29 133
1 629
It's ange Boo
It's ange Boo - 12 часов назад
This dance troupe is even better than the next step
Joseph Augustine Gomes
Joseph Augustine Gomes - 21 час назад
I loved this song. This song is my inspiration.
xxhhss 10
xxhhss 10 - День назад
Last gurl Jesus i never expect that shit coming omg
Mil Lon
Mil Lon - День назад
extraordinaria actuacion de la niña de cabello lizo...por dios.
Mil Lon
Mil Lon - День назад
La niña morena tiene la mejor voz que haya oido...desde vzla.
N J - День назад
The second girl was BEAUTIFUL and had a very strong and beautiful voice
MusicforMe123 - День назад
The first girl was fantastic, it was our pleasure to see/hear the beginning of a superstar.
Funtabulous Hailey
Funtabulous Hailey - День назад
The first girl is so pretty and so bubbly and lively and can sing so good
Stefan Krzyzanowski
Stefan Krzyzanowski - День назад
I love you❤️❤️❤️
LightFury Lover
LightFury Lover - День назад
The first one has the voice of an angle and style on fleak!!!!
Kim Cruz
Kim Cruz - 4 часа назад
mario luiz burda
mario luiz burda - День назад
Travel Philippines
Travel Philippines - День назад
agreed - the last one !
Adan Mohaa
Adan Mohaa - 2 дня назад
The one with eye glass, with more children forced me to comment,,, im not a singer but nothing will challenge my heart towards him
Mélina méli
Mélina méli - 2 дня назад
18:50 what's the song please ?
Daniel Neece
Daniel Neece - 2 дня назад
Janis is back and better than ever.
Edgar Ondra
Edgar Ondra - 2 дня назад
Bless the guy with 6kid
Samiul Haque
Samiul Haque - 2 дня назад
8:28 which version of the song is it?? I know its this is me
Kevin Binfeld
Kevin Binfeld - 3 дня назад
All These Have God Given Talent !! It’s Unbelievable !!
Sable Zbyrabadowski
Sable Zbyrabadowski - 3 дня назад
I love the close to last one (like if u agree ) *ps.not ment to get likes -_-
Ann Kleinman
Ann Kleinman - 3 дня назад
I never liked Janice Joplin but wow! Courtney was phenomenal!!
All Amazing talented people!
Marcos Costich
Marcos Costich - 3 дня назад
É próprio áudio mesmo tipo de showmas é um é um monte de pessoas talentosas como a menina acabou de cantar como muitos que vão passar aqui encher os olhos como cantar como qualquer coisa que faça com a perfeição que o ser humano pode dar em qualquer coisa no seu talento olha gente é incrível pequenininhas ethan críveis é para ir até a audiência para gritar é para sentir o prazer de ver pessoas cantando também isso é as coisas bonitas do mundo pode mostrar para todo mundo
Marcos Costich
Marcos Costich - 3 дня назад
Muito bonito que ela fez lá do seu pai e todas as pessoas que têm grande oportunidade e que canta demais esse problema que dá tanta oportunidade para tantas pessoas muito amor
Irma Roberge
Irma Roberge - 3 дня назад
I3LINK - 3 дня назад
The way they react after the golden buzzer you'd think they'd won the whole competition 😂
Bee JayGee
Bee JayGee - 3 дня назад
Makayla Phillips...Cuteness overload !!!
Complaisant Play
Complaisant Play - 3 дня назад
So sweet voice
nel rongcales
nel rongcales - 3 дня назад
The first one... She's so pretty and a dam so good in singing..
LightFury Lover
LightFury Lover - День назад
Ik I have watched her almost 13 times already
Leah Lagrosas
Leah Lagrosas - 3 дня назад
Ohh i love Courtney she's amazing.
Not from this era right.
Hazel Eyes
Hazel Eyes - 4 дня назад
Tyra Banks, honestly this isn't about you.. Always trying to stay in the camera.
Kelein Oubre
Kelein Oubre - 4 дня назад
Loved the second one ❤️
Kelein Oubre
Kelein Oubre - 4 дня назад
Kelein Oubre
Kelein Oubre - 4 дня назад
The first girl was just wow mind blown 🤯
Hannah Munro
Hannah Munro - 2 дня назад
Kelein Oubre it sent shivers down my arms
Richard Crews
Richard Crews - 4 дня назад
Wow she has a nice voice best singing
Les Loughlan
Les Loughlan - 4 дня назад
yo this goes out to si you see all these epic acts how do you who goes were like film music circus your a brit n i like ur no bullshit approth bruv
Joni Ojala
Joni Ojala - 4 дня назад
Simon has heart.
Lily G
Lily G - 4 дня назад
the first one looks like Ariana Grande
abhi milanesta
abhi milanesta - 5 дней назад
Sometimes it become ethereal to see one human being sheding tears of joy in someone else's happiness. It becomes a moment to cherish when contestant cries after golden buzzer and audience find solace in the knowledge that people will get what they deserve, eventually.
Nina Rania
Nina Rania - 5 дней назад
i want G B for me ...
Kyle Kozma
Kyle Kozma - 5 дней назад
Holy hell!!!! Last act was a shocker
Cesar S.O.
Cesar S.O. - 5 дней назад
I just love ! All of them
Shania Manwell
Shania Manwell - 5 дней назад
Carol Berwind
Carol Berwind - 6 дней назад
Acrobat's R fantastic
Sam Auli
Sam Auli - 6 дней назад
Last one was pure moths fucking talent
Janaye Young
Janaye Young - 6 дней назад
Love last one ever have i ever hear a vocie like that so awesome great vocie ❤
Cassandra van Kuijk
Cassandra van Kuijk - 6 дней назад
The vocal control of de first one crazy good.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 дней назад
The last singer at 19:28. Seriously.
Amanda VanderArk
Amanda VanderArk - 7 дней назад
2nd act.. cirque de Soleil and cheerleading comp put together. VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE!
Amanda VanderArk
Amanda VanderArk - 7 дней назад
Anyone else think the first girl looked a lot like Arianna Grande?
Jade bill
Jade bill - 7 дней назад
That first girl sounds like Ariana Grande
Amanda VanderArk
Amanda VanderArk - 7 дней назад
Said the SAME THING!
Don Berry
Don Berry - 7 дней назад
Rock and Roll, Courtney.
Nina Marie Merto
Nina Marie Merto - 7 дней назад
Im crying right now...
SEABORNE1971 - 8 дней назад
Wow!!!!! The next Aretha, beautiful
Sylvia David
Sylvia David - 8 дней назад
I cried for the whole video. It was so inspirational! I love earth so much!
Fazlul Wahab
Fazlul Wahab - 8 дней назад
Good 🌞😘 🌞
March 17 2019
jessi hanani
jessi hanani - 9 дней назад
Last girl the Best
kamal mohamad
kamal mohamad - 9 дней назад
16 / 3 / 2019 the zurcaroh team is xxxxx stars of the year 2018
Sanji275 ___
Sanji275 ___ - 10 дней назад
What a title song frist?
Guccigang Alten
Guccigang Alten - 10 дней назад
Omg 😯 ♥️♥️
Alisha Thorp
Alisha Thorp - 10 дней назад
Makayla❤ absolutely amazing.
gezahgne berassu
gezahgne berassu - 10 дней назад
cute girl, cute vioce
SupermansLois - 10 дней назад
I love Courtney Hadwin, watched the rest of her performances. She is a force of nature and I think Janis Joplin would be smiling down on her. The big group with the kids and gymnastics wow, incredible talent and amazing performance as well. The father of the foster kids, such a heartfelt message. These are all incredible talented people.
Thor Stambaugh
Thor Stambaugh - 8 дней назад
Then the judges set up Courtney with stupid songs.
Marianne Tan
Marianne Tan - 11 дней назад
The last one 💕
Father Michael
Father Michael - 12 дней назад
Amanda Mena is a star to watch out for in the future.
Brother Monkey
Brother Monkey - 13 дней назад
Is Tyra allowed to press the button. She’s not a judge.
sebastiaan suijkerbuijk
sebastiaan suijkerbuijk - 13 дней назад
Lol the 13 year girl in the white dress. Do not underrated that song it's really hard to do this . It's a hard fuck up number to sing. Try it to do it. Wow
sebastiaan suijkerbuijk
sebastiaan suijkerbuijk - 13 дней назад
2e act de male are really strong do not forget it. It's use a lot of energie to do this
William Whitney
William Whitney - 13 дней назад
The 2nd act swinging those young girls like is just short of or right at child abuse.
Deborah Pink
Deborah Pink - 14 дней назад
Ok, why are we not talking about Tyra pressing the golden buzzard on the second act!! 😹😹 They were awesome!! 💕
supergaytor - 14 дней назад
Wow most amazing rendition of to love somebody
#lenken #goldenbuzzers
Cuda - 14 дней назад
Janice Joplin reincarnated 'OH 'MY 'GOD, HELL YES
Bratty Young
Bratty Young - 14 дней назад
This Arobic group is number 1
Filippo Stoppa
Filippo Stoppa - 15 дней назад
And the last girl is unbelievable😱🔝
Filippo Stoppa
Filippo Stoppa - 15 дней назад
Singin "natural woman" in that way at that age... wow 😱😱🔝🔝
Lucía M.
Lucía M. - 14 дней назад
hải phạm
hải phạm - 15 дней назад
she so pty
guishote - 17 дней назад
América got talent? América is a big continet todos somos americanos fuckin gringos
liu jacky mattress machine
liu jacky mattress machine - 17 дней назад
i will be there when i trip hehe
Cherry Padilla
Cherry Padilla - 18 дней назад
Is Simon gay?
xxxpornsexnude - 18 дней назад
Трахни меня FUCK ME PLZ
Mia Mina Rubiano
Mia Mina Rubiano - 19 дней назад
first i want to have a sister like that
Mistique77 Tink
Mistique77 Tink - 19 дней назад
NOW that's a show I'd pay to see!!!!
Bushra Alsaffi
Bushra Alsaffi - 20 дней назад
The first one 😍😍omg
AllyO0p - 21 день назад
Can we talk about how amazing all of these contestants are?!? Especially the young girl singing the Black Crowes!! I'M SHOOK!
miracle starr
miracle starr - 21 день назад
The second one was the best of them all... I was like "and he said they are not profesionals"????🤔
💙and😘😘from south america "Suriname🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷"
Fabiano Azevedo
Fabiano Azevedo - 21 день назад
Where do these people hide before coming to these shows!?
mnour elias saaban
mnour elias saaban - 21 день назад
Maria Cooker
Maria Cooker - 21 день назад
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Kpoper International
Kpoper International - 21 день назад
Respect for the man with the six kids... people didn’t even cheer in the beginning because they were to focused on his singing...
It’s so emotional... so beautiful. You could see that he actually meant that song for his kids.
Ronelda Tahiri
Ronelda Tahiri - 21 день назад
Oh my God Wow wow wow
Muhamadjoni Islomuddin
Muhamadjoni Islomuddin - 21 день назад
last girl+
suhaimie Omar
suhaimie Omar - 21 день назад
Hello hello 4 March 2019
Aliyah Rosario
Aliyah Rosario - 22 дня назад
The first one is good😭😭 i lost my arm
Zul Kifli
Zul Kifli - 22 дня назад
The 2nd performance is absolutely incredible
Dirty Rebel
Dirty Rebel - 22 дня назад
Its funny to me that this is called “top 5 golden buzzers when theres only 4 coaches and they each only get 1 buzzer
Brittany Jarrett
Brittany Jarrett - 20 дней назад
Dirty Rebel the hostess gets a golden buzzer
Jair Aguiar
Jair Aguiar - 22 дня назад
Ótimo trabalho, linda seleção.
Monique Snabel
Monique Snabel - 22 дня назад
Check out imani
Nona Bee
Nona Bee - 22 дня назад
Waw its so dramatical , very beautiful give moments
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz - 23 дня назад
She sings so beautiful!!!!
Prince Dufale Agbusac
Prince Dufale Agbusac - 23 дня назад
I so happy for you...Contestant no.1
Best Collection
Best Collection - 23 дня назад
What is the first song title??
blu3 cuber
blu3 cuber - 23 дня назад
The 1st girl shoud hv joined the voice
ClOuD - 21 день назад
blu3 cuber LoL why? Has the voice ever made anyone super famous? That would have been the wrong choice. I love the voice. But besides blind auditions it’s kinda meh.
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