Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch

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Ellen Reed
Ellen Reed - 2 hours ago
Thus is the wirst snssh game ever.
John Greenaway
John Greenaway - 5 hours ago
The Nintendo Mission Statement:
“We believe that’s what fans want, and so we made the impossible possible.”
Killa Scotch
Killa Scotch - 11 hours ago
thatgenesisremixer - 20 hours ago
RIP Etika ;((((((((
TrollPiotr Official

*it's something better*
 - Day ago
Sometimes I forget it’s been a year since it was announced
RealSparky0320 the Darkness Lord
Is Nintendo's gonna collaborate with WWE?

Just askin'.
Meezowhub - Day ago
This was one of the most hype days of my life. I will never forget it.
King K Rool Fan
King K Rool Fan - Day ago
How has it already been a year since this was revealed? Watching this is making me feel nostalgic even though it was only a year ago 😂
Dane Grant
Dane Grant - Day ago
Should of had waliugi in it
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - Day ago
Demented Dorito Of doom I don’t mean to be rude, but anyone who actually needs an explanation on why waluigi is a loser is either not very smart or has never actually played a game with him in it.
Demented Dorito Of doom
@Jake Steel What makes you say he's a loser?
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - Day ago
That loser already got what he deserved
阿軒Nick - Day ago
It shouldn't because he sucks
Josh Lara
Josh Lara - 2 days ago
Hoping that they add Lara Croft (Reboot) and Crash Bandicoot next, those 2 iconic characters deserve to be in Smash
Cade - 2 days ago
Looks like a fun game, when’s it coming out?
阿軒Nick - 2 days ago
Yeah I am also wondering, they turn that game Super Smash Flash 2 into a real thing
The Page Turner
The Page Turner - 3 days ago
Stop requesting fighters that will never happen on this video
阿軒Nick - 2 days ago
Like: Waluigi Goku Shadow Tails Toad Naruto Sans And more?
plush Studios
plush Studios - 3 days ago
Can you add Waluigi and Rayman please
阿軒Nick - 3 days ago
Rayman maybe Waluigi sucks
GotHurt Reviews
GotHurt Reviews - 3 days ago
Marvel: Avengers Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover
Sakurai: lol ok
Bacon Wizard
Bacon Wizard - 3 days ago
This is how we prepare the Are 51 Raid
Imortar - 4 days ago
Oh I remember the first time I saw this. It was so magical. I wonder how it will be watching this like 20 years in the future? Probably nostalgia overload.
KaymBro 15
KaymBro 15 - 4 days ago
Ebed Ortiz
Ebed Ortiz - 4 days ago
Put sora from kingdom hearts
阿軒Nick - 4 days ago
@Square Bob I'd like to see Sora instead of Waluigi
Square Bob
Square Bob - 4 days ago
Sora sucks
Ebed Ortiz
Ebed Ortiz - 4 days ago
Nintendo put sora
Super451 - 4 days ago
Characters I want to see in SSBU
Joshua Hooper
Joshua Hooper - 5 days ago
If everyone is here, Wheres Geno?
阿軒Nick - 4 days ago
Do we really need another Mario character?
Brenda Toner
Brenda Toner - 4 days ago
Icon for battle arenas.
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 4 days ago
Blue Tiger
Blue Tiger - 5 days ago
Waluigi plz in smash
阿軒Nick - 4 days ago
Stop asking for impossible thing
Brenda Toner
Brenda Toner - 4 days ago
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 5 days ago
Toe Sucker
Toe Sucker - 5 days ago
Honestley smash bros is soooooo overrated :/// like it’s not even a good game at all. Why id it even popular ? It’s so boring -_- and the switch isn’t even a good console like at all, like thanks cool whatever I think I’ll stick to my Xbox360 and play fort nite all dayyyyy 🤪🤪🤪. Btw yes I’m a girl gamer.
阿軒Nick - 4 days ago
This can be a good material for r/youngpeopleyoutube
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 4 days ago
Toe Sucker I rest my case...
Toe Sucker
Toe Sucker - 4 days ago
Brenda Toner but It’s funner than smash bros 😒🤚
Lazybum 101
Lazybum 101 - 5 days ago
A year later and Link still doesn’t have his gerudo outfit from BoTW ;-;
Adarre Johnson
Adarre Johnson - 7 days ago
I way your spiral knights
LayedBackGuy - 7 days ago
Nintendo: everyone is here!!!
Me: is trump there? Or anyone else that people wanted in the game?
Snowhue - 7 days ago
I got nothing to say at this point.
DamienGamer727 - 7 days ago
Sakurai: **includes every fighter in Smash history**
Also Sakurai: **doesn’t include every stage in Smash history**
Makes sense
阿軒Nick - 7 days ago
Some stage won't work with stage morph like Pokèfloat
Numayr Zuberi
Numayr Zuberi - 7 days ago
Sakurai, you beautiful, beautiful man.
It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since this was announced.
TheGaming Lover
TheGaming Lover - 7 days ago
I'm sorry ,man #MJisInnocent
TheGaming Lover Judging from your grammar and punctuation, you overestimated your intellect.
Dylan Stewart
Dylan Stewart - 5 days ago
TheGaming Lover Still obsessing over dead memes. Truly pitiful
TheGaming Lover
TheGaming Lover - 7 days ago
@Jake Steel how can you prove that i am you dont know how old i am you dont know my hobbys you dont know when i was born so shut that badass mouth and keep your words to yourself
Venix Scorp
Venix Scorp - 8 days ago
time flies.......
Jugular John [Hasan Takrouri]
A year ago, me and my friend were watching this, and my friend was so happy Pichu was returning, and he said he was gonna main Pichu. I looked at him like he was crazy cause Pichu sucked in melee. I told him I’m gonna have a fun time bodying him.

*I now regret my words*
Branimir Jakovljević
Branimir Jakovljević - 8 days ago
Waluigi is stil a assist trophy :(
I'm sorry ,man #MJisInnocent
Jake Steel That’s uncalled for. Don’t call them dumb. They weren’t being mean nor ungrateful.
Branimir Jakovljević
Branimir Jakovljević - 3 days ago
Im not dumb your dumb , im just gonna leave and levea me alone!!
Square Bob
Square Bob - 6 days ago
Waluigi is never gonna be a fighter :)
阿軒Nick - 8 days ago
@Branimir Jakovljević We only be jerks when people are asking about stupid and impossible thing
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 8 days ago
Branimir Jakovljević it’s what you deserve for being dumb
Photo Channel
Photo Channel - 8 days ago
And Now Banjo Kazooie Are in Smash Ultimate!
Tomas Butterworth
Tomas Butterworth - 9 days ago
hey sakurai why is rayman trap in the lce 0:52
阿軒Nick - 8 days ago
That's how the texture look
ManA JaredA
ManA JaredA - 9 days ago
E3 2019 : GUH HUH
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 9 days ago
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 8 days ago
Ik I just changed it bc I don’t feel like any one else getting mad at me can you just stop
阿軒Nick - 8 days ago
Change your comment won't hide the fact that you've made a stupid joke
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 8 days ago
I changed my comment
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 8 days ago
I get that a lot
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 8 days ago
I know
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 9 days ago
This game is so fun
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 8 days ago
I changed my comment
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 8 days ago
It’s meant as a joke
Cookie Kid
Cookie Kid - 8 days ago
How is it impossible
阿軒Nick - 8 days ago
Stop asking for impossible thing It makes you look like a stupid
Snowhue - 9 days ago
Waluigi was never a playable character so that mean everyone is here that simple
Awesome Games
Awesome Games - 9 days ago
Before Banjo-Kazooie got in LOL🤣😂
Don tv
Don tv - 9 days ago
You’ve took it too far for ssbu with no for fun and for glory we need that so people cannot have elite smash on there online modes and it doesn’t want people to smash the console to the ground and please make king dedede and king k Rool op like you did to joker
Mohammad Faris Ghaffar
Mohammad Faris Ghaffar - 9 days ago
Gavin Niblett
Gavin Niblett - 10 days ago
10:34 didn’t the seventh one used to be black
Shataki - 10 days ago
When I first saw this I jumped off my chair and out the window by accident lucky I'm on the 8th floor
The Sassy Carrot
The Sassy Carrot - 12 days ago
Master gamer 45926
Master gamer 45926 - 12 days ago
Ed o'Bul
Ed o'Bul - 11 days ago
This is still going on???
Square Bob
Square Bob - 11 days ago
Anywhere but here
阿軒Nick - 11 days ago
Assist Trophy Stop asking for impossible thing
Snowhue - 11 days ago
Assist trophy
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 11 days ago
The fact that people like you continuously obsess over dumb memes that died ages ago is truly pathetic.
TheJEDIBRANDON - 12 days ago
You aren’t human if you didn’t freak out when this part of the direct started.
DatMeleeMan - 12 days ago
His translator is so good
FluxCptnDavey - 13 days ago
The music!!! 😧
Jose Espino
Jose Espino - 14 days ago
Pirhana plant, joker, the hero, inceneroar, king k rool, Simon, Richter, dark Samus, ken, and banjo kazooie are in smash
Brenda Toner
Brenda Toner - 9 days ago
@Ed o'Bul And Ridley..
Ed o'Bul
Ed o'Bul - 11 days ago
@Jake Steel and Isabelle...
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 11 days ago
I’m guessing you must not like Daisy...
CorpulentCat - 14 days ago
haha the views is that weed number
阿軒Nick - 12 days ago
@CorpulentCat Do you know how to use "r/woosh"?
CorpulentCat - 12 days ago
@阿軒Nick r/woosh
阿軒Nick - 13 days ago
The weed number is 420
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