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Steve Nash
Steve Nash - Day ago
Did he not wet the toothbrush before he put the toothpaste on there!?
Shiro Wambugu
Shiro Wambugu - Day ago
Is Grayson buffer than E
Rosie Agdaian
Rosie Agdaian - Day ago
umm since when is ethan grant dolan left handed!!
Its Wolfytime
Its Wolfytime - 2 days ago
At the start
*its my couuuuuuuuuucccchhhh*
Idek why i found dis funny
R. Wright
R. Wright - 2 days ago
bro and dude count:
bro- 24
dude- 15
Milly Corbett
Milly Corbett - 2 days ago
I love u guys i think your rlly funny ☺
Mariyam Noor
Mariyam Noor - 2 days ago
Mia Pina
Mia Pina - 3 days ago
Ha “your turn”I’ve got my hair stuck and had to cut it offend it was soooo longgg
Palistha Shakya
Palistha Shakya - 3 days ago
i cant get over how hot e looks holy-
SoftieeEdits - 4 days ago
15:40 awwww im gonna get to cold-ethan🥺
Asthetic Asfire
Asthetic Asfire - 4 days ago
I think Grayson is sooo unfair Ethan is better
Avery Fennell
Avery Fennell - 4 days ago
me watching this video: haha i love this! oh wait, they posted this on my birthday. ha
stephanie williams
stephanie williams - 5 days ago
you gagging and making him gag as well PRICELESS
Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer Bennett - 5 days ago
Now we can see who's stronger... The camera man
Grayson-r u ok
Eathen- 'casually dies'
Azooz Maryam
Azooz Maryam - 5 days ago
share the thumbs up
wtf do you mean
dude because the whole video was about sharing
what did you think i was saying you fucking idiot
dude that was fucking clever
Azooz Maryam
Azooz Maryam - 5 days ago
Grayson: why does it hurt my thumb today
Ethan: cause you're a fucking bitch
Eva Mercieca
Eva Mercieca - 5 days ago
0:50 their faces 😂🤪
brina71902 - 5 days ago
I laughed so hard through this whole video 🤣
Skylar Cook
Skylar Cook - 6 days ago
Ethan: I'm not gonna put the blame on him

Also Ethan: he just messed the whole thing up
Otaku 2.0
Otaku 2.0 - 6 days ago
I wanna be a member but i need to study for Philippines but im half british and Philippines and i live in england but i dont know how to speak Philippines and im 19
Lily Roberts
Lily Roberts - 7 days ago
Ethan “iM mOrE mAtUrE” - yeah right
Sam Sam
Sam Sam - 7 days ago
This video is Weird
Sam Sam
Sam Sam - 7 days ago
What are you doing for your video
Stacy Xiong
Stacy Xiong - 7 days ago
The bike I’m dead
Jenny Manipon
Jenny Manipon - 7 days ago
My fav vid lol
La Kimberlyts
La Kimberlyts - 7 days ago
Omg I can’t with the whole treadmill 😂😂
avril burns x
avril burns x - 7 days ago
0:37 “you do it very year” 🤣🤣
Donna Hanson
Donna Hanson - 8 days ago
Ethan: I have a treadmill burn now.
Ethan again: we have to share scrapes now.
Grayson: NO!
Monroe Huff
Monroe Huff - 8 days ago
yo i died at the treadmill part 😂💀
Obliviate - 8 days ago
When E said Awww during 15:42
I just melted
Andreja Zakaraite
Andreja Zakaraite - 9 days ago
Ethan being the least dramatic person :everyone Ethan the drama king 🤴🤔
Sydney Priestley
Sydney Priestley - 9 days ago
Only just realised this video was published on my birthday 😂😂
Melody Vargas
Melody Vargas - 9 days ago
0:49 I look away for two seconds, I see there lips all small.
harry styles imagines
harry styles imagines - 9 days ago
Ethan: bro yoh I'm gonna throw up the smoothie I'm gonna smoothie bro 😧😦🚲🚲🚲
Neha - 9 days ago
Grayson: You do it every year.!!!!
Me: *Lmao*🤣🤣
*His laugh is so cute!!!!! oml*
JustSomeRando - 9 days ago
The way Grayson ran on the treadmill was hilarious
Caden Romaine
Caden Romaine - 10 days ago
Grayson was WAY better
Adaiah D.
Adaiah D. - 10 days ago
Wait they didn't share the pay for the smoothie
Shaunerique Edwards
Shaunerique Edwards - 11 days ago
The treadmill part had me dead💀😹😹😹
Jordan Kelly
Jordan Kelly - 12 days ago
Kate N
Kate N - 13 days ago
I share a bedroom with my brother. Ugh
Kate N
Kate N - 13 days ago
Lola Garcha
Lola Garcha - 13 days ago
They didn’t share clothes
Edith Osorio
Edith Osorio - 13 days ago
The intro😂😂😂😂 I’m dead
Hannah Hollenbeak
Hannah Hollenbeak - 13 days ago
doesnt forward and bakcward depend on... what direction its facing? cuz E had control of the spinning and he blamed gray for making it go backward
Hannah Hollenbeak
Hannah Hollenbeak - 13 days ago
am i the only one that thinks its wierd that gray is wearing a hat in the intro? like a beanie is normal but a plain gray baseball cap? did he get a bad haircut or somethin?
br4tz - 11 days ago
Hannah Hollenbeak I don’t think it’s that deep he’s literally just wearing a hat.
Disaster Master life 2
Disaster Master life 2 - 13 days ago
Imagine if he responds
A Sunflower
A Sunflower - 14 days ago
Sharing is careing😂😂😂
Rachael Louise
Rachael Louise - 15 days ago
When you’ve watched all the DT videos but go back to your favourites 😁 and this is one of mine 😁✌🏼💜💜
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green - 16 days ago
My sweet heart ❤always been the best beautiful video real true love this beautiful his first love always been dolan bother s 😍💕👑💙🌹💜always a winning reminder about this video Crezy about our love song 😍🌹🌺my first love 😍💕💜♠💙 my dolan bother s 😍💕his Regina green 🐢😎💕
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green - 17 days ago
My first love always been dolan bother s 😍💕👑💙🌹💜always my sweet heart everything about this falling in love with the best beautiful video real true love you
Jireh Vazquez
Jireh Vazquez - 17 days ago
Grayson:why does it hurt my thumb every time?
Ethan:because you’re a f*cking b*tch
Erin Cegielski
Erin Cegielski - 17 days ago
why wouldnt eatan brush his teeth then he was fine than grayson had the bad part and brushed his teeth fully
holly smith
holly smith - 17 days ago
why is no one talking about 13:52 Im literally dying
kittygomrow - 18 days ago
who else wants to share a smoothe with the dolan twins?
Unicorn Gamer
Unicorn Gamer - 19 days ago
100% of the video Ethan and Grayson fighting
Rebecca Keenan
Rebecca Keenan - 19 days ago
Ethan: I’m not gonna put the blame on him
Also E
Music 4 The Heart
Music 4 The Heart - 20 days ago
Every time I’ve been in the back,the powers there
*and the horses* Lmaaoooo😂😂😂😂😂
Bella Marino
Bella Marino - 20 days ago
I’m sorry but I love the part when they were on the bike and they almost ran into the gate. Every time I watch this video I laugh so much. 😂
SkylarThe Pirate
SkylarThe Pirate - 21 day ago
For some reason when the music comes up when they are on the gives me a vibe that both of them are making there dramatic entrance in a club..Like if you have the same vibe 😜
Sophie Martin
Sophie Martin - 22 days ago
Wait were you guys conjoined!?
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