Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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Patrick Star
Patrick Star - Day ago
No waluigi aww shut up
阿軒Nick - 6 hours ago
Are you happy about it or upset about it?
Just Charlie
Just Charlie - Day ago
I want miis to have custom rapid jabs like i prefer kicks then punches
giorno's evil clone
giorno's evil clone - 2 days ago
12:07 *_D O R I A H_*
Shataki - 3 days ago
I'm not the only who cries while watching this

Ryan theblaziken101
Ryan theblaziken101 - 5 days ago
Boys cry when they lose in Fortnite
Men cry when iron man died

*This is where legends cry*
KhalidTB69 - 6 days ago
Does anyone play smash for sonic because of sonic forces🤮
阿軒Nick - 6 days ago
Probably like no one
marielos flores
marielos flores - 7 days ago
me gustaría que parece algo como lo de Mario maker donde se pudiera ver cómo sería la batalla pero que se pudiera poner en modo como la animación de smash 64 o la de smash melee . brawl y smash 4, ya sé qué es un poco innecesaria porque es muy parecida a la nueva sólo por el tono los colores de los personajes es lo que cambia pero creo que sería bueno incluirla para que estuvieran todas y si no la incluyeran de cualquier forma estaría bien con eso pero me gustaría que estuviera el modo del que les hablo aunque no estuvieran la animación de smash 4
Pink Lobster
Pink Lobster - 8 days ago
D A D D Y S A K U R A I.
TuMadre8000 - 8 days ago
objectively one of the best e3 moments ever
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell - 9 days ago
Kattam’s Announcer: Garrett, Adding W/ Franchises
Into Trailers. Of, The Revenge Of Roconezi Voctainger. Part 1
Eve Series. In, Trailer #2
Until Dawn Series. In, Trailer #3
Echo Series. In, Trailer #4
Robo Recall Series. In, Trailer #4
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell - 9 days ago
Kattam’s Announcer: Charlie, Adding W/ Franchises
Into Trailers. Of, The Revenge Of Roconezi Voctainger. Part 1
A Hat In Time Series. In, Trailer #1
Yooka-Laylee Series. In, Trailer #2
Josh Lara
Josh Lara - 9 days ago
Hoping that Lara Croft and Crash Bandicoot gets announced after the Fighters Pass
Mexican Honoka
Mexican Honoka - 9 days ago
7 Million Views!!
SUPERMARIO Dynamite - 14 days ago
We want Waluigi in new Super Smash Bros in unrelease it and release it again and put Waluigi in Super Smash Bros
Soggy Waffles Xp
Soggy Waffles Xp - 14 days ago
Can we all just agree that the fact that they put Luigi and Yoshi last was some form of foreshadowing of powerful these characters were gonna be?
Megamanxtreme64 - 15 days ago
It feels good coming back to watch this again since it's been 2 years when this was first announced. Seeing it all for the first time and then coming back to watch it again just brings out the kid or crazy teenager out in you again. 😁☺😎
TheFlamingPhoenix -
TheFlamingPhoenix - - 16 days ago
Man this still makes me hype
A Pointless Review
A Pointless Review - 17 days ago
Rayman’s in the Crystal. He’s been there since Day 1. I hope that is actually the texture.
TriforceGamer27 - 17 days ago
2018: 22:53
2019: *Sakurai announces that there will be more characters after challenger pack 1*
Riptide 70001
Riptide 70001 - 19 days ago
Why the f#$% is waluigi a f#$%in assist trophy what the f#$% sakurai!!
阿軒Nick - 19 days ago
Hoes mad
atomic bigweld
atomic bigweld - 19 days ago
Why the f#@* is waluigi an assistant trophy🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕😡😡😡😡🤬😡🖕😡🤬🖕😡🤬😡🖕🤬😡🖕🤬😡🖕🤬😡🖕😡🤬🖕😭😢
XJoe360 - 4 days ago
Hoes Mad
阿軒Nick - 19 days ago
Hoes mad
Brix and Blox
Brix and Blox - 19 days ago
2:37 still gives me chills every time
Sebastian Barrientos
Sebastian Barrientos - 21 day ago
I just came after re-watching the last Nintendo Direct... and, I must say... I'm surprised we made it till here...
We were all hyped for Ridley... and now for Terry... time has passed too fast.
Mr Cruzih2000
Mr Cruzih2000 - 21 day ago
Nintando best consel
Matt - 22 days ago
Wait what’s Sakurai’s first name???????
阿軒Nick - 22 days ago
Nooky Brownies
Nooky Brownies - 23 days ago
This is so much better classic than super smash bros melee
Jelly the jellyfish
Jelly the jellyfish - 23 days ago
Too late to explore the world.
Too early to travel space.
Just in time for this.
Pingas The Octoling
Pingas The Octoling - 23 days ago
"the end" (just kidding)
The Sassy Carrot
The Sassy Carrot - 24 days ago
2:39 SNAAAAAAAAKE! - Etika
Stick Breightley
Stick Breightley - 25 days ago
Reggie: Hey Sakurai, which characters are gonna be in the next Smash?
Sakurai: Yes
BrayTheHuman PlaysGames
BrayTheHuman PlaysGames - 25 days ago
All of this started because Dharkon stepped on Galeem’s foot.
Julian Morales
Julian Morales - 25 days ago
Everyone: Delete the Mii's!
Sans: You're going to have a bad time
Rodrinc! - 26 days ago
3:34 First appearance of sans
Aaronatorr - 26 days ago
To this day I still get chills from that roster reveal trailer
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele - 26 days ago
True Nintendo fans consider Super Smash Bros.Ultimate is the best game to play on Swith, who is wit me??!!!✊🏾💯🔥🔥🔥
LavalwolfandEvilLavalwolf Slimy
Personafan2018 - 4 days ago
later in November EVERYONES DEAD Except Kirby and the dlc fighters
Tomaek - 27 days ago
I’m still in love with the changes they gave Zelda and palutena
Ampherocious 84
Ampherocious 84 - 27 days ago
80% of comments: Who's here after the game's already out?
20% of comments: everything else
Venom Squid
Venom Squid - 28 days ago
Man, the hyped I was when I saw Snake returning!
World Review
World Review - 29 days ago
Jacob Houser
Jacob Houser - 29 days ago
I still get crazy chills watching the Everyone is Here video all this time later
Turtle - 29 days ago
3:33 *Early sighting of sans in smash... and we didn't know about it.*
阿軒Nick - 29 days ago
Phanterratic The Merciful
Thank god they changed the renders for Mario, Villager, and Ice Climbers, the 3d effect looked so laughably bad.
Master Driver Rex
Master Driver Rex - Month ago
And to think, people were saying this was nothing but a port of Smash 4. Sad thing is, there's probably some people out there that STILL think that today.
Epic Kid
Epic Kid - Month ago
Then there is Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie and Terry Bogard.
Epic Kid
Epic Kid - 17 days ago
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich - 18 days ago
how can you forget Simon, Richter, Chrom, dark Samus, King K Rool, Isabel, Ken, Incinaroar, and Piranha Plant?
Pasta Productions
Pasta Productions - 29 days ago
Megalovania Intensifies
Smash Bros
Smash Bros - Month ago
The only thing I HATE about inkling is when it loses color and when it does some smash (foward, down, up) She CAN still make color. They need to fix it.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - Month ago
Brings joy to my heart hearing the theme and seeing all the characters
zombie zio
zombie zio - Month ago
Clasher Tim
Clasher Tim - Month ago
I was crying when I first saw this, but when snake came out that was the ultimate hype and then it said everyone is here and then I just lost it
Isaac Ferguson
Isaac Ferguson - Month ago
Imagine what we would've thought if we heard right than that not only would everyone return but that we would be getting Joker, Banjo, the Hero, Terry, a piranha plant, Sans, and a 2nd wave of DLC along with all the base game announcements. Personally I'd believe that we would've caused glass to shatter with the excitement we would be experiencing followed by death form said excitement.
Nintendo - Month ago
Cute Mute76
Cute Mute76 - Month ago
I wish I can watch this for the first time again
XxMaddie _PoppyxX
XxMaddie _PoppyxX - Month ago
0:04 ????
阿軒Nick - Month ago
Darkknight329 - Month ago
It’s been a year and a half since this was announced
Logan the canadian gamer kid
*The end* (*justkidding*)
AAC Cythe
AAC Cythe - Month ago
It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since issabele has been revealed (sorry if I spelled the name badly)
kimo the fun genius
kimo the fun genius - Month ago
3700 waluigi fans
Aiden Pennington
Aiden Pennington - Month ago
Fix the online tourneys NOW
Xandertheboss1 - Month ago
Everyone is here!
Everybody: SANS?
Nintendo: no
Nintendo September: SANS IS MII GUNNER GUYS
The cute Yoshi
The cute Yoshi - Month ago
Spring man should totally be the next DLC fighter
Pasta Productions
Pasta Productions - 29 days ago
Next videos