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Eugenia Cooney
Eugenia Cooney - Month ago
Thank you guys so so much for the support and for all the positivity. It honestly means the world to me!! I'm SO grateful I got to make this video with Shane. He is AMAZING and please go watch it here!! ❤️https://youtu.be/IoYWO03b71M
MAGIXX - 12 days ago
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Olivia Stout
Olivia Stout - 12 days ago
I usually don’t cry, but this made me cry. I really didn’t believe that you would recover. I thought I would wake up and get a notification on my phone saying you died. I think it took so much courage of coming back. I can hear the pain in your voice still but I’m just so happy your back. ❤️❤️
galaxyCat6091 *
galaxyCat6091 * - 16 days ago
Butterpillar - 23 days ago
I’m so glad you’re getting better!
Butterpillar - 23 days ago
You’re so pretty tbh xd
Maya Wrightsman
Maya Wrightsman - 25 minutes ago
This recovery is so fuckin beautiful and I am SOBBING
ThatLameLivestreamGirl IsHere
the way she says pewdiepie is so adorable
Wawish Beibeb7u7
Wawish Beibeb7u7 - Hour ago
Omg! You are beautiful! Congratulations Eugenia! We love so much!
Tina _
Tina _ - 2 hours ago
You look great, i’m so proud of you!
Sophie Miaris
Sophie Miaris - 2 hours ago
How am I only just seeing this video?!?! I'm so happy you're okay and well!!! well done!!!!
Michele Meissner
Michele Meissner - 2 hours ago
Your such a beautiful sweet soul. Take care of yourself sweetie..do it for you ❤️.
Freedom flower
Freedom flower - 3 hours ago
Literally teared up the entire time 😣🧡😍
Freedom flower
Freedom flower - 3 hours ago
I am seriously so proud of you. Words couldn’t even express how happy I am! You look so gorgeous and so much healthier! 🧡🧡🧡🧡
Lady Zode
Lady Zode - 4 hours ago
Omg i am so happy to see you much happier and healthier 😭😭😭 i am so freaking proud of you and so many are too 💜 i have an ED and addiction issues that i am in recovery from and i am just over joyed to know you are taking care of yourself and getting healthier Eugenia 😭😭💜💜 you are beautiful and strong
Sony m
Sony m - 4 hours ago
Thank god you are alive i thought u are no more😭😭😭.....and plzzz be healthy and stay healthy🤗🤗🤗🤗
Jellii Says
Jellii Says - 5 hours ago
you're amazing luv.
bruh sound effect
bruh sound effect - 6 hours ago
i'm happy seeing you are getting better and healthier ❤️
athousandmica - 10 hours ago
i'm really happy for you. ☺💖
Femke Fennema
Femke Fennema - 10 hours ago
You look so much more healthy! Good to see that :)
Emily Toombs
Emily Toombs - 11 hours ago
I’m a 42 yo mom and I’ve been looking in and checking up on you for about 3 years now sweetie. I’m so proud of you. I went through similar but not publicly, are such a strong and awesome human. Congratulations, 💜
Helloaggiex X
Helloaggiex X - 11 hours ago
It is wonderful to see you back!!! ❤️ Even your voice sounds healthier 😊 Keep it up you little star ⭐️ xxx
Wahyu Puji Septyawan
Wahyu Puji Septyawan - 12 hours ago
m o c h i // subs
m o c h i // subs - 13 hours ago
Tu has cambiado radicalmente!!
Maja Inglot
Maja Inglot - 14 hours ago
Eugenia, do you cry? 😭
Affection - 14 hours ago
Good Game
Good Game - 14 hours ago
I love to see your beautiful face again !!
Edita Wolken
Edita Wolken - 15 hours ago
you're doing amazing, girl xx
spicy sushi
spicy sushi - 15 hours ago
Yes you are glowing. You look lively instead of like you’re on the verge of death, and I mean that in a good way.
Mia Zhao
Mia Zhao - 16 hours ago
*where were all the positive comments before Shane’s video?????????*
Lilah Silverman
Lilah Silverman - 16 hours ago
You look so much healthier!! You are so stunning and I am so happy for you, you are absolutely incredible!
Daniela Marquez
Daniela Marquez - 16 hours ago
Steven Kimball
Steven Kimball - 16 hours ago
Does anything you are saying actually mean something 😂 ????
Natty Portillo
Natty Portillo - 17 hours ago
U look so much better omg 😨❤️ I love it
kai budde
kai budde - 17 hours ago
Wow im not seeing your bones anymore in your neck/chest area compared to the video about kingdom hearts 6 months ago. Im not a subscriber and this is the 1st time commenting on 1 of your videos now that you look better than before. Please continue to do so. You look beautiful when your healthy.
Hot Craig
Hot Craig - 17 hours ago
Ayla Thompson
Ayla Thompson - 18 hours ago
you are beautiful
Casmira Star
Casmira Star - 19 hours ago
You're beautiful. Happy to see you are doing better. Open up on your own time, of your own choosing. Stay blessed. 💕
Yvonne Osorio
Yvonne Osorio - 19 hours ago
@ eugeniacooney I am so f*****g proud of you! I'm so happy for you. I am wishing you the best! Lost of love and prayers for you !!! Stay strong and possitive and keep pushing through your hardships. You aren't alone.
Mariben Pabunan
Mariben Pabunan - 19 hours ago
You are so nice. Just know that I love you and I wish that you are always happy :)
pandasarethe superiorspecies
the dislikes, the fucking dislikes... I sincerely hate you people. I would usually try to see the other persons point of view but i just can't, i just don't understand what people could not like about a person being happy and healthy. So pardon my french but you dislikers are fucking assholes and i sincerely hope you get back what you put out into the universe. Im sorry to people who think this is rude but i just can't with the negative people on here constantly.
Angelica Cabreros
Angelica Cabreros - 20 hours ago
God bless you more, Eugenia❤️ A very kind and down to earth youtuber i know☺️ Stay happy!!😚😚
Jenny Hellmark
Jenny Hellmark - 21 hour ago
it would be amazing to see you show us a tutorial on that dope blue eyelook! ❤️ its truly great to have you back ❤️❤️❤️
kadeja mckinzie
kadeja mckinzie - 22 hours ago
Andrea Vargas
Andrea Vargas - 22 hours ago
You look beautiful :)
chad k Brignall
chad k Brignall - 22 hours ago
Who is this person again?
angie - 22 hours ago
why is she just the cutest? 🥺
lovexsyou - Day ago
Woooooooow is this a Dream?????!!!
Heavy rayne
Heavy rayne - Day ago
Glead to see you healthy and happy eugeya found your chanel thnx to shane much love i wish ❤❤❤
Elena Mendoza
Elena Mendoza - Day ago
New suscríber . Love how change for good
Maddy B
Maddy B - Day ago
Fuck.... y’all should’ve been making positive comments to help her through her journey before she made a video with Shane
Mariella Di Maria
Mariella Di Maria - Day ago
You're stunning...❤
Octavia - Day ago
You are amazing and vaild
An American Abroad
An American Abroad - Day ago
Proud of you Eugenia 💗
Mich Mich
Mich Mich - Day ago
OH MY GOD!!! She looks beautiful!!!! Thank God she seek help. Finally you're back HEALTHIER!!
Rei Regudon
Rei Regudon - Day ago
Haca Smaka
Haca Smaka - Day ago
u look amazing!
Emily The Weenie
Emily The Weenie - Day ago
You look so much healthier! Well done. We’re proud of you! :D
Pia D
Pia D - Day ago
I didn't watch you for a long time... You look so good. Love ur hair. Your eye make up. 🌷💕
Michelle Oliveira
Michelle Oliveira - Day ago
You look so great Eugenia! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Please continue taking care of yourself your happiness and health should be top priority! Keep up the good work Eugenia we are SO PROUD OF YOU💓
Estera Palangeanu
Estera Palangeanu - Day ago
Girl I missed you 😭
Brielle Engebretson
I really really love that you had the strength to get better, I'm working on myself as well right now, not for the same reasons but it is hard to accept. I am inspired by you and you're a new drive for me
Maya Nava
Maya Nava - Day ago
Waoo you look beautiful. I'm happy to see you again my beautiful girl. You're strong.
Nolmarie Curly Singer
You look beautiful and more stronger you are a Warrior Girl keep goin... God bless you.
Solange Ackerman
Solange Ackerman - Day ago
Soy yo,o Eugenia se vé más llenita? :0
No sé inglés :''v
Valfía Díaz
Valfía Díaz - 18 hours ago
Está en rehabilitación, lógicamente debe verse más ''llenita'' V: Antes estaba demasiado insana con esa delgadez extrema, u know.
heather weber
heather weber - Day ago
You look great!! Please keep up the progress and take care of yourself hun! You have a lot of people rooting for you!
Demeza BC
Demeza BC - Day ago
You have 2M people behind your back! We’re here for you! Also, can you give us a room tour showing where you got your things from? I love you so much
Grace-naomi - Day ago
Love your life more than you love social media. I'm so so proud of you. As a woman recovered from my own "issues", who lost a lot of her life to it all, I know it's a struggle. Let alone doing it in front of the interwebs and all the trolls. It's a delicate situation. Please reach out to every resource you have when the mean voice in your head wants you to punish yourself for other people's opinions. I am sending you SO MUCH LOVE!! xoxoxox
Grace-naomi - Day ago
I'm so proud of you xoxoxoxoxo
Faith Manalo
Faith Manalo - Day ago
My heart is so full watching you recover and finally be better. You can overcome Eugenia! Don't let anyone make you think otherwise.
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson - Day ago
I’m so proud of you!! I’m so happy to hear you’re pursuing your recover!
Cleopatra - Day ago
Soooo soooooo proud on youuuuui you are Sooo beautyful and I wish youu soo much love and and strength❤️‼️
Stephanie Schuurmans
You came to a fork in the road Eugenia. To keep going down the one you were, or to make a change for the better. You made the right choice. Believe us when we say that you have improved in every single way, and we can all see that. I can’t wait for the day that you don’t worry so much what other people think, and you have a carefree, relaxed attitude about your life, and find how stress free it can be to just embrace all the positives in life. Keep going Eugenia, what you’re doing is so inspiring to so many. They need you, you’re their hero. Keep being their hero! Keep going! 😊
It's Me
It's Me - Day ago
Its so amazing to see that you are getting better! You look so amazing! God bless you
Cookiemurk Llamalover
Leondro ortiz
Leondro ortiz - Day ago
You are beautiful, I like you, I love you
I'm Leonessa
I'm Leonessa - Day ago
I've been knowing about you for a pretty long time and have been gotten really worried, I am glad to see you feeling better and being better💗
Leevis - Day ago
I know im late but.. PROOF THAT EUGENIA ISN’T DEAD!! 😂😂✌🏻
ValerìInTheSnow - Day ago
Owww, you are amaziiiiiiing, yeeeeeee 😍
Mcnuggett 87
Mcnuggett 87 - Day ago
I think everyone is happy she took a break and sought help...its the best thing ever
Darcie Canning
Darcie Canning - Day ago
Welcome back love you keep smiling 💛💛💛
Ella Karina
Ella Karina - Day ago
You’re so gorgeous and so happy to hear you’re doing well.
Butterfly Eyes
Butterfly Eyes - Day ago
Wow she is doing so much better!
Naomi Bryan
Naomi Bryan - Day ago
honey i’d never watched u before but ur so sweet,,, i’m crying,,,, u r an angel!!!!!!!!!!
Charina Velazques
Charina Velazques - Day ago
She looks beautiful
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