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Sam Losco
Sam Losco - 3 hours ago
I wanna bang u
Lili Rose Busatta
Lili Rose Busatta - Day ago
Can you make a matcha latte beanie
Nae’s World
Nae’s World - Day ago
Have you tried Vietnamese coffee ?
Grace Leonard
Grace Leonard - 3 days ago
literally fuc everyone in the live chat like: YoUR NoT SaVInG THE tURtLEs- ToO mUCh PlAsTic🤡- like let the girl drink her anti bitch serum ho
Gulcin Karakas
Gulcin Karakas - 4 days ago
Which coffee machine is best for iced coffee?
Agustina.eilish S
Agustina.eilish S - 7 days ago
Vine por angie velasco y no entiendo q verga dice pero me gusta ahre
ubh nee owerc
ubh nee owerc - 7 days ago
bro... the *straws*
David - 9 days ago
13:50 best part
kamil ahmadzani
kamil ahmadzani - 13 days ago
I'm starting to think that she's not an economist but at least she's addicting to binge
B - 13 days ago
Now try the other type of coffee shop
Amirah Cordova
Amirah Cordova - 17 days ago
When she said “it’s gonna be a surprise” I said “Philz” and then she got philz😭🤚🏼💀
Samantha Samaniego
Samantha Samaniego - 19 days ago
“Zoom in on that “ she’s alone 😂
Buttface99999 - 19 days ago
Whitest whites
Izzy Evans
Izzy Evans - 20 days ago
Emma they all taste the same and aren't unique because they are all iced lattes
nyamnyam eme fat cat
nyamnyam eme fat cat - 24 days ago
My only goal in my life
Melanie Rueda
Melanie Rueda - 26 days ago
emma makes me feel better about my caffeine addiction :) :) :)
Tiana  Lampe
Tiana Lampe - 27 days ago
I love the fact that 70 degrees is hot for her while a girl raised in the Caribbean is like a heaven weather also a little chili
Kari Norris
Kari Norris - 27 days ago
Number 4 and number 5
Nimrat Kaur
Nimrat Kaur - 28 days ago
Starbucks is my thing and nothing else
sister scandal
sister scandal - 28 days ago
does anyone else notice her back seats in her car have one head rest
Nisheka Burrell
Nisheka Burrell - Month ago
why dont you go to starbucks
It’s Simi
It’s Simi - Month ago
Emma: you are probably not going to watch on Monday
Me: but it is monday
Gabriela Mendoza
Gabriela Mendoza - Month ago
She thinks 70 degrees is hot...guuuuuuuuurl we up in 90 in FL 😂
Thamina Jabbar
Thamina Jabbar - Month ago
Tell me why Emma went to every coffee shop in the world but Starbucks???
Marisa - Month ago
anyone know what style louis vuttion bag that is? i think its a 'speedy' but not sure what number?
Abigel Horvath
Abigel Horvath - Month ago
Emma’s eyes are so pretty 🥰👑
Tayanaa Lag
Tayanaa Lag - Month ago
Emma you shouldn't sit in your car with your doors unlocked
Coffee Breaks with Bri
I make similar videos, but I LOVE this entire video. I wish we had some more little coffee shops where I live in Massachusetts. Love your personality. Thanks for a great video ☕️
ひがしむら - Month ago
Nice to see you!
I always support you!
I'll go to the coffee shop which you Recommended when I go to LA!!
Makayla Blake
Makayla Blake - Month ago
Okay, I need to try some fucking Philz coffee now.
Thelove Official
Thelove Official - Month ago
am actually watching this on a Monday
Kate Sorensen
Kate Sorensen - Month ago
Emma + Coffee = Compilation video on my channel
Kate Sorensen
Kate Sorensen - Month ago
I made a compilation of Emma and coffee
Check it out if you would like
yohan krein
yohan krein - Month ago
You should find out where the college kids go for coffee at night and hang out doing homework.  You know, San Francisco Style.
Omar Elsobky
Omar Elsobky - Month ago
Sasha Popovicc
Sasha Popovicc - Month ago
Why did chamberlain university come up as a add ???
Lauren Palmer
Lauren Palmer - Month ago
emma bank account

Jame-O - Month ago
Does anyone know where to find her phone case?
Luca-blog888 Luz
Luca-blog888 Luz - Month ago
her editing skills make every coffee shop visit look so fucking retro and VSCO wow I love it 😂
nameless name
nameless name - Month ago
You should go to La Monarca
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