How To Make the Perfect Burger

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HowToBasic - Month ago
Americans alone consume approximately 500 billion burgers a year. Wow!
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The Dane_dude1
The Dane_dude1 - 2 days ago
2:24 hmmmmmmm
Waffles4life - 4 days ago
How to get dressed
Firestar1987 2556g
Firestar1987 2556g - 7 days ago
you know I thought you were actually going to make something right but then pickles happened when that happened I was like oh my God what the f*** why did you do that idubbbz I mean every episode of HowToBasic ends up in a f*****-up way but seriously man... is still really entertaining though but why with all the f****** pickles great video I liked
Cassadi Johnson
Cassadi Johnson - 8 days ago
Don’t talk about Americans if you call that ham “bacon” 🤣🤣🤣
WallBreaker 11
WallBreaker 11 - 10 days ago
2:25 he has got ad dogoooooo
Alejandro Tejeda Gomez
Alejandro Tejeda Gomez - 36 minutes ago
Dog: wtf is u doin
Sarkis Sarkissian
Sarkis Sarkissian - 36 minutes ago
Guy: I smell pickles...
Perfect burger: Y do I hear boss music? ;o;
Alejandro Tejeda Gomez
Alejandro Tejeda Gomez - 38 minutes ago
I like how u got MaxMoeFoe to eat them pickles
Justapersonlikeu Ok?
Justapersonlikeu Ok? - 45 minutes ago's enough pickles.
Julian - 53 minutes ago
How 2 Dog
C_Mat - 55 minutes ago
Vince ivan
Vince ivan - Hour ago
Only god can judge this Hamburger
Ang Yong Tich
Ang Yong Tich - Hour ago
perfect images of video and perfect intro
but perfect end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JonelKingas - 2 hours ago
well fuck i acidently made howto basic recipy but it was actually good just cuted that picle part.. lol
Dityo Riadussurur
Dityo Riadussurur - 2 hours ago
I really really thought it would be a normal video
XanXan Xan
XanXan Xan - 4 hours ago
disgusting way of eating.. you dont have to show that here...
flame runner
flame runner - 4 hours ago
this is actually helpful tbh
DOVNOX - 4 hours ago
Pls a normal video
Jeremy Howard
Jeremy Howard - 4 hours ago
Is no one gonna talk about how Maxmofoe just came and sucked pickles in oblivion? Btw plz do more crossovers!
GhoulTrooper - 4 hours ago
This is nimet oc
Chaima Hmamou
Chaima Hmamou - 5 hours ago
This clouds in Thor canal of YouTube im dona speak inglish
thebluetag tagger
thebluetag tagger - 5 hours ago
Instructions unclear, accidently launched a nuke on America
「Velociraptor boyyo」
「Velociraptor boyyo」 - 5 hours ago
Wasn't enough pickles
Munawar Karimi
Munawar Karimi - 6 hours ago
I smell 🥒 🤣🤣🤣 2:29
🥒🥒🥒 spit 🤮🤮🤮 2:24-2:47
Perfect burger
I thought you said
Pickles 🥒 🍔

brivio12 _Gaming
brivio12 _Gaming - 6 hours ago
This is why *sausage party* was made
Emre J.Aydogan
Emre J.Aydogan - 7 hours ago
James CyberLink
James CyberLink - 7 hours ago
What if Basic actually made a normal recipe video, sharing a recipe that they were a definite fan of, and instead of destroying everything simply worked off some stress by beating the shit out of MaxMoeFoe for half an hour while the food cooked or whatever
Shiro Kurokawa
Shiro Kurokawa - 8 hours ago
This is great asmr
Master Gamer
Master Gamer - 8 hours ago
2:36 ASMR
WeirdGaming - 10 hours ago
Well he didn’t use an eggs
Darshan Lal
Darshan Lal - 10 hours ago
Marmusic - 10 hours ago
*W H E R E 'S T H E L A M B S A U C E*
J MAG - 11 hours ago
I came here to watch you throw shit around and stick your foot in a toilet not learn something
ToyBunnys - 12 hours ago
02:33 i dont feel this part
Aji S
Aji S - 12 hours ago
if you dont do that i think it will actyally turn in to goood food
Hih Lol
Hih Lol - 13 hours ago
2:18 pickle infection
GD Strikde
GD Strikde - 14 hours ago
Everybody gangsta till *Sliced pickles*
Edan Lian
Edan Lian - 15 hours ago
I dislike. I hate pickles.
Didier Elias caballero
Didier Elias caballero - 16 hours ago
Kevin Ramadani
Kevin Ramadani - 16 hours ago
Cony BG
Cony BG - 16 hours ago
Señor le quería decir que sus vídeos me hacen dar distintas emociones xd ahí les van:): 1 gracia(por que di ahre),2 traumas ( por que si osea alto miedardou),3 enojó (por que wey desperdicias comida que puede ser pa los negritos de África)
Bueno gracias para el\la suejoto\ta que se haya detenido a leer este comentario salu2 cordiales de parte de tu mamá ndeah mentira xd salu2 de mi la + hermosaa byee :))))))
John Kelly
John Kelly - 17 hours ago
2:12 pickle placing intensifies
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 18 hours ago
Berry good
Renny Maniquis
Renny Maniquis - 19 hours ago
Tomato Sauce? 😂
Reggie Pitts
Reggie Pitts - 19 hours ago
I thought this would be a normal video until 2:14
GAC - 21 hour ago
Haven't watched this channel for months, for some odd reasons my wife reminded me of it!! I swear, for the first couple of minutes, I was like "hey, he moved his channel's direction to comfort food cooking lessons" I am happy to report that I was wrong...
Kayden Sanchez
Kayden Sanchez - 21 hour ago
This how to basic guy is funny as heck he should start a youtube channel
Dax Paul Witter /YTPER 95
After six years it’s normal
Dax Paul Witter /YTPER 95
I think this is the normal video
Robert Scott
Robert Scott - 23 hours ago
I got a burger Ad when I clicked on this
Tony Constantini.
Tony Constantini. - Day ago
Pan rallado que mal!
Aaron Orel
Aaron Orel - Day ago
Great video, as always! I just have one question. How did you cook the beatroot? We saw the raw ingredient at the beginning and then the cooked ingredient being placed on the burger (or maybe it wasn't cooked?) But we didn't see you actually cook it. Very interesting. I've never heard of putting beatroot on a burger. Please keep up these very informative how-to videos
Shaq Blox
Shaq Blox - Day ago
2:24 omg the dog wants some o dat
shalina shiek
shalina shiek - Day ago
OK I'm hitting that subscribe button now...
Dewandaru Azkafahmaquhaja
No egg no life
JunkFoxYT - Day ago
2:25 “um sir u ok why u spitting me pickles out I thought those were for me ;-;”
BlackRobot - Day ago
Oh god it's looks so much delicious
Im Not A Coconut
Im Not A Coconut - Day ago
My last IQ was wasted on this video
Ch3kM4te - Day ago
Who the hell puts butter and pepper in a burger?
namtiddies. be
namtiddies. be - Day ago
I swear I forgot it was HowToBasic until the pickles came.
phinix - Day ago
Asmr is the best
Tapasi Chetri
Tapasi Chetri - Day ago
wtf was that u idiot
Anna Teddy
Anna Teddy - Day ago
Todo iba bien hasta que comenzó a ponerle los pepinillos xD
Wesley Le
Wesley Le - Day ago
He really can’t go one video without overdoing something 😑
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