The “Mailman” Karl Malone Goes Undercover to Prank Anthony Davis

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HadeS - Day ago
Hopefully there wasn't any 13 year olds around
markwilliam olaguera
markwilliam olaguera - 4 days ago
the arena. look a like in the university of sto. tomas in the philippines
THE LONE WOLF MAN - 8 days ago
I still don’t understand on How Red Bull is connected with Basketball?! 🤔 Considering they’ve always been with X stream sports in the past, But Heay it’s whatever I guess. 🤷🏽‍♂️
jimmy matho
jimmy matho - 9 days ago
Yeah he still 610 with shoulders about 2m across😂
that's really easy to hide the mailman
Lemon Girl Fresh
Lemon Girl Fresh - 10 days ago
Love the glass reference too :)
TheCEOofRacism - 10 days ago
He’s undercover at a elementary school
Zaney - 11 days ago
Bro he looks like Denzel Washington 👌
Krzysztof W
Krzysztof W - 12 days ago
What a waste of time. Terribly f..up idea.
𝓢𝓮𝕟𝕒𝓭 - 13 days ago
Russel westbrook should’ve dressed like this and stole the ball from that guy and dunk it hard that would’ve been a hell of a prank
GST_MELVIN - 14 days ago
Ad needing security 💀
Barry Vernon
Barry Vernon - 14 days ago
I guess when you’re 6-10 another guy the same height doesn’t stand out
Jahsun Hova
Jahsun Hova - 15 days ago
Who knew that AD was that scary
Jay - 16 days ago
If only they could have Karl Malone dunk on AD during a run lol
ShadowMamba95 - 18 days ago
Weirdly enough, they both played for the Lakers.
donnyfrom hackney
donnyfrom hackney - 18 days ago
I see a legend and a pedophile
Michael Jaynes
Michael Jaynes - 19 days ago
Malone is a child molester
sam greenslade
sam greenslade - 21 day ago
Wow why is this prick not paying child support
mptemplin - 22 days ago
Carl Malone would abuse AD back in his hey day
JUMPYBOI - 23 days ago
I got the chance to meet Karl in the Summer of 2018 and he is pretty cool
cyber6sapien - 25 days ago
AD is such a cool guy bro. Some other star might have lost his cool a long time ago!
What the Fuck
What the Fuck - Month ago
surprised he didn’t prank a 12 year old girl
Someone UDontKnow
Someone UDontKnow - Month ago
Yang datang dari daftar populer mana suaranyaa
madara kun
madara kun - Month ago
The old janitor does not go to work on sundays. AD should have known that
E - Month ago
When he impregnated a 13 year old
PaulNat360 - Month ago
this video still makes me laugh
Adam Reck
Adam Reck - Month ago
Definitely one of a stupider ones that I've seen
The basic Millennial
The basic Millennial - Month ago
Umm, why is nobody in the vid talking about how Karl literally impregnated a 13 year old or did that happen after this
L.E. Jones
L.E. Jones - Month ago
“I’m hunting for little Mexican girls.” Karl Malone
WickedPissahVideos - Month ago
This might be the worst undercover prank EVER. WOW.
Madden Mobile Froggie
Madden Mobile Froggie - Month ago
They added a
Jo Lee
Jo Lee - Month ago
Is was sorta rude of AD too try to kick him out, ima right?
Anxiety 101
Anxiety 101 - 25 days ago
@??? he was beinh annoyong
Jo Lee
Jo Lee - Month ago
@??? I think so
??? - Month ago
berk karisman
berk karisman - Month ago
get him outta here !!!!
ı dont know this man but he is stuck up and conceited and not funny
KassperT - Month ago
Remember how Karl used to make guys like AD look? It was so hard to look good against Karl- he just made guys look like they didn't belong.
KassperT - Month ago
Oh man just awesome.
byh c
byh c - Month ago
Pedophile human trash that is karl malone. Look it up yourself, don't entertain yourself with trash like him. Put yourself in the family's shoes, you wouldn't want to be in their position
Maindrian Pace
Maindrian Pace - Month ago
Nowhere near as good as the one with Greg Maddux. This could have been better done IMO.
Brave Fart
Brave Fart - 2 months ago
I see Karl I'd still watch but click the dislike button.
raf naz
raf naz - 2 months ago
poweronwithyouandme Estiva
6:10 6:10
Joey Markland
Joey Markland - 2 months ago
He said jazz music because at one point he played on the Utah Jazz
Eric H
Eric H - 2 months ago
Damn! Malone got more quality time with AD (during this 5 min video) than he did with his biological son's entire life!
Kevin Plourde
Kevin Plourde - 2 months ago
Although being a lifelong Celtics fan
Kevin Plourde
Kevin Plourde - 2 months ago
Hes a multimillionaire why should he take 2 minutes of his important life to talk to a hard working man ? Its easier to spit on him than say hi
matrixphijr - 2 months ago
Not really a prank if you don’t interact with each other, like... at all
WHITE LION - 2 months ago
He should have waited until he gave or didn't give the autograph..."get him outta here" that said enough about him...
Laoagan Lester
Laoagan Lester - 2 months ago
Karl Malone!!! One of the greatest basketball player that deserved a championship unlike guys like Willington, Booth, George who got championship rings who!!!
TruthMaster2020 - 2 months ago
How many people were waiting for some one one one? Lol
That guy Hove
That guy Hove - 2 months ago
They had KM doing too much actual work. 😂😂😂
Abdo Abuallhusien
Abdo Abuallhusien - 2 months ago
is nobody gonna talk about that guy spying on Karl Malone at 1:50
John Clayton
John Clayton - 2 months ago
Karl Malone in my opinion was the best power forward in the game ... period !!!
Matija Žitnik
Matija Žitnik - 2 months ago
John Clayton Right behind Timmy and Dirk yes.
glion69 - 2 months ago
AD got injured after that hug.
CjThe Don
CjThe Don - 2 months ago
Ad a deuchebag for real
Fabian Girsch
Fabian Girsch - 2 months ago
How does Anthony Davis have so much money, is trying to look good, but does nothing against his fuckin eye brows
Victor Mkhaliphi
Victor Mkhaliphi - 2 months ago
What a poorly planned prank or under cover.
DiLLy DiLLy - 2 months ago
This video makes Ad look like a dbag. Just saying. 🤔
Kevin Plourde
Kevin Plourde - 2 months ago
He just showing his real personality when he thinks hes dealing with a every day hard working man !
A Voice
A Voice - 2 months ago
mannnnn i thought he was gonna ball em up hahhaa
blyrio - 2 months ago
Karl Malone looking like George Clinton
christopher nguyen
christopher nguyen - 2 months ago
For some reason I thought Karl was more intimidating
Apolo Creed
Apolo Creed - 2 months ago
and where is the prank? I can´t find it
Richard Tibbitts
Richard Tibbitts - 2 months ago
You see what people are really like before the prank is revealed.
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