Game of Thrones: Series Finale - Review

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S.K. Raja
S.K. Raja - 13 days ago
"The Internet Is Dark And Full Of Spoilers."
HuntingViolets - 14 days ago
Bran also wants a particular wheelchair. He looks for wheelchairs in his database.
HuntingViolets - 14 days ago
Sam's link is for healing Jorah; it's still only one link and he never graduated. I mean, what did he do, take the superfast online course after he ran off after STEALING books from the Citadel? And how does Gilly fit into this?
HuntingViolets - 14 days ago
Skirmishes, if not wars. A war is bigger than a skirmish.
KceeKit - 23 days ago
This really was a great 100% accurate review Jeremy!!! Disappointing GOT/D&D...uugghh!
Jubaer A. Saad
Jubaer A. Saad - 25 days ago
"The road to evil is a journey, not a light switch" Lex Luther - Smallville
O'Neil Benjamin
O'Neil Benjamin - 25 days ago
Jeremy did you quit smoking bro?
arkayen666123 - Month ago
Wasn't winter supposed to be a big dangerous deal? Arya getting on a boat seems like a bad idea
villen - Month ago
The rushed writing of season eight made a lot of main character story arcs feel extremely pointless.
Jon's true lineage thats been building up since season one? Pointless.
Jon being killed and then resurrected? Pointless.
Putting Jaime on that long over arcing redemption plot? Pointless.
Dedicating multiple seasons to the relationship between Jaime and Brienne? Pointless.

It honestly felt like the writers had GRRM's list of bullet points for how the story was going to end and instead of making that transition seamless. It was just like "Oh, Jaime needs to be back in King's Landing because he has to die with Cersei? Ok let's just have him hook up with Brienne because fan service, and then have him dip out in the middle of the night like he's trying to catch an Uber back home after a one night stand."

"Oh we need give Jon a reason to kill Dany? Let's just have her murder thousands of innocent people on a whim because fuck character development"

"Oh shit, what about Bran? Uhh it says on this paper that he's supposed to be King? Uhhh...."
Mr Aaron Sarino
Mr Aaron Sarino - Month ago
*Arya after seeing the city got massacred*
Arya: I know a killer when I see one
Tom Cruise(Ghost Protocol): NO SHIT!
Paradime - Month ago
Thank god it's over. That final season was painful.
Journey of My Life
Journey of My Life - Month ago
It was totally shit in ep6 when dany die
Totally rubbish ending
Mohamed Ciise
Mohamed Ciise - Month ago
The explanation given for Drogon burning The Iron Throne was that he wanted to burn the wall behind it but the Throne was just a “Dumb Bystander “ according to the script
Krystal Buenrostro
Krystal Buenrostro - Month ago
and the whole time you could tell Sansa was jealous of Danny
Krystal Buenrostro
Krystal Buenrostro - Month ago
He couldn’t be the lord of Winterville but he can be king. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
I used to be liberal I`m sorry
Those Bran imitations lmao
fat - Month ago
I thought most if not all of the Dothraki died during the war against the White Walkers? Yet there were so many still alive. I thought they used everything they could during that war? How does her second dragon get taken down so easily, but Drogon doesn't even get hit during the last battle, yet one greedy boi can hit the same dragon? Why is Sam a grand meister? Probably because of Bran, but it didn't describe that. Why is greedy boi master of coin? He should of been killed with his antic, or at least not hired to be apart of any council since he is the most untrustworthy character. Daenery's wasn't in anyway built up to what she did. I honestly thought when she flew at the tower she was gonna take out Cersei and then end the war, yet we had so much time dedicated to her burning down the city, and Arya running through the city. Why is Sansa's character written so badly? She has been the biggest bitch with little to no explanation for why. Bran would be great as a council member, or the king of the north, yet he became King? Jon made the most sense being King, and Grey Worm's reaction to him killing her, and to her killing the city was so disconnected. Like ik he respected her and wanted to follow her to the end, but after seeing her change of character, he should of known that what Jon did was right. Why did Dragon even burn down the throne? With how Grey Worm's character is written, it made no sense him allowing Jon to go to the North, or why he let Tyrion live. He was ruthless with any other order from the "Queen", yet did no go through with killing the people who defied her? It would of made sense that he didn't even put Tyrion on trial. How did anyone find out that Jon even killed Daenerys'? Did he tell them? Drogon took off with her body, there would have only been blood as evidence. The build up to Jon killing her was so garbage. How is the building where the council meeting is being held even intact? How far in the future are we? Idk how in the future it was when he was going to be put on trial, but it's hilarious that it was enough time to have Sansa meet up with everyone as Winterfell is so long away. Also the reaction Jon's family had to him going was so lackluster and dumb. What happened to all this destiny bs and "Jon has the right to know" that Bran was spouting? I am genuinely so disappointed in all of this.

The thing I liked about Game of Thrones was how brutally realistic it was. Drogon should of been killed. The war should have pursued with problems leading to Daenery's having to kill civilians. Arya should of had a chance to try kill Cersei, but got stopped along the way, leading to Jaime or The Hound stepping in for her. The hound killing his brother should of gone smoother, but still lead to them both dying. Jon should have become king. Daenery's should have still gone crazy, and then have her followers reject her, or be killed off mainly during the war, having her following be diminished. Tyrion should of been killed for betrayal, pushing along the hate wagon for Daenery's. All that leading to Daenery's being betrayed still, but not having a following that supported her. Jaime being killed with Cersei should of still happened, but in a different fashion. Bran should have become king of Winterfell. Arya should of still gone west. Should of had more build up to all of this, and at least another season to flesh out a lot of the details. At least with an ending like this, I would have been happy. It seemed that it was all leading to this, but it took a complete nose dive off course. I'm not a writer and there would be errors with this happening aswell, but it is sure better than how it actually ended.
Erised Moon
Erised Moon - Month ago
6:45 your rant about "wanting" had me laughing; it was so philosophical, it kinda gave me brain fart. XD
Adam Edward Azaire
Adam Edward Azaire - Month ago
Nick McDonald
Nick McDonald - Month ago
The second season of True Detective was better than the final season of Game of Thrones.
No Name
No Name - Month ago
If his hands were tied, he wouldn't be able to speak
Bang Arang
Bang Arang - Month ago
Sunzu49 - Month ago
Me upon learning that Disney Italia fired the original creators of the WITCH comics and changed the course of the story entirely.
Bang Arang
Bang Arang - Month ago
John should of been Stag of Roberts and both him and D should of been king and queen. That way this rushed jacked series would of been better.
Bang Arang
Bang Arang - Month ago
GOT slapped every fan and audiance member in the face after season 4 or 5. They still act like they are a legend and they are nothing of the sort. What a joke!
Hassan Alamoudi
Hassan Alamoudi - Month ago
The enemy for humans are humans this season was great
Peter Lee
Peter Lee - Month ago
Jeremy Jahns your friends at collider loved season 8 and are being apologists for it. Rocha thinks Dany is supposed to be a good person and doesn't get that she's supposed to be shown in a negative light LOL.

Is this why you left collider? Because you realized they just consume and love everything?
Hassan Alamoudi
Hassan Alamoudi - Month ago
Jeremy I love your videos but some facts you said about this season is wrong
Hassan Alamoudi
Hassan Alamoudi - Month ago
Jon parentage was actually made to make deaneyrs mad bran said it to samwell so he could sit on the iron thrones and to be honest I kinda of liked it
SlasherPsych_2989_xXx - Month ago
Tbh the ending didn’t really piss me off I was fine with it. The atrocious season as a whole and awful writing that came with it was the let down.
ryder mccall
ryder mccall - 2 months ago
I loved this ending.
ryder mccall
ryder mccall - 2 months ago
Not ALL the noble people were slavers, some of the people she crucified were against slavery. She just executed them because they weren’t slaves.
tristrisX - 2 months ago
@Jeremy jahns I have never been so disappointed in my entire life
Biscuit Boi
Biscuit Boi - 2 months ago
There should have been 10 seasons. 1 more season to deal with the White Walkers and they're armies, ending maybe with Dany taking the throne. And then 1 more season, dealing with her, giving her more justification for the things shes doing/would potentially do. As it stands, this season limped across the finish line. Not exciting, not fulfilling, just rushed.
Sean Sanguinet
Sean Sanguinet - 2 months ago
I honestly think all the problems with this season come from episode 4. That episode ruined the characters. If that episode was good than the rest of the season would've been great.
KAE Official
KAE Official - 2 months ago
Yes, I think it could have been a more detailed season, but the outcries for re-write/film....nahhh, they already fuggged it up, move on. I also agree on all your points as I felt the same. Jon dry snitching on himself...well, he couldn't lie to Cersei so.....yeah. All in all, I am glad Jon had the decency not to smash his aunt off one or two, or three more times ala Jaime (i probably woulda....that dragon cooch is I heard :/ ).
Trustworthy McLegitimate
Trustworthy McLegitimate - 2 months ago
Jeremy Jahns on the Red Wedding video, "I'll tell you this though I don't even...,
that continent can rot for all I give a shit. Come on Khaleesi - come over with the Dragons like yeah, TURN IT TO ASH. they're either assholes who need to die or they're damaged beyond repair and they probably should die out of mercy.
sorry. "
C Brown
C Brown - 2 months ago
The season felt rushed....that sums it up
Echost Studio
Echost Studio - 2 months ago
Now Game of Thrones fans understand how's Star Wars fans feel and
I was unfortunate enough to be both
Robin Banks
Robin Banks - 2 months ago
Tyrion forgot to mention Joffrey when comparing Dany’s tyranny to his family.
momarist - 2 months ago
Mixed bag? Right.
TWSTF 8 - 2 months ago
(It's a Tyrion joke, (clearly lol) usually told by someone who shares his...

I once walked into a Brothel with a Honeycomb and a Jackass,
The Madam said, "Good Morning, How can we help you?"
"I need a woman to lie with, for mine has left me."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, but what's with the Honeycomb and Jackass?"
"Oh, well I brought home a lamp, and while the Mrs. was cleaning it, you know, wiping off the dust, POOF!
Out POPPED a Genie!"
"Ooh!" Said the Madam
And for freeing him from his small prison, he granted her three wishes. Anything she asked of him.
And, without hesitation, she wished to have a house fit for a Queen! And POOF!
There appeared this Honeycomb!"
"Oh, no!" The Madam said.
She was undaunted though, and for her second wish demanded the Nicest Ass in all Seven Kingdoms, and, POOF!
There appeared this Jackass!"
"And her third wish?"
"For her third wish," I answered, "You'd think she'd have become a little apprehensive, but she immediately demanded that I, her husband, would have a cock that hung down past my knees."
"Well, that's a relief!"
"You would think, so." I told her,
"Except POOF!
I was no longer six foot three!" 😉👍
stephen shorrock
stephen shorrock - 2 months ago
I must be the only one that liked season 8😂😂😂
Foxbody Boogie
Foxbody Boogie - 2 months ago
I keep hearing how Daenaerys’ descent should’ve been drawn out over more seasons. What?! She had been descending into madness the entire time she had the dragons! At every available opportunity, she imposed herself upon sovereign nations and if they didn’t bend the knee, she threatened to “Dracarys” them! I don’t know how anyone could miss that she was becoming exactly what she hated from the moment Drogon was able to spit fire. She became completely drunk on the power she was usurping pretty early on.
I really enjoyed the ending and how it was paced. To me, it just felt action packed. The only thing that really angered me was Arya killing the Night King—that Kill should’ve been Jon’s, no question. Also Jon should’ve taken the crown, he was not only the obvious choice but the RIGHT choice. He knows how to lead AND he was chosen by everyone in the north. But, I can understand why he wasn’t chosen...his lineage canceled him out of the bid, so Bran getting the crown didn’t bother me. He was the next male successor in a family that had been unjustly betrayed so many times. Part of me would’ve rather Sansa rule Westeros. Her character stood with unfaltering poise and she never let anything that happen to her engulf her in anger or rash decisions. Was she a little timid? Yeah, but she was also lucid and not blood-thirsty like Arya. I felt if not Jon, she seemed to be the most obvious choice.
I notice a lot of feminists hate the outcome because what we saw throughout the show was how many women aimed at these positions of power (proclaiming to rule better than men) only to succumb to the same temptations—but a lot faster and to a more dangerous degree. They all were dictators in the making, driven almost solely by the ability to retaliate on the men around them in the name of their own personal definition of “justice”. It’s EXACTLY like the stereotypical college freshmen...the second they get that first taste of unconstrained freedom from their parents, they act with zero abandon. They haven’t learned how to properly balance the gravity of living in a world that no longer constrains their actions while knowing that it all comes with a WEALTH of consequences. That that freedom isn’t without cost.
Daenerys was just Remodeling
I love your Bran description lmao . Accurate.
PS. How TF was the reaction to Dany dying just a shrug
Syklone - 2 months ago
Six episodes was WAY too few, even though they were extended. There was no breathing space at all, and it felt like the writers had run out of ideas. Everything felt forced, rushed, and breezed over to the point where it was underwhelming. This season needed MORE episodes, not fewer. 10-12 would have given time to develop the motivations and reasons for what was happening instead of just slapping it on the screen. I didn't have a problem with what happened, but there were next to no explanations for it or any build up.
They could "technically" go back and film more episodes to slot between the existing ones and flesh things out, but that'll never happen and they made a cunt of it.
Jason Minns
Jason Minns - 2 months ago
I felt like Bran was chosen as a safe temporary king, until time and the people crowned Jon Snow. I felt like that was Tyrion's motive. I did think it was cheesy when they all laughed after Samwell said, "let's let the people choose the king." But, I guess that's true to power and hierarchy.
PhantomMatrix - 2 months ago
Would be cool if Tyrion took his brother's metal hand and turns it into an Infinity Gaunlet and change history. lol
PhantomMatrix - 2 months ago
I never thought young Professor X would take the 6 Kingdoms. lol
Skyler Giammona
Skyler Giammona - 2 months ago
My history teacher said I wasted 9 years of my life
muazam ali qureshi alhashme
D & D suck. They are frauds
Ev R
Ev R - 2 months ago
So many things I will never understand... I’m not going to even waist energy. They completely ruined a perfect show
Andrea F.
Andrea F. - 2 months ago
John should have been King. Why was he a targaryen if not to be king? Also, Dragon: You killed my mom! Now I'm going to kill the iron throne?? Dumb.
Mohamed Gargat
Mohamed Gargat - 2 months ago
Damn they could have called for Ivar the boneless to be king instead this baby face cripple Bran
Arya needed a reason to take shower so went for short walk in a burnt city and got covered with dust and ash
Donovan - 3 months ago
No one seems to understand "Subverting Expectations" where the unexpected happens. GOT would have been even greater had Tony Stark's Iron Man shown up and killed Cersei Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen. No one would expect that at all with masterful "Subverting Expectations". .... Also, Drogon realized Daenerys was killed by a knife, so he destroyed the army of knives disguised as a throne. .... /s
William Haynes
William Haynes - 3 months ago
Sam cures Mormont from grey scale
Smurf - 3 months ago
I really loved the ending of Game of Thrones. It totally made sense to me. Its a shame I'm in the minority.
Ravenclaw BNed
Ravenclaw BNed - 3 months ago
Bran: I don’t want to be king
*couple episodes later*
Tyrion: Will you be king?
Bran: 😏
Rand Wulf
Rand Wulf - 3 months ago
One of the worst seasons of any series, ever.
airborneinfantry23 - 3 months ago
I literally said that about Jon! Soooo since they left can I stay now?😂
Tristan Todd
Tristan Todd - 3 months ago
I wish cersi would have died in a way we cheered not cried
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