Fox News warns impeachment inquiry is Democratic ‘coup’ of Trump

Jane Dough
Jane Dough - 4 days ago
What else would you call it - they are doing their evil in secret - won't allow any dissent - and steamrolling ahead to try to remove him from office. It is just as it's been called: A coup.
What if the Repubs were holding secret meetings - to try to remove Barry Hussein from office - wouldn't allow any dissent from the Democrats.
Yep - the Democrats would be responding in the EXACT same manner that the Repubs are now.
You canNOT remove a president simply because you hate him.
Richard Collins
Richard Collins - 7 days ago
These mothafuckas try to stage a coup, they gonna have to fight 200million other Americans too. These people are domestic terrorist period!!!
wagzel - 7 days ago
It's not a coup, the same party would be in power if Dear Leader is impeached.
LongTall Texan
LongTall Texan - 8 days ago
So....its the whistleblower's lawyers fault ??
myfriend280 - 8 days ago
If enough armed Americans determine it is a coup de’etat then it is indeed a coup de’etat.
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez - 9 days ago
Patrick Little would not tollerate this
Good Faith
Good Faith - 14 days ago
To all you Trump haters, you would rather see America in a resession/depression and a major war, rather then to say thank you Mr President for loving our country and keeping out of endless wars!
Good Faith
Good Faith - 14 days ago
Sedition = Conspiracy = Cue = Treason, Any Questions?
adalaza - 11 days ago
Yeah, is it a ball or a theatre cue? Give your balls a tug good faith.
Jim Butler
Jim Butler - 16 days ago
Innocent people do not withhold information. Trump has told everyone associated with the call NOT TO SPEAK.
None of these idiots knows what “coup” means. It’s not a slow process that happens in public for the world to watch.
Benjamin Levine
Benjamin Levine - 17 days ago
It is a coup
Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist
Shep leaves and you get reduced of these kind of talking heads
boh7em - 21 day ago
LOL,...appropriate,...a Coup to get rid of the kookoo in office.
Stizel Swik
Stizel Swik - 21 day ago
Remember, People, YouTube is owned by Google... Google is a globalist corporation that hates Trump. So take everything you see with a grain of salt. We are in "1984" all over again... the Government is "Big Brother" no matter who's in charge. Get your stuff together before the real excremental material strikes the cooling device. This country is going down. 9/11 was the lynch pin of the final reckoning.
Deborah Bell
Deborah Bell - 22 days ago
This is a Congressional grand jury. To see if they have an Evidence for impeachment there will be a vote to see if there's enough evidence and both the Republicans and the Democrats will be able to go over all the evidence all the transcripts they will be able to call back Witnesses the Republicans with their attorneys this will be fair.
Kathryn Molesa
Kathryn Molesa - 22 days ago
The Dems can't win, so they try the coup to get Trump out.
Put the chickens back in the coup.
Patricia Wolford
Patricia Wolford - 22 days ago
Yes, it's an attempt at a coup. Secretive attempt. Outrageous.
George R
George R - 23 days ago
China has had tariffs on us for over 20 years now we finally got a president that was going to make the side equal thank you President Trump
George R
George R - 23 days ago
They have to do the investigation of 2016 election and the Democratic Party does not want the investigation to happen she I wonder why
monsterparty - 26 days ago
doesfox understand Mike Pence will be our president if trump is
impeached from office. So how is this coup when mike is are next president as constitution is were follow vice is next in line.
Love the Lord Jesus Praise the LORD
Yes it Will!.. If Trump by chance Doesn't win..Then the House & Senate is Majority is Republican..Then Immediately Do we START A IMPEACHMENT ILLIGAL ONE THE ARE DOING.. A COUP!! IS This the New Normal.?? The DemoRATS SOCIALIST PARTY HAVE TO STOP!! ARRETS Are awaiting these evil people!!
772 Ninja
772 Ninja - 28 days ago
It is...
Donald Bott
Donald Bott - 29 days ago
I figured out who the leak is.... Mike Pence. since Trump wants to call this a coup he needs to understand who would become President if he was kicked out of office. Since a Coup is illegal seizure of power from a government, and since Mike Pence is who would take office...... Mike Pence is the Head of the Coup.
Chris Scovitch
Chris Scovitch - 29 days ago
S S - Month ago
Has intelligence taken over FOX comment section or is it my imagination!!!!!?????
S S - Month ago
Eh Eh Fox y'all better throw your man a biggggg life raft look like him and all his men going down fast HURRY get the coup floaty!!!!!!!
Brian Dunbar
Brian Dunbar - Month ago
The coup was carried out by Putin, the Republicans, and the cultist, moron base that put Putin's asset in office. These sycophants that are trying to spin lies should be considered co-conspirators.
Fuck Donald Trump Phonky ass lol pos
Lmmfao y'all worthless Republicans call yourself Christians 😆😆 😆 I hope you and your family goes straight to hell
brandon f bugge
brandon f bugge - Month ago
It’s an obvious coup. Some people are dumb enough to ignore it. I bet those same people are still convinced he colluded with Russia. bahahahahahaha!!!
Lanny Griffin
Lanny Griffin - Month ago
Its an overthrow of the president and thats a high crime why is nobody arrested!
Chetan Chauhan
Chetan Chauhan - Month ago
If from India even I can see it's a coup
My Google
My Google - Month ago
God! Republicans are stupid cows.
ZedK49 - Month ago
Oh god, half of these Fox suckers look inbred, and the other half is just plain senile.. It's scary how delusional they are..
John O'Neill
John O'Neill - Month ago
If Trump got “assassinated” (too good a word for him) most of it the World – nearly all of it - would celebrate like it hasn’t since the end of WW2!
Mike Chase
Mike Chase - Month ago
I can't think of a president more deserving of a coup.
sundevil 22
sundevil 22 - Month ago
I really hope Trump declares Martial Law!! We need to do everything we can to make sure the liberals don't take over our country.
Jean-Marc Plantiveau
Jean-Marc Plantiveau - Month ago
Amazing that none of them precisingly tells where is the violence and no one points the so-called « illegally » move the house makes .. of course there is none !
Dodgy Trump
Dodgy Trump - Month ago
Overthrowing a crook in the White House is a good thing. “Basket of Deplorables” are a bad thing.
thaner eh
thaner eh - Month ago
Wow, a coup?
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - Month ago
I am with Rush on this: It's not the Democratic party, it's the democrat party. "Democratic" is too often misused in reference to the Democrat party.
chuku531 - Month ago
Fox News irresponsible. Coup? Really
W and S
W and S - Month ago
Hey idiots, look up coup.
Thomas Headley
Thomas Headley - Month ago
And what will Faux News say when insiders push Thump aside to avoid a double digit loss in 2020? Blame the "Deep State"? They should look in the mirror for enabling his imbecility. Had they challenged him more vigorously, they would have forced Thump to up his game. Now he is a caged, wounded animal. Flailing at all in reach. Obama warned him about the "constraints of the office". All contrary responses to my comment will be ignored.
HKZ P - Month ago
FOX 'drama queens' News
fox mulder
fox mulder - Month ago
rexdink - Month ago
These people wouldn't know a coup from a coop.
My OpenMind
My OpenMind - Month ago
No coup just “quack hacks” paid out of the pocket of faux news.
Pony Redseven
Pony Redseven - Month ago
Just wait the weasels will turn on each other soon enough,that's when the party starts, fur will fly!!!!!
fibsernum30 - Month ago
Trump was right about one thing: he could shoot someone in cold blood on 5th Avenue, and Republicans would say it was not illegal and the victim was not important anyway.
ArtOfAwareness - Month ago
Well actually boys if it had been a coup you fellas would have already been carried out on stretchers.
Kimberly Bussey
Kimberly Bussey - Month ago
2020- Trump loses the election
FOX news: "This was a coup!"
Kimberly Bussey
Kimberly Bussey - Month ago
So, Republicans attempted a coup on Clinton and Obama?
sundevil 22
sundevil 22 - Month ago
They didn't do half the bull crap todays liberal nazi's are doing.
apple tile
apple tile - Month ago
Coup de Tait .....what bullshit!!!! The Republicans are Coo Coo if they think America will fall for another of their lies trying to keep Conman Trump in office.....wake-up America, they are trying to steal our democracy from us by having a poop on our Constitution!!!!
Poul Madsen
Poul Madsen - Month ago
If Dems are trying a coup then what is Trump trying to do? It seems he's putting Trump before USA
Wondering Eyes
Wondering Eyes - Month ago
Get Trump out!!
charlotte town
charlotte town - Month ago
U guys r nuts
sam Iaint
sam Iaint - Month ago
When Trumpo went to China and met with Xi Jing and got a deal for 500 million dollars for a Trump branded hotel and theme park in Indonesia, it was a clear breach of the emoluments clause. A few days later Trumpo stated he wanted sanctions lifted to save the jobs of the Chinese who worked for ZTE corporation . ZTE was a company that sold communications equipment that could be used for spying. The Republican held House and Senate lifted the sanctions they imposed. Trumpo is the Republican Party, and he may win the 2020 elections. If Trumpo wins the elections our democracy will be lost. Republicans will go along with every criminal fantasy, and foreign policy miscalculation unimpeded. Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trumpo. The Republican party has become a criminal organization that uses defamation, misinformation, disinformation, lies conspiracies, obstruction, and gerrymandering to win. They are a minority party but are holding the whole country hostage in the desperate attempts to hold onto power.
Stoney Curtis
Stoney Curtis - Month ago
How is it a 'coup' if Mike Pence is the next in line for the presidency?
Emmy Boeijink
Emmy Boeijink - Month ago
It seems they don’ t know what the word coup means.
Boa Jean Register
Boa Jean Register - Month ago
Racism has stolen Tucker Carlson's neck.
Fix News
Fix News - Month ago
Right wing media is the root of 90% of America's problems today.
They are nothing but conspiracy theory mills, spewing lies and left-hate propaganda.
If America will ever recover it will need to devise a way to legally crush fake news. Facts are facts.The very fact that Fox News is responsible for a massive segment of the population believing climate change is a hoax should be enough to cause major concern.
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