ago
Can I have a cheeseburger? EHEHEHEHEHE!
K Landgraf
K Landgraf - 13 days ago
Love these. Darts should be played like this all the time lol
Oxyrone •
Oxyrone • - 13 days ago
*boneless pizza*
Legendazf Betancohurt
Legendazf Betancohurt - 13 days ago
I like Hut pizza, tastes better  than Domino's pizza.
6God 0Scared
6God 0Scared - 13 days ago
Pizza Hut used to have a pizza called taco pizza which was the best pizza from Pizza Hut but it’s discontinued
southern dip reviews
southern dip reviews - 14 days ago
Pineapple ham pizza is amzing
Gustavo Erazo
Gustavo Erazo - 14 days ago
I've never seen anyone the crust only 7:02
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