Best time for Lure Fishing on the Beach. (3am- Sunrise)

A.D Singh
A.D Singh - Month ago
Hey skipper how do you read beach for surf fishing.
Ashish George
Ashish George - Month ago
Hi, I was wondering if I could join you sometime fishing in the NJ area
Herbert Meade
Herbert Meade - Month ago
Really enjoy your fishing adventures...keep up the good work!
Jerry Adams
Jerry Adams - Month ago
Hey, Skipper. You have the perfect partner. What a woman! Very special. You're so lucky.
Chuck Christopher
Chuck Christopher - Month ago
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American Striper
American Striper - Month ago
can you make a video explaining teasers?
David Goldstein
David Goldstein - Month ago
I love your videos bruh, but you can't fish. What? Yep, I troll off the back of an aircraft carrier with a dock demon! I catch whales that are so big we need a flight deck crane to pull them aboard. Anything less than 40 tons I throw back. What do I use for bait you ask? A 2 lb cricket! (Mean little suckers)
Awww son, it's awesome!
Or, did I somehow get my pain meds all mixed up this morning???
Subd, liked, shared, and I'll tap the Bell on the way out.
See ya...
WHY BRO - Month ago
How can i get ridiculously strong telescopic fishing rod? please tell me
Bounsana Xavapy
Bounsana Xavapy - Month ago
Omg why did you extend the giveaway.
Abdelrahman El Behiry
Abdelrahman El Behiry - Month ago
Hey skipper you said your phenix does all fishing I don't get how could that be true, can you explain, and which type exactly do you use if its true
AJ S. - Month ago
Hi can you please tell what tackle youve used. Highly appreciated for the info.
David Calabro
David Calabro - Month ago
My wife and I are new to Florida,.We love watching you fish to surfs. I was wondering if we can fish on all florida beaches or just a chosen few ? we are in central Florida and fish near the Skyway and Fort Desoto.
Carmelo Solitario
Carmelo Solitario - Month ago
hey man. what line are you using again?
MyRifleMyGun - Month ago
My bluefish recipe. Saute onions and garlic in red sauce. Add spices if you like a kick, and Italian herbs. Once the onions are translucent and everything is mixed nicely add your fish and cook until it pulls apart in the sauce. Put that over some rice, and you've got yourself a good meal.
supremekarate1 - Month ago
There is no way Bluefish taste like crab cakes
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
You never tried my bluefish cakes then bro
What are the best months to fish striper I’m Nor Cali?
redwood1957 - Month ago
I never used blue in cakes that makes a lot of sense. Thank you
Chase H.
Chase H. - Month ago
Awesome vid! I hope to get out to do some stripper fishing sometime soon
Fish Hunting
Fish Hunting - Month ago
Wow Monster fish, my brother... from Indonesia 👍😉
Pete Paige
Pete Paige - Month ago
Haven't tried bluefish cakes, but broiled with onion and lemon slices is a longtime favorite!
George Talavera
George Talavera - Month ago
Adonis Chan
Adonis Chan - Month ago
Haha look at the moon...... I was talking about your face.... "I think it was a compliment" haha love you guys.
Cast Boldly
Cast Boldly - Month ago
Nothing like being at the Ocean when the sunrises...
MarvinDSancho2011 - Month ago
definitely need that combo set up its litt
krishna dass
krishna dass - Month ago
I think you mean wary..:)
Cast-Rod&Reel-Fishing - Month ago
You both are the best .... Cheers
Brian K
Brian K - Month ago
Those fishcakes look great. What movie did you see.
George Harding
George Harding - Month ago
Cape Cod is a big place. Care to share where on the Cape you are specifically fishing? I am sure that I am not the only one who wants to know.
Randy Rhoades
Randy Rhoades - Month ago
Your fish cakes look delicious? Can you post the recipe? Thanks
Sighrus Gann
Sighrus Gann - Month ago
Nice to see you have such a good time and so much action you can hear the happiness in you voice and it's the same way I sound when I catch a striper here in socal lol
Ibrahim Amnu Mohamed
Ibrahim Amnu Mohamed - Month ago
Come to the Maldives !
Scotch yelper
Scotch yelper - Month ago
Those stippers are one of those fish it seems like there is no wrong way to cook it. The white flakey meat with the yum factor through the roof. I like the broiled with just a little salt and pepper lemon and a lil melted butter.. yeah baby. Don't give up on catching a eater. Those yellow bombers you have are the shiznic I think bomber calls it school bus yellow. Blues are okay fresh but compared to a stripper no comparison. They will grab those bombers off the jetties day or night but you better have a heavy ass leader/shocker on because they usually run right down into the sharp jettie rocks. Smoke um if you got um blue fish or what ever 🐟😉
3alphaRomeo 0311
3alphaRomeo 0311 - Month ago
A moment of silence for your lure
Luc Peeters
Luc Peeters - Month ago
Nice , love that !!!!!!!!!
Oleg Mostepan
Oleg Mostepan - Month ago
What is the size of the reel ?
Oleg Mostepan
Oleg Mostepan - Month ago
@Hey Skipper thanks!
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
1992pv - Month ago
Awesome video. Keep them coming. Looks like a blast. Makes me miss fishing and I went yesterday. Lol. Mmmmmm, I can smell the fish already. Looks delicious.
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
It was such a blast!
David Lyons
David Lyons - Month ago
Looks great.. yummy
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
It was so good! I want to make more
Mariah Perez
Mariah Perez - Month ago
Ugh those cakes looks amazing! You guys are awesome!
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
I’ll make some for everyone next time!
York Peppermintpatty
York Peppermintpatty - Month ago
The fellas in the back and they twisting up a philly! Get silly eeeey
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
Dance floor silly!
Jamarcus Mcgee
Jamarcus Mcgee - Month ago
How big does it have to be to keep? That was 24 inches in California that would've been a nice keeper
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - Month ago
28 inches here!
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