jessica M
jessica M - 9 days ago
The first performance should be a pop star
lightskin sejada
lightskin sejada - 15 days ago
I am going to be on that stage someday my mom said :) I think im a really good singer !!
Merrida100 - 17 days ago
That last girl, OMG! I completely did not expect that at all. Kind of reminds me of Cher Lloyd's audition on BGT. This girl here was so shy that I didn't think she'd be able to peep out much of a song, much less something with so much emotion and power. It looks like when she's singing, THAT is her "real self," where she lets loose and truly becomes who she is inside.
Merrida100 - 17 days ago
I didn't care for that first singer. She was good, but there's nothing spectacular that stood out making her exceptional. Even without comparing her to other singers, she just wasn't that outstanding.
Михаил Немков
Наиболее впечатлило Zuskaron на 6:31 и на 7:52 (где, по-поему, Солистка)! А на 8:34 - они Достойны!!! И, даже если они и заняли в итоге 2-е место, Очень хорошие Люди!
Abbe Satty
Abbe Satty - 29 days ago
Didn't know that House Bolton sponsored this show!
Abbe Satty
Abbe Satty - 29 days ago
2:16 That cute smile, when you realize that you fu**ing nailed it!
Asvni Srikannathas
Asvni Srikannathas - Month ago
The first girl gave me Madison Beer vibes idk why but I love it
zachary yy
zachary yy - Month ago
i cried
oconnorcrew_201 7
oconnorcrew_201 7 - Month ago
Why is no one talking about that note Amanda hit at 17:00
Skyla W
Skyla W - Month ago
I loved the guy with the many kids when I first saw him on the show but after him hitting his wife I have no respect. Never raise a hand to your spouse, no matter the gender.
RifleLion - Month ago
Let’s just point out it say incredible golden buzzers 2018 AGT yet there was only 5 golden buzzers
H-U-S-H YT - Month ago
The 1st Girl has the best voice control
Shola sanya Sanya
Shola sanya Sanya - Month ago
She's Rock and Roll.
zebras don't fly for a reason
...couldn't make it through the first annoying bitch...
mrtonn1991 - Month ago
If you can sing good make upa shitty sad life story and booom, a golden buzzer for you
Lolita Bridges
Lolita Bridges - Month ago
Courtney and Mick Jagger duet.
drippy. patty
drippy. patty - Month ago
Amanda mena made me have chills the whole time😩
Rain v s brain
Rain v s brain - Month ago
black power
black power - Month ago
They last girl was amazing... I watched it 3 times
pinky7010 - Month ago
23:22 Tyra pliz consider this little girls ears...dammit
pinky7010 - Month ago
1st girl voice is so squeaky
Jenny Scranton
Jenny Scranton - Month ago
Tom Lin
Tom Lin - Month ago
驚奇之旅!最後兩位參賽者帶來的感覺!前一位有著金剛臉的女孩亦有著金剛般的演唱實力!把非常有氣氛且似乎容易唱走音的歌曲唱得非常圓滿!最後一位則是人不可貌相,著魔似的演出!雖然曲非我最愛及所熟悉,但一聽就感覺她完全是在複製專業的演唱品質,任誰應該都會有amazing, incredible之感!
Mk3 - Month ago
I love golden buzzers.
I cry with every single one of them.
It is so beautiful to see people on their probably best time ever in their lives being recognized by what moves 99% of humans, music!
It touches me deeply.
Allison Arreaga
Allison Arreaga - Month ago
I love when the man sings...i literally cry
K Walker
K Walker - Month ago
PIZZO - Month ago
am i the only one who thinks the last girl (courtny) took the shine from everyone else in this video!! so fucking beautiful...her performance and everything about her on stage is amazing and so talented! idk man SO MUCH TALENT wtf.
Evgeniy Fara
Evgeniy Fara - Month ago
Неуд - 0 -.
Fredelyn Cuantioso
Fredelyn Cuantioso - Month ago
OMG Courtney has a unique voice
Cami Boyle
Cami Boyle - Month ago
So Totally Awesome the second Act is the most Amazing thing And I have seen Amazing acts WOW what an Act of Trust on their lives they put in each others hands literally! ♡
Adelaida Jimenez
Adelaida Jimenez - Month ago
Second video the group was absolutely amazing
Patijia - Month ago
Reminds me AXL ROSE
timomastosalo - Month ago
There are 2 kind of awesome singers: The ones that make the audience howl and scream in extacy.
And the ones that silence them awestruck.

And we need both - the electricity and the goosebumps.
timomastosalo - Month ago
Guess I was asking for it. Well, I did click it. And I just something in my - don't you doubt my words, y'hear!
timomastosalo - Month ago
The 1st girl doesn't sound 15 - but almost 10 years older.
King Kong
King Kong - Month ago
5:01 - Simons thinking, 'nah mate, Britain's got talent is.'
Electric touch
Electric touch - Month ago
King Kong exactly😂😂
Heather Clifford
Heather Clifford - Month ago
Janitor: am I a joke to you?
maria laura Corradani
maria laura Corradani - Month ago
poneros este video de mi amigo DJ TITO es una maravilla de mezclas soy maria laura chenoa y le prometido que su arte lo iva a conocer el mundo
fannyfreckle - Month ago
To each his own...I must be the only person that didn’t care for the guy with 6 kids. And as is the norm, he milked his not-so-subtle “I am such an amazing human being because I do these great things” story for all it was worth. It had to be real, I mean he really does have all those foster children, but I guess something just didn’t sit right with me. I wanted to like him, but was bored, felt he had too much vibrato (more than just nerves), and he didn’t quite hit all his notes. I was shocked he got the golden buzzer, but this show is all about making a connection, and it just goes to show how we all connect with people in our own unique ways. Anyway, I do wish him all the best, because that is a lot kids to care for!
Josh Moon
Josh Moon - Month ago
Imagine if they pressed the golden buzzer and it didn’t work 😂🤔
Tom Lin
Tom Lin - Month ago
anxiously jump his(her) feet!(急跳腳😁).......................................😂
Potato Bennett
Potato Bennett - Month ago
Happened with the red buzzer because Mel B plugged in her phone😂
PIZZO - Month ago
+timomastosalo k
timomastosalo - Month ago
Literally de-pressing
busa1a - Month ago
Poor cleanings
busa1a - Month ago
WHOLE the first girl was amazing
austin estrada
austin estrada - Month ago
Is that grace vanderwaal singing when the golden vuzzervis hit by Mel B? I think it is.
Madame Marzelle
Madame Marzelle - Month ago
this lil Janis got me
Joachim Sudergat
Joachim Sudergat - Month ago
The best acrobatic act ever.
Jocelyn Cross
Jocelyn Cross - Month ago
First one all I have to say is GOOSEBUMPS
Rosettie Praise
Rosettie Praise - Month ago
Having a talent like that us in credible
Samara - Month ago
1st girl....... I'm speechless
Laloni Chester
Laloni Chester - Month ago
Tyra's ass bounced lol but I do not feel bad for the person who gets paid good money to clean
Cher L.
Cher L. - Month ago
Love it when they close their eyes because they are in their own little world and Not looking for approval or validation from the audience. They’re just signing from their heart
Cher L.
Cher L. - Month ago
Iove these
Guilherme Araújo Oficial
Minute 1:59 Simon's face is the best lolololol
Alexis Davis
Alexis Davis - Month ago
Honestly , Zucaroh shouldve won . was rooting for them since their first audition!
Wienand Marylou
Wienand Marylou - Month ago
Garden Joy
Garden Joy - Month ago
Makayla is very promising. The second group was amazing in talent! Sadly I didn't like the torches and music to it at all, it had an occult feel to it! The third, the father of six foster children is extremely likable, a heart of Go(l)d. Fitting song for him. That little girl, that I didn't even give fifteen years pulled of that song like a natural woman! Such a nice timbre in her voice, a warmth that was felt in the heart. Indeed she has natural soul. Courtney, I feel for her; see her lose herself in a jiffy in sex, drugs and rock & roll.
Joanne Di Pronio
Joanne Di Pronio - Month ago
You go girl,🥰🤩😘🤗😍😀😁
Wendy forrester
Wendy forrester - Month ago
Little Ariana Grande
Mr. Swiffer
Mr. Swiffer - Month ago
3:27 3:34 not sure which was a better dance 😂
Misbah Malik
Misbah Malik - Month ago
i have never seen such strong acrobatic and gymnastic act before and now I can watch them again n again
Sara Olsen
Sara Olsen - Month ago
I love MP
Devin - Month ago
4 out of 5 are story based.
Miran pishdary
Miran pishdary - Month ago
I like the second one nice well
Miran pishdary
Miran pishdary - Month ago
I love the first one Great balance perfect
apeekatthedeep - Month ago
Bruh the first girl’s brother looking like his name is Melvin
Kathren - Month ago
Why does the first girl look like me... O-o
Rvynn - Month ago
No one noticed that the judges clothes have never changed between the contestants?
Sylvia Sims
Sylvia Sims - Month ago
Makaly was really good and cournrty
Jasmine Morris
Jasmine Morris - Month ago
I cried when the guy with six kids said he got them from foster care... Hes a savior. I have been in fostercare for 7 years
hannah avec h
hannah avec h - Month ago
12:00 replay button
you’re welcome
rudianto setiawan
rudianto setiawan - Month ago
And Amanda will have a bright future and those bullies still end up as trash.
Amélie N
Amélie N - Month ago
Looks like Heidi sees her daughter in the first girl 👩‍👧
Odin Coulombe
Odin Coulombe - Month ago
I like the way Courtney ended her song.
Odin Coulombe
Odin Coulombe - Month ago
2nd act was just amazing,,how did that girl stay strait while she was held im bewildered...
Sapien Ninja
Sapien Ninja - Month ago
20:46 Lol that autistic screeching is considered talent. I'd rather get haunted by the sacred Riana than have my eardrums pierced with this.
rbspider - Month ago
Tina H.
Tina H. - Month ago
11:45 Jesus he's gorgeous... 😍😍😍
Claydson Alves
Claydson Alves - Month ago
This brunette behind the curtains is very beautiful.
Eric sowards
Eric sowards - Month ago
Heidi: *Hits golden buzzer*
Janitor: Oh Crap not again * jumps out window*
Edit: Sorry if I spelled Heidi's name wrong!
Frank Montez
Frank Montez - Month ago
Wow what a fantastic unbelievable talent in Courtney and she's only 13 . I guessed wrong that it was Janis Joplin song oh well
bryce jack
bryce jack - Month ago
😂at 3:20 I wonder if the girl in the back thought she was going to hit the red button😂look at her facial expression😂😂
Embry Quintana
Embry Quintana - Month ago
Makayla can't sing because she's so awful and annoying I'll push that red buzzer
Adairis Ocañas
Adairis Ocañas - Month ago
It's so adorable and amazing 😻😻🤞🤞❤️❤️
Kaelyn Galan
Kaelyn Galan - Month ago
15:50 was my favorite one though
Rachel Bond
Rachel Bond - Month ago
OKay..i NEED that song that the 3rd guy sun with 6 children.. holy crap where can i buy this
YO its Ainsley
YO its Ainsley - Month ago
Let's check out how many of us really noticed grace vanderwaal's clearly as the background music in 18:49
Lex Jung
Lex Jung - Month ago
Wow, loved every single one of the performances. Amazing talents!
S I E R R A - Month ago
I finally figured out why she looks familiar the first one looks like that girl from On My Block
malpaul - Month ago
Tyra Banks still trying to steal the scene while giving the golden buzzer.
Bonnie Irvin
Bonnie Irvin - Month ago
malpaul I can't stand her
Jesse Doolen
Jesse Doolen - Month ago
I thought this would fantastic. But Daneliya Tuleshova sing it better
Web Sparkle
Web Sparkle - Month ago
That 13 year old girl was a legend!
inlovewithBlue - Month ago
They're all amazing 👋
Hisham Al Nahla
Hisham Al Nahla - Month ago
Just beautiful ...
JustAnotherMonster - Month ago
awww the first girl looks adorable
Yzi - Month ago
one of the best videos like that - top5/10/100
amazing selection
ana - Month ago
Nmmn casi me da algo con el segundo
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin - Month ago
Not was a setup.
Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths - Month ago
Have you noticed that natural ingers have big mouths ?
Dark Princess
Dark Princess - Month ago
That dance group with lots of kids 😍
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