Nerf War: Tank Battle

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PDK Films
PDK Films - 6 months ago
Check out our new video NERF WAR: BATTLESHIP BATTLE
Grant Pears
Grant Pears - 11 hours ago
PDK Films 🎥
Manveer Boparai
Manveer Boparai - 3 days ago
Santosh More
Santosh More - 5 days ago
PDK Films tuyjyjfjshfhttuytyjkh
Pushpa Yadav
Pushpa Yadav - Hour ago
World of tanks is a very good game.
Meomeo - 3 hours ago
Tank fight human
miuling Lo
miuling Lo - 5 hours ago
Jacob Merimon
Jacob Merimon - 6 hours ago
i have all the tanks
Mari Silva
Mari Silva - 11 hours ago
Que salvaje
Local Travel And Tours
so nice
Pedro Jose Valentin Rojo
No mames
Pedro Jose Valentin Rojo
Yashdeep Singh
Yashdeep Singh - Day ago
Teri gand lal hoyea to
It is a coooooooool
Randon Ruddle
Randon Ruddle - Day ago
Nerf war2 tank battle
Laiken Robinson-Cooper
Андрей Зайцев
Кто русский ставъ лайк
2028: Jacobo Felizola Mantilla
Dude next time don’t waste money and don’t do that to does expensive toys!!!!!! 😤😤
youssef ghanam
youssef ghanam - 2 days ago
жумабек Жумабек
Netiyiy Watermelon
Netiyiy Watermelon - 3 days ago
R.I.P fighting machines
Rosana Maria
Rosana Maria - 3 days ago
Sou Brasileiro mas God to do seu Carney
Топчик - 3 days ago
Ставь лайк, если ищешь русский коментарии😆😆😆
DELger DEUT - 2 days ago
furkan yakarli yakar ailesi
Where does the guy take of his nerf gun
CowCraft Hey
CowCraft Hey - 3 days ago
I wish I had room like that
Tiffany Knoll
Tiffany Knoll - 3 days ago
Atomic *BOOM*
Atomic *BOOM* - 3 days ago
I found the best weapon against tanks:

A pineapple
Deidra Ilion
Deidra Ilion - 3 days ago
Atomic *BOOM* agreed
Héctor Gil García
Héctor Gil García - 3 days ago
Heena Bhaskar
Heena Bhaskar - 3 days ago
I can get a new two videos
Sahal Farooq
Sahal Farooq - 4 days ago
Please clean your house
Indocrackgamer29 Rivera Matinez
Like for the second part
Indocrackgamer29 Rivera Matinez
Like for the se on nd
Como puedes meter el tanque en la bañera eso cuesta mucho dinero 😤
Rosa Isela Acosta Gonzalez
1ciera tu mano
2sopla tu mano
3dale like
4comenta esto en 3 videos
5abre tu mano
A Helfy
A Helfy - 4 days ago
kosta222 mega222
kosta222 mega222 - 4 days ago
jp gamer oficião
jp gamer oficião - 4 days ago
Sushma Shivhare
Sushma Shivhare - 4 days ago
It's real
Edison Adersjö
Edison Adersjö - 4 days ago
Tushar Upadhyay
Tushar Upadhyay - 4 days ago
How much you slip on floor
Roblox_GamerMan - 4 days ago
dislike becauce your house is very dirty
Thueries Tefnut
Thueries Tefnut - 5 days ago
Traime un nerf
Aidil Fallah
Aidil Fallah - 6 days ago
Nerf war tank battle good
MaryFaye Steadman
MaryFaye Steadman - 6 days ago
Nerf tank war
Tim Felt
Tim Felt - 6 days ago
Nerf war tank battle
vinicio super
vinicio super - 6 days ago
Love, you😘
Sap Check
Sap Check - 6 days ago
Nerf war tank battle
Basker Basker
Basker Basker - 6 days ago
Good thinking very good.
Basker e msc maths
akhil bisht
akhil bisht - 7 days ago
U guys would have a terrible time cleaning this nerf darts all over the house
Die Real Life Fratzen
Die Real Life Fratzen - 7 days ago
Are you a cook
Dahlan Sianturi
Dahlan Sianturi - 7 days ago
Unts gun ready pellemen
josh seely
josh seely - 8 days ago
Nerf war:tank battle
Aaa Channel
Aaa Channel - 8 days ago
why you are only eating
Luca Lazau
Luca Lazau - 8 days ago
# trac batelee2. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Luca Lazau
Luca Lazau - 8 days ago
Tu de continued##contonuarea
Luca Lazau
Luca Lazau - 8 days ago
O da/yes
Luca Lazau
Luca Lazau - 8 days ago
Yes 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
KURYA #1 - 8 days ago
Я знал что богатые люди - это обычно тупые люди , но в этом видео богатые люди ведут себя как дебилы , мало того что они играют в детские игры но и портят вещи и еду , когда бедные люди страдают от голода. Очень тупое видео.
Nyarika Koang
Nyarika Koang - 8 days ago
Gun. Please
Маньяк Матвей
Почему ролики щяс на английском?
Eduardo Martin
Eduardo Martin - 9 days ago
You speak spanich
Eduardo Martin
Eduardo Martin - 9 days ago
No te ofendas pero enserio tienes tu cuarto asi
Ruchir Misra
Ruchir Misra - 9 days ago
You eat like a pig bro
Daniil zoobox
Daniil zoobox - 9 days ago
Только пантоватся умеет .Жалко т у п о г о мальчикк
Lucas Bédard
Lucas Bédard - 10 days ago
Double jolt is the best secondary
rebecca nash
rebecca nash - 10 days ago
Dude if you're slipping on rival rounds just shoot them...
With rival rounds
Ender Remix
Ender Remix - 10 days ago
Türkçe video yapsana paul
Jamie Schuurmans
Jamie Schuurmans - 10 days ago
5:06 that moment that Paul drowns that Terrascout in his bathtub 😂 genius but also sad (because the bath is filled with water and i believe that Terrascouts are not waterproof 😐)
Jet da boss 333
Jet da boss 333 - 11 days ago
poor terascout got drowned
Dinand Brent Buikema
Dinand Brent Buikema - 11 days ago
Rip terraschout
Eam seakbo
Eam seakbo - 11 days ago
Dude ur just going to destroy them don't u know how much one them cost
Gabriel Dobrescu
Gabriel Dobrescu - 11 days ago
grass mix
grass mix - 12 days ago
PDK Films i want nerf gun but me not money i have subcribe and click the bell
Roker pro
Roker pro - 12 days ago
Entiende el español :v
Elliot Butler - Composer
Elliot Butler - Composer - 12 days ago
5:20 what a waste of a terrascout... Just switch the channel if you don't want it to attack you... sheesh. I coulda had so much fun with that thing... :'(
Jazmin Hernandez
Jazmin Hernandez - 12 days ago
Dame 1000 dardos
Chris White
Chris White - 12 days ago
Jonny Holman
Jonny Holman - 12 days ago
Nerf war tank battles
Yiğit aslan Demir
Yiğit aslan Demir - 12 days ago
Acaba bu adam trafik kazası geçirip ölürse dartlar nolacak
IM FROM TÜRKİYE - 11 days ago
Ayn bende merak adeiyom amk
Nadya Muray
Nadya Muray - 12 days ago
i love your nerf videos i play world of tanks
Jared Lambert
Jared Lambert - 12 days ago
world of tanks
Jared Lambert
Jared Lambert - 12 days ago
Ninik Yunitasari
Ninik Yunitasari - 12 days ago
Yeni dll is rb ho pid rc usb
ABU SAYED - 13 days ago
Iam Ratul i am Bangladeshi
Siddharth Gohil
Siddharth Gohil - 13 days ago
Can you order a nerf mega sniper set and a 6x scope set
Mary Regina
Mary Regina - 13 days ago
Clean your room
Orlando & Gaby
Orlando & Gaby - 13 days ago
No se cual es mejor
Este canao o how to basic
San Nguyên
San Nguyên - 13 days ago
Very like
CacheteFlex Red Ranger
CacheteFlex Red Ranger - 13 days ago
Hannah Hebel
Hannah Hebel - 13 days ago
Nerf War Tank Battle
Farzaneh Ghanbari
Farzaneh Ghanbari - 13 days ago
Sibel Özturk
Sibel Özturk - 13 days ago
Yatak değil cephane türkler burda mı
Thanhthao Nguyen
Thanhthao Nguyen - 13 days ago
666 jesse
666 jesse - 13 days ago
Je bent en idot
666 jesse
666 jesse - 13 days ago
Arunas Rukas
Arunas Rukas - 13 days ago
I likę world of tanks
Maddox Tabios
Maddox Tabios - 13 days ago
That’s a waste of money
Sudhasagar Sagar
Sudhasagar Sagar - 12 days ago
ya he has alot of nerf guns....and the nerf bullits he toook bath with them...lolol
Anne Lang
Anne Lang - 14 days ago
Nerf war tank battle
sporting lion
sporting lion - 14 days ago
its cool:εισαι τελειος
sporting lion
sporting lion - 14 days ago
its cool
RishanMM #tech and toys
RishanMM #tech and toys - 14 days ago
The way paul was eating is so cool # pdk films rocks ,,, if you agree
Cristina Claveria
Cristina Claveria - 14 days ago
yey i download it
Endermanof Emeralds
Endermanof Emeralds - 15 days ago
Imagine looking through your window and seeing a man having a seizure acting like he’s drowning a toy robot in a bath of nerf darts
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