Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 2

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BlueGuise - 2 days ago
10:21 What is that tune?
Jimmy Rustling
Jimmy Rustling - 8 days ago
That couch is a bit too small for three grown men. "Two dudes sittin in a hottub... Five feet apart cause they're not gay" Remember
That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-
Love that clint doesn't look like he likes dangerous things
but nope
Sarah Ali
Sarah Ali - 12 days ago
LenLu - 12 days ago
the jamesbond thing is fake, in our physics lecture we cacluated the whole thing the delta between the speed of james bond and the speed of the airplane couldnt get below 80kmph :(
Evan TheOnly
Evan TheOnly - 15 days ago
VGHS is an amazing show
Rosalina Irisa
Rosalina Irisa - 19 days ago
Does anyone notice cmike fading at the end? Still sad tho...
aarswft - 21 day ago
It should be pointed out that they didn't actually do the Goldeneye stunt to completion and then just cut in the Pierce Brosnan shots. Stuntman jumped the motor cycle off the edge and dove down but that was it. They said it was theoretically possible to do it for real, but it was never attempted.
Indarow - 22 days ago
Can you guys do a full video on Buster Keaton stunts?
Finbar .W
Finbar .W - 27 days ago
Ayyy I love that u included racka rackas car hits👌🏻
CJ Tinline
CJ Tinline - Month ago
For real “The King” on Netflix
yeet yeet
yeet yeet - Month ago
5:40 so they jumped out of a real C-5? How did they pull that off, you know that must have cost them a fortune
Sean Phillips
Sean Phillips - Month ago
Watching stunts like this for me is both awesome and cringe-worthy, as I have a dash of acrophobia and don't do heights. Much respect for the stunt guys involved, and Tom Cruise.
Efrain Semprit
Efrain Semprit - Month ago
Its rly good!
John Lucero
John Lucero - Month ago
I would like to see the breakdown of the Jason Bourne fight in the apartment bathroom
The real King gup
The real King gup - Month ago
What are the props made of
I mean of course they arent hitting each other ‘full force’ but it still has to hurt a little, even if its foam
Najwan Verdi
Najwan Verdi - Month ago
Does anyone notices Carmichael fading away in the outro background ?
Alex Jones
Alex Jones - Month ago
With the Tom cruise halo jump it actually took over 100 try’s to get that right
Joe Harrington
Joe Harrington - Month ago
You guys need a bigger couch lol
taz chars
taz chars - Month ago
my anxiety what if u miss the spot and land on the ground....heeck nooooo
Best Mario Game Clips
Best Mario Game Clips - Month ago
Eric should do a Batman movie. Not just as a stunt-double but like actually Batman, and Bruce, both parts. Like if you agree
Ronin Jakha
Ronin Jakha - Month ago
React to Ong bak and Tom Yung Gung
shawn Hale
shawn Hale - Month ago
Most stunt(person) reacts! *hint hint*
MrJarofmayo - Month ago
Do the first Mortal Kombat movie!
Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor - Month ago
React to stunts/CGI from the movie Hardcore Henry
Numbskull2602 - Month ago
I was talking to the 3rd sound assistant for MI Fallout and we were talking about that scene... apparently they went a good 3 weeks over schedule because the team was going up every day.
The dude told me he had to strap a microphone to one of the guys chests as they fell to get foley. They struggled with how much weight you could stick to one of the divers. They had to construct a military grade mic to go into Tom’s ear to record his dialogue and to avoid ADR.
Mental. All of em.
VulgarMenace96 - 2 months ago
Wouldn't the cg clouds be there to hide the different takes, I mean it probably took more than one day or at least a long time in between jumps, cg clouds would hide the sun, real clouds, and other variables?
piecheese1214 - 2 months ago
React to Hardcore Henry, the whole thing is shot like an FPS.
Jeiel Concepcion
Jeiel Concepcion - 2 months ago
That whey isolate tho
pumpkinwolf - 2 months ago
When I was a kid we had a neighbour who was an ex stunt man, and one of the last films he worked on was the world is not enough. All the people jumping out the way of the speedboat are stuntmen.
Prerna Baheti
Prerna Baheti - 2 months ago
React to Bollywood
SOL WOLF - 2 months ago
He and Christian Bale look so similar!
امیرحسین چراغی
can you please add subtitles for your videos?
The Gaming Duck
The Gaming Duck - 2 months ago
i want to be a stunt man now
TheWooN1nja - 2 months ago
Im curious about that Assassins Creed leap of faith that guy did. Must of been tough
Daimon Gipp
Daimon Gipp - 2 months ago
How did that guy land so easily in the airbag when his balls are so massive.
Mark Duffy
Mark Duffy - 2 months ago
What about the English stuntman who did the high jump for Assassin's Creed movie swan dive?
Huber Cervantes
Huber Cervantes - 2 months ago
They should’ve done the stunt where Tom cruise falls from the helicopter in fallout
Terrence Buttcypher
Terrence Buttcypher - 2 months ago
Upvote this please people, it will be worth it!!!!!!
Please do the sword fight scene from Jet Li's: Fearless (2006)
Hi guys, love the videos.
Please, please, please; if you haven't already done it: Can you please react to at least the sword fight scene from Jet Li's: Fearless (2006).
They have CGI, wires, great choreography etc. and it goes for almost 5 minutes. Plus an awesome bit with water. Also the audio is done really well and adds to the VFX. You'll see what I mean!
And there are other cool fight scenes throughout the movie too.
(If you've already reviewed it, any chance you know which of your videos it's in?)
I'll keep posting this comment each video because I know you'll like it. Don't hate me!!.
Kill Zentral
Kill Zentral - 2 months ago
Haven't they uploaded this video before?
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