Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

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Lily O'Moore
Lily O'Moore - 5 hours ago
I love how friendly Chef Ramsay is with the waiters and waitresses :)
nicole yuh
nicole yuh - 8 hours ago
“ who would care if a garnish a micro garnish carrot was on as a garnish “
alexander geofrey
alexander geofrey - 9 hours ago
can we see the AFTER video ?
Speez71rm - 12 hours ago
A microwave in a restaurant - next
Carlos Polk
Carlos Polk - 12 hours ago
Oh no... I heard the person in the beginning speak, and then I saw his face-the “Tender piece of elk” guy. Hoo boy, I already know this is going to be good.
Phil Conway
Phil Conway - 12 hours ago
The owner is one ignorant, arrogant mother fucker. Holy fuck. Dude has an IQ lower than room temperature.
zizoboy heaven
zizoboy heaven - 12 hours ago
no .. your in the wrong buisiness..
chef ramzy is to be respected as a super chef .. filthy dishes 😉
Fantasmic Art 2312
Fantasmic Art 2312 - 12 hours ago
Joe: People don't hand me raw food
Me: the oysters you served Gordon seemed raw
Fortnite Gameplay Videos
Fortnite Gameplay Videos - 13 hours ago
Is nobody gonna question why he is taking their name tags?
Kim Earle
Kim Earle - 15 hours ago
Well Bill, I hope you still have your job, if not I hope you are doing even better :)
霊Radoncombe - 15 hours ago
Owner wearing a tux and step on the White House Press Conference stand and start declaring and pointing above everyone about how great his restaurant.
David Morris
David Morris - 17 hours ago
The FIVE Seasons ???
Someonejustfuckedup - 18 hours ago
Lemme go talk to this guy
Someonejustfuckedup - 18 hours ago
I wish joe good luck with that
Carter Thornton
Carter Thornton - 18 hours ago
The best part is when these owners are like “what does he know” like YOU ARE FAILING LOL
Hamzah Mirza
Hamzah Mirza - 18 hours ago
Bill vaguely looks and reminds me of Nate from The Office
Sarah Speed
Sarah Speed - 19 hours ago
I'd love for the time that one of these chefs challenges Ramsey in believing that they know what there talking about and Ramsey responds with. "How about we compare bank balances"
Tajae Holder
Tajae Holder - 19 hours ago
*"garnish micro garnish carrots was on as a GarNish-"*
Abigail Hambrick
Abigail Hambrick - 20 hours ago
Why is no-one talking about the cake funeral?? 😂😂 I swear, The more I watch GR the more I like him😂
jillian rose
jillian rose - 21 hour ago
"the food at the bistro is the freshest" *brings out ravioli from freezer* LMAOOOOO
mike hayward
mike hayward - Day ago
Wow, douchebags like this shouldn't be in business
Jeff Gibson
Jeff Gibson - Day ago
Five seasons
Nadia Nolan
Nadia Nolan - Day ago
We do things with paaaashin... This guy sounds like Tommy Wiseau.
"You're tearing me apart, Lisa."
Raviee - Day ago
He was so mad about the carrots 😂😂
Tony Matthews
Tony Matthews - Day ago
Deluded.....not delusional.
Front Linez
Front Linez - Day ago
We have the freshest food here hands down!
*As an employee takes food from the fridge*
gbritaney - Day ago
Needs more lamb sauce😂
Cruzthespicy12 1
Cruzthespicy12 1 - Day ago
One day their is gonna be Posion in his food just watch
Random Dude
Random Dude - Day ago
Gordon : I found dead dinosaur in my plate
Joe : its a *GARNISH*
Benjamin Gearig
Benjamin Gearig - Day ago
3:00 when you know how much Gordon loves his olive oil and yet he still complains about it, you've fucked up.
Burnt Potato
Burnt Potato - Day ago
“Would you like us to prepare another French onion?”

*“Joe, it takes about 4 hours to caramelize the onions...”*
krika1119 - Day ago
When he got the soup...ugh. You could already tell it did NOT look good. Like it was going to come alive or something.
Pax to the max
Pax to the max - Day ago
Chef: hands gordon raw food
Gordon: hands carrots back
Chef: how dare he
celinda tu
celinda tu - Day ago
but why would u serve the micro carrots-
Monster of Analysis
Games&More4 - Day ago
Ye know what I like the first “food” he gets he gets the name tags and just says “thank you my darling”
xyzHero - Day ago
How stock up and dumb is this guy. If you dont want to be handed back your crappy food then dont be out there and let your waitresses do their job.
Kevessi - Day ago
1:11 When daddy is mad
Mita Huks
Mita Huks - Day ago
Ewwwwwwww, that looked sooooo nasty omgggggg
Taha Zubair
Taha Zubair - Day ago
“Bust our balls over the petite carrots “ lol
M C - Day ago
They go global, mkay
Jadah Kumor
Jadah Kumor - Day ago
The owner is a jerk
Mofe Adeyemi
Mofe Adeyemi - Day ago
"do you not think you should let it grow a bit" 😂😂
Cole Wagner
Cole Wagner - 2 days ago
*the garnish on there as a garnish*
Cole Wagner
Cole Wagner - 2 days ago
*lack of onion and not enough cheese*
Lexiaa Forever
Lexiaa Forever - 2 days ago
Trump is a micro Carrot 🥕 that’s why he doesn’t grow 🤔
QuadratiC - 2 days ago
0:11 "The food here in the bistro is the freshest, hands down"
*proceeds to microwave*
Mitzi Hidalgo
Mitzi Hidalgo - 18 hours ago
QuadratiC cameraman be savage
IYPITWL - 2 days ago
5:30 u dont hand me raw food on my plate when I'm dining
T Johnson
T Johnson - 2 days ago
joe the dumb cunt. this owner deserves to fail.
Flower GemsGirl
Flower GemsGirl - 2 days ago
Joe with the ego, Joe the shmoe, Joe the loser and Joe the dumbo!!!!!!!! This was the biggest dumbest owner in the shows history. Gordon had the patience of a saint not knocking this owner’s teeth down his throat!!!! Dumb ass jerk.🤬😡
Melanie Evans
Melanie Evans - 2 days ago
I love that Gordon Ramsay is always nice and pleasant to the waiters and waitresses. He understands that the way the food tastes and the kitchen is ran is not their fault and doesn’t punish them for it.
Ty Hoffman
Ty Hoffman - 2 days ago
Another episode on denial
Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner - 2 days ago
It’s a carrot you idiot and you’re the manager
Jessica Crocker
Jessica Crocker - 2 days ago
He gets mad at Gordon Ramsey for handing him the RAW food in his dining room🤦. Does he not realize that he served it to him and there is absolutely no difference in him serving it, and Gordon giving it back🙄
XxSniperzzxX .,
XxSniperzzxX ., - 2 days ago
The produce is amazing, the produce is used in the five seasons hotel😂
Waffletowne - 2 days ago
EndergoN - 2 days ago
I usually stay in four season i never even saw one micro carrots lmao
Jackmerius Tacktheritrix
Hey kid, go turn in your badge to Sgt. Ramsay, that's not how we wait on people in this town.
Chi Hegdekar
Chi Hegdekar - 2 days ago
pls stop saying "petite" carrot
Sarifeth Herrera
Sarifeth Herrera - 2 days ago
The way Gordon looked back at the chef while he was mad and walking away 😂😂😂
Nabila Boksmati
Nabila Boksmati - 2 days ago
5:19 You know this guy's smart when he tells his customers not to hand them raw food when he's serving them it.
jadey bieber
jadey bieber - 2 days ago
What kind of head chef wears jeans in the kitchen. Joe should know better
Doctor Monty
Doctor Monty - 2 days ago
The owner reminds me of the vulture villain guy from spider man homecoming sometimes
MasterSword 95
MasterSword 95 - 2 days ago
I can somewhat see why you'd say that lol
Scot Doolittle
Scot Doolittle - 2 days ago
Joe: Chef would you like us to prepare another French Onion?
Gordon: Joe it takes about four hours to caramelize the onions.

Fuck do I love Gordon Ramsey
JULIET GOTO - 2 days ago
Rip cake
Pear Pyrus
Pear Pyrus - 2 days ago
He looks like fix it Felix from wreck it Ralph 💀
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan - 2 days ago
“What the f**k does He know....”
...He’s GORDON RAMSEY you idiot....
Max Ingram
Max Ingram - 2 days ago
Here I am watching a home meanwhile the petit carrots are going *GLOBAL*
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz - 2 days ago
"YOU DON'T HAND ME RAW FOOD, IN MY DINING ROOM" No, but you'll serve it to customers?
Gamer PandaGPDigital
Gamer PandaGPDigital - 15 hours ago
spinner90 - Day ago
"You don't hand me raw food in my dining room!!!" Well, how bout I throw it at you instead???
pittkendoka - 3 days ago
the only food the white house is serving right now is mcdonalds
Skyleader1212 - 3 days ago
In the kitchen, the word "passion" usually don't go with microwave
Christopher Pavlides
Christopher Pavlides - 3 days ago
I like how Joe is trying to talk to his sous chef the entire time so he can justify his food being so bad, and the funny thing is his sous chef doesn’t talk back 😂
Nexus Oz
Nexus Oz - 3 days ago
Well, didn't the white house serves McDonald's?
Good Mind
Good Mind - 3 days ago
Nino would be proud of those little petite carrots.
MissMilly321 - 3 days ago
what state was this in?
Cynthia Guthrie
Cynthia Guthrie - 3 days ago
Gordan Ramsay is so respectful to the wait staff... I love it
OsOanxious - 13 hours ago
Yea I manage / cook at restaurants. So I usually try to treat my wait staff pretty chill as long stay outta kitchen / anywhere they know they shouldn’t be during service hours . When it’s slow they like to help us just so they don’t feel bored but it’s their choice most restaurants are like a little family
Hal McAdams
Hal McAdams - 14 hours ago
If they get my order right and keep my water filled and do not spill on me, I give them top marks and a CASH tip. They also get my respect, my Mother fed us kids by working on her feet all day serving tables. I will leave a rotten waiter NOTHING and a poor to fair waiter 10% because they need something to live on. I don't drink alcohol so my tip for good to great service is 20%.
imstupid4life - Day ago
+OsOanxious as someone who is a waiter or server this is true.
OsOanxious - Day ago
Wait staff is usually the most underpaid and has nothing to do with the kitchen so they’re not ones he can yell at
Mofe Adeyemi
Mofe Adeyemi - Day ago
+Rea Einskisson me too
hunter hostler
hunter hostler - 3 days ago
Why did he ask them to take off their badges.
Susan Nguyen
Susan Nguyen - 2 days ago
Because the owner thinks he owns a high end restaurant. Most if not all high end restaurant server introduce themselves and doesn't need a name tag.
razorback9926 - 3 days ago
The Five Seasons must be better than the Four Seasons, because 5>4.
RicoLord1 - 3 days ago
"you dont give me raw food in my dining room" hands raw food to guests
Loyalty1269 - 3 days ago
Joe reminds me of my former masonry boss... I wanted to strangle him
CommentSection - 3 days ago
cant stop watching these tbh
Sophie Pennington
Sophie Pennington - 3 days ago
Anybody else get annoyed when Americans try to do an English accent
Ellie H
Ellie H - 3 days ago
Jonah - 3 days ago
I feel bad for Gordon he was being nicer than usual and the owner was a total ass. Its no wonder he is a failure.
Smol Aubren
Smol Aubren - 3 days ago
I can’t understand how the owners get mad
He has cook books,restaurants, and cooking shows for a reason. He’s a millionaire for a reason.
Liam - 21 hour ago
I'm not saying he is a bad cook, I'm sure he can make amazing food but, it can't be denied that he's a millionaire because he is extremely good at making people look stupid, which is the perfect content producers want. They know that's what the viewers want to see. He can make even the best food look disgusting and the nicest owners look incompetent. I understand why his show is so popular, but it is sad that these types of shows are what todays culture wants to see. It is the modern-day equivalent of gladiator fights. Personally I am not a picky when it comes to most food, so watching Mr. Ramsey pick at his food as if he were 5 years old makes me laugh every time.
Headlock123456789 - 22 hours ago
Guys, there’s no need to bring politics here. It’s not the time or the place.
Rida Aslam
Rida Aslam - Day ago
+PentaForge What the...? What are you talking about? Read my comment again - your comment is going places where it doesn't need to.
kate Maranger
kate Maranger - Day ago
one word. ego
PentaForge - Day ago
+Rida Aslam that literally makes no sense, because they wouldn't be following politicians that are enforcing conservative policies by your logic as that would go against their whole lifestyle.
Joel Castro
Joel Castro - 3 days ago
Kid:dad I made you breakfast
Gordan:than you
*Gordan tastes food*
Gordan:bacon burnt to the fuckin' crisp eggs undercooke
Rohitraj Nair
Rohitraj Nair - 3 days ago
Man I wasn't aware that I was supposed to get annoyed by badges..
Is that a thing? I always assumed it's for a greater good.
TakingOutTrash1 - 3 days ago
the white house orders mcdonald’s so....
Oliver Mayo
Oliver Mayo - 3 days ago
I could listen to the owner say fRESH all day long. I love it when he serves up the elk. Must be tougher than an old car tyre.
puddle m
puddle m - 3 days ago
”Those carrots go global.”
Could be Gayer
Could be Gayer - 3 days ago
I always like how GR always knows that it is not the waiters’ fault, and treats them extremely nice.
Cape10 - 3 days ago
“These same carrots go to the White House, these same carrots go to the five seasons” does he mean the four seasons?
Oliver Mayo
Oliver Mayo - 3 days ago
They go GLOBAL, ok?? 😂
uilsoum - 3 days ago
Seeing gordon ramsay in the same restaurant as you seems terrifying
Katrina Katrina
Katrina Katrina - 3 days ago
That British accent is killing me 😂😂
Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton - 3 days ago
Worst English accent ever. What a dull man.
eric burhed
eric burhed - 3 days ago
This owner is a total prick idiot
Holly Cow
Holly Cow - 3 days ago
Am I the only one that is amazed by how strong Gordon Ramsey's stomach is.
Courtney Berry
Courtney Berry - 3 days ago
who cares if a micro garnish carrot WAS on his garnish???
TONGAN-REBELZ2 - 3 days ago
1:29 lol she looks like she's trynna speak away from Gordon
Bari Ashlyn
Bari Ashlyn - 3 days ago
What's wrong with nametags? I'm confused
Harmony Jones
Harmony Jones - Day ago
Bari Ashlyn I wasn’t sure but I probably think Gordon believes they’re old fashioned. These days waiters introduce themselves when they come to serve and it’s only polite to remember their name once they introduce themselves. Anyways I don’t know anyone who calls out waiters names in a restaurant lol. Normal people politely raise their hands for service. Personally if I need to give a compliment (or complaint) I either speak to the manager quietly or do so anonymously as the bill would have your waiters name on it. My thoughts anyway on Gordon’s dislike for name tags 😂😂😂
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