5 Cars That Won’t Last 100,000 Miles

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer - 2 months ago
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Mel Robinson
Mel Robinson - 6 hours ago
@Boss Mann Hahaha.."for both..."
Brian Szanyi
Brian Szanyi - 16 days ago
Scotty Kilmer the latest on the Delphi murders
zero 100081
zero 100081 - 17 days ago
Hey Scotty coudl you review 2003 VW jetta Wolfsburg edition?!
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis - 20 days ago
@Robert Mallette sell it
amir pando
amir pando - 21 day ago
Hey there scotty Thanks for the great video. One question- you said to stay away from the Nissan ultimata - understood. What about the Nissan sentra? It has the same CVT transmission. Greetings from Israel !
Aoi - 6 hours ago
The SMART, or st least the year I had, had an engine in the back, under the trunk area. Yeah, there is a recall on that car, in that very area, where it would catch on fire.
Stella Kim
Stella Kim - 6 hours ago
Jinell Kanach
Jinell Kanach - 6 hours ago
Had a 2012 Nissan Sentra and 2015 Nissan Sentra, both transmissions went out within under a year of having them
ben smith
ben smith - 14 hours ago
Holden cruze
Je nsz
Je nsz - 18 hours ago
Scotty bringing you information GOLD....again! Thanks Scotty for letting people know what garbage to avoid.
Je nsz
Je nsz - 18 hours ago
Scotty bringing you information GOLD....again! Thanks Scotty for letting people know what garbage to avoid.
Junky Garage
Junky Garage - 18 hours ago
Best car that has been reliable for me was my 95 328i e36 BMW just upgraded the head gasket to a mls and the radiator to aluminum .! Im currently at 278k original motor !!!
Zachary Seiler
Zachary Seiler - 19 hours ago
I own the car in the thumbnail, my man had me buggen fr
JB H. - 20 hours ago
Mazda Speed6.... 52k threw a rod!
Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith - 21 hour ago
What is this dude on? double you tee eff, m8?
Chris Saaveadra
Chris Saaveadra - 22 hours ago
I got scared that's literally my car on the thumbnail😂
Wester TheRedneck
Wester TheRedneck - Day ago
Any Ford won't make it
BluRitzy - Day ago
I laugh in my 06 CTS with almost 250,000 miles on it.
schwartz wolfe
schwartz wolfe - Day ago
He is so negative. If someone wants a car expense or not that person is well aware of what they are getting into. Stop raining on peoples parade.
SafeSpace Post
SafeSpace Post - Day ago
Scotty, what about a 87-97 Mazda vantrend/familia/323?
Aleksey Kyrylovych
Aleksey Kyrylovych - Day ago
What a crazy dude. Can’t watch for more than a min.
This old prick its a toyota lover......😵
Kai Renton
Kai Renton - Day ago
Toyotas is the best car in the world! The hoods popped...... I just realized this guys a hoarder halfway through writing this and lost my train of thought.
P V - Day ago
He works out of his garage. That's why it looks like a shop--it is.
Kai Renton
Kai Renton - Day ago
I hate this jointless terrets man
LOLONO62 - Day ago
i wish china could sell their electric cars in the us soon
Sawyer Bolger
Sawyer Bolger - 2 days ago
Not only are Altimas prone to HG failures and blown CVT’s, but the 2.5L 4-cylinders have god awful sludge issues.. buying anything Nissan from the past 10-15 years is seriously playing with fire..
Mark Andert
Mark Andert - 2 days ago
I actually own a 2011 Chevy Cruze 1.8L with a standard transmission. I’ve never had to do anything major on the car and I have 273K miles on it. Now they are mostly highway miles but this car has definitely taken care of me. I now know how much of a blowhard this guy is.
Samuel Chandool
Samuel Chandool - Day ago
Mark Andert I have an evoque and I did have some minor issues here and there but I just feel sometimes he biased on the foreign cars
Jackson Barinowski
Jackson Barinowski - 2 days ago
Scotty wouldn't know what to say if his hands were tied behind his back
Kaan Dogan
Kaan Dogan - 2 days ago
Lol when your car is the thumbnail.
Ant 3451
Ant 3451 - 2 days ago
My Chevy Cruze is at 98000k with no problem, never had to pay much for repairs (only oil changes and new tires)
Evan Capps
Evan Capps - 10 hours ago
Ant 3451 98,000k? 98 million miles? Wow!
Layne Hattaway
Layne Hattaway - 2 days ago
You forgot everything Ford has made the last 20 years
Layne Hattaway
Layne Hattaway - Day ago
@BluRitzy hope 150k isn't your claim to fame. I own 2 Chevrolet's ones a 96 and ones an 05 400k on each motor and trans with no repairs. Got a Ford five hundred in the yard now with 100k on it and it hasn't moved in years. Junk. All companies have really went down hill but it seems Ford got an early start
BluRitzy - Day ago
Nope, you take care of a ford it takes car of you... my father F150 is ready to hit 150k. And it starts like its right off the assembly line.
Alan Wayte
Alan Wayte - 2 days ago
the rumour mill has it that your going back into rehab
Alan Wayte
Alan Wayte - 2 days ago
And he then talks about the BMW mini....absolutely rubbish...really terrible nonsense
Alan Wayte
Alan Wayte - 2 days ago
This Guy must hate the Brits...embarrassing and utter stereotype nonsense...my RR have done 100.000 miles three times with no warranty issues...absolutely disgusting disgrace...what is he on...stupid
Tzar Zinjo
Tzar Zinjo - 2 days ago
I really want a used 2015 cruze. 😫
Philip Grobler
Philip Grobler - 2 days ago
1:20, Tata, means good bye? Is that "good bye my money"?
I've come to the conclusion ,,he doesn't really know all of what he talking about 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾
Michael Alquist
Michael Alquist - 2 days ago
If you turn down the sound this guy is Joe Cocker reincarnated!
Bluemoney Bizzy
Bluemoney Bizzy - 2 days ago
I think the best car is dodge becuse I own a dodge dart 2015 no problem came up on it and i am already 120.000 miles on it and runs like new fun to take off on it
Joanne Agliata
Joanne Agliata - 2 days ago
I have a dodge charger 2006 rt still runing strong
ChevSoAmazin - 2 days ago
“WOOO 🦉” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Christian McDonald
Christian McDonald - 3 days ago
2012 Chevy Cruze ls ,105k Miles, only issue was a broken water pump. Interesting list
JayDee Cee
JayDee Cee - 19 hours ago
That's because it's the LS with the 1.8. The 1.4T has a lot more torque, and my Eco averages about 40mpg, but you will replace the valve cover, PCV tube, intake manifold...etc...
Mal Leyland
Mal Leyland - 3 days ago
You old bean are a tit.
don moore
don moore - 3 days ago
This guy must have been related to Rowdy Roddy Piper. If you dont know who that is, look up an old WWF interview of him. But thats why i like this dude.
rayhan75 - 3 days ago
This guys a legend ! I’m from the uk and agree 150 percent with his drivel lol however any Mercedes built and assembled in USA avoid buying as the quality is non existent and likely to break £own before it reaches 30000 miles. So get one imported in as there is a night a day reliability factor ! It needs. To come from the doischland direct my merc is like a work horse never broken down services every 20000 miles from new have changed break pads 3 times p@st 8 years done 160000 miles still running and looks new due to the 30 year paint warranty !,, always buy GERMON
Bananabug 4
Bananabug 4 - 3 days ago
Get a Daihatsu
Bananabug 4
Bananabug 4 - 3 days ago
He’s a funny little man isn’t he?
Samuel McDermott
Samuel McDermott - 3 days ago
As someone that has been a self-taught mechanic his whole life, I have owned a lot of land rover and Range Rover‘s which for someone who doesn’t know its the same company just to different model lines, and I think you need to seriously watch what you say, making inconclusive statements, jumping from problem to problem and not even mentioning what years or specific models those problems were found in and just slapping the whole entire line up of range rover and land rover as a bad brand in the face is completely wrong and highly in accurate, now yes Land Rover / Range Rover has had some issues in some of their models, but it was not a lot, I personally have had land rovers i ran for 170,000 miles and with just changing the oil and filter and when I say I ran them hard, I mean I abused them and they still ran very nice and no i’m not talking about the ones that were made in the early 40s lol which were not a copy of the Willys Jeep, yes some countries were inspired by that little machine but they were definitely not a copy at all. And the only land rovers that had head gasket issues we’re from 1999 to 2004 in the 4.0 and 4.6 L V8 land rover discovery, known as the discovery 2, The head gaskets were known for going out somewhere between 100 to 140,000 miles religiously but if you change them at 100,000 miles then you had no more worries, there were some other small things like some sensors that would go out but it was not extremely expensive and it was fairly easy to fix yourself pretty much plug-and-play, like all vehicles. sensors and things do go out I don’t care what car you’re talking about it happens, it’s people like him that are making the statements usually have never owned the car as they are talking about and have very little experience with them you can tell just by how messy and filthy his surroundings are and I hope to God that is not his so-called shop behind him, clearly a shade tree mechanic, so for those of you out there that may not know a whole lot about Car’s don’t use this guy as a reliable source of formation lol
GAUATM SHETTY - 3 days ago
I think you are running longer than you are
GAUATM SHETTY - 3 days ago
Pig Tata makes quality cars
Frazzle Face
Frazzle Face - 3 days ago
Check out the original Range Rover made from 1970 to 1996 (Not the willys jeep Land Rover thing). These were very reliable and lasted forever. Modern Range Rovers are expensive junk.
BookProX - 3 days ago
My preferred car is Fix It Again Today - and that's a FIAT ;)
Jiarui Zhang
Jiarui Zhang - 3 days ago
tata only owns Range Rover, they never produce them in India, and Range Rover’s headquarter still in British. The Range Rover and Jaguar are so bad before, only because Ford owns them, Ford and GM ruins a lot of Europeans brands, just admit it, US don’t know how to make reliable car.
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma - 3 days ago
He could be right for the cars but the way he is presenting them he looks like utterly wasted
Sasha Odette
Sasha Odette - 3 days ago
I'm surprised the Hyundai Sonata 2012 isn't on the list! I was talked in to reliability, and don't you know every year I've has several recalls! Within, the first year I had a brand new engine.. Everything, on the interior has been replaced. I touched the button for the window, and the button went inside the the door trim.. smh. I should have got the 2011.
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