K. Heart
K. Heart - 18 days ago
The only reason they haven't broke into America yet is because they haven't sold their souls yet and still won't
China Smith
China Smith - 6 months ago
Lorena Ochoa
Lorena Ochoa - 6 months ago
I love u Little Mix❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Perrie LM
Perrie LM - 7 months ago
Perrie is the literal cutest 😭💞
Tyekia Williams
Tyekia Williams - Year ago
Love that song
Arobed Unam
Arobed Unam - Year ago
0:51 that girl was like *gasp*
1Love2Live3Laugh - Year ago
I wish they had more recognition in the US. They really deserve it. Hopefully LM5 will do that for them.
Michael Hayek
Michael Hayek - Year ago
I freaking love these girls!! They are so flawless!!!!! AHHH!! I posted a video of a cover of this song because I love this song so much and I love them so much!!!!!!
Michael Hayek
Michael Hayek - Year ago
Gracie MSP I agree!! If I met them. My whole life would be complete!!!!
Yasmin Hernandez
Yasmin Hernandez - Year ago
my wiig is gone!!!
Melody Chang
Melody Chang - Year ago
Wait there is a guitar
little_mix_perrie wings
I love little mix
little_mix_perrie wings
Perrie look so gorgeous
HemiRunner2011 - Year ago
They're all beautiful and sing beautifully but I can't get over Perrie in particular 😍😍
Wesley Prewitt Martinez
Love the song but, didn't anybody notice most of the people in the front stage are all women
crystal ramirez
crystal ramirez - Year ago
Leigh Annes style is everything
Yohie 123
Yohie 123 - Year ago
Why are they so underrated‼️⁉️
Yohie 123
Yohie 123 - Year ago
Leigh, You CAN'T sit with us!! 😂😂
Lizz Sharer
Lizz Sharer - Year ago
😜😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️ the song
Hanna Rooks
Hanna Rooks - Year ago
Did anyone notice that in this video Perrie's in a skirt and in the touch one she's in pants
Crispin rodriguez
Crispin rodriguez - Year ago
Monique R
Monique R - Year ago
Yad1ra Aries Torres
Yad1ra Aries Torres - Year ago
Jessie look like she 40 yrs old😂😂😂 lol 😂😂😂
daniela.a.589 - Year ago
Didi Torresss Official I don't think a 40 year old would wear that tbh😐 and I don't see how you see that 🤔
Christian Smith
Christian Smith - Year ago
blackpinkredvelvetstand blinksreveveluv
i don't like jesy sing at all
Crispin rodriguez
Crispin rodriguez - Year ago
jade looks so good
JR III - Year ago
These girls sung this
Babygirl. - Year ago
Little mix Know how too Dress how perfect and prettier can they they alway look happy and Beautiful like always I love there singing it's amazing
nutellia - Year ago
Omg Leigh Anne's outfit is so cute!
Melody Chang
Melody Chang - Year ago
It sounds exactly like the music video
Rigo Gamino
Rigo Gamino - Year ago
they sing ugly fifth harmony is better
Maria Solorzano
Maria Solorzano - Year ago
Liya O
Liya O - Year ago
Rigo Gamino lol 😂 why are you lying to yourself
Mohamed Hussein
Mohamed Hussein - 2 years ago
Mohamed Hussein
Mohamed Hussein - 2 years ago
Mohamed Hussein
Mohamed Hussein - 2 years ago
Zulaa 101
Zulaa 101 - 2 years ago
This song and their vocals made me speechless #speechless
Hannah Eckman
Hannah Eckman - 2 years ago
I love. This song so much. I love. You little mix. You. All have. Really good and. Great music
Josh George
Josh George - 2 years ago
The way the announcers said "Shout Out to My Ex!" was so cringe worthy
juliet julieliz09
juliet julieliz09 - 2 years ago
Addison Kenzie
Addison Kenzie - 2 years ago
when singing they sound enjlish
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen - 2 years ago
perrie is almost wearing the same thing she wore in touch
Zara Marie
Zara Marie - 2 years ago
So talented 😍 I love them so much ❤️
Narry's Little Spoon love1D
April 15 is when Harry is on SNL though...
mr. miof jak
mr. miof jak - 2 years ago
Sammy - 2 years ago
the door is calling you
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen - 2 years ago
Kara Camille Delonas
Kara Camille Delonas - 2 years ago
1:44 tryna play it cool when she doesn't know the words
Chocolate 1010
Chocolate 1010 - 2 years ago
Sami - 2 years ago
0:49 EXCUSE ME. The 15th of April is my Dangerous Woman Tour show so I hope they're doing the contest during the day time bc I got my wig custom made just to be snatched by them...
RosaBella Lopez
RosaBella Lopez - 2 years ago
little mix vs 5h
Danita Whitaker
Danita Whitaker - 2 years ago
what is there website
Taylor Jerry
Taylor Jerry - 2 years ago
Can I please get a comment back on how to meet Little Mix during the Dangerous Woman Tour
Glasshill Kids
Glasshill Kids - 2 years ago
I am 9 and I want to grow up to be like the little mix
Alicia Garza
Alicia Garza - 2 years ago
i love you're songs so much 😍😍😍
Jordynn Griffin
Jordynn Griffin - 2 years ago
little mix sucks and has horrible singing
pickles cheesecak
pickles cheesecak - 2 years ago
Yay shoutout to zayn hopefully he gets a lot of haters
Emaan Siddiqi
Emaan Siddiqi - 2 years ago
pickles cheesecak don't be mean
Abri Cross
Abri Cross - 2 years ago
How sexy does Jesy look😍😍😍
sherlyn Cortes
sherlyn Cortes - 2 years ago
Dangerous Avenue
Dangerous Avenue - 2 years ago
in my opinion, Jesse has the best voice and Perrie the second best voice
Barbie Dollie
Barbie Dollie - 2 years ago
fuck fifth harmony this is the new version of dem.
megan - 2 years ago
every other girl group was found dead
Jade Stone
Jade Stone - 2 years ago
I love Jade, because of her name, but I love them all!
Issyxeditz - 2 years ago
Issyxeditz - 2 years ago
Your horrble at kca
jade irwin
jade irwin - 2 years ago
Karissa Morris they dont care
Carl Meadows
Carl Meadows - 2 years ago
I love this song
Kimberly Hodnett
Kimberly Hodnett - 2 years ago
Perrie you're gorgeous but what are you wearing
Brianna MSP
Brianna MSP - 2 years ago
perrie is so CUTE!
little_mix_perrie wings
Brianna MSP yes she is
Tiffany Luevano
Tiffany Luevano - 2 years ago
love you guys love love love you a big shot out
Visalakshi Elangovan
Visalakshi Elangovan - 2 years ago
Wing was the first song I had heard from them and they grow so much
English Genius
English Genius - 2 years ago
Jesy looks so hot and skinny and curvy and her abs are my glory days
Cianna Rivera
Cianna Rivera - 2 years ago
Maria Verdugo
Maria Verdugo - 2 years ago
ghy yhyyzyxx67☺😚😚😑😶😄
Maria Verdugo
Maria Verdugo - 2 years ago
Hi dbxidhg d to ii7gu 74ud h
Alexa Moreno
Alexa Moreno - 2 years ago
what do you have to do to win the contest
Geimy Alvarenga
Geimy Alvarenga - 2 years ago
I Love little mix so much 💖
V A N E S S A !
V A N E S S A ! - 2 years ago
Love ❤️their voice and their outfits ❤️️
Niall Horan Lover
Niall Horan Lover - 2 years ago
Perrie is fucking perfection
Loraine Godoy
Loraine Godoy - 2 years ago
How come the wardrobe change from this and Touch?
Jaydin Lee
Jaydin Lee - 2 years ago
Loraine Godoy Because in Touch they dance a lot and it's easier to dance in pants and flatter shoes
B F - 2 years ago
Little Mix so should have been offered the first hour performance spot in the plaza, but w/e. Just glad they're on American television.
Alexandra Lobatos-Venegas
Alexandra Lobatos-Venegas
I love little mix
wang - 2 years ago
Drastically - 2 years ago
So is no more sad songs really the next single? Im about to kms.....
Jamie Wickham
Jamie Wickham - 2 years ago
I see these girls live in a little over a month!!
Abby10Cupcake - 2 years ago
They are the new fitfh harmony
Taylor !
Taylor ! - Year ago
Abby10CuPcAkE453 um...Little mix was around before 5H. And they are on a totally different level from 5H
Tyla R
Tyla R - 2 years ago
Noo they are better than fifth harmony or whatever they call themselves now..little mix was always better lol
Abby10Cupcake - 2 years ago
jacqueline gabriela
jacqueline gabriela - 2 years ago
Braelyn Grace not really. but that's matter of opinion.
braelynisntcool - 2 years ago
moonlight jem It was just as bad as a 5some stop making excuses. 😌😗😋
Grace D
Grace D - 2 years ago
this whole video gives me chills
kayley - 2 years ago
Doesn't this sound like "Ugly Heart"?
didi Watson
didi Watson - 2 years ago
Kayleycrazy10 Roblox- gaming nah
Chamari Fenty
Chamari Fenty - 2 years ago
I absolutely love when girl groups serve VOCALS. Truly refreshing.
Savanna Thomas
Savanna Thomas - 2 years ago
love this song
RachelsDarling - 2 years ago
love them so so much
Jeán Ric
Jeán Ric - 2 years ago
Check my channel to see guys shouting out to their exes! Love this song
Tess Adams
Tess Adams - 2 years ago
There's chemistry and harmony. They did great 😊
ArianaLyricz - 2 years ago
Their vocals are so good
Savanah Navin
Savanah Navin - 2 years ago
They are all so talented and so beautiful! Love them!
Hood Family
Hood Family - 2 years ago
What's their website called ???
Kate Kohls
Kate Kohls - 2 years ago
Perrie, what do they keep putting you in? the corset and sweats looks aren't your best look... but harmonies on point 👌
Jaydin Lee
Jaydin Lee - 2 years ago
Kate Kohl I liked this look but I respect your opinion
didi Watson
didi Watson - 2 years ago
Kate Kohl I feel she does it to shut down the haters
whoknows - 2 years ago
Kennedy Spegar
Kennedy Spegar - 2 years ago
Jen - 2 years ago
I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Little MiX
Ese Odia
Ese Odia - 2 years ago
Love this 😍
Ali Ramirez
Ali Ramirez - 2 years ago
You guys have amazing voices
Luz - 2 years ago
That one fan who was shook in the beginning was me af
sydney moore
sydney moore - Year ago
Jet Nice username and profile pic, BTW
Hey Its Sarah
Hey Its Sarah - 2 years ago
Their harmony is crazy ❤❤
Jasmine martinez
Jasmine martinez - 2 years ago
who's been with them since x factor?
didi Watson
didi Watson - 2 years ago
Jasmine martinez sadly I haven't but I wish
Em Fortner
Em Fortner - 2 years ago
Jasmine martinez me
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