Little Mix - Salute (Official Video)

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IP SAVAGE - 4 hours ago
All of your songs about women’s make something new come on you deserve dislike :)
Chen Murasaki
Chen Murasaki - 5 hours ago
Is it OK that this makes me feel empowered as a male feminist??
Damian Cooks
Damian Cooks - 17 hours ago
I may be misinterpreting the song but I'm a Staff Sergeant United States Army I have had a lot of my brothers and sisters in arms die for this country and they do not know how to salute because you do not salute unless you are military and unless you've been through hell and back
Sharon Emsley
Sharon Emsley - Day ago
When women support woman 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Cleo Anosike
Cleo Anosike - Day ago
Love your vids. This particular vid has a Powerful message about not underestimating women. We are more than pretty women. We are hardworking plus strong. We never give up. (Nice touch of undeniably soothing, beautiful and cordinated voices of harmony by the way.) 😀😎😍
Cleo Anosike
Cleo Anosike - Day ago
Me * hears about salute..... (*Doubts it*)

Later -

Wow ..... I change my mind. Powerful voices to carry out a message about women. Just don't underestimate us. Salute indeed.👍☺💕 (PS I love your vids little mix)
Naomi Noemi
Naomi Noemi - Day ago
Kevser Uğur
Kevser Uğur - Day ago
beautychickens - Day ago
I’m listening to this in hot weather and I still got chills
Daniel Ewenkhare
Daniel Ewenkhare - 2 days ago
Who’s listening in 2019?
Daniel Ewenkhare
Daniel Ewenkhare - 2 days ago
Juan Wilson
Juan Wilson - 2 days ago
Who's listening in 2019?
Lulu CS
Lulu CS - 2 days ago
WWE evolution song
Demonica_ Gxming
Demonica_ Gxming - 2 days ago
This will never get old.
Katze Katze
Katze Katze - 3 days ago
American Patriot
American Patriot - 3 days ago
Level Dance Project does an awesome routine to this song!
Dina Henock
Dina Henock - 3 days ago
Ladies are great and it always make you save the day it's who we are ladies the great.
Rowen Baga
Rowen Baga - 3 days ago
If you want ladys in you war
Why dears man ?
cg standing
cg standing - 2 days ago
what??? are you having a stroke?
Habiba Ezz el Din
Habiba Ezz el Din - 3 days ago
Your the best
melannie - 3 days ago
an underrated bop
Suga seesaw Infires me
Suga seesaw Infires me - 3 days ago
Im still here😹 2019 anyone???
Edit: wah someone liked my comment
Yahye Jama
Yahye Jama - 3 days ago
These women acting like they run shit are actually cringing me out soo much 😖😭
Lucy Jane
Lucy Jane - 3 days ago
Omg! How could you even say that🤬
Carla James
Carla James - 3 days ago
Yes girl's we don't needz no manzz YEZZ
Rebeca Ludman
Rebeca Ludman - 3 days ago
Sigan haciendo canciones haci y todo el mundo las va a amar como yo# amo a las Litle mix
Shanice Kiong
Shanice Kiong - 4 days ago
Yassssssss Show them who’s boss
Sashley Wolf
Sashley Wolf - 4 days ago
World war 3

Prachi Ranjan
Prachi Ranjan - 4 days ago
If any doubts that little mix girls are not awesome then they should probably watch this video
Maria Lourdes Esmero
Maria Lourdes Esmero - 4 days ago
Jade:if your with me women
Me:of course anything for you
joslynrosey - 4 days ago
S A L U T E!!!
Stephanie Amoa
Stephanie Amoa - 4 days ago
What a guy can do, a woman can do better
Lucy Jane
Lucy Jane - 3 days ago
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur - 5 days ago
Feeling at cloud nine for some reason😋
Christian Gaming!
Christian Gaming! - 5 days ago
This is old!
Mirzana Rahman
Mirzana Rahman - 5 days ago
5 years and I still know all the words
Absolute banger
paige Hammond
paige Hammond - 6 days ago
This song is amazing it has a message telling women to stand by each other when theres break ups xxxxxxxxc
Christian Gaming!
Christian Gaming! - 6 days ago
This is a fortnite dance
That High Guy
That High Guy - 6 days ago
Anyone else came here from Belle dancing in Love Island??
hannah arabejo
hannah arabejo - 6 days ago
July 2019 anyone?
Listening to their songs at once and now im a mixer 😍💓 theyre so cool
Tania Hernández
Tania Hernández - 6 days ago
For my zumba class!!
Christian Gaming!
Christian Gaming! - 7 days ago
I will make a decision on the way to make a trip and then we will go ahead of you!
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 7 days ago
they said they were looking for a group
can I join?
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 7 days ago
they have make up on -_-
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 7 days ago
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 7 days ago
you don't need the queen's what?
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 7 days ago
I thought it said statue instead of salute
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 7 days ago
oh yeah I LOVE these kind of songs
Jerry Chen
Jerry Chen - 7 days ago
what's this dramatic sound / song at the start?
Kit Kit
Kit Kit - 7 days ago
Slayventeen Trash
Slayventeen Trash - 7 days ago
july 2019 and i salute salute this epic shxt
Cindy Krishnasing
Cindy Krishnasing - 7 days ago
This is why I love little mix there songs hype me up
Malcolm Joseph
Malcolm Joseph - 7 days ago
In the beginning it sounds like tornado sirens
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