Talking Kitty Cat #67.5 - Sylvester Gets A Job

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Milk and cookies
Milk and cookies - 14 minutes ago
I have 5 cats
Its the worst
-More cat litter
-Cat food
Etc ;w;
Danny Javier Ganzo Marentes
Danny Javier Ganzo Marentes - 55 minutes ago
Who like gg
RandomnessSpartan/UniGoldenSpartan 2019
The decimal dot is back from Talking kitty cat
Emma Barber
Emma Barber - Hour ago
Why did they blur Mcdonalds?
Cup Cake
Cup Cake - 2 hours ago
shelby late reaction about the ball is so funny
Superlorddragon T
Superlorddragon T - 3 hours ago
Why doesn’t Sylvester just work at one of those restaurants that the employees get paid to be mean
Michelle Hayden
Michelle Hayden - 3 hours ago
Sylvester shout a lot
Michelle Hayden
Michelle Hayden - 3 hours ago
Shane Sandling
Shane Sandling - 4 hours ago
These are so goddamn funny 😂😂😂
Anthony Oertelt
Anthony Oertelt - 6 hours ago
You think 4 cats and a dog is hard well I have 5 dogs 4 cats 7 fish 2 turtles 1 lizard 1 guinea pig and 1 bunny
aidan williams
aidan williams - 6 hours ago
Tell your cat Sylvester to be a cop you'll be a great cop did he could arrest you
Magical WolfGamer
Magical WolfGamer - 7 hours ago
I know how sal feels sometimes 😆
Magical WolfGamer
Magical WolfGamer - 7 hours ago
😆 I love this 😆
Tania Boehm
Tania Boehm - 9 hours ago
Hi I love you cat
Gacha_liv - 9 hours ago
I only started watching your vids yesterday and I’ve watched half of em already
Slothy Minecraft
Slothy Minecraft - 10 hours ago
Does random kitten have an actual name irl?
Brown Sugar83
Brown Sugar83 - 12 hours ago
Wait what is Shelby's going blind oh no what if it's from all the cat attacks
Nixie Brandon
Nixie Brandon - 13 hours ago
you should let sylvester pick a cat so he would get along with a animal
Poki Pikachu
Poki Pikachu - 13 hours ago
”Just eat the fucking salad, I’m trying to help you!”
RandomnessSpartan/UniGoldenSpartan 2019
Wanda Willow Orourke
Wanda Willow Orourke - 15 hours ago
Shelby is probably having probably need to see the vet
Amazing Luigi Bros
Amazing Luigi Bros - 16 hours ago
Sylvester Is me on my first day
LANDO OG KID - 16 hours ago
Krysta Zambie
Krysta Zambie - 16 hours ago
Lmfao the shit you come up with
Dragon_princ€ - 17 hours ago
Ok I know there is Sylvester, random kitty, and Gigi but who was the other black cat behind Sylvester????
Dragon_princ€ - 17 hours ago
Ok I know there is Sylvester, random kitty, and Gigi but who was the other black cat behind Sylvester????
Elda Russell
Elda Russell - 18 hours ago
you make the most crazyist videos in the world i like them
KITTYCORN CUPCAKE - 18 hours ago
Ok,I got two questions, one, how is your cat taking, and two, how can I make my cat talk, please tell me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
wow life
wow life - 19 hours ago
Heh- heh- 69 u know what that means *pls don't take this seriously-*
CallmeDiddy - 21 hour ago
Shelby got gg's butt in her mouth LIKE full butt 3:12
Gracie Page
Gracie Page - 21 hour ago
I have 13 animals
Sarah Chieffe
Sarah Chieffe - 22 hours ago
Meme God
Meme God - 22 hours ago
I dont understand rhis
How this cat talks?
Eileen Mclaughlin
Eileen Mclaughlin - 22 hours ago
What's. Rong. With the DOG. AWWWW
Diana Bejder
Diana Bejder - 22 hours ago
Hey eh im ned can someone tell me if that cat is talking or is is fake im not smart just info
biker Babe
biker Babe - 22 hours ago
Jake Gamer
Jake Gamer - 22 hours ago
What are Gigi
lisa matthews
lisa matthews - 23 hours ago
JJ and random kitty is so cute STEVE 😍
The 🐈 and the 🐕 is so good steve
The next day I will need a picture of
Your 🐈 calls JJ
Lauren Matthews
Lauren Matthews - Day ago
" just take the f-----ing salad -itch in trying to help you!!" LMAO that is halarious
Cathleen Fotorny
Cathleen Fotorny - Day ago
Sylvester is like meh.-. XD
Petra Nyman
Petra Nyman - Day ago
Larry Skibo
Larry Skibo - Day ago
Today’s my brithday!
Nya Nya Girl
Nya Nya Girl - 19 hours ago
Happy Birthday!
__Ablysent __
__Ablysent __ - Day ago
i had 15 cats
Shady03 - Day ago
Keep the good work, my mom and me love your videos and we laugh a lot xD but good job !👏🏻
madison callahan
madison callahan - Day ago
Please post more!! We love you man!
Belle Chérie
Belle Chérie - Day ago
*When a cat gets a job before you do*
- Loveli
- Loveli - Day ago
Dude I got 9 cats, the other one went to my dad's house
Georgia Kelly
Georgia Kelly - Day ago
I got a mother fucken job bur
Caren Larkey
Caren Larkey - Day ago
Catch attempt #5: FAIL
Catch attempt #6: FAIL
Catch attempt #7: FAIL
Computer: catch the god damn ball already!
Me: he wasn’t even throwing it.
Computer: I couldn’t compute any matches for "he wasn’t even throwing it."
Me: @#$&*%!?€£¥§!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Funtime Foxy The Pirate Fox 101
Steve do the invisible tape challenge to Sylvester and the other cats
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