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Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life - 2 months ago
GIANT GRASSHOPPER EXPLANATION IN THIS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smopxlfXoQw
the F.R.E.E. J.
the F.R.E.E. J. - 28 days ago
+Jemal Rankin no wait, he has a video explaining why the print is so small so you got to go watch that one but it will be in a foreign language so then there will be a link to go to a video that explains why it was small print and in a foreign language and on and on. Man, I already felt like an idiot for watching this video so I'm not going to be watching anymore of his crap.
the F.R.E.E. J.
the F.R.E.E. J. - 28 days ago
+Forza JT Sneaky not to brag but as soon as I saw this I knew it was all scam to get more views. Already felt like a sucker for watching this one I wasn't going to watch another one and I'm not going to watch anymore by such an obvious scammer.
the F.R.E.E. J.
the F.R.E.E. J. - 28 days ago
Wow, you lie and then you try to suck people into watching another video, what a bunch of crap! Marking this channel for no more views by me, thank you very little.
Forza JT Sneaky
Forza JT Sneaky - Month ago
You just put a link to a video that’s almost exactly the same as this one, there’s no explanation 😂
Jemal Rankin
Jemal Rankin - Month ago
Wonderful Life WTF do you mean in the video !! You can't even make out the words there so fucking small !!
Nguyễn Thị Kim Thanh
Vietnam :(
Dee Rod
Dee Rod - 3 days ago
Doctor: You have syphilis
Me: *face is ugly and face swollen up*
Me: Sh*t
Docter: *runs away* ZOMBIEEEEEEE!
FBI: *knocks* FBI OPEN UP!
CDC: Oh boy
CDC: You are in big trouble mister
Me: Sh*t
Edit: *sad music* Ewww
PewDieProo - 17 days ago
Doctor:you have 13:02 minutes to live
Jah Vx
Jah Vx - 18 days ago
Pigeons were the first drones lol...
Matthew Meador
Matthew Meador - 27 days ago
And also, the picture of the females and the plane is also incorrect, they would not have been a “flight crew” per say, as they worked as WASPs (women’s Air Force service pilots) and only flew the planes to the places where all male, ten man combat crews would fly them into battle.
Matthew Meador
Matthew Meador - 27 days ago
The picture of dday was actually not taken on June 6th, it depicts soldiers from the 2nd infantry landing on the beach on June 11th, after the us had taken the beach already. This can be seen due to the tank landing ship in the background, which would not have been ashore had it been the actual beach storming
Eric Grizzle
Eric Grizzle - 28 days ago
Ok can i die now????
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight - 29 days ago
everything was bigger when god first created earth. there fossilised animals all over the earth..even giants..yes giants. the bible is true. we are livin in the last decade. repent now before its too late
DaReaL V
DaReaL V - 29 days ago
wildmandann - Month ago
the best picture is that of the titanic, wow how ironic, that so so many Caucasian upper class would go down by boat
BODEGA ___ - Month ago
Boycott Israel and any Israeli company #burnisrahell
job junior
job junior - Month ago
Wonder how osha feels about the builder on the crane
pro mast
pro mast - Month ago
Gaige Dreany
Gaige Dreany - Month ago
@1:00 Jay Electronica used this photo for his exhibit songs. Best musician no debate
Georgey Gaming, music, etc.
0:26 any Led Zeppelin fans? 🤘
RAIDERTONY 323 - Month ago
75 pictures of when Men Were Men and Women were Women
Johnny - Month ago
The shadow of the hiroshima bombing , omg 😱
Nehal Mulla
Nehal Mulla - Month ago
XCChristian - Month ago
History is the only subject I’ll ever fw idc
Flipastix 2.0
Flipastix 2.0 - Month ago
Omg the animal cruelty...
Next Level Toys
Next Level Toys - Month ago
That there grasshopper is good eaten
Ajant Smith
Ajant Smith - Month ago
8:08 I'm pretty sure Machu Picchu wasn't discovered in 1912. People in Peru most definitely knew about that ancient cultural site.
Richie Cruz
Richie Cruz - Month ago
The only one that got to me or bug me at all was the one where all those assholes we're pushing that girl out of the way at the Boston Marathon. What a bunch of douchebags and trust me I am not an sjw at all. But that is just ridiculous.
shoelesblondlady - Month ago
I didn't need to see a Disney cafeteria before I die... I get it... views
Lily Martin
Lily Martin - Month ago
Also rude to have a hippodrawn carrige😐😑😥
Lily Martin
Lily Martin - Month ago
That's just rude to shoot a gun on TOP OF AN ELEPHANT
Mysticz_Wolfz Gaming
Mysticz_Wolfz Gaming - Month ago
Imagine if history was reversed
AllThings Creepy
AllThings Creepy - Month ago
Literally click-bait. My channel got recently unpartnered (it’s back now thankfully) for supposedly misleading thumbnails. My thumbnails always include what is actually in the video. This is a dictionary definition of clickbait and youtube promotes it. Sigh. Sorry, rant over.
Stupid Cubing
Stupid Cubing - Month ago
8:21 that's john McCain, the Arizona senator who was a pow, and recently died
Evil Morty Plays
Evil Morty Plays - Month ago
Berfore you die
Jeff Fabian
Jeff Fabian - Month ago
No, it not over once you die
theZinator - Month ago
Finally watched the video, gonna go die now see ya
mkay mkay
mkay mkay - Month ago
11:44 when you stub your toe in the bathroom at 4 AM and try not to scream
Charlie Mansell
Charlie Mansell - Month ago
Tell the guy who made this was american
Aleksandar Nedeljkovic
There's more to history than mostly Americas history . . .
Wickens Wicked Reptiles
Janis - fn
Janis - fn - Month ago
What is this music in the background it's beautiful
Buzz Wolfe
Buzz Wolfe - Month ago
Ok I've seen them can someone kill me now
GUATEMAX Animations
GUATEMAX Animations - Month ago
6:11 *Glorious* ! *I AM FULLY ALLOWED NOW TO END ME*
Hello BOY
Hello BOY - Month ago
So i can die now?
Harvey Davenport
Harvey Davenport - Month ago
Ok I guess I can die now
Djourou Nanifo
Djourou Nanifo - Month ago
Shit song..
Random Someone
Random Someone - Month ago
2:14 WTF?
VersaceSensei - Month ago
8:00 first drones
Oraaa!! - Month ago
Is it necessary to put the words
*Before you die?*
Alessio Piras
Alessio Piras - Month ago
0:32 led zeppelin
gam m
gam m - Month ago
0:33 when capsules cant cure diseases anymore
Bever Belwin
Bever Belwin - Month ago
Iam already dead, so...... Guess ill just watch it then.
Aiman Nasser
Aiman Nasser - Month ago
The pic of the person holding a grasshopper is fake
The real one is him holding a cheetah
Senpai - Month ago
You have 13 mins before you die
Antony mous
Antony mous - Month ago
And Nottre Damme in fire
ZQPID - Month ago
Video ends
Yacine ALG
Yacine ALG - Month ago
What’s the name of this music ?
Peter Edeh
Peter Edeh - Month ago
You that posted it.... I hope u die soon since u happened to be the first person to see the images
AJ Killerofall
AJ Killerofall - Month ago
The end 30 of the most epic photos from around the world YOU DIE
Jerico Thompson
Jerico Thompson - Month ago
Look how happy all the blacks look signing the civil rights bill, and look how sad and displeased the whites look. You can tell they didnt want that shit to happen PERIOD. They just couldnt afford for us to now spend our money with them.
Mr. Video games
Mr. Video games - Month ago
What if you die while watching
CeeBarrio1 - Month ago
8:47 Nazi soldiers *PROTECTING* Jewish owned businesses from being attacked/damaged (as I read the propaganda underneath)
CeeBarrio1 - Month ago
Also wondering why so much Nazi/Hitler shit like as if it were the only thing that happened in the world! GTFOH
Nick worster
Nick worster - Month ago
A lot of these photos are obviously fake
James Brown
James Brown - Month ago
Those men trying to stop that women running a marathon are a disgrace.
Z4ch and PINK Builds
Z4ch and PINK Builds - Month ago
Wat the purpose
mali bu
mali bu - Month ago
I cried when I've seen the man on the elephant
Maybe you'd think it's a bit over the top but I can't understand why all those bad people have done that..and at all if they just had to, they don't need to introduct those pour and absolutely innocent animals into their dumb doings...
Exotic Swave
Exotic Swave - Month ago
6:40 its so sad why they had to start a war knowing that a lot of men are going to die and most if the men have kids that when grown up will have no father😢
Scopez Playz
Scopez Playz - Month ago
That was extremely sad.
Forza JT Sneaky
Forza JT Sneaky - Month ago
Surely if you were going to open the first McDonald’s you wouldn’t put “no. 1” in the name as is wasn’t intended to be a chain of restaurants in the beginning
11:17 think this ones fake
Life - Month ago
8:04 the first drone
Beastboyz123 4
Beastboyz123 4 - Month ago
U can’t even spell the title correct
FLAZZ - Month ago
Now you can put a picture of 'Nôtre dame de Paris'on fire😪
RuZa BansterZZ
RuZa BansterZZ - Month ago
This clickbaited me so hard
Charlie Brady
Charlie Brady - Month ago
America America America America America America America America America America America
Majin Buu
Majin Buu - Month ago
26m people in heaven now
Joe Savage
Joe Savage - Month ago
didn't even show the old guy with the. Big grasshopper. that's a real photo
Mortal Fighter
Mortal Fighter - Month ago
This Is Our American Story
Rishie A
Rishie A - Month ago
So much sad stuff and Hitler stuff... I came here for the damn grasshopper
r47ry - Month ago
Put it on 1.75 play back speed
A lot better
Cole Pehrson
Cole Pehrson - Month ago
This is to sad
DjayDjay 143
DjayDjay 143 - Month ago
Let me guess... this was also in your recommendations for no reason
King Turtle
King Turtle - Month ago
At least one is a painting for sure
TypicalFuzzball - Month ago
I’m astounded a channel with 165k followers doesn’t know the word “historical” exists
Not Smokezy
Not Smokezy - Month ago
Dont watch it dont die hehe im the genius of life
ChaseMavrick - Month ago
The John and Marylyn photo is a fake
Der neger
Der neger - Month ago
all of these Pictures have a mystic Power
Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez - Month ago
Now I can kill myself
Huge Shalaw
Huge Shalaw - Month ago
Tell me how many of you die after watching this? If you got internet in hell let me know
Huge Shalaw
Huge Shalaw - Month ago
5:11 Two German Soldiers and their donkey wear gas masks people:
Kian denise
Kian denise - Month ago
This needs notre dame fire
Yes i know when the video was made
Chector - Month ago
These are amazing
LETHAL BACON - Month ago
Doctor:you have 13 minutes and 2 seconds to live
xR Naughty
xR Naughty - Month ago
4:50 best picture
Bria - Month ago
Poor elephant 🕊
The look on that creatures face says volumes about man kind..How does one take a creature and reform it's natural ways through depression pain and systematic torture for its own selfish gain? WE AS A PEOPLE NEED TO DO BETTER BECAUSE WE ALL ARE ON THIS PLANET "LIVIN IT UP."
Dee Rod
Dee Rod - 3 days ago
My god what about that poor child with syphilis?
wildmandann - Month ago
please tell me you talking about the lost Negro Nation In America.....oh..... just the elephant 😑😑😑
LONELY JOKER - Month ago
Now im ready to go to hell...
Ultimate Applesauce
Ultimate Applesauce - Month ago
6:45 My uncle was on one of these 🙏
Jo nathan
Jo nathan - Month ago
everytime i see the year "1912" the literally first thing that came to my mind is "TITANIC"
Kato The Siberian Husky
Giovanni Carbajal
Giovanni Carbajal - Month ago
I have to see it!!!! 😂😂 the title lmaooo
Jose Orea
Jose Orea - Month ago
"The most beautiful suicide"😢
Der Feind
Der Feind - Month ago
I really don't think i had to see the boy with syphilys. Now i WANT to die.
SRTUV1 - Month ago
0:48 *Now thats what I'm talking about!*
Emad Khalifa
Emad Khalifa - Month ago
I got a wired feeling after i watched this did anyone feel it
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