Devil May Cry 5 - All Character Transformations (Dante, V, Nero, Vergil) DMC5 2019

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Deathly Guy
Deathly Guy - 4 days ago
"Holy shit dude, that was only the first boss..."
ZeR0's BuLLeT
ZeR0's BuLLeT - 5 days ago
Never knew that half demons were shinobi
UnknownDude Gamer
UnknownDude Gamer - 7 days ago
I don't like neros transformation looks ruined
gremlok 360
gremlok 360 - 7 days ago
The real question is will they blend to make sparda
Enchanded hog
Enchanded hog - 9 days ago
Go go Power Rangers
Stevixkun - 9 days ago
In my Version the European Version Dante shot Vergil in the Head in the first Sequence and not into his Hand
Dedi Sugiarto
Dedi Sugiarto - 11 days ago

Kyle Shoto
Kyle Shoto - 12 days ago
They all have nice butts In their devil trigger form
Russell Jacob Mañalac
Russell Jacob Mañalac - 12 days ago
What is aatrox doing there
N nope
N nope - 14 days ago
5:04 idk if this was said on purpose cuz later on you’ll actually have to fight the little chicken lol.
Digi Lord
Digi Lord - 16 days ago
Well we ever know who Vergil smashed
Demetrius Prime
Demetrius Prime - 18 days ago
So how strong are all of them now that they gained an upgraded Devil trigger?
King of Asgard
King of Asgard - 18 days ago
If all vergil nightmares became real that means mundus return too??
I Mean like a discarded thought of vergil just like griffon, shadow, nightmare, phantom,???
praveen praveen
praveen praveen - 19 days ago
but nero is not dead weight
Samsun Nahar
Samsun Nahar - 22 days ago
Cry 5 is too FAR cry 5 hehehhehehehehehehehe
Michael Morales
Michael Morales - 22 days ago
nero devil triger ,desing look so much like the transformations in the onimusha games
Harsh Khangarot
Harsh Khangarot - 24 days ago DMC V GMV
Rizeing Frockko
Rizeing Frockko - 25 days ago
Go go power rangers
十六夜咲夜 - 25 days ago

Jinx - 25 days ago
'Not gonna die', my ass that bitch slap nealy killed me.
Star Nut
Star Nut - 27 days ago
Dante is red
lucas james
lucas james - 28 days ago
Omfg Nero’s devil trigger is a fucking bad ass even cooler then Vergil’s but not as cooler then Dante’s but still omg he fucking looks cool af
josh white
josh white - 29 days ago
Neros form looks like every onimusha last boss where you turn into a god basically.
Nnamdi Uyalor,Jr
Nnamdi Uyalor,Jr - 29 days ago
Zanar Aesthetics: The writers could have Dante and Vergil use their DMC 5 transformations to battle Jedah Dohma. The Darkstakers source material references Jedah Dohma as an universal level enemy. So Jedah is definitely final boss material in a future crossover. The narrative behind Dante and Vergil teaming up to fight Jedah would be Jedah plaining to resurrect and absorb Mundus's soul for additional power. Furthermore, Jedah would use his additional power to retaliate against earth because he lost to Dante when he was at a mere fraction of his strength.
Wallace Bryant
Wallace Bryant - Month ago
Dante was suppose to die
Jacob Fleming
Jacob Fleming - Month ago
Such a cool moment when V merges back into Virgil. The scene when we first see him come back is almost horrifyingly awesome.
Bunga Rin
Bunga Rin - Month ago
Their demon forms are hot 😍😍😍
CyberTiger 45
CyberTiger 45 - Month ago
They would let V be playable but not Trish and Lady
That sucks man not gonna lie I got this game and was like wtf
Đức Nguyên
Đức Nguyên - Month ago
CyberTiger 45 maybe they’ll release more dlcs and let you play as Vergil and other characters?
Johan Manurung
Johan Manurung - Month ago
Great, now we have Western Satan, Western Dragon, and lastly Japanese Oni, anything else we lacking here?
"Not gonna die my ass, that bitch slap nearly killed me"
Jk Grunge
Jk Grunge - Month ago
10:30 here comes itsuno's pet!!
LoL it's his beloved creation that's why he gets all that screen time.. when was the last time Dante got a slow motion transformation? or Vergil for that matter.. they didn't even bother showing how Vergil pulled the sin devil trigger out of his ass.. and they worked on this game for how long? that's why I seriously hate Nero.. not that he's a bad character.. he's very strong just like his uncle and father but it's annoying how itsuno tried to force him on the fans.. he's just salty that DMC franchise was made popular because of the OG Dante which wasn't his creation.. that's why he desperately wants Nero to take the spotlight and wants Dante to pass on the torch while destroying his character.. why else would he prefer making DmC 2 rather than focusing on the installment that is a follow up to DMC 5? he even low key confirmed it by making us believe that Dante & Vergil are now trapped in hell with no way of returning in DMC 6, if there ever will be one that is.. but if DMC 6 does happen then you can bet that Nero will be the only protagonist unless itsuno introduces new bullshit characters as allies for Nero because they'll be of his own creation, unlike Dante & Vergil who'll probably be nowhere near in sight.. itsuno has no love for the sons of Sparda, except only for his beloved pet.. and itsuno junior please stop bullshitting us that your corporate bosses are the ones preventing you from making a decent DMC game for the fans to shift the blame away from you so that you don't have to take the heat.. you're solely responsible for this half ass storyline direction because you ARE the director and you love to show off that you are the director.. stop fucking it up for everybody just because you didn't create the badass OG that everybody knows and loves and because of that you're butthurt and desperate to make your beloved pet as beloved as Dante to replace him forever.. well fuck that! it ain't happening.. we won't let it happen junior.. so stop asking us to raise our voices in request to your bosses for quality content when you're the only one who's standing in the way like a stubborn obstacle that's preventing the series from reaching it's peak, and no that won't happen with just Nero.. you'll need to suck it up and let Dante & Vergil do their thang.. who cares if they're not your creation? don't you just want the game to sell like hot cakes by giving the fans what they most wanna see?? it's a win win for both parties and you are an idiot for realising this yet not acting on it, all because you don't want Dante to steal the show anymore than he already does than your pet Nero could ever hope to achieve SMH
face it..
"you've lost"
Richard Compton
Richard Compton - Month ago
It's just a game dude, chillax.
ne3xt t0 y03u
ne3xt t0 y03u - Month ago
amir sarah
amir sarah - Month ago
Devil Never Cry
waasey mansoor
waasey mansoor - Month ago
5:41 why is it so similar to devilman crybaby
Chill Raccoonz
Chill Raccoonz - Month ago
waasey mansoor glad I’m not the only who thought that
Richard Compton
Richard Compton - Month ago
So I'm guessing that in some alternate universe, Adam and Eric stopped being Power Rangers and became demonic, I want to live in that world.
alec - Month ago
Your just dead weight
Crimson Charlotte Cross Fates
Damn Nero finally has a form now that awesome!
bwsofly - 2 months ago
12:27 I have no comment about this I'm speechless.
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez - 2 months ago
What was up with V's green jacket?
King Mike
King Mike - 2 months ago
못잘 - 2 months ago
Fucking kellin quinn out here killing demons now?
Boboya S.
Boboya S. - 2 months ago
THE KING MELVIN - 2 months ago
Mum: so what im getting is that suicide only makes you stronger?!??, Timmy your never playing this game ever again!!
arvan as'ady
arvan as'ady - 2 months ago
Dante looks like liam neeson
Muchamad Saifurrachman
Muchamad Saifurrachman - 2 months ago
Keliru barange jadi monster parah lagi
Gothic Genius
Gothic Genius - 2 months ago
My favorite part is when Dante goes and says "not gonna die my ass.... That bitch slap nearly killed me" I just busted out laughing
Azwar - 2 months ago
alucard:hey hey not bad 😂
Jordan reed
Jordan reed - 2 months ago
Despite all those in dmc 4 who said that they ascended to becoming angels Nero the man who defied and stopped them, his devil trigger form looks more angelic then most of them with the exception of Credo
StickMan1316 - 2 months ago
what if Neros mom was an angel or Harpy and that why he has those digital wings... it would be a good follow story for the next DMC game if there is in development
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller - 2 months ago
Why’s Dante such an ugly mofo
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