Walking (feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer)

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Lil Pickle Rick
Lil Pickle Rick - 6 days ago
Swae 🔥🔥Young legend👑
Laura Gordillo
Laura Gordillo - 10 days ago
The best colaboration of this year.
Kamz MX
Kamz MX - 26 days ago
Joji, Swan Lee and Diplo (from Major Lazer) in the same song...
hiii its Gullis B
hiii its Gullis B - Month ago
Cuz we stan LEGENDS 🔥
Lou Reyes
Lou Reyes - Month ago
Jackson wang and major laser great come closer to the Latinos side
All Blue
All Blue - Month ago
Insane 🤯🤯
nktwoseventeen - Month ago
LIT!! 💥💥and Jackson Wang is always 🔥🔥🔥
Ana Aa
Ana Aa - Month ago
Wang family like if you are
Kim Catarina
Kim Catarina - Month ago
Ainsly - Month ago
take my money
Andrea Ramirez
Andrea Ramirez - Month ago
GGobble - Month ago
Joji, Swae Lee, and Wang 🔥🔥
TheOcelotGirl - Month ago
Wandering Flash
Wandering Flash - Month ago
First Chungha, now Team WANG??!!!
Marlies Apple's girl
Marlies Apple's girl - Month ago
You got what I want : the new 88 album
Paddy O'Door
Paddy O'Door - Month ago
First holy shit
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