Elli - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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Haley Julian
Haley Julian - Month ago
how long did development take from start to finish for this? I'm a noob game designer and was wondering.
Mira 88951
Mira 88951 - 4 months ago
This looks like a mix between the art of Zelda and not jumping-ish from Captain Toad. Music's also nice and has a naturey openworld feel to it
Sherlyn Sanchez
Sherlyn Sanchez - 5 months ago
It's like a SMO and TLoZ BotW fusion
wikum3 - 5 months ago
Mario 3D World meets BOTW meets Rime
angrymikko - 5 months ago
Despite the glitch happening at 0:49 part of this game (it can be still be overcome in the game) I found this to be an absolutely beautiful and fun puzzle platformer to play through. The colours are consistently beautiful and the drive to keep going is always present. I hope the team gets to make more similar games in the future. Btw that glitch is probably patched by now so don’t let it deter you from buying this hidden gem :)
Addareene101 - 5 months ago
Reminds me of Yonder
Hazel Owers
Hazel Owers - 5 months ago
Soraka and Avatar had a baby.
Noïa Yaïo
Noïa Yaïo - 5 months ago
I love this game !
Noïa Yaïo
Noïa Yaïo - 5 months ago
I want it in a box version!
Safak Aksin
Safak Aksin - 5 months ago
I didnt know soraka had a sister 🤔
CreativelyJake - 5 months ago
i saw "Time pieces" haha hat in time
Francisco Blas Chapa
Francisco Blas Chapa - 5 months ago
Breath of the Rime
Kafei1984 - 5 months ago
Que clase de Zelda es este juego?
Gregbeams - 6 months ago
He'll yeaaa looks phenomenal
Lucy - 6 months ago
Animal Crossing
松萧劲 - 6 months ago
Isometric rime
Mariano Serrano
Mariano Serrano - 6 months ago
Better than the anime games
Conny Lee
Conny Lee - 6 months ago
Can't wait to see someone getting a speed run on this game
Janya Deshields
Janya Deshields - 6 months ago
I will get this game too cause it's cool 🙄
TR 3X72_
TR 3X72_ - 6 months ago
11cisco11 - 6 months ago
If ratchet and clank, and legend of Zelda had a baby
Sergey Metlov
Sergey Metlov - 6 months ago
Finished this one recently. Pretty good one, but short.
8dreadLock8 - 6 months ago
Looks great 😊
Douglas Rosa
Douglas Rosa - 6 months ago
Looks like a game made from the assets used in Rime and Hob.
The0ptimus - 6 months ago
This looks like Mario 3D World meets Windwaker. And I love it!
The Infinity Man
The Infinity Man - 6 months ago
The music in this trailer reminds me of the music played in The Wind Waker when you set out to sail on your boat.
TwoDoubleVision •
TwoDoubleVision • - 6 months ago
Well this is cute
Papiertrümmer - 6 months ago
🤔 ... 😀👍🏻
BlackenedGass - 6 months ago
While I'm sure there will be in the main game, I kinda hope there aren't any enemies to fight in this. It's be be nice to just focus on the platforming and puzzle solving ofr a change.
katana854 - 6 months ago
the style remember the dungeons of TLoZ Breath of the wild
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia - 6 months ago
I'll pass
Niels Hennissen
Niels Hennissen - 6 months ago
This looks very fun
NoblestEA - 6 months ago
Digital only or is there a disk version?
Cescu - 6 months ago
Seems an amazing game, but I don't know why but my eyes felt bad watching this trailer. Maybe it's the motion blur??? or low frame rate???
Helen Fotopoulou
Helen Fotopoulou - 6 months ago
...That looks awfully similar to BotW.
ravenfan21 - 6 months ago
No coop? :o
Nathan Quino
Nathan Quino - 6 months ago
Why you no reveal at direct?
TheFreakaZoo - 6 months ago
Yay, another indie game instead of having promised titles. Thanks Nintendo for your poor choice of releases
Knightcore - 6 months ago
Kinda looks boring.
Junter Brannon
Junter Brannon - 6 months ago
Looks fun
rick sanchez
rick sanchez - 6 months ago
Where’s my pikmin 4
VirtualLegendTerx - 6 months ago
ellis O
ellis O - 6 months ago
Another game that looks like it belongs on an iPhone
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho - 6 months ago
Its not the zelda we want, but its the zelda we need...
JCookie - 6 months ago
wonder if they will have a physical release.. i would totally be interested in picking it up
Jupiter - 6 months ago
is it just me or does this look a little breath of the wild inspired?
Dan - 6 months ago
Nintendo, put A Hat In Time on the Switch, please.
Ed Rix
Ed Rix - 6 months ago
And when for Joel dlc?
SkyLong deft
SkyLong deft - 6 months ago
Fresh game
Fire_Element - 6 months ago
Trailer voice guy: "PREPARE to RUN, JUMP, RUN, and JUMP some more!!"
Chef Kawasaki
Chef Kawasaki - 6 months ago
I should get this for someone that has the name of Elli whom I do know (I don't like like her by the way)
BAD CP - 6 months ago
Cool. Switch needs more of this and less Wii U re-releases.
James Campbell
James Campbell - 6 months ago
This was a wonderful advertisement. I loved the music and was enchanted by the visuals. I want this game now!
Boxbird572 - 6 months ago
It looks like the city of RiME, super mario odyssey and the legend of zelda botw mixed together.
Max Yoshi
Max Yoshi - 6 months ago
New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow My Boys!!!
The HoneyQueen
The HoneyQueen - 6 months ago
meteor713 - 6 months ago
Looks cool
Thespartan - 6 months ago
The moment were there was voice interaction destroyed everything for me 😂😢
Bloody Bubble
Bloody Bubble - 6 months ago
Zelda who?
Akiva Altgold
Akiva Altgold - 6 months ago
copying zelda no thanks
PietMeUp - 6 months ago
Rime 2!?
KahunaCilver - 6 months ago
Ok finally an eShop title I will buy! Other than Wargroove
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies - 6 months ago
Looks like Breath of the Wild with no combat
Ko- Kker.
Ko- Kker. - 6 months ago
just wait for everybody to think that this will be horrible and then love the game, as happened with Splatoon.
Antasma1 - 6 months ago
Game looks fun
El Indigeno
El Indigeno - 6 months ago
Yes, more games like these please.
Landis 97
Landis 97 - 6 months ago
this actually looks pretty promising
durkadur27 - 6 months ago
looks bad like rime
pumpkin hill ghost
pumpkin hill ghost - 6 months ago
looks like skylanders
Iker EGUILLOR - 6 months ago
finally the 3rd BOTW DLC!! Yayy!!
Dan Betts
Dan Betts - 6 months ago
0:22 Is.....that an Infinite War reference?
Soulex - 6 months ago
still waiting for odyssey dlc
Chloe Mcholoe
Chloe Mcholoe - 6 months ago
it looks very cute and like it's gonna make so many people throw their switches at the wall
Rhett Shanley
Rhett Shanley - 6 months ago
Finally something that’s not a porno anime game on switch
Rhett Shanley
Rhett Shanley - 6 months ago
Looks like Zelda breath of the wild with more platforming
Craftmastr C-223
Craftmastr C-223 - 6 months ago
I like it
Kevin Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan - 6 months ago
Sweet! Never even heard of this...it looks like old 2d Zelda and Mario game play mixed together
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton - 6 months ago
Bravo to whoever composed the score to this game
ARCADEX 5 - 6 months ago
And the nintendo direct?
blablastanley - 6 months ago
It looks just like mages of mystralia
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