The Biggest Bottleneck EVER? - LattePanda + RTX Titan

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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips - Month ago
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Colin Alston
Colin Alston - 22 days ago
Non toxic? Why would anyone eat a rug?
Nick E
Nick E - 27 days ago
@Arend Galenkamp are you Blind and or Deaf? I mean his Vids are mostly easy to watch and hear, just because it's not best of the best doesn't mean it's unwatchable, you're just wanting to bitch about something that trivial, I bet you are a blast at party's!!
3DMaster - 27 days ago
You know what's a lot cheaper than that, even without the 2,000 dollar sulfide sensor? An air refreshener; and the rule that after you've dropped a deuce, you use it.
shaftymaze - 27 days ago
sure yeah I'll just get a $400 rug instead of an addition to my RIG or a new phone or an IPAD or Camera or Iwatch or beats wireless head phones or some other piece of electronic tech. sweet. sounds great. are these rug RGB? WTF
Somenity - 27 days ago
I thought the rug sponsor was a gag lmao
Monil - 2 days ago
Would the RTX titan work with ADT Link R43SG ? Looks very similar to the setup used by LTT, except better signal integrity.
Abhishek Junghare
Abhishek Junghare - 2 days ago
Leaked! Pixel 4 & 4 XL Ringtone -
Big Mike
Big Mike - 3 days ago
This is the hardcore version of "just slap a 1050TI in an old school computer for a cheap gaming rig"
Vasco Pereira
Vasco Pereira - 3 days ago
YES! It's worth it, we want to see that detector. Hardwood floors ;)
oledilep - 4 days ago
2k for a fart detector, get on it LTT!!
Adam Rowlands
Adam Rowlands - 6 days ago
20 seconds in
Linus has already nearly dropped the same product twice.
Never change 👌
Joe Bird
Joe Bird - 6 days ago
Not gonna lie I’d nut to Linus
johnny scharfenberger
johnny scharfenberger - 6 days ago
TheClasssy - 6 days ago
SD cards aren't for software storage and have very slow transfer rates.
beerpowered - 7 days ago
Did you replace Luke with a doppleganger?
RodeRunner405 - 8 days ago
Is there any hope for the Surface 3?(not pro)
Conner Manning
Conner Manning - 8 days ago
Can I just have a pc?
Rakesh Krishnan
Rakesh Krishnan - 10 days ago
Pls do a k20 review just like u did for the pocophone #k20 #lineageos
Jamie Rutledge
Jamie Rutledge - 10 days ago
Di-hydrogen,oxide, also known as water
Siiant - 11 days ago
That little thing is super useful! A lot of projects that can be controlled wirelessly require an Ardunio and a Raspberry Pi. With this you have both in the same system, saving space, possibly money, AND time.
Orion Wilson
Orion Wilson - 12 days ago
4wd some
4wd some - 12 days ago
Or you could have got an 11 inch Mac book m3 and used an external gpu
But then I am big brain
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju - 12 days ago
13:44 Alex dihidrogenoxide is just water
DxCKnew - 12 days ago
GTX 1060 has only third the performance of an RTX Titan.
boss ricardo
boss ricardo - 12 days ago
DxCKnew Your mom gay.
Electric Blue
Electric Blue - 12 days ago
Dihydrogen Oxide, ya mean water...?
TrapMusicFHD 120
TrapMusicFHD 120 - 13 days ago
Linus thx for full screen vids
Eder - 14 days ago
Linus edit out him dropping yet another item lol 0:14
Aquatic - 14 days ago
"Should we address that we have the same shirt on?"
*Linus tries desperately to think of anything aside from the fact that they were in bed together*
Maria Irimia
Maria Irimia - 15 days ago
This is better than my PC running dishonored.
The_Blazer - 15 days ago
Worth noting that the main reason why Cities: Skylines isn't just locked at 1fps is that most of the heavy CPU load in that game is asynchronous, you can see this if you have a huge city, where the game will appear to run normally but all the cars and people will be in slow-motion. The game world itself is still running as a static object alongside the camera synchronously which gives you decent fps, but all the city simulation stuff (vehicles, people getting/losing jobs, building development etc) is running at a snail's pace behind the 30fps facade, which will make the game mechanically unplayable.
DefactoOverlord - 16 days ago
that must be the ugliest 1060 I've ever seen.
Parker Shelp
Parker Shelp - 16 days ago
The beginning of the video had me geeking
JavierBacon - 17 days ago
0:52 what's wrong with your water cup?
TrustyMango - 17 days ago
Linus have you had rtx cards failing why do u even get rtx sense non of em work
FrostyCheatz - 17 days ago
How did you get the GTA V map in cities skylines is what I wanna know
Spark - 17 days ago
*yea I have a titan rtx just sitting around*
SUPER BUCK - 17 days ago
did you hear about yt
Shashwat  shagun
Shashwat shagun - 17 days ago
Wow! Linus is indian. He pronounces it kaneda. Linus Kumar sebastian
RealExivus - 18 days ago
You wanna talk bottlenecks? I used to run a core 2 quad q6600 with a gtx760. It ran overwatch on minimum settings and 70% render scale.. at like 40-45 fps.
So I upgrades my processor to an i5 7500. Now on the same settings I get around 200 fps.
Turned my settings up to almost max and still get 100+ stable fps. That core 2 was holding my PC back soooooo badly lol
Juani Garces
Juani Garces - 18 days ago
And also, available on *CANAIDA*
Tom Tom
Tom Tom - 19 days ago
13:40 when the arm pits go wild xd
Brandon Greene
Brandon Greene - 19 days ago
It watercools the processor or it gets the hose again.
Bluesmachine100 - 19 days ago
Worst Segway EVER :D
Benjamin Bonder
Benjamin Bonder - 19 days ago
Was Linus about to drop the thing but managed not to 🤔🤔 0:15
bastol - 19 days ago
13:45 "dihydrogen oxide" so water 😉
Tony Barban
Tony Barban - 19 days ago
I was going to offer to trade you straight up for that graphics card for my 1060 for testing, too bad you already had one.

But now you've also given me a great idea for a Christmas gift if I ever get rich; treasure hunt for the different parts needed to build a gaming machine. Did this once for the girls back in the day when we gave them bicycles. They had to follow a trail of clues and finally ended up finding the bikes in a neighbors garage.
kuwa bunga
kuwa bunga - 19 days ago
opens the magic oven to get his *Old Nemesis*
qdfrffgd fffdg
qdfrffgd fffdg - 19 days ago
The reason why h2s sensors are so expensive is because they're used like crazy in the oil and mining industry. Like hundreds of monitors per site. So companies charge insane amounts for them
Nouders - 20 days ago
Can you guys make a button up shirt?
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch - 20 days ago
What kinda bullshit is it to put 2x m.2 slots in there when one of them only works for stuff nobody uses? Wifi Card? wtf. Guess what product i wont be buying. Good job, Panda. And the neverending story, where people create an all in one solution and then fuck up the details, continues ....
Jeffrey - 20 days ago
When i looked your company up it was actually in Canada o.0 i never knew, i only know that weed in canada is mostly good in British Colombia, this i know becausee…. i'm from Amsterdam. happy building/learnings/smokings to all!
Faisal Alam
Faisal Alam - 20 days ago
where's Anthony?
Øystein - 20 days ago
Correction: 100% of people produce methane when they crap.. But it can variate widely how much ;)
Tarush Singh
Tarush Singh - 20 days ago
Linus starts a new game to test
Poor LattePanda : Why you bully me ?
Samus - 21 day ago
Was that San Andreas?
Ashish Tekam
Ashish Tekam - 21 day ago
Which software are they using in doom for CPU and GPU readings ?
Clovet Music
Clovet Music - 21 day ago
Not even thirty seconds in and you already almost dropped it twice
Benny Bacon
Benny Bacon - 21 day ago
can anyone help me with budget LGA 1151 CPU suggestion which it doesn't bottleneck the gtx 1650?
tat3rs - 21 day ago
i will be thinking of linus sniffing the panda everytime i smell something wrong in my hardware lab.
iguandae - 22 days ago
wear different shirts next time sooooo distracting!!
DesertCookie - 22 days ago
Isn't ping pong where you have to always hit the ball on your side first, making what you played table tennis? Maybe there's something weir here when it comes to translating from German, but in Germany we have this distinction.
Nathan Dantzler
Nathan Dantzler - 22 days ago
Who heard genital input-output stuff instead of GENERAL input-output stuff? 1:39
jacob armendariz
jacob armendariz - 22 days ago
Good lord, YouTube ads, in video ad reads and pinned ads in the comments. Linus Tech Tips has almost turned into the Linus-try’s-to-sell-you-something channel.
Secret Recipe
Secret Recipe - 22 days ago
Linus.. please try cryptomining on the Latte Panda.. the world must know!
Reprisal - 23 days ago
Down vote for trash 18:9 aspect ratio.
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