Devil May Cry 5 - All Character Transformations (Dante, V, Nero, Vergil) DMC5 2019

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bwsofly - Day ago
12:27 I have no comment about this I'm speechless.
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez - 4 days ago
What was up with V's green jacket?
King Mike
King Mike - 6 days ago
못잘 - 10 days ago
Fucking kellin quinn out here killing demons now?
Boboya S.
Boboya S. - 11 days ago
THE KING MELVIN - 13 days ago
Mum: so what im getting is that suicide only makes you stronger?!??, Timmy your never playing this game ever again!!
arvan as'ady
arvan as'ady - 15 days ago
Dante looks like liam neeson
Muchamad Saifurrachman
Muchamad Saifurrachman - 17 days ago
Keliru barange jadi monster parah lagi
Gothic Genius
Gothic Genius - 18 days ago
My favorite part is when Dante goes and says "not gonna die my ass.... That bitch slap nearly killed me" I just busted out laughing
Azwar - 22 days ago
alucard:hey hey not bad 😂
Jordan reed
Jordan reed - 25 days ago
Despite all those in dmc 4 who said that they ascended to becoming angels Nero the man who defied and stopped them, his devil trigger form looks more angelic then most of them with the exception of Credo
StickMan1316 - 27 days ago
what if Neros mom was an angel or Harpy and that why he has those digital wings... it would be a good follow story for the next DMC game if there is in development
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller - 29 days ago
Why’s Dante such an ugly mofo
FocusKill Gaming
FocusKill Gaming - Month ago
Fucken Spoilers!
Snake Messiah
Snake Messiah - Month ago
The story of Billy ray cyrus
KiwisBr - Month ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate the voice acting for Nero? Like whole fuck, Bosch did a brilliant job.
Erchashishaniye - Month ago
nero looks like an angel instead of a demon is it because of his mother's blood
Thanh Hiền Nguyễn Thị
Samurai lót xoạc
Id Ku
Id Ku - Month ago
Fufu gak ya kak Ega telah ini adalah sebuah desa itu bukan
Tyler Sanders
Tyler Sanders - Month ago
Holy balls!!! It finally clicked!!! Nero and Ichigo! Are the same voice actor!!! It has bugged me since I got the game lol but now I've got it!
The Stormchaser
The Stormchaser - Month ago
lol I shouldn't be watching this before playing it for the first time, but I can't stop
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos - Month ago
''Not gonna die" my ass 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lost Carbon
lost Carbon - Month ago
Why does the bird always sound out of breath?
Christian Macam
Christian Macam - Month ago
Wow amazing..good charcter,,,
Christian Macam
Christian Macam - Month ago
Wow amazing..good charcter,,,
Fours4ker - Month ago
Dante's looks reminded me of Hank in Detroit become human
Input - Month ago
I wish you actually could play as vergil
Solo Skull
Solo Skull - Month ago
Dang Vergil must use a lot of hair gel to keep his hair that straight back
Ty S.
Ty S. - Month ago
Wait is the English voice actor for Ichigo Kurosaki the voice of Nero?
Ricky Patrick
Ricky Patrick - Month ago
I hate your channel if you didn't put spoilers in your titles it would be some much better ie. Just say "All transformations in DMC5" leave out Nero and Virgil
OB1 callaway
OB1 callaway - Month ago
Saoki DaFreak
Saoki DaFreak - Month ago
DEATH - Month ago
Wtf, these cinematic are fking gorgeous!!
Alexofficial - Month ago
My dude got bitch slapped
NaruSaiyan Kaioken
NaruSaiyan Kaioken - Month ago
Naruto is hard at
NaruSaiyan Kaioken
NaruSaiyan Kaioken - Month ago
Naruto Live on April 6 5:00pm at my chanel
Hakimi Laji
Hakimi Laji - Month ago
how the hell is nero so strong? he's like 25% devil compared to dante and vergil
King MF Cloudz
King MF Cloudz - Month ago
"Not gonna die my ass, that bitch slap nearly killed me" 😂😂😂😂
Thomas Pan
Thomas Pan - Month ago
Cringy asf
Yahir Hernandez
Yahir Hernandez - Month ago
Can I just say

The facial expressions in this game is fucking gorgeous
Pyromantic Zora
Pyromantic Zora - Month ago
What is it with Capcom and extra eyes
The Laughing Man
The Laughing Man - Month ago
Okay for the person saying virgil shatter if you go back and look at all the ori3 virgil nevered died never showed him dying
Pilotwindow 5281
Pilotwindow 5281 - Month ago
13:12 i died
That bitch slap almost killed me
qweasdqwe - Month ago
i swear I thought nero said negro 😂
Rohit Gutte
Rohit Gutte - Month ago
Dante and Vergil transformed look like Mega Charizard X & Y.
Darque Robinson
Darque Robinson - Month ago
nah, their SDT forms are FAR cooler than that so show some respect lol.
Kalil Illinois
Kalil Illinois - Month ago
Shit, I have no idea what's going on, but I'm invested
zαяσ - Month ago
Hm good name
Zanar Assthetic

(Not hater)
Darque Robinson
Darque Robinson - Month ago
"that bitch-slap nearly killed me".... pffft, I know you're just trying to be modest and not hurt your "nephew's" feelings and all, but let's be REAL here, nero was only able to get that little "bitch-slap" in because YOU (dante) were EXHAUSTED...same reason he was even able to TOUCH vergil much less "beat" him... otherwise, he wouldn't be "bitch-slapping" ANYBODY and judging from the fact that you and vergil "DOUBLE bitch-slapped" HIM several feet away at the SAME TIME, THAT shit looked like it nearly killed HIM so...quit being so "modest", dante lol...and also, nero, stfu on calling dante a "bastard" just 'cause you called out for being EXACTLY what you were in that "urizen" situation: "DEAD WEIGHT"...if you were, then you just WERE so suck it up and FACE it, you little "bastard".
arwin chiniah
arwin chiniah - Month ago
Nero devil form = Ulquiorra Schiffer 2nd Ressurection
Kurumi Lover
Kurumi Lover - Month ago
Dead weight cry 6
iGliitchy HD
iGliitchy HD - Month ago
Nero looks like Dante from the DmC reboot that flopped.
pizzamaker pizza
pizzamaker pizza - Month ago
in DMC 4
lunerlilly - Month ago
I love how their remastered models the new game actually look like their father. (Watch the intro of Sparta from the first ever DMC game) whoever directed this game, thank you for bringing back what made the series great in the first place.
typhoon CD
typhoon CD - Month ago
Dante V negro
Hero Alfito
Hero Alfito - Month ago
Oh ngunu kui toh
HD Y - Month ago
Nero is so fucking sexy.
Gilgamesh Lornezhad
Gilgamesh Lornezhad - Month ago
devil may shit
GreenTeaGal - Month ago
Do devil dante got a booty? He dooooooooo
A R - Month ago
i have a feeling Onimusha and Sparda are the same
DealOr Pact
DealOr Pact - Month ago
Is it just me or nero does looks like young version of dante but in white hair?
DealOr Pact
DealOr Pact - Month ago
Me too,but then I heard them call him nero
ImJustSlighT - Month ago
DealOr Pact I honestly thought Nero WAS Dante in DmC4....
Xeno Galaxy
Xeno Galaxy - Month ago
Nero = Ichigo
ThaNightGamer #
ThaNightGamer # - Month ago
That bitch slap tho
Halo - Month ago
V looks like the kid from Stranger Things all grown up lmao
Cardale Simpson
Cardale Simpson - Month ago
Do you thing he kind of looks like devil man
乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚
rawr xD]

Imnotcleverenough Forthisnameshit
Is there a reason Nero’s English actor sounds like Ichigo? I guess he only really sounds like Bosch when he’s yelling lol
Holy shit I looked it up and it is Johnny!! That’s kick ass. NERO IS ICHIGO.
Fuckin knew it.
Bankai Jutsu
Bankai Jutsu - Month ago
That white haired demon form remind anyone else of Onimusha? Hope it makes a comeback
Muhamad Molvi
Muhamad Molvi - Month ago
UrAverageDude - Month ago
Im hearing ichigo
JS S - Month ago
A.K.A P1K4CHU So am I.
HeroX - Month ago
I think that we can all agree that V is much better looking that Vergil
JS S - Month ago
CagedPhoenixThe1st - Month ago
Nope I don't think we can
Bailey Gonzales
Bailey Gonzales - Month ago
Fuck you dude pick a different thumbnail for people who haven’t played the game yet I don’t want to be scrolling and see that you dickhead
Emmanuel Taka
Emmanuel Taka - Month ago
What a name of music when dante absorbing the sparda ?
MrAldari - Month ago
Hate how they are making Dante look so old feel like they'll try to abandon Dante for Nero.
Cyber Monk
Cyber Monk - Month ago
Dude the character design is so bad lol get the dude from resident evil or something long hair for men belongs in the 80s lol
Cyber Monk
Cyber Monk - Month ago
Dude the character design is so bad lol get the dude from resident evil or something long hair for men belongs in the 80s lol
K1ll3rCombo - Month ago
Just 1 devil triger away from the 4 horsemen of the end times.
sun wukong monkeyking
sun wukong monkeyking - Month ago
Dante transformation looks like he is dancing some Mexican macho dance 😂
Gipsy Sidney
Gipsy Sidney - Month ago
I guess Dante should have practiced a bit instead of constantly showing off through out entire series.
I just cant comprehend the fact that he defeated his brother (who spent most of his time honing his skills) in DMG3.
Blue jay3022
Blue jay3022 - Month ago
Man remember back in DMC3 when Dante's Devil Trigger didn't have a defined form so it took the look of whatever Devil Arm you were using. Now Dante and Vergil look a thousands times more badass with there Sin forms
Jonathan F Amorim
Jonathan F Amorim - Month ago
DrJoNeZ 97
DrJoNeZ 97 - Month ago
got to admit, never played the DMC series but wow, they Devil transformations like amazing! almost Draconic Devil!
Nomnia - Month ago
Nero is the only one who looks cool. Expected more from a 2019 game. :/
M_ PH - Month ago
11:15 music??
Michael Campoamor
Michael Campoamor - Month ago
Nero? Or do they mean Ulquiorra??
Moba - Month ago
Bro why do these transformations remind me so much of Devilman Crybaby?
NK GAMING2017 - Month ago
Man Dante is such a good sport
Jolito gwapo
Jolito gwapo - Month ago
oten means penis
supreme 2019
supreme 2019 - Month ago
The hell you say that bitch slap almost killed me
max nolan
max nolan - Month ago
That bitch slap nearly killed me
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris - Month ago
YYes vvr trwas d
Ly Le
Ly Le - Month ago
Vergil looks disappointing...
2000 subs without video
Restupra Yogi
Restupra Yogi - 2 months ago
Skill 3 Alucard
Let’s go Letsban
Let’s go Letsban - 2 months ago
Aw what who th is the soft chin looking nerd with the tattoos
the one and only
the one and only - 2 months ago
The one thing i kinda disliked was how dante had to absorb/fuse sparda and rebelion and vergil well had this huge thing going on to get stronger. But nero just gets a new form and is stronger then both just like that no explanation or work for it
The Grimm Slayer
The Grimm Slayer - Month ago
the one and only I agree with you on how his power just appears, all we could do was imply and think for ourselves
the one and only
the one and only - Month ago
+The Grimm Slayer its not a big complain by any means, its just neros power up came out of nowhere, just like that he was able to beat both. If it had a little backround it would be better
The Grimm Slayer
The Grimm Slayer - 2 months ago
the one and only Well to make it fair Nero got them while they were off guard and didn’t expect any interruptions, and plus Vergil and Dante were already engaged in a fight, clearly strained already, Nero finished off where Dante started with Vergil at full power.
TheMightyWaffle - 2 months ago
13:08 "That bitch slap nearly killed me"😂😂😂
ProximalImp689 - 2 months ago
Ichigo looks weird
T O N Y M O N T A N A - 2 months ago
۷ąƖɛŋɬıŋɛ - 2 months ago
that bitch slap scene and afterwards always me die of laughter LMAOO
NightShedYT video
NightShedYT video - 2 months ago
*Dante Gulapa*
Claire 906
Claire 906 - 2 months ago
Hikarushinyi - 2 months ago
Feel like Dante got b1tch slap from incarnated Dad😱 through Nero 😨😨😨
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