Rainbow Six Siege: Crimsonveil Bundle - New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]

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djdomino jr
djdomino jr - 22 дня назад
The thing that I hate about it is that it was rigged I only got vakqurie headgear,clothes and the gun skin but it just keeps giving me it :(
djdomino jr
djdomino jr - 22 дня назад
And yes I posted late because I just opened them
He who Dwells in your soul
He who Dwells in your soul - 25 дней назад
“Doot!” RATTLE ME BONES!!!!!!!!!
Toaster - 26 дней назад
it's a skeleton!!!! CENSOR IT!!!!!
robert chia
robert chia - Месяц назад
Raptorjoe - Месяц назад
People spent money on this and Ubisoft is censoring the game for the Chinese gov. Goodbye cosmetics.
K3ntucky - Месяц назад
0:32 my reaction when ACOG is removed
Lieuwe Ferwerda
Lieuwe Ferwerda - Месяц назад
Better change that thumbnail Ubi. You might upset uncle china with that Jager skull. #operationcensorship
rsjshshsj addd
rsjshshsj addd - Месяц назад
So what will happen to Jager
A J - Месяц назад
I wish they would have explained how the operators got like that like in their bio
Cheshire - Месяц назад
So are you gonna remove those skins now Ubisoft? Have to fit the Chinese dictatorship cencoring right?
WildWolf 88
WildWolf 88 - Месяц назад
It would be better if Cav had a Halloween skin
That dood
That dood - Месяц назад
Ectoplasm is neat, like it's clean
Mr.Nobody - Месяц назад
I dont have this in the game....
LAGI - Месяц назад
Only 3 packs
Ok ubi
PsychodelicPanda - Месяц назад
Great skins but idk why they added the slime charm n gun-skin. Looks like a 5 y/o would use that
Opname 2
Opname 2 - Месяц назад
Got finka and thermite head gears from mine and a charm
You Tube
You Tube - Месяц назад
I got finka headgear but the sad part is I don't have that operator

1 like 1 operator for me
GOODGOON - Месяц назад
i have been blessed with spoopy jäger *thank you basedgod*
i Predator
i Predator - Месяц назад
My luck is trashcan last 3 seasons...
The Sexelent Money
The Sexelent Money - Месяц назад
Where'e Cav
Antispiral - Месяц назад
How about balancing and fixing the game instead 🤔🤔🤔
chihong wong
chihong wong - Месяц назад
Ubisoft Why? I haven’t unlocked Finka but you give me her weapon skin...
heyfaisal - Месяц назад
You should’ve brought back outbreak!
Macolm Lutherking
Macolm Lutherking - Месяц назад
A German soldier dead it’s always freaky
I Elitex I
I Elitex I - Месяц назад
I got jagers skull head on the free one I was hoping to get vigils
levayatan Hunter
levayatan Hunter - Месяц назад
0:33 Jager face after losing his acog
william duncan
william duncan - Месяц назад
Did you tell the fans that it’s 50$ to get all the skins and charms
Antonio Carbonell
Antonio Carbonell - Месяц назад
When is Smoke getting an elite skin?
Battery Boi
Battery Boi - Месяц назад
Einradbrot - Месяц назад
Thanx Ubisoft for that nice price. Got 20 limited exclusive item packs for just 10$ bought on turkey marketplace.
Tiger Lee
Tiger Lee - Месяц назад
No echo?!
jachtan crozomer
jachtan crozomer - Месяц назад
0:35 Did they have to do that to thermite 😂😂😂😂
Gary ONeal
Gary ONeal - Месяц назад
Ugh. Fortnite comes to Rainbow Six. My problem is that, as much as I love this game, I'm a middle-aged, Level 34 player who, frankly, doesn't have the "mad skillz, yo!" to grind effectively enough to earn my alpha-packs the legitimate way...by earning them...in the short time these skins are available. (But I do love squadding up and my squad, fortunately, has mad love for me.) I've bought all three season passes, which has been expensive enough, and I'm just not hung up on this whole "pay for things that make no real difference in the game" trend in gaming. EA micro-transactions are so loathed that they've become a meme unto themselves. How are these "maxi-transactions" any different? I'd love the skins, no doubt, but as someone else has pointed out I can buy these cosmetics for $50 or Red Dead Redemption for $60. And I do play on the X1X.
Im aRetard
Im aRetard - Месяц назад
A really big f**king spook, coming right up in here...
AceOfRedz - Месяц назад
I wish we could earn these instead of spending money all the time
Hacker not really
Hacker not really - Месяц назад
finka outfit cool= add OUT BREAK BACK
GamingKnight 2085
GamingKnight 2085 - Месяц назад
Will these bundles come out again for next Halloween or is it a one time thing
AudiR816 Gaming
AudiR816 Gaming - Месяц назад
The Jager Dead Bomber Is One Of The Best Sets.
Whiteknight 2332
Whiteknight 2332 - Месяц назад
I don't like Finka but I love her uniform and I loved Outbreak and I wish some of the other ops had similar uniforms.
Joshiphyea - Месяц назад
22 new items that you have to pay for
Gamer4life !!!
Gamer4life !!! - Месяц назад
Dab on da haters
Kyle Hammer
Kyle Hammer - Месяц назад
If you buy these skins will you have them forever?
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - Месяц назад
Fix your damn game! I don't want your skins!
Alex Stefanowicz
Alex Stefanowicz - Месяц назад
Please give me your money dad
ZPEEDY - Месяц назад
Jäger more like shädman lol
Zaemora - Месяц назад
That Finka headgear though!
RaptureGunner50 - Месяц назад
Vigil lookin like he got a slipknot mask. Feelin it
#1 - Месяц назад
Thermite is gonna be spoopy when he peaks you lol.
Todd Willshire
Todd Willshire - Месяц назад
How do i get in to the madhouse playlist?
Destroyer King
Destroyer King - Месяц назад
Please don’t let us pay for headgear like if agree
Jay Valdez
Jay Valdez - Месяц назад
$50 tho when Red Dead 2 is for $60
Dogelet - Месяц назад
Give tachanka an acog so i can say tachanks
Дониер Эргашев
Дониер Эргашев - Месяц назад
Yo not to break mood its nice skins and all but its shittiest event.30 or 60 kills on house with goddamn mist outside! You could skip it and just went with attackers beheading defenders.
NotASuspiciousRussianSpy Blyat
NotASuspiciousRussianSpy Blyat - Месяц назад
Ubisoft: drug reference
Bandit: It’s free real estate
Sam Varner
Sam Varner - Месяц назад
The only scary part of this event is the price of the packs
Man in Tidy Whities
Man in Tidy Whities - Месяц назад
So happy I got the Val headgear from the alpha pack challenge

but too bad I didn't unlock Val
Lazy Butt
Lazy Butt - Месяц назад
I got the Jäger head from that 1 pack they give you and I think I just wasted my luck for the entire year
justin blank
justin blank - Месяц назад
Aaaandd its in fucking packs, that you can only get a couple of without dropping money on them. Great.
Chris Gio
Chris Gio - Месяц назад
Why does the packs cost money
Mate Product
Mate Product - Месяц назад
Nice try Ubigreed, but you won't fool me into buying your trash.
Daniel Torrecilla
Daniel Torrecilla - Месяц назад
yup, I got the booger charm
Freddie Harrison
Freddie Harrison - Месяц назад
I may sound dumb but how do I get the packs
lilulet xixulet
lilulet xixulet - Месяц назад
remember jager? That s how he looks like after his lost
subaru ts
subaru ts - Месяц назад
tommy joshua
tommy joshua - Месяц назад
I didn't get a free pack or can't buy them
SUPREME SHABBY - Месяц назад
i got the gu charm and i wanna kms
Shamparov Andrej
Shamparov Andrej - Месяц назад
Do those evil creatures get debuffs when our Lord Chanka is present?
Sidhant Chaurasia
Sidhant Chaurasia - Месяц назад
Why can't we buy Crimsonveil items with renown.
ĶŃØX __ - Месяц назад
And the walls will ooz green slime
jimmy jimmy
jimmy jimmy - Месяц назад
Alex Uceda
Alex Uceda - Месяц назад
You know, watch the E3 reveal gameplay for this game and them come back and look at this, a true shame
FlamingPotato 352
FlamingPotato 352 - Месяц назад
I really want Jäger’s dead baron helmet because it’s deadass basically just a skull with googles and a cap
Logan L
Logan L - Месяц назад
Jager and valk, but vigil is dope too.
D S - Месяц назад
R6 truly is a horror game
Game Now
Game Now - Месяц назад
Yeah the community is pretty horrifying.
Jack and Jeff Hardy
Jack and Jeff Hardy - Месяц назад
do we get free packs as well?
Neon Dolphin
Neon Dolphin - Месяц назад
0:15 its sans
AgoodName TheBestName
AgoodName TheBestName - Месяц назад
Jager requires calcium PLATES
Collin Reyes
Collin Reyes - Месяц назад
Why in packs though? I don’t want to spend money on r6 credits to buy these when I’ve already got over 100,000 renown saves!!
Bwads216 - Месяц назад
Imagine turning a corner and seeing a thermite with that skin.
Itz Blaze
Itz Blaze - Месяц назад
Who needs this when we have cav
Nick Perugini
Nick Perugini - Месяц назад
Good marketing and advertising because now I just bought all the skins
Disi The kraken
Disi The kraken - Месяц назад
These skin are sooooooo cuteeeee
Craig Is godly
Craig Is godly - Месяц назад
I’m happy that cav doesn’t have a skin
Alex Cirino
Alex Cirino - Месяц назад
I need outbreak back
WaffleKing089 - Месяц назад
I want Jäger headwear plz
Kinja04 Gaming
Kinja04 Gaming - Месяц назад
Thermite is terrifying in that photo
T Heath
T Heath - Месяц назад
thermite actually freaks me out. well done Ubi
Spandex415 - Месяц назад
Why didn't every operator get a skin?
EdwardSAUCE - Месяц назад
How big is the update on console? If any?
Devastator 1
Devastator 1 - Месяц назад
Boooooo no tachanka skins😡😡😡😡
Ephixxy - Месяц назад
Jewbie soft at it again lmao
Rmx Zero
Rmx Zero - Месяц назад
I can just imagine turning around and getting freaked out by valkyrie right there.
Rj - Месяц назад
Wont get this bundle
Harbinger - Месяц назад
Knowing my luck im going to get a charm
madigan lewis
madigan lewis - Месяц назад
Is there a way to earn these in game?
Codenamed Zombie
Codenamed Zombie - Месяц назад
They had to cash in on The Nun.
NASKO_ ProGaming04
NASKO_ ProGaming04 - Месяц назад
I want finka so much :O
muro Maggio
muro Maggio - Месяц назад
Please make out break playable when you want and i will bu this game p.s please
FinnaNut - Месяц назад
Jäger head gear goes well with the legendary outfit
spidertron1 - Месяц назад
I like Finka's
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