【ENG SUB】《 Put Your Head on My Shoulder》EP02--Starring: Xing Fei, Lin Yi, Tang Xiao Tian

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Nakawunde Patricia
Nakawunde Patricia - 22 hours ago
This is so cute oh my g
Lulu Marjahan
Lulu Marjahan - 8 days ago
She looks more Cute with Li Hong Yi(Master devil don’t kiss me) 😏😏Who agree with me.
Ritika Khatri
Ritika Khatri - 12 days ago
I really really like this drama very cute couple and then started slowly love. No any villan .
Yashmitha BS
Yashmitha BS - 20 days ago
After seeing the I understood that Gu Wei Yi is so hygienic that he literally put a tissue paper when Si tu mo slept on his shoulder.😯😯😂😂😂
Who thinks it's funny???
aditya maske
aditya maske - 23 days ago
SONALI BIRADAR - 27 days ago
Doremon ❤
Princess Azarcon
Princess Azarcon - Month ago
41:26 this kind of melody is really famous
Sai Manikanta Guptha Kambhampati
Xi tu mo is so cute that she make me to watch this for the third time.
VeroAkhum Kips
VeroAkhum Kips - Month ago
Uploading in English is so precious... Thanku.
Agung Gunawan
Agung Gunawan - Month ago
Please make drama again for linyi with xingfei, i miss them.
i love irene
i love irene - Month ago
Momo is the cutest!❤
Music is Everywhere
Music is Everywhere - Month ago
I want these two boys be together ahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
poojitha kota
poojitha kota - Month ago
I like senior
Best ever love story !!! I want to experience something like this too !!!!!❤❤
I m short heighted that's d problem !!!😖 My bf s tall
monju lyngdoh
monju lyngdoh - Month ago
I like gu Wei Yi very much
Joana Marie
Joana Marie - Month ago
bat nakikita ko si Mark Reyes kay Fu Pei?
ThEreS SOmeTHIng AbouT U GirL
I like the way she act when she is drunk 😂😂
Thx for 2 likes
priya raju
priya raju - Month ago
Malayali arumile 😒
priya raju
priya raju - Month ago
@anuanaswara Mohan anhaa.... Pathanamthitta... Njnum..... from Kumbanad
anuanaswara Mohan
anuanaswara Mohan - Month ago
Unde.... I am from pandalam
Ryan Samlal
Ryan Samlal - Month ago
I understand with the English more better thank you is a lovely story
Lalremruata Khawlhring
This girl.so cutee
sri karuna kandregula
sri karuna kandregula - Month ago
He z using pentoic pen😆
Victoria Yang
Victoria Yang - 2 months ago
Gu Wei yi gives out Jin vibe.
jakolero boy
jakolero boy - 2 months ago
serious man needs to meet a blah blah blah girl to make his life colorful
jakolero boy
jakolero boy - 2 months ago
LONG NOSE 😘😘😘👏 so hansome
jakolero boy
jakolero boy - 2 months ago
thats sound effect is too much boring , its seems like a joke all the series
Rot Cheli
Rot Cheli - 2 months ago
I relate the height of the girl😂
Walk To Shine
Walk To Shine - 2 months ago
Cute height
Yasmin Oliveira
Yasmin Oliveira - 2 months ago
Os dois Forman um casal pefeito ❤❤❤💏💏👫
premlata irom
premlata irom - 2 months ago
This is so fabulous
Rimame Sten
Rimame Sten - 2 months ago
Cute couple I love them,, R they Korean,, bcoz I love Korean
Shishiree Nameirakpam
Shishiree Nameirakpam - Month ago
anna mcloughlin
anna mcloughlin - 2 months ago
No, it's a Chinese drama. (there speaking mandarin) ^3^
Liang rosh Hie
Liang rosh Hie - 2 months ago
oh...🤔...i have notice something about female lead that she is very beautiful in this drama ...i mean she was not that beautiful in " your highness class monitor, demon master not to kiss me ".....
Amoke Akinnadeju
Amoke Akinnadeju - 2 months ago
Nerds are intelligent, not smart. She tricked him perfectly like everyone tricks Sheldon in Tbbt... Lol!
Naaz Ansari
Naaz Ansari - 2 months ago
Give me 4 ep eng sub plzzz
suganya Suganya
suganya Suganya - 2 months ago
She is too short and she look like a cute doll.
thea Dela Cruz
thea Dela Cruz - 2 months ago
How many eps is this
Seiji - 2 months ago
This guy Gu.... is he the same lead actor in .....Gangdam Beauty ......and ..... Revenge Note 2 ???
sandhya bhatta
sandhya bhatta - Month ago
No, he was Cha Eunwoo
Muana Mpa
Muana Mpa - 2 months ago
I love gu Wei yi
Vivi Sakhrie
Vivi Sakhrie - 2 months ago
Others- one episode per night
Me- one season one night😋
David lunggeli Thapa
David lunggeli Thapa - 6 days ago
I totally agree with you. If I watch 1 episode it doesn't feed my brain 😅😅😅in a day I can even finished a drama I hope so😂😆
prety priya 994
prety priya 994 - 2 months ago
I don't understand the friend didn't he ask her out?he like her and he knows she like him why he just didn't confess
prety priya 994
prety priya 994 - 2 months ago
The teacher is on another level lol
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