Cleaning The Dirtiest Yeezy's Ever! $1200 2015 Pirate Black's Back To NEW!

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Twinventures - 2 hours ago
Slim_81_ 215
Slim_81_ 215 - 3 hours ago
Thought the shoes were grey wtf happened
Sammy Warren
Sammy Warren - 4 hours ago
Mr Snake comes 3:13
winner dinner
winner dinner - 5 hours ago
If I see a snake in my shoe I fucking throw the shoe I don’t care even if it’s the red October’s
Tomek 96
Tomek 96 - 9 hours ago
Its fakw
flying underpants
flying underpants - 20 hours ago
The way he finds these shoes is hilarious. It makes porn acting seem real 😂😭
Dorian Flores
Dorian Flores - 21 hour ago
Bruh this dude go superman cision if he can see yzys like that
Ps: What the hell happened to that snake it came out the shoe left and you didnt mention anything about it.
Lulu Badri
Lulu Badri - 21 hour ago
what do u do w the shoes when ur done w them??
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 23 hours ago
He is a filippino
supa dop3 d0g
supa dop3 d0g - 23 hours ago
holy shiz guysyuo seedat snek
See Visuals
See Visuals - Day ago
can i get the snake 3:36
Cashis B
Cashis B - Day ago
Mans went to WW1 with them on
Brianna Kennedy
Brianna Kennedy - Day ago
When I saw that snake I was done. Though it was cute
lazy axolotl
lazy axolotl - Day ago
When it would have been cheaper to buy another pair of yeezy’s
FewDeadPie - Day ago
where are my kapampangan hommies at?
Savage Memay H2o
Savage Memay H2o - Day ago
hey john manalo are you filipino?
Kaylani Singleton
Kaylani Singleton - Day ago
Dude! There's a lot of grass lot of birds to see but u found shoes!? But not any kind of shoes the most dirtiest shoes u can imagine!
Melissa Habeck
Melissa Habeck - Day ago
I really hope you putthe snake back outside
E Moo
E Moo - 2 days ago
Those arent yeezys there adidas
SE-BL-quazze - 2 days ago
Randomly finds shoes 1,000 ft in the air
Adrianna Pimental
Adrianna Pimental - 2 days ago
Adrianna Pimental
Adrianna Pimental - 2 days ago
Still cant believe that this man is so desperate for views that he made a FAKE DIRTY YEEZY "VIDEO"
Avery Macfarlane
Avery Macfarlane - 2 days ago
I don't know youtube well, can you dislike a person as whole or just one video ??
Blake Belladonna
Blake Belladonna - 2 days ago
Wait why is everyone saying the videos are fake, are they? Where was I?
Viv Hazelrigg
Viv Hazelrigg - 2 days ago
nobody's talkign about how hilariously ridiculous that promo was. I do have some and they're pretty great, but wow that was great.
Travis Free
Travis Free - 2 days ago
nobody else has found yeezys on the trails yet? 😂
Olivia Idziak
Olivia Idziak - 2 days ago
Ohhhhh that’s where my shoes wentttttt I’m so dumb
Eulalia Granados
Eulalia Granados - 2 days ago
Lets snake roam around as long as he pays rents
2 days later.
Jhon dead
Somatic Bat
Somatic Bat - 2 days ago
Copia del video de las Jordan?? Xdddd
I actually live on Oahu, I hope u had fun.
tiffthashit - 2 days ago
How u see shoes from that high
Mr.Logical Pineapple
Mr.Logical Pineapple - 2 days ago
Wat u mean by hear a cat is sound effects
Lucas Romminger
Lucas Romminger - 2 days ago
Glenn Mendoza
Glenn Mendoza - 2 days ago
U Filipino ako Filipino too
XXIjosuelito32xx Lol
XXIjosuelito32xx Lol - 2 days ago
Quien aqui hbla español??
Carter Guthrie
Carter Guthrie - 3 days ago
Bro I was in my helicopter the other day and I saw thousands of feet under me some pirate black yeeyzs hiding under a leaf they also looked cusstom
Big Poppa
Big Poppa - 3 days ago
He did a shitty job advertising them shitty ass socks lmao 🤣
Miles Chiong
Miles Chiong - 3 days ago
those people who think he is not joking about finding those yeezys tho
Grant Jacobs
Grant Jacobs - 3 days ago
We’re the snake go
Lord fusion
Lord fusion - 3 days ago
You should clean my air force 1's😂😂😂
raditya putra
raditya putra - 3 days ago
I wish i have eyes like you can see thousands feet below. But how you must have a very sharp eyes
Eric S. Parilla
Eric S. Parilla - 3 days ago
Can I have the yeezy
jem venz
jem venz - 3 days ago
oyy pareeee
jem venz
jem venz - 3 days ago
snakes name shoe House
Miłosz Zieliński
Miłosz Zieliński - 3 days ago
you put there this snake 😉
Pedro Nascimento
Pedro Nascimento - 3 days ago
Christian Jake Sabejon
Christian Jake Sabejon - 4 days ago
How the hell is that possible to find yeezy in the middle of the woods?
Nakiya Burse
Nakiya Burse - 4 days ago
I mean how he
Nakiya Burse
Nakiya Burse - 4 days ago
H front find that snake in there cause how as he able to put his hands in the shoes earlier ??!??!
MLT 123
MLT 123 - Day ago
You realize this is fake right
so cool DJ
so cool DJ - 4 days ago
Bro I love ur bids
It’s lazorian Davis
It’s lazorian Davis - 4 days ago
Uh uh I don’t do animal especially snakes I can do pets tho
George Nacionales
George Nacionales - 4 days ago
I was wondering if you could clean one of my shoes I could also pay if you want
Kaneki Kamishiro
Kaneki Kamishiro - 4 days ago
God's eyes
Swing_ _2005
Swing_ _2005 - 4 days ago
this is shit
Rebecca Retchless
Rebecca Retchless - 4 days ago
It seems fake to me but still cool
MightyBe - 4 days ago
Makes me want to go out to the pond and pull out all of my boy's shoes...
Simone Fior
Simone Fior - 4 days ago
i would NOT be able to let a SNAKE roam around my house like ya ok THATS smart
XThe_petti_pigX -PS4
XThe_petti_pigX -PS4 - 5 days ago
Hmm I was hundreds of feet in the sky and I see a pair of buried shoes WOW
TIGERCLAW YT - 5 days ago
Pirate black more like light grey
Jakub Vav_
Jakub Vav_ - 5 days ago
This is fake, how can you find in the Jungle Yeezy?
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