I Wore Platform Crocs For A Week

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - Year ago
HELLO FRIENDS!!! no, i don't know why i did this either. what do you think of these shoes?? wait until the end for an update on the frankenphora lipstick giveaway! xoxo, saf
Megyn Nguyen
Megyn Nguyen - 19 days ago
500th comment! The crocs seemed cool 😎
UnicornKara 【Kara】
500th comment! :D
Alice Wonders
Alice Wonders - 2 months ago
TheRadLad - 3 months ago
Im the 500th reply
radosava andjelkovic
radosava andjelkovic - 4 months ago
I would actually wear those 🀠
Bella Sottaeva
Bella Sottaeva - 10 hours ago
Who else saw that there is a RU flag on the first one
Zygo - 10 hours ago
They make white ones then I'm wearing these to my wedding
UCLA LOVER - 16 hours ago
*is your bank account ok?*
Sleepy Sartorialist
Sleepy Sartorialist - 16 hours ago
It’s heian, pronounced hey-on. Very close though. Also Maiko still wear them actually. Their obi are literally, like, 15 feet long and dangle so they kinda require tall shoes to keep the silk off the ground.
Nawal Ayyad
Nawal Ayyad - 17 hours ago
They are cool heavy expensive weird but I love them and u toooooooooo
Ezra Hallsten
Ezra Hallsten - 19 hours ago
i hate them
Bloated Whale
Bloated Whale - Day ago
3:24 nice hair
Olivia Contino
Olivia Contino - Day ago
She took almost 700 dollar shoes INTO THE OCEAN
Victoriah Spitler
Victoriah Spitler - Day ago
Those Crocs are so ugly and make them so cute!!!!
elannia ball
elannia ball - Day ago
I have sunglasses like those that she wore in the third outfit
grxy b dxlxn
grxy b dxlxn - 2 days ago
saf are you ok?
Felipe Viana
Felipe Viana - 2 days ago
bitch, after watching this video for the like 6th time I finally decides I'm for sure buying one of these, I just need them in my life
Katie Mcdonagh
Katie Mcdonagh - 2 days ago
She was do gorgeous in them
Frank Ponce
Frank Ponce - 2 days ago
If i was a girl i would not pay 850.00. U r fucking crazy and+ they are very ugly.
Jenn's Corner
Jenn's Corner - 3 days ago
I totally didn't forsee my life being a disaster 0:55 lol
I love these shoes.
OmbrΓ© Blue
OmbrΓ© Blue - 3 days ago
I like those Balenciagas , the one that looks like socks ? No the one that looks like crocs
Maya Jade
Maya Jade - 3 days ago
I’m still not mad about the t shirt thing
Bryana Santos
Bryana Santos - 3 days ago
9:12 that toe pop out
Creating with Kaitlyn
Creating with Kaitlyn - 3 days ago
the last outfit looks like dora
M B - 3 days ago
I’m wearing crocs while I watch this
onequartercanadian - 3 days ago
Safiya should curl her hair more often, it looks beautiful!
Genesis Messare
Genesis Messare - 3 days ago
for outfit 6 I thought it said "outfit SEX" lol I think im tired
Cloude Boiye
Cloude Boiye - 4 days ago
Girl you neeeeed to do a crocs haul like
Anabel McKnight
Anabel McKnight - 4 days ago
Crocs are back! Like all the girls at my school wear white bleached crocs. Or pink ones.
NaTasha Norris
NaTasha Norris - 4 days ago
Did anyone actually get those Crocs for their wedding day? πŸ˜‚
Evil Kencousin of SiriEvil cousin of sir
Normal crocs are so ugly to me there weird ;-;
Kristin DiPeso
Kristin DiPeso - 4 days ago
I just got married, but I will be wearing them to every wedding i go to and every other event! Like deadass
Asiyah Ali
Asiyah Ali - 4 days ago
i love these i loved spice girl platforms at 5ft high id totally wear the croc out of these!
Olivia Shores
Olivia Shores - 4 days ago
Crocs aren’t fashionable? Don’t tell that to people in the country in Virginia. πŸ˜‚
B - 5 days ago
The black ones are actually amazing... and I kind of want them πŸ˜‚
Ana Cristii
Ana Cristii - 5 days ago
I’m not getting married but love to have those shoes 😍😍😍
Zamantha Zagal
Zamantha Zagal - 5 days ago
Are you Ray dizzle
Claudio Maldonado Salvador
I just looked up, and I'm a size 10 women, πŸ˜‚
Diana F
Diana F - 5 days ago
Is anyone going to comment about how she went to the bathroom to put on shoes
Dale Couch
Dale Couch - 5 days ago
Awesome outfitπŸ‘’πŸ‘’πŸ‘’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸΌπŸΌπŸΌπŸΉπŸΉπŸ―πŸΈπŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸΆπŸΆπŸ±πŸ‘“πŸ‘“πŸ‘›πŸ‘›πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
Elise Lenertz
Elise Lenertz - 5 days ago
9:45 ish they are actually going into atyle around me area.
Kayse  Norella
Kayse Norella - 5 days ago
**wave coming thru**
Safiya: **screams**
Me: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
BubbleGriffin - 6 days ago
_Rest In Peace Safiya Nygaard- she fell in platform crocs._
vampblckheartofdeath - 6 days ago
Stiletto pants have been around since the 60s. They started as pantyhose high heels by a husband and wife design team.
Paige Miller
Paige Miller - 6 days ago
On Wednesdays we wear pink
Valamus 25 UwU
Valamus 25 UwU - 6 days ago
why do I love these XD
STAYkind - 6 days ago
I'm a women's 10, engaged, and willing to make questionable choices if you still have them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Gabriella Perez
Gabriella Perez - 6 days ago
I am watching this in 2019 and its really weird seeing her with long hair cause I'm so used to her with short .
JadedJules - 7 days ago
I hate myself for loving these
Panda_Kat - 7 days ago
I loveeee the shoesssss they don’t look bad honestly
Caked and Ugly
Caked and Ugly - 7 days ago
Daisy Lee
Daisy Lee - 7 days ago
From the last outfit you need to give Cristine those pantsπŸ˜‚
angelsinthewindow - 8 days ago
Why do I think black crocks or a neutral color would be easier to style?
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis - 8 days ago
Damn I want those pants/stiletto boots! I thought those things only lived in my imagination... come home to mamma shoe-pants!
*_"watch out...I'm gonna get there eventually!"_*
Slimed Channel
Slimed Channel - 8 days ago
Remember when you thought regular Crocs were weird..... And then you saw these.......
Hopester Lemont
Hopester Lemont - 8 days ago
I will never be seen in crocks... platforms, sure. BUT CROCKS, NEVER!
Yadira Bonilla
Yadira Bonilla - 9 days ago
When I work at crocs πŸ˜‚
nonono - 9 days ago
After all of this reading and studying the word camp this week. I have to say, CAMP!
Ann T
Ann T - 9 days ago
Howwwww....do u run in them?
Marie Cosplays
Marie Cosplays - 9 days ago
I just got overwhelmed by the Kirishima vibes
gabiela11 - 9 days ago
I low key love them
Shawty Blu
Shawty Blu - 10 days ago
I would get ride of the pins/button whatever they don't help the shoe
Shawty Blu
Shawty Blu - 10 days ago
I hate myself for not hating these
Genetically Modified
Genetically Modified - 10 days ago
probably the best fashion choice so far
Jessica Gutierrez
Jessica Gutierrez - 10 days ago
I feel that if Safiya would have bought them black she would actually wear them
LY Subliminals
LY Subliminals - 10 days ago
low key Safiya looks like Dora @ 14:37 XD
HαΊΏn Thα»‹
HαΊΏn Thα»‹ - 11 days ago
you went to miny sow
Kylie Hughes
Kylie Hughes - 11 days ago
Is it bad that I like them
BobertDa Fish
BobertDa Fish - 11 days ago
Wear these to ur wedding
Kathy Miskell
Kathy Miskell - 11 days ago
Love the video! Love Safiya! Safiya rocks Crocs!
Matthew Holten
Matthew Holten - 11 days ago
i am a size 10 women’s which is a size 8 men’s. i would actually die if i got these shoes. i’m not joking. it would mean so much to me if i had i pair. i just sadly can’t afford them
Paws, claws And whiskers
Paws, claws And whiskers - 11 days ago
Saf: *you know when your wearing your moms heels*
Ty: *i can relate*
Basya Salid
Basya Salid - 11 days ago
So subtly funny!
joanne dube
joanne dube - 11 days ago
Weirdly enough, the third outfit actually looked really nice🀨
Manali Gupta
Manali Gupta - 11 days ago
I kinda like her
Jax Gagnon
Jax Gagnon - 12 days ago
I Have Not Been Able To Stop Thinking About These Shoes Since I Saw Them
Mikayla Brownfield
Mikayla Brownfield - 12 days ago
I’m pretty sure after a year half of these views are from me.... I love this video.... don’t judge me
βŸͺSKELETOR⟫ - 12 days ago
The first thing I think of when I hear crocs is Eijiro Kirishima ;u;
anna hamann
anna hamann - 12 days ago
Those are not worth it sis😭 they got the THREE DOLLAR jibbitz from the crocs website.
Hannah The PotatΕ“
Hannah The PotatΕ“ - 12 days ago
Jibbit spice
tabassum zainab
tabassum zainab - 13 days ago
I don’t think they are for walking but I think it’s just for a picture on Instagram
tabassum zainab
tabassum zainab - 13 days ago
I would think you would get black crocks not pink πŸ˜…
Farheen Mustafa
Farheen Mustafa - 13 days ago
outfit 4 went so well with the crocs ......
Tiana Laughland
Tiana Laughland - 13 days ago
me dressing up
Flaca Luv
Flaca Luv - 13 days ago
You look like Miranda sings with the hoodie pants and the crocs
Charlie._.b - 13 days ago
sad walking in the sand was my favourite think
aino noroaho
aino noroaho - 14 days ago
10%-comments: i love your videous
20%-comments: 3:54 DID YOU SEE THAT(theres nothing)
Natasha Adams
Natasha Adams - 14 days ago
Try demonias! They are awesome.
Emily Sandlin
Emily Sandlin - 14 days ago
If Trixie Mattel was a shoe this would be her πŸ˜‚
Gymnast Till the end
Gymnast Till the end - 14 days ago
Audreys Belles
Audreys Belles - 14 days ago
Cur so cute
siriusly hamiltrash
siriusly hamiltrash - 14 days ago
ok, the last outfit startled me greatly **shudders**
Catharsis - 14 days ago
2min : what the fuck is that
15min : wow I need those shoes
Leah Kling
Leah Kling - 15 days ago
1.) I love youπŸ’ž
3) oh god
4.) I love you❀️
5.) πŸ˜‚
6.) how do you still rock those
7.) I love you😘
8.) your videos are so great
9.) your so beautiful
10.) I love youπŸ’ž
Alia MacKay
Alia MacKay - 16 days ago
Every girl in the grade below me has a pair of crocs (regular though not platform)
Crocs are fashion again I guess
β€’ Depress β€’
β€’ Depress β€’ - 16 days ago
15:13 something that would be on the people of Walmart, but it's target.
Marlyn Gutierrez
Marlyn Gutierrez - 16 days ago
Tyler and you are soooo relationship goals
Madeline Jane S
Madeline Jane S - 16 days ago
green sleeves lmao
Madeline Jane S
Madeline Jane S - 16 days ago
can someone find the the maxi dress she is wearing for the first outfit? i wanna buy it
Jasleen Brar
Jasleen Brar - 16 days ago
Find the sad face
You couldn't find it because the person reading this is the sad face
Cream Cat
Cream Cat - 16 days ago
OMG at that beach I’m surprised u didn’t get a tickets for going over the speed limit cause u we’re soooooo fastπŸ™„
Emma Marshall
Emma Marshall - 16 days ago
Cream Cat .....
Jared Forrester
Jared Forrester - 16 days ago
I love those I wish I could afford those cause I'm very short
Misthi Moorjani
Misthi Moorjani - 16 days ago
I would were these to a club then I wouldn't get caught because I am 11years old
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