Kamala Harris Talks 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana, Criminal Justice Reform + More

Some Guy
Some Guy - 2 days ago
Remember your votes dont count. Your votes are just suggestions for the electoral college. That's why I dont vote, the systems a joke.
Hmm - 3 days ago
Yess everybody in the comment section!!! 🙌🙌👏👏.
Y’all woke!!
She’s a corporate democrat! No real change here.
Bernie , Yang, or Tulsi!!!!
Rachel Raya
Rachel Raya - 7 days ago
ask her some fucking questions! Whats up with this!
She hasnt said shit!!! How , how she is going to do anything???? Bernie had real concerns and real answers with real talk!!!!
WndrWmn72 A
WndrWmn72 A - 8 days ago
So according to Kamala Harris, all black people smoke weed and listen to rap? Awesome stereotype!
mohammad abdul aziz
mohammad abdul aziz - 10 days ago
She's more indian than black .
Jesse Rocker
Jesse Rocker - 10 days ago
Kamala Harris Is a vote pandering, socialist, hair-hat. Trump hater. If I could get my hands on her I would choker her. She's a mean-spirited, power-hungry, obnoxious offensive, stinky hair hat. She will ruin this country like the left have ruined Detroit and other major metropolitan areas. Did I mention she's a stinky hair hat?
Sir Setherton
Sir Setherton - 10 days ago
I was born black and I'll die black (and half South Indian). Just forget about her MOTHER'S side of the family right? 🤔🤥 And "why did she marry white if she's so BLACK" ? It would have been more acceptable if her husband was black? Good lord. Can we get over this already?
Tha Block Thinka
Tha Block Thinka - 15 days ago
I'm so happy my people don't not fall for kamala Harris's BS she aint us and not for us
Maurice Milles Mansa
Maurice Milles Mansa - 15 days ago
Kamala Harris is a Canadian she's not from Oakland, make her produce her Birth Certificate and I want to see 30 people that know her from elementary, Junior High and High School verify her claim to be from Oakland
Maurice Milles Mansa
Maurice Milles Mansa - 15 days ago
Kamala Harris sent Black mothers to jail for a living. Kamala Harris separated Black mothers from their children when she sent poor Black women to jail with those truancy laws she used to attack the Black family.
Joseph Ivey
Joseph Ivey - 15 days ago
I love her.
Theodore Coleman
Theodore Coleman - 16 days ago
She is against ADOS reparations. What is her true loyalty. We need a real person that will fight for us..
B.Michael Brown
B.Michael Brown - 16 days ago
We need a claud anderson interview
Raabia Muhammad
Raabia Muhammad - 17 days ago
Antwan Frasier
Antwan Frasier - 18 days ago
She seems comfortable with Charlamagne a convicted RAPIST.
lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t
You listened to tupac in 1987 while u were in college,why don't I have those songs,oh wait,he didn't release music till after u left college....lol you a "hot sauce" talker
no hypocrites
no hypocrites - 19 days ago
Yall might not like this but Kamala was the 1 who implemented if yo kids dont go to school you go to jail then said it was a fear tactic at least trump dumb enough to show his hand and I know what ima get from him
Brian Jameson
Brian Jameson - 20 days ago
I'm really struggling to figure out how you guys have so much hate for her. If she wins the nomination, you're going to vote her. Period. And if you think for one second about not getting Drumpf out of office, I want you out of this country.
Brent Foster
Brent Foster - Day ago
Brian Jameson Because, if the truth be told, they basically want the black version of Trump to represent them. They want their representative to basically go in guns blazing, and only focus on thing that concern them. Forget everybody else. They’re only focusing on their own selfish, though warranted, wants. That does not and will not want. Then, they want to be under this #ADOS brand, as if they speak for all of us. They don’t.
Lah Doh Tun
Lah Doh Tun - 21 day ago
Can u guys vote for her or a female candidate? I wanna see how a woman president shape USA. Im tired of these old white men, i loved Obama tho
Tha Block Thinka
Tha Block Thinka - 15 days ago
I'll vote for a women as a candidate as long as it's not Clinton or harris
kingtorta - 21 day ago
With so many Demorats running in 2020, you all getting Trump elected again. Just by all the comments you have burn bros & yang gangs 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Lionheart Roar
Lionheart Roar - 22 days ago
Cameltoe wants illegals in droves.....no way!
Desmond McCarter
Desmond McCarter - 22 days ago
I love her ... I'm British but would have her lead our country ANY day of the week
Brent Foster
Brent Foster - Day ago
Desmond McCarter Those of us are smart want the same thing.
MrPolo56789 - 23 days ago
As a person of color, I find her questionable. She may have been the DA, but she sent so many black and brown people to jail for non-violent crimes, but she decided not to prosecute steven mnuchin.... who the United States Secretary of the Treasury for trump and other rich people. In the state of California, she is embedded into swampy politics. I first liked her, but a deep research into her background makes me wonder who she is. And literally, when asked about her criminal DA history, she cant even give you a straight answer. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/17/opinion/kamala-harris-criminal-justice.html
Mukoro Oweh, Jr.
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. - 23 days ago
what if shes the right one people although thanks I got mote info about her in comment section thank you all now Im a bit doubtful to consider her but maybe we should reconsider she may mean well
Brent Foster
Brent Foster - Day ago
I wouldn’t trust the limited opinions of this comment section. Their point of view is restricted and full of holes. They want a “Black President”, not the President of the United States. They could care less about the rest of the country, they just want their “check”.
Mukoro Oweh, Jr.
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. - 22 days ago
MrPolo56789 wow thank you much for the info I will click the link
cartgamerYT carter
cartgamerYT carter - 23 days ago
She's Willie Brown's whore.
MrPolo56789 - 23 days ago
As a person of color, I find her questionable. She may have been the DA, but she sent so many black and brown people to jail for non-violent crimes, but she decided not to prosecute steven mnuchin.... who United States Secretary of the Treasury for trump and other rich people. In the state of California, she is embedded into swampy politics. I first liked her, but a deep research into her background makes me wonder who she is . And literally, when asked about her criminal DA history, she cant even give you a straight answer. www.nytimes.com/2019/01/17/opinion/kamala-harris-criminal-justice.html
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson - 26 days ago
Yang Gang
Jeff Bergi
Jeff Bergi - 26 days ago
Sometimes the ones we hate are the ones we need. Power of the womb.
john smith
john smith - 29 days ago
shit i came to this country when i was in the 4th grade and couldn't even speak english
john smith
john smith - 29 days ago
man she is a great politician say a lot of word with no meaning.
Tbig13002 - 29 days ago
I love Kamala in the senate, especially during Kavanaugh's auditions but I don't feel she's genuine here. Can't tell why but I don't trust her.
MrPolo56789 - 23 days ago
Same here As a person of color, I find her questionable. She may have been the DA, but she sent so many black and brown people to jail for non-violent crimes, but she decided not to prosecute steven mnuchin.... who the United States Secretary of the Treasury for trump and other rich people. In the state of California, she is embedded into swampy politics. I first liked her, but a deep research into her background makes me wonder who she is. And literally, when asked about her criminal DA history, she cant even give you a straight answer. www.nytimes.com/2019/01/17/opinion/kamala-harris-criminal-justice.html
MY Videos
MY Videos - Month ago
She married to a white man Douglas Emhoff she is not for blackman don't even love black man enough to marry one she do not support black respiration
BurglaaR Tv
BurglaaR Tv - Month ago
Panders to blacks, uses reparations to draw back the crucial 20% black vote Democrats lost to Trump due to Kanye.
Nikki N
Nikki N - Month ago
All these comments and yet she is polling a strong third, most think she is the best candidate to challenge Biden, she consistently has the highest ratings for CNN Town Halls and most are predicting her to win the primary and seriously challenge Biden. Yall mad or not? 😂😂😂
cartgamerYT carter
cartgamerYT carter - Day ago
+Brent Foster Look at the like to dislike ratiofor this video alone. Kamala is poison. Black people ain't voting for no cop whose record is as shitty as hers. The CBC is telling Biden to pick Willie's whore as his running mate. May as well just give it toTrump. already. Look at this shit. She's not going to be president ruvideos.org/Qo2482G1gog-video.html
Brent Foster
Brent Foster - Day ago
cartgamerYT carter Ya might wanna speak for YOURSELF about her not having the black vote...
Brent Foster
Brent Foster - Day ago
They’re EXTRA mad, but if she gets the nomination, and if Trump MIRACULOUSLY gets the nomination again, I know who they WON’T be voting for.
cartgamerYT carter
cartgamerYT carter - 23 days ago
+Nikki N Still think Willie Brown's whore is going to make it?😂
Nikki N
Nikki N - Month ago
+cartgamerYT carter LOL, I am SUPER confident and she is 4th behind flash in the pan Buttigieg
Jermaine Long
Jermaine Long - Month ago
Been reading the comments, and I see a lot of "us" measuring candidates to an impossible standard. Let's be a bit more realistic and cast out vote to the candidate with that's working to be a president that has the country's best interest in mind, she did her job as a DA and then some and looks like her ideas and motives gave grown and now wants to try and make a difference in our society. Sooooo Wake up Jesus doesn't exist, stop trying to find the Jesus candidate, e reasonable and let's vote for the best outcome perfect is not realistic
Brent Foster
Brent Foster - Day ago
Jermaine Long THANK YOU!!!!!!
Joshua Albert
Joshua Albert - Month ago
I like her. Haven't heard anything I seriously disagree with yet. I love her ideas about giving tax credits to people making under 100k, and pwople whose rent and utilities are over 30% of their income.
As long as I don't hear her say anything stupid, she's got my vote.
Deepti Pattabhi
Deepti Pattabhi - Month ago
Most of what she said in here is self-evident. We all know that the system is deeply flawed, but how exactly are you going to change that as president? We know that if we don't participate, things will not happen. Instead of using this platform to firmly stance yourself on your specific implementations as a president, you talked about listening to Tupac and Biggie, smoking weed (you're a prosecutor?), and talked about the obvious ways to help African- Americans. Do you know why certain counties have low employment and college graduation rates? It's because of the lack of quality k-12 education! And not all of those communities are African- American dominated. If we provide scholastic equity for ALL, and if we target the root problem rather than the racial demographics, those problems will resolve sooner. The United States of America is made up of so many racial- lineages and cultures that as a citizen of America, I would like to see a president that looks out for all Americans.
Deepti Pattabhi
Deepti Pattabhi - Month ago
+Nikki NThanks so much! I haven't seen this article yet I'll check it out.
Nikki N
Nikki N - Month ago
+Deepti Pattabhi This article was super helpful to me. They broke it all the way down: www.vox.com/platform/amp/future-perfect/2019/1/30/18183769/democrat-poverty-plans-2020-presidential-kamala-harris-booker-gillibrand
Deepti Pattabhi
Deepti Pattabhi - Month ago
​+Nikki N Her LIFT Act isn't something completely new, it's just the EITC but the basis of credit size differs. Tax- credit is a pretty obvious solution because it has been implemented in America for a while. Also, all I got from the Rent Equity Act here is that 60% of "Black- households" will be lifted by tax- credit. My point is that tax- credit is self- evident because it is already implemented in American society, and yes, the existing tax credit has many flaws. I did a bit of reading on both acts to understand their benefits over existing acts and plans. But the way she described them in this video, in short, just said that she would implement tax- credit for rent and income, which doesn't really provide us with anything advancing.
Nikki N
Nikki N - Month ago
She literally gave specific details for her LIFT Act, her Rent Equity Act, and her initiative for Black Women when it comes to medicine
Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson - Month ago
i left the u out marijuana but i listen to rap
odkureni - Month ago
Gave herself away at pork
Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson - Month ago
WHATS IS THIs with drugs marajana ant even healthy these rappers all snoopdog say is words unknowledge or unintelligent words hes borring he make money off saying fushizil my nissle some none understandable wrds drugs ant goning to make stuff better rapper ant real businessmen they just say word dumb people in jail go with most successful 2 joint or 1 say none They dont keep dong herb so call drugs it to mush thc is noingly in reality dangerous I DONT NO WHAT IS THIS WITH DRUGS
Rahel Tesfaye
Rahel Tesfaye - Month ago
Sorry I like Bernie!
dallaskyd - Month ago
Man this lady ain’t for the people, she’s for the companies.. WE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU LADY.
dallaskyd - Month ago
Al i heard this interview was, “BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK AND BLACK.”
NO for me 🤣
dallaskyd - Month ago
14:43 Dj envy instead of saying, “A lot of black people” he could’ve said, “A lot of minorities.” Dislike 👎 on top of all the bs this lady is talking bout
NDNstrength - Month ago
Seems like Hillary. Very much a politician and not a real.
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight - Month ago
Trump2020 y'all
shaaronie - Month ago
Kissing billionaire butt makes your breath stink. Get that bag! Yang 2020!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
Lyin betch!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
Betch prounounce her name COMMA-la and dat prove she NOT black!! A black betch would pronounce her name co-MALLA!!
Robert Francis
Robert Francis - Month ago
Kamala Harris put more blacks in Jail than Donald Trump deported Mexicans. Since when does this lady care about blacks lol she put y'all in jail.
Ask he if she will pay reparations since her great grandparents were Brutal slave owners and plantation owners. Lol once again black retards getting bamboozled.
#AndrewYang 2020
#AndrewYang 2020 - Month ago
Andrew Yang 2020
Ronald Cadogan W
Ronald Cadogan W - Month ago
The first shot across the bow of kamala Harris presidential bid is that she'll get in bed to further her ambition. A la the Willie Brown revelation. Which indicates she is scandal prone. If she was to make any serious traction towards the presidency white media would find enough scandals from her past to make a # me too movement all her own. Whether it be true or not. Truth no longer matters in America.And oh yes there is the fact of Willie Brown. At that point the white media would make sure there be no doubt how black she is and representative of the American black women. The biggest closet whore known to mankind. Thanks kamala but no thanks ill have to pass on your bid
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Hamilton - Month ago
I forgot how to respond to......other people...........and I wont.
Jay Moore
Jay Moore - Month ago
The 1st candidate to state she has an agenda for blacks..Yesss!
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson - Month ago
wayne mecus
wayne mecus - Month ago
Why don't you guys ever invite candace Owens on?? Because you can't stray from the party line ??
Alexander Kostrzewa
Alexander Kostrzewa - Month ago
Oof, yeah, the way she talks about "Americans earning under 100,000 dollars a year" is pretty painful. As though a software engineer earning 90k and a grocery clerk earning minimum wage are having anywhere near the same experience.
Alexander Kostrzewa
Alexander Kostrzewa - Month ago
+Nikki N ah yes, those poor dual-income households scraping by on a mere 80 grand. Who will ever take care of them.
Nikki N
Nikki N - Month ago
It's 100,000 a year per household. Do some damn research.
Alexander Kostrzewa
Alexander Kostrzewa - Month ago
Hoo boy. I think she talked about cooking more than about policy proposals. Yikes.
Everett Roberts
Everett Roberts - Month ago
her past is difficult to square. but if it comes to her vs trump? going with her. every time.
Thisisyour Fact-Check
Thisisyour Fact-Check - Month ago
Kenny Moore
Kenny Moore - Month ago
I love this woman. This country needs you Kamala.
Nova Yellow
Nova Yellow - Month ago
why does she sound like Paula Abdule on drugs?
Herb Young
Herb Young - Month ago
Black Hillary dodging questions like Barry Sanders........
Budda Baby
Budda Baby - Month ago
Okay so I agree about this whole Trump thing. But I can't with this lady. Also, talking about babies being separated from their parents... I don't know if y'all know this. But many of those pictures that were put all over the place were from the Obama Administration. Obama did the same thing. And I love Obama. So if you going to hate on Trump for separating kids from their parents at the border, you got to hate Obama too. Don't believe me look it up.
NPCito - Month ago
Man! She looks SO uncomfortable and out of place talking to these guys.
Mia M
Mia M - Month ago
Brooo why does it matter if she married white, tf?
NPCito - Month ago
Mia M Because they’re a bunch of racists, that’s why they care. And because she’s a black woman. If it were a black man marrying white, these dudes would all be applauding him and would be like “Yup! That’s wuz up! That’s wuz up, bro!”
Hudson Hawk6
Hudson Hawk6 - Month ago
Talking about the ghettos and skin color isn’t going to cut it anymore, show me the money 💰 Trump!!! 2020
Hudson Hawk6
Hudson Hawk6 - Month ago
😂, I just did the same thing and the first thing I read was your comment about going straight down to the comment section😂😂😂.
Shaundra Mone'
Shaundra Mone' - Month ago
What about mass incarceration of people of color? 🐍💩
Bzy Beast
Bzy Beast - Month ago
She married white? Sorry boo niggas ain't going
Matthew Masterson
Matthew Masterson - Month ago
Reading through the posts, with people saying "No" to her, makes me a happy camper. We are looking for new ideas and to move forward rather dealing with another corporate Democrat! That's a big "No" on Corey Booker as well. This is not going to beat Trump!
Smart Shodunke
Smart Shodunke - Month ago
It's a no for me
Big Bird
Big Bird - Month ago
Ignorant woman! She is a nut!
Societal Deformity
Societal Deformity - Month ago
38:12 for the snoop dog and 2pac thing
Arusha Braithwaite
Arusha Braithwaite - Month ago
Andrew Yang ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
Alex Rosales
Alex Rosales - Month ago
Fuk kamala harris corrupt as bich
Mia M
Mia M - Month ago
Eiind - Month ago
Nothing about healthcare? Cmon...
Sharon Tikalsky Miller
I love Kamala Harris but I'm looking at all the candidates. she has a good message
DeShawn Peterson
DeShawn Peterson - Month ago
I hope they get Elizabeth Warren up there. TBC ask the best questions.
Marc T
Marc T - Month ago
They treated her with a LOT more respect than they did Bernie Sanders. Even though Bernies policies are wayyy better and has a proven 60 year history of fighting Social Injustice and racism, fighting for black lives, marched with Dr King, got arrested demonstrating for Civil Rights. Theyd rather support this Black Hillary Clinton wannabe. Nahh man thats some bullshit right there!.
Killer of White Supremacy and Coons
Kamala is full of shit and Bernie is a racist Jew no vote
SpiritedAway Eleven
SpiritedAway Eleven - Month ago
Yang Gang!
Gregjh126 - Month ago
I'm glad people are waking up to the race hustling but can we turn it against the people who've done it for years like Al Sharpton
KennC12 - Month ago
And Canada was so pleased to have you with us even for a brief time :)
Collins for U.S. President
This woman can be many many things. She can do many many things and she has done them. But she will never be President of the United States.Politics is not about right and wrong. Politics is not about what's legal and what's illegal. Politics is a contest of IDEAS. An arena of which all politicians have some sort of ideology of what america should be. Then they sell their positions to other politicians to support and vote on. It's not a court room. It's not a church. It's not about feelings. It's about Rationale. It's about serving people who love and hate you.
Elaine L
Elaine L - Month ago
Fake as hell.
Lorelei McBroom
Lorelei McBroom - Month ago
I wanted to check her out in this setting because I have found her to be phoney. Personally I prefer Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg. I also like Tulsi Gabbard. But Ms. Harris appears to be Hillary lite (or dark :) ) Not buying what she's selling.
Miss desire Independance
Andrew Yang plan sounds better. $1000 a month would be a better lift out of proverty than$250 per person.
blakwolf37 - Month ago
ask her about willie brown....go ahead
blakwolf37 - Month ago
this is whats called pandering folks
Illya Ross
Illya Ross - Month ago
Sorry, I WILL NOT vote for another Democrat or Republican until change actually happens. She was ruthless toward the black community when she was a prosecutor! No for me!
E Pz
E Pz - Month ago
She fucks up alot I bet I don't make enough money ew
E Pz
E Pz - Month ago
Harris supposed as a rockstar
Elliott Blaize
Elliott Blaize - Month ago
She talking about corporations and she sitting with a Starbucks cup 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
TBG_ Dies_1st
TBG_ Dies_1st - Month ago
Reparations for Black People
1. Make black People exempt from federal income tax for the number of years equal to slavery, Jim Crow, and legal segregation.
2. Create a stipend that black People can have access to indefinitely that allows black people over time to create generational wealth.
3. And or both.
Anything else is fucking stupid.
JiveAt5 - Month ago
The Cuckfest Club
WeirdozChannel - Month ago
I just disliked the video and went down to the comments
Adam Gruds
Adam Gruds - Month ago
ikr Andrew Yang 2020
Really Now
Really Now - Month ago
Andrew Yang 2020 let's get it!
Punkyagogo - Month ago
He needs that pink hat in his official store.
Pablo Chavez
Pablo Chavez - Month ago
She definitely likes the white man....Rich Powererful white men .
Pablo Chavez
Pablo Chavez - Month ago
Another democrat calling for climate change....old tricks like government cheese work on black people and year after year but keep voting democrat
There goes Charlemagne race baiting again
Isaias Jimenez
Isaias Jimenez - Month ago
Bernie was drilled a hell of a lot more than Kamala.
Pacifica2181 - Month ago
She’s on one. Trump 2020.
Angie Renee
Angie Renee - Month ago
Bruh. Y’all know I got to work in the morning, but sitting here scrolling through these comments... for 3,252 minutes 😂😂😂
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