Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - Serious Moonlight Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Eratin Person
Eratin Person - Month ago
Shoot, I'm sold on this now.
CryoSneasel - Month ago
This just made me want to get this game...
Dat1Wizard246 - 2 months ago
Spotlight uh moonlight uh
EGGROLL GOD - 2 months ago
Is that thanos but skinny
Soleil the Dandy Swordswoman
As soon as I saw one of the Smiths I had all doubts disappear
RayZXA - 2 months ago
The old No More Heroes Games are better.
Reilly-K - 2 months ago
Way to play on my nostalgia with that dial-up noise.
Wesley Whiteside
Wesley Whiteside - 2 months ago
NoctisFantasy - 2 months ago
Soy el único que no le gusta el gameplay de este juego??? Los juegos anteriores si me encantan pero este no me llama la atención, tendría que probarlo :'3
Martin D.
Martin D. - 2 months ago
The main characters of Shadows of the Damned!? Wow. I was not expecting that.
Ball of grime
Ball of grime - 2 months ago
I wanted to get this game on launch day, but my locals didn't carry it and I often forget to preorder. The guy behind the counter didn't even know what it was. I was downtown a week ago this store sold switch games, but again, not this one. Nintendo you need to do a better job of getting your games into stores.
Altri82 - 2 months ago
Looks amazing !!! Gonna buy it and play
warnerg80 - 2 months ago
I have the game but only started it. Does this “damned” portion come later or is it dlc?
warnerg80 - 2 months ago
Dani Patac thanks for the info 👍
Dani Patac
Dani Patac - 2 months ago
It's already in the game! Next week we get new DLC for the game
tico mix gamer
tico mix gamer - 2 months ago
Ahora sí va hacer 3d a no sigue siendo igual
Johnathan Kendricks
Johnathan Kendricks - 2 months ago
TRAVIS STRIKES IN SMASH BROS cursing and everything...%#%%#%get your punk tail up link🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😊
Atrio Berlyn
Atrio Berlyn - 2 months ago
Noooooo Garcia hotspur died?
Mr. Foxhound
Mr. Foxhound - 2 months ago
Was hoping for Let's Dance
Dongski Games & Entertainment
LOL. The gun is talking. :D
Super Franky Cat
Super Franky Cat - 2 months ago
gsboss - 2 months ago
who is the guy who shoots him? is he someone new?
TopSecretsExposed - 2 months ago
I see 7.5/10
RhythmGrizz - 2 months ago
Suda51 and the people at Grasshopper have excellent taste in music
RhythmGrizz - 2 months ago
Awesome Bowie reference
RhythmGrizz - 2 months ago
RIP David Bowie
Young Cobain
Young Cobain - 2 months ago
Travis strikes back is trash i just want no more heroes 3 :/
Yozu Z
Yozu Z - 2 months ago
Lollipop chainsaw 2 please
Zero2XSammy - 2 months ago
kinda late but i guess they are timing them to the dlc release window's ?
Gimnasio Personal
Gimnasio Personal - 2 months ago
What i have to do buy smash bros ir the legend of Zelda
Zelda. Smash
Sylverstone Khandr
Sylverstone Khandr - 2 months ago
The Sudaverse is awesome.
Jeremy Ousley
Jeremy Ousley - 2 months ago
Yknow it’d be really cool if they made dlc for Johnson and Garcia where you could play as 8 Hearts. Maybe a dlc where you’re trying to free Garcia, i think that’d be a great way to show whether or not fans of shadows of the damned want a sequel or a port better yet. I’d hands down drop cash for a port of SotD for switch and get a sequel to boot, such a great game and i did toss money at this game because i love no more heroes. Just a thought though for Grasshopper and Suda.
Mecha Buu
Mecha Buu - 2 months ago
It took me a while to get the Shadow of the Damned reference when I saw the opening. Mainly because I never played that game (SotD, not TSA).
The Cats
The Cats - 2 months ago
the GOAT
Emcy - 2 months ago
did he just say the F WORD on my CHRISTIAN NINTENDO CHANNEL???!?!
SNOOPY CLAN - 2 months ago
I want apex legends on switch and not only me
Emerald - 2 months ago
Thanos is in the thumbnail lmao
Nightmare 1427
Nightmare 1427 - 2 months ago
The Prophet Mario Maker on Mobile
Armageddon 8
Armageddon 8 - 2 months ago
0:27 end of Evangelion
Arc Ray
Arc Ray - 2 months ago
why is this a thing? why upload a video of part of the game? this video in itself is a spoiler cuz nobody expected to see this in Travis Strikes Again.
Arc Ray
Arc Ray - 2 months ago
+Kevin Mejia but this trailer is basically the end of it. you just fight Eight Hearts with no real reason given as to why you fight him, they just kind of do it. there isnt even a joke about it. then Damned never comes up again.
Kevin Mejia
Kevin Mejia - 2 months ago
maybe because some people who liked / loved shadows of the damned can be attracted by this trailer thing that otherwise maybe they wont even considered to play it
Kelvinx5 YT
Kelvinx5 YT - 2 months ago
"Sorry, this content is age restricted"
Well you can **************
Robert - 2 months ago
Awesome game. It's not for everyone but if you are looking for something very different this is the one. :)
Switch Fan94
Switch Fan94 - 2 months ago
*WWE finally gave us Chyna in the Hall Of Fame..Now Give Us Mother 3 Nintendo !!!!!*
אוריה בושי לוין
Thanos as a skull?
Gabriel Heca Felix
Gabriel Heca Felix - 2 months ago
Alphon YT
Alphon YT - 2 months ago
Can I have a free Nintendo switch?
Gravy Spin
Gravy Spin - 2 months ago
How about you sell your rights to Goldeneye 64 to Microsoft that will make people happy
abrahamWCE - 2 months ago
you´re rescuing Scalebound, I heard
please, rescue Omega Labyrinth Z too
ThatGermanWeasel - 2 months ago
Pretty sure they drop the F bomb at 0:50
Officer Flat Foot
Officer Flat Foot - 2 months ago
From the name I thought they were gonna play a David Bowie song.
360seas2021 - 2 months ago
OOMM GGGGGG Garcia Hotspur and Travis in the same game I dreamed of this :'( omg Im so happy really Please make shadow of the Damned 1-2 for switch
Василий Бархатов
It looks like this trailer's got more budget than the whole game~
NeverSaySandwich1 - 2 months ago
Buy this game guys, we need No more heroes 3
howdy dude
howdy dude - 2 months ago
At first I was like. "Eh, another anime game." But then I saw the talking gun! That's awesome!
Absolute Harbi
Absolute Harbi - 2 months ago
I thought this was a game about Travis Scott
RhythmGrizz - 2 months ago
Please be joking
Slender Woods
Slender Woods - 2 months ago
If possible can you please release some off the old games to the switch?
toast week
toast week - 2 months ago
This just looks straight up bad.
Johnny joestaru
Johnny joestaru - 2 months ago
I hope Suda gets funding to make his vision for shadows of the damned realized. The original concept would be amazing.
Steven Brooke
Steven Brooke - 2 months ago
ive never liked when games have insanely detailed rendered cut scenes and the game looks like it was made in 1985
Lute - 2 months ago
Suda51 lacks the funds to create a better gaming experience. It's unfortunate...
Kervis Boston
Kervis Boston - 2 months ago
Is this DLC included within the expansion DLC? Or is this an additional DLC that’s available for purchase?
GoldenOracle64 - 2 months ago
This better lead to a no more heroes 3 because this game is not worth 30 bucks
Oswaldo Carrillo
Oswaldo Carrillo - 2 months ago
Mario strikers for switch
Natalie Fletcher
Natalie Fletcher - 2 months ago
Slender Woods
Slender Woods - 2 months ago
Oh my God thankyou thank you thank you so much, this is a great blast from the past.
Navneet Animation Studio
Navneet Animation Studio - 2 months ago
Nintendo server in India please
Ike of Pyke
Ike of Pyke - 2 months ago
D A R K S C A R - 2 months ago
Nintendo can you please add some sort of party chat?
Alex Wooten
Alex Wooten - 2 months ago
Can you get rid of the online membership please on the Nintendo switch please
July G
July G - 2 months ago
Connor Guerrero
Connor Guerrero - 2 months ago
Nintendo y’all should remake Donkey Kong 64
Horseteeth Gaming
Horseteeth Gaming - 2 months ago
Travis can strike this again....
mvgamer nascimento
mvgamer nascimento - 2 months ago
Nossa! conseguiram entregar justamente o que ninguém queria! 😑 Aff!
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez - 2 months ago
Hey can you make overwatch
benicio andres
benicio andres - 2 months ago
punch out 2019!!! please
Mystemo - 2 months ago
Maaan, please don't tease us like this unless there's an actuall Shadows Of the Damned sequel in the works :(
Travis Strikes Again is pretty nice though. A bit too drawn out at times but fun never the less.
Zoom Gamer
Zoom Gamer - 2 months ago
Nintendo please make a Nintendo Switch mini for kid with U$ 100
Mutant Chandler
Mutant Chandler - 2 months ago
This level was so fun...
Ron Hertzberg
Ron Hertzberg - 2 months ago
Was so disappointed in this game
GameKing 39
GameKing 39 - 2 months ago
Look Nintendo go over to show sakurai this comment and tell him I know Waluigi is an assist trophy already and you don’t want him in for some reason but Waluigi being in smash as a DLC Fighter would Make Nintendo a lot of money so put him in as a DLC Fighter
Nodto Modley
Nodto Modley - 2 months ago
The ship has long sailed.
Fnaf Boy
Fnaf Boy - 2 months ago
Nintendo we need to talk about Super Mario Galaxy what are those things in shiverburn Galaxy what are those please tell me on the canyon or are they what are they who are they I want to know please answer me I want to know please pretty please
Дмитрий Хейт
Дмитрий Хейт - 2 months ago
It would be interesting to see Project Zero:Tsukihami no Kamen and Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water on the Nintendo Switch.
Mexicano Medina
Mexicano Medina - 2 months ago
Hey Nintendo my switch does not work and not happy
SortaKinda Things
SortaKinda Things - 2 months ago
shadows of the damned? holy smokes
Bryan bros Arcos
Bryan bros Arcos - 2 months ago
Nintendo make your video of Super Mario Brothers 3D World Deluxe
TheHTFAMV 2 - 2 months ago
Hey nintendo can you at least add thr missing stages of smash ultimate
Super Marx Gaming 956
Super Marx Gaming 956 - 2 months ago
Why is it age restricted
Juan Fernando Pineda Mendoza
Nintendo listen me !!!!! I am waiting for the new kirby game and new three copy abilities : hover , truck and mushroom
LEE-MAN 64 - 2 months ago
I wish Damned dark knight was a real game
DelzaArmy - 2 months ago
That's someone I never thought I'd see again! Keep it coming!
Windmolen - 2 months ago
There is no possible way this new game is going to be as good as the older ones. I'm really happy to see this series back but I'm very worried.
Nevaris Givebs
Nevaris Givebs - 2 months ago
*Sorry, this content is age-restricted*

Tweety Cat
Tweety Cat - 2 months ago
No not Travis Scott!!!!
Adept Gaming
Adept Gaming - 2 months ago
aguy654 - 2 months ago
I still want No More Heroes 3.
RhythmGrizz - 2 months ago
Everybody does
ScreamingBeast - 2 months ago
DLC? Sequel? Update?
wtf Nintendo please learn to communicate already
the creatures of FNAF
the creatures of FNAF - 2 months ago
Nintendo should add baby yoshi as a fighter in super samash bros ultimate. By making its up special the balloon baby yoshi,side special shooting bubbles and down special blinding near enemies with light.
Vinicius Faria
Vinicius Faria - 2 months ago
What!?? '-'
Yobani Ambrocio
Yobani Ambrocio - 2 months ago
Nerf jiggalypuff
wildrook - 2 months ago
This is probably canon to Shadows of the Damned, too.
TheBoricuaGamer - 2 months ago
Umm sweet rich retrogame
Bell Maker
Bell Maker - 2 months ago
Make super Mario 3D world delux on the switch plz
Eileen  Jimenez
Eileen Jimenez - 2 months ago
I hope this Suda-verse expands even more with Lollipop Chainsaw and Killer is Dead missions.
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