Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - Mama [Official Video 2017]

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Reggaeville - Month ago
*WATCH THE NEW VIDEO* @ https://youtu.be/bDZT8W8uBK4
Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - You Can Fly
Шота Деметрашвили
Strong crew, like. Hello from Russia, Reage and ska ewerever, strictly sound.
Laurian Zaharia
Laurian Zaharia - 5 hours ago
tanta, ma tanta MARIA.......
Suburban Behemoth
Suburban Behemoth - 8 hours ago
Discovered NESJO the other day. This was recommended by Youtube. I am enjoying this thoroughly.
Leo Digital
Leo Digital - Day ago
Good tunes. Do not understand why white reggae artists feel they need to fake a Jamaican accent though.
Fred bayato
Fred bayato - Day ago
Олег Портнов
ludovic richez
ludovic richez - 2 days ago
sacre formation musicale cool c est bon tout ca
Myles Gibbons
Myles Gibbons - 2 days ago
Abuse Tube
Abuse Tube - 3 days ago
play at 1.25x speed. thank me later.
Faith Uma Fae
Faith Uma Fae - 4 days ago
I liked it untill I saw the guy who looks like Jimmy saville.
willy langat
willy langat - 7 days ago
Wow beats are mad!!
глюкофон в каждый дом
La bomba 💣💥
John Kimani
John Kimani - 7 days ago
Setting the bar ten notch higher [ Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra - Mama ]
Jamaica see what this great team has done with your product.
Songwriter-kim from Africa Kenya.
Zoul One
Zoul One - 9 days ago
O mama this is reggae miusic
ElectronicPleasure - 11 days ago
Some one admining comments here?
ElectronicPleasure - 6 days ago
Rosa, I did a little binge on YT of your videos and you remind me of Amy Winehouse mixed with Gabriella Cilmi That husky deep voice but with your own touch. Ha! hopefully without Amy's life style lol. Wicked Dub Division Mixed with North East Ska Jazz Orchestra, I love the heavy leading bass guitar of this performance. I'm Mt Eden, Sukh Knight, DubFX, Panda Dub fan etc. and this track is like a... Orchestral dub without the need for Fruty loops and a PC. ;) I loved the way you seemed to get into it, Which made me see if you were good as a solo artist and was happy I checked tbh (thumbs up) welldone :-) Thanks for the reply, Keep singing and POST more music videos on FB / YT. Like this "ruvideos.org/wJl0fpUc4U8-video.html"
rosa mussin
rosa mussin - 8 days ago
ruvideos.org/tULSmo5g6jk-video.html Thanks! :)
ElectronicPleasure - 11 days ago
apparently saying i liked the singer on the right was worthy of deletion by some one. Well it spurred me to look her up and isn't that a good thing? heavy handed admins.! ruvideos.org/bbA8CKg3ZUc-video.html
Querubins Querubins
Querubins Querubins - 13 days ago
Natal Brasil ponta negra
mauricio gaston aranda
mauricio gaston aranda - 15 days ago
Sonido excelente. Ska del bueno!!!
Fin PK
Fin PK - 16 days ago
Ganralf Primula
Ganralf Primula - 16 days ago
parabola - 16 days ago
Mark Elsdon
Mark Elsdon - 16 days ago
Just had my wake and bake and this rocked my socks off. One more blunt and feck work today, going to chill with you dudes 😊
Walney SP
Walney SP - 17 days ago
michael badham
michael badham - 17 days ago
What an exiting combination NESJO and WDD anything else available i wonder
Julio Orozco
Julio Orozco - 17 days ago
Amazing!!!!💓💓💓💓💓💓 MX🇲🇽
deadly1978 - 18 days ago
tengo 40 y me saco de pedo la rola !!!
George Frincu
George Frincu - 20 days ago
I'm 4 years old and this knocked me off my perch
Nath Minouche
Nath Minouche - 22 days ago
Mark L
Mark L - 23 days ago
Brill, love it
John Whitworth
John Whitworth - 23 days ago
woody harrelson loves ska !
Badam Radio
Badam Radio - 24 days ago
Diffusé sur BADAM RADIO (Application BADAM RADIO dispo sur Play Store)
tomke90 - 24 days ago
Co tam robi Grzegorz Markowski?
Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare - Month ago
A million likes... One Luv people.
Michael Naumann
Michael Naumann - Month ago
I was expecting to hear Time Warp...
tommatomeiro - Month ago
Great tune!
Smacko Wacko
Smacko Wacko - Month ago
Nice similar too Samonella dub
4stomper - Month ago
I'm immortal and this is great!
Das_P0m - Month ago
Not even watched 40 seconds of this and the music blows me away!
Absolutely awesome!
Encio Benck
Encio Benck - Month ago
Se eu nao deicho di comentar k eternamente ti amo .😘👍🙋‍♂️
Black Hurt66
Black Hurt66 - Month ago
is a joke?
Antoine P
Antoine P - Month ago
TRAFIK - Month ago
Absolute banger of a jammmmm
Heislove - Month ago
Thanks for the recommendation YouTube.
thadeal4real thadeal4real
If boney M were still around 🤘
Paz Paz
Paz Paz - Month ago
very uplifting! thank you!
The Doughnut King
The Doughnut King - Month ago
Great track Praise Jah Almighty
Justin Case
Justin Case - Month ago
How long has the old dude been dead?
Paolo Albanese
Paolo Albanese - Month ago
Voglio invecchiare così ✌️ POWER!!!
liamardo007 - Month ago
Stuart Corddell
Stuart Corddell - Month ago
dont matter how many times i listen/watch this.. i get tears.. its just a beautiful thing d;0)
Macy - Month ago
Holy Schneikes, this is BOSS!!!!
Davy Ro
Davy Ro - Month ago
Im from the North East and it doesn't get better than this
ameriliachan - Month ago
I'm 982 and this is fantasmic!
Bonifacio Rodriguez
Bonifacio Rodriguez - Month ago
Encio Benck
Encio Benck - Month ago
Eu fico felis apos ouvir esta faixa e sentir que atudo di bon falei 👍🙋‍♂️😎
Burkhard Rickowski
Burkhard Rickowski - Month ago
Bjorn A'grin
Bjorn A'grin - Month ago
Is there a 30 extended version... I'd take that excursion
Burning Spear
Burning Spear - Month ago
Классный музон!
craig davidson
craig davidson - Month ago
The Ska scene in the UK late 70's early 80's was awesome.
Andy Clark
Andy Clark - 7 days ago
Saw the specials last May in scunthorpe. Awesome.
Kendrick Cunningham
Kendrick Cunningham - Month ago
this is fire
ElectronicPleasure - Month ago
Well that was a bit weird
ElectronicPleasure - 6 days ago
After a few repeats it's growing on me.
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