5 Cars That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 26 days ago
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Josh M
Josh M - Hour ago
How can you put a Nissan Altima on this list and not a jag?
Taco off road For life
Taco off road For life - 4 days ago
The 1.6 dislikes are probably employees that work for the companies that make these throw away vehicles
Garmen Gifaen
Garmen Gifaen - 15 days ago
idle in Soclen last name
andrew mihm
andrew mihm - 15 days ago
Nissan Altimas have caliper issues with as little as 20,000 miles on it. I have sold 3 in the last 4 months.
Chris Belt
Chris Belt - 15 days ago
+Un Known good cars should last longer then 100k miles as long as the maintenance is done on regular basis. Ever car I have owned went over 100k. I never replaced engine or tranny nor before 100k. I replace 2 trannys on 2 cars but they both was well over 100k miles.
Justus Sypierre
Justus Sypierre - Hour ago
Don’t forget about any line of Subaru since 1998. They’re headgaskets, timing belt and water pump are designed to go at 130k now requiring a 1500$ or sometimes more in repairs. Then to get past 210k you need to do it AGAIN.
Malachi Jones
Malachi Jones - Hour ago
This guy needs to have a character in the Simpsons as literally the mechanic with the same voice and everything
Selfmade DC
Selfmade DC - Hour ago
Looking for that time stamp comment
Adam Araujo
Adam Araujo - Hour ago
Everyone’s that celica behind will last till 400k
Jeffrey herzog
Jeffrey herzog - 2 hours ago
Why wave your hands so much
Ken Morgan
Ken Morgan - 2 hours ago
He is absolutely correct with Nissan Altima! My last and final Altima blew 2 transmissions. And had an electrical short.
Peter Nesic
Peter Nesic - 2 hours ago
I watched the whole video. What’s a mile?
kevin Craig
kevin Craig - 3 hours ago
I worked for a Nissan dealer for nearly 3 years never seen an Altima with a blown head. Lots, and lots of failed transmissions but that’s not limited to the Altima, it was the Altima the maxima the Sentra and the cubes as well. The titan and armada has trans issues as well but it was because of a failed cooler gasket that allowed coolant into the transmission.
JAMAICULA_X 2.0 - 3 hours ago
My 1997 bmw e38 740i has 406,000 miles original chains and guides
JAMAICULA_X 2.0 - 3 hours ago
The new Corollas have the cvt trans
Thats_Ery_Day Life
Thats_Ery_Day Life - 3 hours ago
Never heard or seen bad altimas hmmm
Phil ipp
Phil ipp - 6 hours ago
Why would anyone want to keep a car longer than 6 months anyway? And range rovers are not that expensive - some 90k - 100k starting price?
Martin - 9 hours ago
Not really well-researched.
Ed Vincent Calaguas
Ed Vincent Calaguas - 9 hours ago
Hmm if you have the money to buy a BMW then I’m sure you also have a money to get an everyday commute car.
Julian Aviles
Julian Aviles - 10 hours ago
Darn it I just purchase a Chevy sonic for my first car should I sell it ? My gut telling me
Stephen Glasgow
Stephen Glasgow - 11 hours ago
Lmao! 100k is nothing anymore. Every day cars and trucks come in with 250k+. Hell my 03 Expedition has 210k on the clock. Just recently had to rebuild the transmission. Still on original engine, transfer case, front and rear diffs ect ect. Maintenence goes a very very long way.
John Schauder
John Schauder - 11 hours ago
Goddamn Scotty...either clean out your damn garage or don’t show it in your video!
WoWXenoo - 12 hours ago
Well my car is on the list. Nissian Altima and my CVT went out at 60K miles. Airbag light is on. Passenger air bag light has gone all like 5 times. Time to sell. lol
Dylan Owen
Dylan Owen - 12 hours ago
I have a 2003 Mercedes C240 that has over 240,000 miles and still runs great and also have a 2009 Ford F-350 super duty with a V10 that has over 250,000 miles and pulls around 7,000 pounds twice a month around the country
Jennifer Grenier
Jennifer Grenier - 12 hours ago
Oh no... My car is on the list 😬😬😬
Ex-Law Enforcement
Ex-Law Enforcement - 13 hours ago
I LOVE TA-TA's 👅👄 Mmmmmmm love `em ta-ta's
STUNNA 30K - 14 hours ago
A bmw will last as long as you do proper maintenance and could afford to fix it yourself 50% of the time without taking it to the shop not counting that you got connections. Let me give yall some free game, learn how to diagnose the problem and fix the problem, than you'll be gold. Think ahead, buy parts ahead of time even if you don't need them, do your upgrades, do your required maintenance. If you plan on keeping the car
Balty - 14 hours ago
Scotty what do you think of the Kia Optima? Is it a reliable car?
Matthew Calkins
Matthew Calkins - 14 hours ago
I've seen some raging reverse make it to 600000 Miles stock
Max AranaJr.
Max AranaJr. - 14 hours ago
Is this guy certified and if so when was the certification cuz this man has no idea what he's talking about I will give it to him some of what he says is true but majority of it no 👎
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen - 16 hours ago
My 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid 196.000 miles, new hybrid battery, new catalytic converter, new brake rotors and pads, new serpentine belt, new tires set, running like new!
Robert Walker
Robert Walker - 16 hours ago
Who else feels like they’ve just wasted 9 mins of their life 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jimmy Marin
Jimmy Marin - 17 hours ago
i though it was gonna be
ford fiesta
ford focus
ford taurus
ford fusion
ford f150
Waylon Webster
Waylon Webster - Hour ago
Nope but Chevy made the list! Piles of garbage.😂
Dankasaur Business
Dankasaur Business - 9 hours ago
Jimmy Marin my 2005 Ford F-150s at 220,000 and still running great
Derek Rudkin
Derek Rudkin - 18 hours ago
Any vehicle that’s taken care of will last a long time. I know someone who has put 230K on a Jeep XJ & is still driving it daily. Point is any car you take care of properly will last, don’t listen to this high pitched voice guy.
S Man
S Man - 19 hours ago
Stupid Scotty I’m using Altima now over 120k still cool.
BraaapAllDay - 9 hours ago
S Man jinxed yourself
zhenqian guo
zhenqian guo - 20 hours ago
my2013 Altima sv changed engine in 58000miles... at least they paid this...
Dave Saenz
Dave Saenz - 20 hours ago
To say that all these cars won't make it to 100,000 miles is like saying certain groups of people won't make it to age 70. Every car is different.
xjus- - 20 hours ago
Majority of people who have issues with cars don't really take care of there car at all. Transmission fluid what's that kind of people. If you generally take care of your car get oil changes on time you'll have few problems. Also people be driving there cars with broken parts and don't reliaze the longer you don't fix it the more wear and tear will begin with other parts
Ricardo Vazquez2x
Ricardo Vazquez2x - 21 hour ago
07 V6 mustang going on 220k miles normal maintenance ford all the way💪🏽
Zach Morris
Zach Morris - 22 hours ago
how can you confirm these claims? with regular maintenance damn near any car can reach 100,000
Ryan G
Ryan G - 10 hours ago
I agree. 100k isn't much on newer cars. 200k is the new goal.
Austin Lambright
Austin Lambright - 22 hours ago
Lol my moms friend has a cruze with 120,000 miles with no problems.
Chris Lindgren
Chris Lindgren - 22 hours ago
Had a 2014 Range Rover autobiography and the fuckers AC broke 3 times in one year. Now I drive ford and only ford
Frank V
Frank V - 22 hours ago
What is your opinion on Chevy impala and traverse?
Jaydenpr vazquez
Jaydenpr vazquez - 22 hours ago
Well BMW X5 and all model 3 e46 I owned those and man each ones got ‘more
Than 250 k miles and nothing Tun like new never open those motors or transmission I just spend Tire,oil,brake pads and gas. That it no issues. Plus I owned Toyota Corolla 2005 with 325 thousand miles that is incredible i can’t wait I want fix something on him but ohh god never break down is insane .. if he made it to 500k me personally I’m going call japan factory 😂 to see if somebody want him back 😂 imposible to see him down
Kaden Baerg
Kaden Baerg - 23 hours ago
Do you think the newer f types are just as unreliable as the Range Rover?
Daniel goff
Daniel goff - 23 hours ago
Nice video, try to stay off the meth
Rondeii Neely
Rondeii Neely - 23 hours ago
That's what happens when Hispanics manufacture vehicles
Kiker - 23 hours ago
I thought cruzes were good. Glad I watched this!
Futbol & Partidos Plus
Hondas and Toyotas often make it past 300,000 miles.
Keith Gee
Keith Gee - Day ago
I bought my '05 Honda Accord third hand and it drives like a champ. Previous owner sold it to me with 105k miles with a new timing belt. No issues at all.
I also bought a Ford crown Vick. Old police car. Only had 72k miles on it. It just runs.
Katacus - Day ago
He should create audio childrens books.
Osbaldo Ortiz
Osbaldo Ortiz - Day ago
I have a fiat 500 abarth 2013 with 110,000 miles. No problems with powertrain whatsoever, forged internals scotty... serviced regularly. Do not agree with scotty on this one...
Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz - Day ago
This is not true
Colin Barrineau
Colin Barrineau - Day ago
Going Tundra for my next vehicle
Johny Watkins
Johny Watkins - Day ago
Even better stay away from the term CVT. If you encounter this in anyway form or fashion. Dont touch it tell an adult immediately. And if you ar an adult Then find an older adult!
Xin Zhang
Xin Zhang - Day ago
Fix It Again Tomorrow -> FIAT
Tommy Headen
Tommy Headen - Day ago
I'm at 130 thousand miles on my Chevy Cruz, and it's an automatic transmission. I did have to replace some plastic parts on the heating system. I never knew why they use plastic for parts that get super hot.
yoshiotamura - Day ago
After my Volvo 2002 s40 I was instructed out of pity that if I wanted a reliable car I should get a 4 cyl 2.5 Nissan.i have a 2012 with 154+ mi and still runs strong.
no meaning
no meaning - Day ago
Is this man ASE Certified
Brandon Sellears
Brandon Sellears - Day ago
He said that GM is known for poor quality😂 faxx
Brandon Sellears
Brandon Sellears - 11 hours ago
Taylor Brooks wym, The Camaros and corvettes are the only gm cars I’d buy. I’d prefer a Mustang though
Taylor Brooks
Taylor Brooks - 13 hours ago
Brandon Sellears quiet low tier pheasant
Electric Cuts
Electric Cuts - Day ago
I want to get an older model CHEVY VOLT 2011 - 2014 style. What do you think about those cars?
Del Dili
Del Dili - Day ago
I wouldn't have wasted my time on this if I wasn't trying to see if my car was on the list 😀
Stanley Jones
Stanley Jones - Day ago
What's wrong with a Chevy cruze
Alexis ツ
Alexis ツ - Day ago
Not true about mini coopers ! Well I gues because my dad has one and uses it to go to work and it’s 2004 Mini Cooper with 120,000 and is running great no issues or anything
Danny Kim
Danny Kim - Day ago
Dose he ever make positive videos?
Craig Pennington
Craig Pennington - Day ago
Fiats are great boat anchors.
Craig Pennington
Craig Pennington - Day ago
I still say they should make all 1966 cars exactly the way they made them back then and gas too. They were great.
jack kinnisten
jack kinnisten - Day ago
Shocked no rotary cars were on here. Not because their unreliable if you know how to maintain them, but because many people dont
TheHunting123abc - Day ago
I know mines not on here I drive a Toyota never had any problems with them even drove one with next to no oil don’t know how but the bolt came lose it started to knock got back to the house about 20+ miles put some oil in and it ran like new
Qais Mohammed
Qais Mohammed - Day ago
What about the fiat 500e .. the fully electric edition ?
hundio88 - Day ago
I cant stand Fiats especially Luigi from Cars.
Raul Serrano
Raul Serrano - Day ago
I had a Nissan Altima V6, manual 6 speed, 220,000 Miles on it, an Still working just fine, i think the problem is on the 4 cilinders CVT transmision, maybe you should clear out that, very good video.
black santa
black santa - Day ago
Any car you don't take care of?
Joe Saitta
Joe Saitta - Day ago
American Ford Escort 120k is when mine died
Anthony Gallad
Anthony Gallad - Day ago
I own a 2003 Mini S Manual transmission and its a great car, if you take care of the maintenance it runs great. Now the newer models I don't know much about them. Also mine is Supercharged, the later ones are Turbo engines. I believe the early models are way better cars.
Ashenafi akele
Ashenafi akele - Day ago
Toyota Highlander Hybrid 👎🏾
Rj Guzman
Rj Guzman - Day ago
my cruise has 109,567 and i haven’t had any problems 😂😂
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze - Day ago
My sister-in-law had one of those Altimas. Biggest lemon ive ever seen, one thing after another
tyler jarvis
tyler jarvis - Day ago
They will only last long if you take care of your car💯😬
Eric Moore
Eric Moore - Day ago
American made crap cars won’t make it - POS cars made in USA crap
Matt Wilhite
Matt Wilhite - 2 days ago
You forgot the later model Ford focus with the transmission issues and electrical nightmares faulty coming fans body control modules that do whatever they damn well please
Kyle Parker
Kyle Parker - 20 hours ago
Can confirm the auto trans is a pos. The ST and RS seem to avoid almost all the typical problems but they don't share much with the standard econobox
Johnathan Mack
Johnathan Mack - 2 days ago
I thought for sure dodge charger would be on here
Riku Alley
Riku Alley - 2 days ago
Just get a 90s japanese manual car.
It doesn't have any complicated electric systems
all simple mechanical systems with great qualities that runs forever 'if you take care'
polivo0111 - Day ago
1988 honda crx 160k miles. still gets 32 mpg!
Ray H
Ray H - 2 days ago
Exact same bmw that I own, even the color too, thumbnail scared me a lil bit 😂
W - 17 hours ago
No need to worry my 08 335i is goin on 120,000
george anthony
george anthony - 2 days ago
Should include vw jetta instead of altima
Tashmit Singh
Tashmit Singh - 2 days ago
I bought a 2000 Toyota Avalon with 230,000 miles and at this point its 260,000. I just spend about $300 in repairs till date and I really am happy with my purchase. Long live Toyota!
A-dam Walrus
A-dam Walrus - 2 days ago
My mini 2009 is running fine on 185k km
Maximus Villatoro
Maximus Villatoro - 2 days ago
you sound like my grandpa😂😂😂
Alexander Boscan
Alexander Boscan - 2 days ago
My nissan altima 2014 cvt transmission just blow up with 120k miles no warranty a bunch of crap
carbongsxr750 - 22 hours ago
Nissan just warrantied the one in my friends 09 .. might want to try a different dealer .
LauraNY - 2 days ago
Never like British cars or BMW .... I’m gonna move somewhere near you !!!!!
Don Berry
Don Berry - 2 days ago
I don't think your experience is the overall resault. For instance I have 2 cruse' and both are over 100,000 and this is in Michigan, pot holes and salt and cold.
AMAZING VIDEOS - 2 days ago
Nissan Altimas are very good cars, sorry I disagree with you on this one!
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold - Day ago
The ones with the hydraulic automatic transmission are extremely reliable. The ones with the CVT, well, the engine was still very reliable.
Romarr Jessup
Romarr Jessup - 2 days ago
I had a 2008 with over 280k that ran very well until it was totaled in a hit and run
Daniel Leggett
Daniel Leggett - 2 days ago
How you have 2.2 million subscribers is just fuckin beyond me
miguel B
miguel B - 2 days ago
Dude i watch your vids but this one is bs i have half of these cars with 300k plussmiles
it's Emmett22!!!
it's Emmett22!!! - 2 days ago
The new minis are showing to be more reliable
JC S - 2 days ago
My land lord is the exact same, once he starts going I have to just nod my head and smile till my cheeks twitch.
James Baxter
James Baxter - 2 days ago
2007 GMC Acadia with 247,000 miles 💪🏽
Ed Zealor
Ed Zealor - 2 days ago
Scotty- where is your shop?
Thai-An Huynh
Thai-An Huynh - 2 days ago
Where do you get your data from, Scotty?
barefoot arizona
barefoot arizona - 2 days ago
My penis isn't small enough to get a Range Rover
Johan Whhs
Johan Whhs - 2 days ago
Well you already lied on the thumb nail my BMW 325i lasted 230,000 miles and still sold it working
Slight Design ツ
Slight Design ツ - 13 hours ago
paul fuentesIV
paul fuentesIV - 2 days ago
No fords?
DerrickNationGaming - 2 days ago
Chevy people are crying 😂 my dad owns a 2000 camaro that’s when they where good even though it only had 23,000 miles
Toasty - 2 days ago
2004 Mazda 3 2.3L I was telling someone about my car and they said theirs broke at 150k engine shot. Mine broke at 147k the next month. I think its a piston ring. Im going to fix it.
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