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InformalNarwhal - Month ago
I love the amount of teamwork and group-thinking in this video, everyone problem solving together and always finding better ways just figuring out how to get these tiny cars on a skyscraper. Go AH~
InformalNarwhal - Month ago
28:39 $2.5m RC car, complete with hydraulics, mines, EMP...and tiny driver and passenger inside wearing little flight suits and helmets!
MrCromag 79
MrCromag 79 - Month ago
Why does Gavin walk like that!?!
PlottedFate - Month ago
Ryan is still in the air
DannyCake DeVito
DannyCake DeVito - Month ago
Imagine a fucking toy car (even with the concussion blast) costing a million irl, R* really are just money hungry losers, thank god i don’t play their Online anymore
Blitz Gaming
Blitz Gaming - Month ago
Couldnt they just gone up mase bank as humans. THEN turn into RC cars?
Upper Trail
Upper Trail - 2 months ago
Going on a public server and attacking a person with those things would be terrifying.
minen creepers
minen creepers - 2 months ago
Defenders and attacker’s would be amazing with tc cars
Nick Tasy
Nick Tasy - 2 months ago
ᐯ乇尺丂卂匚乇 - 2 months ago
Fortnite season 1837377372 looks great.
Yasr - 2 months ago
This is their jobs
Justin Roddenberry
Justin Roddenberry - 2 months ago
Mini version of snipers vs stunters?
Grisile HNNW
Grisile HNNW - 2 months ago
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey - 2 months ago
They should just go closer to the Maze Bank....
EDIT: Finally....
HatchedGeneration - 2 months ago
I was really hoping when the jumped into the ring at the end that Jack would just fire the blaster into the center.
Elliot Gabriel
Elliot Gabriel - 2 months ago
Seeing little rc cars swarming Gavin while making "OMNONONOM" noises is hilarious.
Liam Jonas
Liam Jonas - 2 months ago
the part of the video on that intersection was complete chaos.
Kevin Gluys
Kevin Gluys - 2 months ago
They could easily do an immersion of this.
TheSkaBouncer - 2 months ago
why don't they just fly up to the top of Maze bank as people and call in the RC car up there?
minty citrus
minty citrus - 2 months ago
"It looks like a Great Dane chewed on a penis" Gavin Free 2019
Fake Bobby Hill
Fake Bobby Hill - 2 months ago
Hey Ryan, are you still on the ground? Lol
Dashcam Dumbasses
Dashcam Dumbasses - 2 months ago
Looks like Jack redeemed himself this time around by suggesting the pickup truck.
death ddog
death ddog - 2 months ago
They don't know that it takes 3 RPG to kill the rc car
whitespot52 - 2 months ago
29:49 "Why are we being so dumb?"

The question is subconsciously asked every video haha
Germain Calderon
Germain Calderon - 2 months ago
Next time y’all should have a bumper cars on top of maze bank last one standing wins in the rc cars
Miles O'Donnell
Miles O'Donnell - 2 months ago
“Part of the crew, part of the ship”. What a reference Matt 😂😂 22:05
Accentaur Gaming
Accentaur Gaming - 3 months ago
do cloud down in the tiny car
Denver Geddes
Denver Geddes - 3 months ago
This is the funniest video! I cannot stop laughing
Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien - 3 months ago
Reboot the heist series with all your new tech..?
Kernel Sanders
Kernel Sanders - 3 months ago
lol i watched this shit when I was 13 cause my parents didnt want to get me a playstation 3
According To Honda
According To Honda - 3 months ago
To the Simple things
To the Simple things - 3 months ago
14:25 it’s the beginning of frozen
Yo Dawgz Gaming
Yo Dawgz Gaming - 3 months ago
Punweaver Ian
Punweaver Ian - 3 months ago
This video is god damn hilarious at .25 speed.
Barbara Moyer
Barbara Moyer - 3 months ago
I want to see them do this again
Devan Dracker
Devan Dracker - 3 months ago
I wonder if you can go first person in the RC car.
Imaproshaman - 3 months ago
This was hilarious! It had good banter/discussion.
E Wheeler
E Wheeler - 3 months ago
"We're like vehicular Vernes!" —Michael at 7:12
RaptorNX01 - 3 months ago
Undead YooDoober
Undead YooDoober - 3 months ago
This was posted on my birthday
A Potato
A Potato - 3 months ago
tiny helis when?
Oakesyrules - 3 months ago
I wanna see them skeet shoot them out of the air with the knockback gun.
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson - 3 months ago
Typical Let's Play fashion: 30 minutes of setup, 15 minutes of actual gameplay.
K - 3 months ago
Jeremy. Come on the whole video and no 'mini Monster truck!'
Also how did you hit the helicopter? Literally, the whole sky just with you two in it and you hit it.
Shadikun1 - 3 months ago
why is jack such a soyboy?
Alex Eubanks
Alex Eubanks - 3 months ago
i cant wait for the animated version of this
Lord Shmee
Lord Shmee - 3 months ago
is a cargo bob able to hold bikes or small vehicles on the sides of it good.....ive never seen if possible...would help these poor bastads sometimes
Lord Shmee
Lord Shmee - 3 months ago
they can remake the first toy story ending with those cars lol......or even the 2nd one jump on to a plane....even tho that was a horse,not perfectly but they can try lol
STAXXX313 - 3 months ago
why was the mugger Jason
TrGMAN14 - 3 months ago
Jack ruined the finale... thanks for screwing it
Para the Chameleon
Para the Chameleon - 3 months ago
go into a public game and just terrorize people with the tiny cars
jake lane
jake lane - 3 months ago
Fuck Jeremy
Corporal - 3 months ago
How does one use those things in freeplay? I can't seem to find the option
jjm014 - 3 months ago
Jeremy went from Monster Truck to Mini Truck.
Tsar Fox
Tsar Fox - 3 months ago
T-shirt idea: "Raptor mode" The picture should be something like a silhouette of 4 tiny monster trucks surrounding Fem Jack holding a pistol.
Dre Mack
Dre Mack - 3 months ago
Not sure anyone caught Trevor's edging joke when he was drawing the penis. I laughed *way too hard*
Olo7Eopia - 3 months ago
Its like that scene from Trucks! where that mailman gets fucked up
Timmzy27 - 3 months ago
Offense Defence... with Tiny cars
DancingSpacePotato - 3 months ago
Trevor card is really taking a hit...
Justin Groats
Justin Groats - 3 months ago
Someone make a porn title for the cars Vs Gavin
aalbes50 - 3 months ago
the amount of jurrasic park references fillled me with happiness.
oswiniarty - 3 months ago
im legit crying this video was so fucking funny
Jacob Lockwood
Jacob Lockwood - 3 months ago
Can we just stop and take a second to imagine walking down the sidewalk and all of a sudden getting chased by r.c. cars?
Sage Brignac
Sage Brignac - 3 months ago
These guys deserve views out the ass. Seriously.
Player Zero
Player Zero - 3 months ago
Ooo child things are gonna get easier ooo child things are gonna get brighter
Jociaoftrades - 3 months ago
Jack’s coming home his coming home
He jerk’s his dick when he’s all alone.
Is how Michael should of continued that song.
Goastoid - 3 months ago
they should put the trucks in the back of a truck and cargobob that!
(edit) oh they did that later on my bad
moongoddes17 - 3 months ago
3:49. Ah Michael, I see that Iris has been listening to those baby song videos as well. Catchy stuff
MissRadi0active - 3 months ago
30:55 Awww the way Gavin said "Is that a mugger?" Sounded sooo sad 😂😂
The Rookie cop
The Rookie cop - 3 months ago
We need an AH movie trailer of this lets play now.
Surley Halo
Surley Halo - 3 months ago
“#31 Trending In Gaming”
Tay aka MC AF
Tay aka MC AF - 3 months ago
I was run over by the high tech tank yesterday and came away with only some black smoke. Those RCs are tough!
NMBR-47 - 3 months ago
DARIEN FREUDEMAN - 3 months ago
Really wanna see Michael,Jeremy,Jack and Ryan play Dungeon Defenders 2. Think it'd make a good video or even series with the many cool characters to choose from
Elizabeth Spencer
Elizabeth Spencer - 3 months ago
You know what they should do is load all the R.C.'s into a truck and lift it to the highest point of the map and jump
Tristan Durham
Tristan Durham - 3 months ago
clicked on this expecting gta, got jurrassic park instead XD
in all seriousness tho, they should do a "recreation" of the first jurassic park using the rc cars :)
QWERTYJDAWG - 3 months ago
Anyone else imagining a bunch of middle school shit heads go out to their driveways after school, each taking out their RC car and then bullies that one old guy collectively who just wants to get his mail? Because that was the only thing I could think of watching this whole video.
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil - 3 months ago
Try and get under an RC Car, and shoot the underside with the Atomizer. See how far it goes.
Jamin Jedi
Jamin Jedi - 3 months ago
That’s a lotta money
Lausac Sanduan
Lausac Sanduan - 3 months ago
So many new ideas can come from this.
Gyras - 3 months ago
These would be so fun in a public server. Just hunting players
Old Account
Old Account - 3 months ago
WaDaisy Joe
WaDaisy Joe - 3 months ago
You know be very cool to make racing maps for the RC cars you can probably make some creative stuff
Cobra3111 - 3 months ago
Hello guys love your videos like always but I have a problem that I wish to fix. Last week I finally decided to play GTA v online and not the story anymore. The first day was good and everything. But the second day someone hacked me and changed my rank to 5000. I don't want to get ban if rockstar finds out and I hate the thought of being hacked. Is there anyway to fix this so I can go back to my rank or even get my rank reset to 1?
Regulus Crematoa
Regulus Crematoa - 3 months ago
"I'm still in the ai- uh oh!"
layerdballoon - 3 months ago
Hope they do other chassis and maybe a rc boat
JMoney Hubbard
JMoney Hubbard - 3 months ago
Jeremy pulled a Gavin surprisingly enough on Jack again!!!!!!! The whole sky and can't seem to avoid a huge cargobob.
Drephal - 3 months ago
I hope Rockstar makes a Sumo series for these
Logan Snow
Logan Snow - 3 months ago
the raptor thing at the end with someone yelling the Jurassic park theme was the best
stateofhibernation - 3 months ago
"Ryan your still in the air!" Lol love it.
Andrew Pelkauskas
Andrew Pelkauskas - 3 months ago
They should make a snipers v stunters with these.
BIWC Tom - 3 months ago
you should do a thing where you have a really short runway and you use the alien guns which push vehicles to help one of those one engine planes take off
Geowge - 3 months ago
Rasmus Nørby
Rasmus Nørby - 3 months ago
This video was filled with loads of good ideas :D
nobody - 3 months ago
Tiny terrors? More like miniature menaces
Dru Stephan
Dru Stephan - 3 months ago
Missed opportunity to name a vid "Tiny Rimmy Tim."
Daniel Buckley
Daniel Buckley - 3 months ago
great GTA Let's PLay!!
Jordan Dunaway
Jordan Dunaway - 3 months ago
Perhaps the thrill of murder awakens a taste for flesh for the RC preys upon the living.
RobTacoLord - 3 months ago
The amount of Jurassic Park references in this video made me very happy
SilentChavo - 3 months ago
Really RS? Instead of updating fucking RDR2 they STILL keep adding stupid shit to fucking GTAV just stop RS, stop trying to keep GTA alive just kill it already and give me more Arthur Morgan
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