The craziest elevator on Roblox!

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Mexico Mexico
Mexico Mexico - 38 minutes ago
YouTube YouTube. No no me lol
Franco Reyes
Franco Reyes - 41 minute ago
Hey funneh i did the escape the normal wen i see the finish i have a cokie
Ashley Ellerbee
Ashley Ellerbee - Hour ago
Aleena Abdus-Salaam
Aleena Abdus-Salaam - Hour ago
Lunar is very cuttteee
Aleena Abdus-Salaam
Aleena Abdus-Salaam - Hour ago
Love you funneh
elizabeth bittner
elizabeth bittner - 2 hours ago
funneh did you get my fam mail
elizabeth bittner
elizabeth bittner - 2 hours ago
mister big wig's job is flixing
Katelyn Smith
Katelyn Smith - 2 hours ago
krystal sizemore
krystal sizemore - 3 hours ago
Adrianna's Youtube
Adrianna's Youtube - 3 hours ago
This is funny 😂
London Sikeo
London Sikeo - 3 hours ago
Lunar is soo cutest lemon girl
nadege charles
nadege charles - 4 hours ago
Lionell Fernandez
Lionell Fernandez - 4 hours ago
Whats your name on ti, tok?
Anna Grossi
Anna Grossi - 4 hours ago
Draco: Give me the Doritos!! Elevator: No way hozay! *shuts on draco* Elevators:HAHA!!!
Grace Grace
Grace Grace - 4 hours ago
Wrote this with tongue
Draco: give me the Doritos
*gets stuck in door*
Me: OOF 😂
Sharlyn Cummings
Sharlyn Cummings - 5 hours ago
It is mr.wig not big
Felicia Aparicio
Felicia Aparicio - 5 hours ago
funneh cake is the cuetist
Felicia Aparicio
Felicia Aparicio - 5 hours ago
I know what the big wig wig does. The big wig wig does nothing.
Felicia Aparicio
Felicia Aparicio - 6 hours ago
i loved when draco was just like i saw a world without haburgurs
Kayla Ceballos
Kayla Ceballos - 6 hours ago
Party in the elevator
Corey Miller
Corey Miller - 6 hours ago
Draco: I saw things
Corey Miller
Corey Miller - 6 hours ago
He could literally be a meme!! One like if I should Re-create this
Kennedi Kirkland
Kennedi Kirkland - 7 hours ago
Draco pulled the e-girl hair off the best.....eheheheh
Laura Najera
Laura Najera - 7 hours ago
Funneh is the best
HAVANA OMG - 7 hours ago
I broke my PHONE because of you Funneh(push read more)

Johana Burgos
Johana Burgos - 7 hours ago
Johana Burgos
Johana Burgos - 7 hours ago
If you eat all the food your body will
Frank Scarpato
Frank Scarpato - 7 hours ago
All of you look cute but Draco pretty much he’s a boy and I’m like yeah I think they’re all cute and Jack go but he’s a boy so it’s still counts as a mom or 10 girl a girl OK why does it say can I can I just get a pizza guy from Pizza boy more better than money
Старац Фочо
Старац Фочо - 7 hours ago
Ay see it touy😐😐😐👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏💓
Sir Bucky Brixton
Sir Bucky Brixton - 7 hours ago
kick but funnehcake roblox meeooeoeihrhr; rjekjewwwwww meow
Leticia Arias
Leticia Arias - 7 hours ago
Koz Holland
Koz Holland - 7 hours ago
all of you. The
Sarah Kohl
Sarah Kohl - 7 hours ago
roxanne mercado
roxanne mercado - 8 hours ago
You look beautiful funneh
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez - 8 hours ago
mrs big wig stands there but he leaves
SecretGamer 534
SecretGamer 534 - 8 hours ago
Draco Greenland has no more burgers in their mcdonalds
Roblixian M
Roblixian M - 8 hours ago
Ololololololoolololokikooooooooooioiilllluig yodxupfpxufxifxplkgcigxirz
jasonvalerie herrera
jasonvalerie herrera - 9 hours ago
Lthe big wig just sta ds there and on his floor if you are in the elevator doorway you will die
Defib - 9 hours ago
Can you all game Dance Off PLZ?❤️❤️❤️❤️🤜🏻🤛🏻i love you so muhc too
Ae Yung Park
Ae Yung Park - 9 hours ago
Mr big is useless
heidi guadalupe
heidi guadalupe - 9 hours ago
It was so funny when Draco got smashed into the elevator door 🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shayma The Unicorn
Shayma The Unicorn - 10 hours ago
Funneh hair color is cute 10 stars
Celina Blue
Celina Blue - 10 hours ago
I think Luna and rainbow are the cutest
Jayden Ly
Jayden Ly - 10 hours ago
My fav is lunar
Jacqueline Marie Olesen
Jacqueline Marie Olesen - 10 hours ago
You are cute
Caitlin H
Caitlin H - 10 hours ago
Nothing Mr big wig does nothing!
williamscp18 - 10 hours ago
The big wig do nothing
Isabella Lay
Isabella Lay - 10 hours ago
it looks like rainbow has no pants
Man Child
Man Child - 10 hours ago
All of you
Tatjana Blinkova
Tatjana Blinkova - 10 hours ago
I accidentally did that and I broke my pad
ugur akar
ugur akar - 10 hours ago
Draco turned into Popeye
Eva Lipambila
Eva Lipambila - 10 hours ago
Scott Lohr
Scott Lohr - 10 hours ago
Draco: Ima take this opratonity to reset Funneh: Why are you reseting draco?
Bolu Ashely
Bolu Ashely - 11 hours ago
All of yall
it's me pink skyler heart 1001
I have a cookie a I was coughing XD edit: I was dead;-; another edit:I saw things
(^ ^)
oMiel Chan Gamer 14o
oMiel Chan Gamer 14o - 11 hours ago
Funneh is the cute
oMiel Chan Gamer 14o
oMiel Chan Gamer 14o - 11 hours ago
Funneh is the cute
Kate H
Kate H - 11 hours ago
Me: I love your vids “yells that”
Mom: what you doing why are you yelling?!?!?
Mom: ok, ok chill you now when I was about 15 I uses to watch funnehs and they had the best vids
Me: really well they still do “dabs”
Julie Baker
Julie Baker - 12 hours ago
please friend me on roblox! my username is Apriltheweird_Girl! It would mean the world to me if u would!
Kimmy Channel
Kimmy Channel - 12 hours ago
Yo it's Kimmy and I am a big fan mostly you f d r l g
Mikaela Montano
Mikaela Montano - 12 hours ago
Do you like Doritos funneh
Crxe_m ID
Crxe_m ID - 12 hours ago
Crxe_m ID
Crxe_m ID - 12 hours ago
Uh ok
George Cauchi
George Cauchi - 14 hours ago
funny is bootiful
Bella Deluna Afiq Hakim
Bella Deluna Afiq Hakim - 15 hours ago
It's funneh is so cute and the krew are cute too!
Izzys life!
Izzys life! - 16 hours ago
Read the first word on my comment

YOU!! Are
Saima Saleem
Saima Saleem - 16 hours ago
Saima Saleem
Saima Saleem - 16 hours ago
Sarah Capper
Sarah Capper - 16 hours ago
mr big wig does nothing
Paula Henderson
Paula Henderson - 16 hours ago
My favorite is rainbow
Ninja - 17 hours ago
I can't decide which hair all of you are so cute I like to the laminator hiar🙃
Jayd-ann Jones
Jayd-ann Jones - 17 hours ago
Big wig says sad things
Carolene Hamilton
Carolene Hamilton - 17 hours ago
Luna is the cutest
Carolene Hamilton
Carolene Hamilton - 17 hours ago
I want to play with you!!!!!!! Although I can't find you on Roblox but I love your vidios 😸 I'm sorry Mr wig
Selina Hsiao
Selina Hsiao - 17 hours ago
Reeha Rafique
Reeha Rafique - 18 hours ago
GAMING WITH DRAGONS - 18 hours ago
funnehcake is the cutest
Nan Bailey
Nan Bailey - 18 hours ago
Malathi Kandan
Malathi Kandan - 18 hours ago
Lunar's cute
Zaren's Channel
Zaren's Channel - 20 hours ago
I played normal elevator and i was having fun playing it😶
Mymie Mad
Mymie Mad - 21 hour ago
Rainbow looks the cutest
Zool Osman
Zool Osman - 21 hour ago
I’m eating Doritos
Zool Osman
Zool Osman - 21 hour ago
Just go ahead riddles
Elizabeth Thomsen
Elizabeth Thomsen - 22 hours ago
Elizabeth Thomsen
Elizabeth Thomsen - 22 hours ago
He poops
Corey Miller
Corey Miller - 22 hours ago
Spend the roebucks everywhere you go!!
Joseline Anguiano
Joseline Anguiano - 22 hours ago
I dare I dare you to play Pokemon in Roblox
summer kitty
summer kitty - 22 hours ago
You have tik tok i have tik tok please follow me
Sarah Kohl
Sarah Kohl - 23 hours ago
He tellls you what do do sometimes
Franccandelaria Candelaria
Hoi Tam
Hoi Tam - Day ago
*we need walmart*
zi zi plays Washington
Funneh is so freaking cute
Desirae Saldana
Desirae Saldana - Day ago
manil0u - Day ago
Funneh does the hair better
manil0u - Day ago
Big wig talks only in the old elevator
manil0u - Day ago
He talked but in the old elevator
Mariana Ramírez
Mariana Ramírez - Day ago
Just de big
Sandra Yunelba Alvarez
Hello funny I like your videos
Naomi Torres
Naomi Torres - Day ago
E_C_L_I_P_S_E - Day ago
Totally *normal*
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