Luna Mae
Luna Mae - Hour ago
I salute to this #femaleempowement
Gacha Pup
Gacha Pup - 2 hours ago
2019 anyone lmao
Ariola Granola
Ariola Granola - 5 hours ago
Omg I always thought it said suck your boots
Waaayyyshel - 9 hours ago
My brother heard me sing this in the bathroom and when I finished he yelled "BOYS ARE BETTER! SHUT THE FUCK UP!"
Happy Days
Happy Days - 10 hours ago
I 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 little mix!!!!!!!!
Hot Chilli
Hot Chilli - 10 hours ago
Troyboi´s remix is waaaaaaay better...
Hot Chilli
Hot Chilli - 4 hours ago
+កូន កម្សត់ In my opinion it is, but I like trap. If you don´t, you may find this version better, that´s okay too
កូន កម្សត់
Thekill el pro
Thekill el pro - Day ago
Alguien habla español no dejo de escuchar esta cancion
Angelica Baez
Angelica Baez - Day ago
I learned the dance
CRY Bäby
CRY Bäby - Day ago
OMG! Who came up for WWE Evolution?
Milana rose
Milana rose - Day ago
Love this song
Abby J.
Abby J. - Day ago
great song, poorly directed mv. tsk
May_B - Day ago
2019 anyone???
Iqra Younis
Iqra Younis - 2 days ago
2019 anyone???
Anita Escarcega
Anita Escarcega - 3 days ago
I love the song
Hafsah Nohman
Hafsah Nohman - 3 days ago
SALUTE to little mix🤤😍😍😍😍😍♥️
Salty Scottiboi
Salty Scottiboi - 3 days ago
Here after the Sick law in alabama... Keep on fighting girls💪💪💪💪
Marta Beganović
Marta Beganović - 3 days ago
Not Telling
Not Telling - 3 days ago
A few weeks ago I was just living my life, I had always be known for having anxiety but I never knew it was as worse as it did get. It was triggered and I felt like I was dying. A lot was going through my head to the point where I did just to want to shut down. I currently take pills to help with my anxiety and I have days where I feel like there's no way out. My anxiety is crippling and holy do I want to give up, but Little Mix has kept me going since they debuted and they will keep me going until the end. This song, and Power, WOW. Thank you Little Mix for this anthem and many more after that. Thank you for being my inspiration. I salute to all the women out there who are also struggling, whether big or small. 💞🙏
Zoza Lolx
Zoza Lolx - 3 days ago
“Ladies, the time has come, the war has begun. Let us stand together. And remember, men fight great, but women are great fighters.”
Adriana Roldan
Adriana Roldan - 4 days ago
come to colombia
Its_strawberry_ gacha
Its_strawberry_ gacha - 4 days ago
Pedro Jardim
Pedro Jardim - 4 days ago
I just now got to know this, because of race chasers podcast kkk
jelmarie oliverio
jelmarie oliverio - 4 days ago
2019 anyone?
VENUGOPALAN G R - 4 days ago
*Watch on~*

Poon Poon
Poon Poon - 4 days ago
CXWORX 19 brings me here
simone makendria
simone makendria - 5 days ago
I love this song soooooooooo much
Awilda Diaz
Awilda Diaz - 5 days ago
2019 wya?
Xxcookie_ WolfxX
Xxcookie_ WolfxX - 5 days ago
Lindy Atkinson
Lindy Atkinson - 5 days ago
jessica spaulding
jessica spaulding - 5 days ago
I LOVE you little mix forever
Octo Girl
Octo Girl - 5 days ago
2019 bois this is epic
Samantha Herron
Samantha Herron - 6 days ago
Doing this with my friend for a dance at school because a boy in our class called us stupid and weak, we even have a special speech for him “ who’s a loser now Ethan”
Scooby-Doo Le Chat
Scooby-Doo Le Chat - 6 days ago
At 3:38 they forgot to replace the green background
Edlyn Cuyos
Edlyn Cuyos - 6 days ago
I really love the song and their dance moves 😍 They're killing it. A big thumbs up to Little Mix 💋💋
xxselasiexx - 7 days ago
2019 and still great!!!
Esmeralda Frontuna
Esmeralda Frontuna - 7 days ago
2019 everyone?
Grezel Tubal
Grezel Tubal - 7 days ago
I love all their mv 😍
Ceyhun Ceylan
Ceyhun Ceylan - 8 days ago
Who is here from K/DA Popstars ?
Amber Rose
Amber Rose - 8 days ago
Ladies it’s time to awake. They can’t stop a hurricane.
Jessie Lioncourt
Jessie Lioncourt - 8 days ago
When a girlband or singer does this 3:08 with their hand, I know shit is gonna be good xD
Saphira Winters
Saphira Winters - 8 days ago
Maybe replace the ladies/women/girls with men/boys etc. Would sound 100,000,000,000 better. 😏😏😏😏😏
Savio David
Savio David - 9 days ago
Little Mix is so amazing. I hope they never NEVER break apart.
Nairobi Hall
Nairobi Hall - 9 days ago
girl power
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia - 9 days ago
Okay but imagine if One Direction collabed with these girls. The world wouldn't be ready.
Starhunter - 10 days ago
*Just wanted to see if there were any WWE Evolution ppv comments.*
Jaira D.
Jaira D. - 10 days ago
Little Mix as K-pop :
Perrie - HyunA
Jade - Yoona
Jesy - CL
Leigh Anne - Hyolyn
Zülal Dindoğru
Zülal Dindoğru - 10 days ago
Ulan ne dinlerdim be
petrova fire
petrova fire - 11 days ago
I can't believe it's been 5 years
John Grays
John Grays - 11 days ago
People are so funny when they perform the same old style!
Todd Leonard
Todd Leonard - 11 days ago
God such a good song. My daughter's dance company (kids) does a routine to this song and it bring tears to my eyes
ifkimingyu - 11 days ago
gesz it's been 5 years already
NightSlade RayX
NightSlade RayX - 11 days ago
Ok I'm a guy and i love this song. Is that wrong? I just think this might be one of my favorite song. Hell I'll say this is definitely top 10 favorite song for me. Shit this is so damn good. Need more love for this song
Khei Productions
Khei Productions - 11 days ago
MD Siblings
MD Siblings - 12 days ago
My sisters always used to listen to this song when I was 4
Marco Rossi
Marco Rossi - 12 days ago
Perry always reminds me of Cobie Smulders in this song 😍😍
Wolfiaa - 12 days ago
bruh they're talking about not needing men but they're dancing with men....
Asa Ness
Asa Ness - 13 days ago
This is my favorite song ❤
MikeWasGuilty - 13 days ago
Their voices sound so powerful. Modern Destiny's Child?
Almond Milk
Almond Milk - 12 days ago
*made in 2014*
Boy Awesomeness
Boy Awesomeness - 13 days ago
kayleigh Alexander
kayleigh Alexander - 14 days ago
Still a bop from day 1 x😍😍
Rupesh Parmar
Rupesh Parmar - 15 days ago
Really they are divas❤️
Jose Hernandez Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Hernandez - 15 days ago
Cuando mi perro estornuda 1:16
WiktoriaW W
WiktoriaW W - 15 days ago
l m
l m - 15 days ago
Anyone in 2k19
Andreea Voinea
Andreea Voinea - 15 days ago
fa. jihan
fa. jihan - 15 days ago
Jade is a great dancer!!
Derris Bynum
Derris Bynum - 15 days ago
Thumbs up if WWE Evolution brought you here the first ever women's PPV in WWE I love the baseline to this song it's 2019 still listening to it.
toree monroe
toree monroe - 15 days ago
Man I remember the days when I sat in my room listening to move, wings ,how ya doin and little me these we my favorite songs and still are
karen iza
karen iza - 15 days ago
Its Shi-Town
Its Shi-Town - 15 days ago
I love pierreeeeeee omg☹😍😍😍
Alexia Lewis
Alexia Lewis - 16 days ago
Alexia Lewis
Alexia Lewis - 16 days ago
Wow this came out 5 years ago
ganja manja
ganja manja - 16 days ago
I am going in military next year. This song really hipes me uppp
min yoonki
min yoonki - 12 hours ago
Good luck!!!
Blackpink is the revolution
Good luck!!!
Cutecat1 Love hamsters
goodluck we all love you all Salute!!❤❤😀
Sean Marshall
Sean Marshall - Day ago
ganja manja good luck with that I salute you!🤟🙋‍♀️
Elyyy - 16 days ago
5 years alreadyyyy !!! 💋
Elizabeth Rivera
Elizabeth Rivera - 16 days ago
Wwe evolution 2018
MikkaElla Mayol
MikkaElla Mayol - 17 days ago
May 2019?
Kay Positive
Kay Positive - 5 days ago
Crescent - 17 days ago
Yeah! My babes killed it in this!
Kakulisa Yumnam
Kakulisa Yumnam - 17 days ago
Anyone in 2019🙋🙋🙋
Jez - 18 days ago
How can I apply?
Birnur Şahin
Birnur Şahin - 18 days ago
Adriana Soler Castelló
Adriana Soler Castelló - 18 days ago
Haïley - 18 days ago
Happy birthday salute 5 years 🎂🎂
Fuedcubegirl123 Rangel
Fuedcubegirl123 Rangel - 18 days ago
Salute all the women! No women should be made fun off, even if they seem not worothy..
Women will always be strong raising their voice all across the world!
Happy anniversary of 5 years!!
Sid Morgan
Sid Morgan - 18 days ago
imagine if they hire the people who created the music videos of kpop idols like BlackPink. This music video would be more amazing!!!!
Bakalaka Studios
Bakalaka Studios - 19 days ago
Happy 5th anniversary!
Lisa Kingdom
Lisa Kingdom - 19 days ago
Happy 5 years😀😀
Marit Scholten
Marit Scholten - 19 days ago
2019 may?
Sophia ashlin
Sophia ashlin - 19 days ago
5 years of this song ♡
Hams Fahad
Hams Fahad - 19 days ago
Mary xxx
Mary xxx - 19 days ago
leighades mix
leighades mix - 19 days ago
happy bday to this song!!
Hania Wers
Hania Wers - 19 days ago
5 years Mixers ❤❤❤
Ines Češnjaj
Ines Češnjaj - 20 days ago
Happy 5 years anniversary!!! Salute!!! 💖💖💖💖💖
lord Micheal
lord Micheal - 20 days ago
yeah shut it's salute
Miko Varo
Miko Varo - 20 days ago
Elle est trop bien !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Courtney Schexneider
Courtney Schexneider - 20 days ago
They looked amazing in this video. Thanka for helping me through my problems
ilovepastasandcookies ONCE
This is a piece of artwork, yet people didn't gave much attention to it smh
Princess Wendy L carillo
Princess Wendy L carillo - 20 days ago
Girl power
Shadowy Echo
Shadowy Echo - 20 days ago
Am I the only one who hears a little bit of Zendaya at the end of each chorus. I’m not accusing them I’m saying that all their voices together kind of make up her voice
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