England Win CWC After Super Over! | England vs New Zealand - Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Nyanu Patil
Nyanu Patil - 4 hours ago
BatmanBlox - 4 hours ago
Fun facts at the moment of me writing the comment the India Vs Pakistan match has more views then the final itself.
Rozee Tayyab
Rozee Tayyab - 7 hours ago
Who is here in December?
New Zealand ❤
Rozee Tayyab
Rozee Tayyab - 7 hours ago
Am I the only one who always cry whenever see this highlights? Nz ❤
Chandrakala Sodani
Chandrakala Sodani - 7 hours ago
Next world cup Martin guptil is hero
Jahira Banu
Jahira Banu - 10 hours ago
The whole history changed by the four which touched ben stokes bat on last over
nishant kashyap
nishant kashyap - 16 hours ago
Needed Usain Bolt to change the results.
Talha Ali
Talha Ali - 19 hours ago
The excitement of the final was only in the home not in the ground because the crowd was too silent...World Cup should never be in England, it must be in India or Australia so the match can become more anticipated...
N J - 19 hours ago
Brilliant match. Even brilliant commentary.
Prateek Mehta
Prateek Mehta - 19 hours ago
Even the destiny dint want to choose between these two fabulous teams ....
lio fan
lio fan - 21 hour ago
best match in ever played in cricket history
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sudaf Hasan
sudaf Hasan - Day ago
Catoonnatwrc llk
Kris Mannix
Kris Mannix - Day ago
Ian Smith’s commentary was unbelievable in this game considering how heartbroken he must’ve been
Datta kirti
Datta kirti - Day ago
Yes true Words!!
Stephen Thounaojam
Stephen Thounaojam - Day ago
New Zealand also won the 2019 world cup final match.M i right.
If u agree then Like my comment.
Asif Karbalai
Asif Karbalai - Day ago
Bad umpairing and nz won the match
Osame Khan
Osame Khan - 2 days ago
Who is here after England newzealand t20 final
pickeazy tv
pickeazy tv - 2 days ago
eng had their luck on tht dau
Aakash Rana
Aakash Rana - 2 days ago
New Zealand won this world cup not England.....
Suraj ChOudhary
Suraj ChOudhary - 2 days ago
Good luck of England only
Farook Sahib
Farook Sahib - 2 days ago
ICC you fool you supported Eng, according to your own made rule (19.8) for that over throw the correct amounts of runs should be 5. Further how dare a boundary could decide the winning?? ICC before making rules go and learn mathematics &logic.

Believe me NZ you are the winner
10>08 (wickets)
04>01 (maidens)

Now 5 months are passed & yet I can’t forget it even if I forget my name. I am thinking every day how they won it. From how many runs??? From how many wickets
It’s just a ridiculous rule.
It’s harder to forget it. Surely this worst injustice will be saved in the minds of real humans.
If only Kumar Darmasena didn’t do that judgmental error, clearly NZ will be the winner without a super over.

Nz wish you all the best in 2023. In that final you should be the winner even if my own country is your opponent.
Farook Sahib
Farook Sahib - 7 hours ago
@Deathzone hmm true
Deathzone - Day ago
Also New Zealand hit more 6s than England
Steve Stevenson
Steve Stevenson - 3 days ago
Feel Sorry for New Zealand. 2 world cup finals in a row where they lost.
Thisara Ranjith
Thisara Ranjith - 3 days ago
Who is here after India won *2020 t20* WC in Australia
Adnan Adnan
Adnan Adnan - 16 hours ago
sanjeev - 3 days ago
England show cricket is not a gentleman game..
Huzaifa Butt
Huzaifa Butt - 3 days ago
It badluck for newselandi but its not fault of newseland the umpire takes not fine desiscion I also plays cricket but this is very bad discision that umpire gives 6 runs
Kanthi Rathnayake
Kanthi Rathnayake - 4 days ago
Not to ENG
Kanthi Rathnayake
Kanthi Rathnayake - 4 days ago
It should be win for NZ
Kawsar Mahmud
Kawsar Mahmud - 4 days ago
Aditya kumar
Aditya kumar - 4 days ago
Fucking match and superover
TOP T,s - 4 days ago
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